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Major Tom Tips, Cheats & Strategies: 5 Tricks to Collect More Atoms

Major Tom is a casual, endless space game from DAS Studios that, like many other casual and endless games, is available for both Android and iOS devices. The mechanics are simple, as you just need to jump, fly, tap, and bounce your way through the planets, playing as the titular Major Tom. You can get to collect atoms as you travel through the different planets, but you also have to avoid certain obstacles, such as the fire spewed out by the comets. All in all, your goal is to guide Major Tom and help him collect as many atoms as possible.

Even the most simplistic titles can be quite difficult to master, and we believe that is the most common feature of casual games. That’s the reason we’ve compiled a list of Major Tom tips, tricks and cheats that can be of help when trying to master the game.

1. Don’t Hurry

While some games in this genre would require you to act and think quickly, Major Tom gives you the leeway to take as much time as you need to make a move. Tom, after all, is able to stay in a planet and keep on orbiting around it. Time your jumps properly, and evaluate things before you make that leap. Taking your time also allows you more chances to get more atoms between two given planets.

2. Follow The Path Of The Atoms

The atoms can be found in between planets, and as you’ll notice, they’re always pointing a certain way. Follow that path, as it’s the most recommended and safest way to go when trying to make it to the next planet. Again, timing is crucial here, as you’ll need to jump in such a way that you follow the path. Also be on the lookout for obstacles, such as meteors.

3. Avoid The Meteors

Meteors are one of the nastiest and most common obstacles you have to worry about. These meteors move back and forth and are located in the middle of an atom path. And while it’s a good move to see if an opening presents itself, you might not get an opening depending on certain factors we’ll be discussing next. If you see a meteor, you may just skip the atom if the meteor is too much trouble.

4. Pay Attention To The Planets

This is another tip where taking your time has to be clearly and properly emphasized. All of the planets in this game have specific rotation patterns, meaning a specific direction and speed. In other words, letting fly with a rushed jump could be a detrimental move, as you may be thrown off by the direction of the planet. But what do we mean by this?

Some planets move in a clockwise motion, while others rotate counter-clockwise. The speed of this rotation also varies per planet, and you’ll want to take note of the speed to determine how much power you should be putting into your jumps. And when we said “thrown off,” we meant it literally – you could be booted off into outer space if you miss your jump.

5. Which Upgrades Should You Avoid?

We’ll be naming only one, and it’s that overrated jump speed upgrade that doesn’t have much of an effect on Tom. You’ll only use this when trying to avoid meteors, but even then, the magnet power and multiplier updates are far more recommended.

Do you know any other Major Tom tips, tricks or cheats? If so, don’t hesitate to share them with us!