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Love Rocks Starring Shakira Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints Every Player Should Know

It seems that more and more celebrities (Paula Deen, etc.) or franchises (Frozen, etc.) are teaming up with the giants of the mobile gaming world to release their own specially-themed Match 3 games. And why not? Of all the casual categories out there, Match 3 has near-universal appeal, is simple even for non-gamers to figure out and get hooked on, and the simplicity makes it easy for these games to be available for both Android and iOS. That’s entirely the case with Rovio’s Love Rocks Starring Shakira (a.k.a. Love Rocks Shakira on Android). The Angry Birds maker has teamed up with the pop star to come up with a new game where you have to match jewels, “each with (their) own symbolism and unique power.” And if you’re a fan of Shakira’s music, you can also play the game past Level 12 to get a free code to download her new album She Wolf from Google Play. (The offer doesn’t seem to be available on the App Store.)

That all being said, let’s bring you some Love Rocks Starring Shakira cheats, tips and tricks to help you out in this game.

1. Have A Game Plan

Before you even play a level, you can always map out your strategy to be sure you’re going to be doing the right thing. The constant here is that you should look at the bottom portion of the board and see if you can anticipate which colors and which rocks would be rising from there. Anticipate the order of the drops, and check the level requirements or score boosters so you can better formulate that strategy.

2. Connect Your Game To Facebook

Again, the question you may be asking is this – why should you connect your game to Facebook? What’s in it for you? Well, this game can get difficult as you progress forward, and for each level you fail, you’ll lose a record, which is the game’s energy/lives indicator. Connecting your game to Facebook, however, would allow you to request or send records to friends.

3. Be Prepared For The Rise Of The Tiles

As the game moves forward, the importance of preparing for the next turn’s appearance becomes more and more significant. For example, if you’ve got rocks emerging from the bottom, try to anticipate which rocks will rise the highest and lead to some potential matches. Use this when dropping stones and you’ll likely end up stringing together some impressive combos, scoring much higher, and finishing levels much faster.

4. Keep In Mind That Big Matches Are Better

This is a classic Match 3 mechanic that also applies in Love Rocks Starring Shakira. The longer your matches are, the more you will score, which means you should always be planning how to increase your matches. Taking advantage of opportunities with color/shape rocks can give you an unusually high number of matches and combos.

5. Replay Levels

No one level is the same in terms of the rocks that appear, so feel free to replay levels if you aren’t quite able to beat them. Just be patient; sometimes replaying several times on end is just what you need to make the required matches.

So this would be our collection of Love Rocks Starring Shakira cheats, tips and tricks. If you know any other tips or hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know!