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Don’t Fall (Ketchapp) Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

It appears that mobile game developer Ketchapp follows a certain formula when it comes to the casual games it releases, and that formula, regardless of how it’s tweaked across different titles, all boils down to one thing – simplicity. The company’s new game called Don’t Fall is available for both iOS and Android devices. In the game all you have to do is to use your finger to slide the yellow cubes and fill in the blank spaces in the purple path. You’ve got to do this to ensure that the ball doesn’t fall down, hence the name of the game. You can unlock new characters by purchasing them with gems, which you’ll collect through the course of the game.

The premise is painstakingly simple, but as you may have learned from previous Ketchapp titles, sometimes doing well is easier said than done. Now, if you follow our list of Don’t Fall tips, tricks and cheats, you just might be able to keep that ball on the path much longer and get a super high score.

1. How Do You Score?

You’ll earn one point for each platform that the ball moves across, and you can earn points faster as you go deeper into a level; that’s because the platforms keep adding up. Use your left and right thumbs when the platforms appear faster, as that’s the only way you can truly catch up with the speed in which they pop up.

2. Take Advantage Of Opportunities For More Gems

On some occasions, emphasis on some, the game will give you a free gift; this gift will be enough to earn you enough gems for a brand-new character. You can also go as far as possible on a stage (easier said than done, we realize), as doing that will earn you more gems. Usually, you’ll get one gem per three points scored, with that ratio increasing as you move further through the level. Lastly, you get 20 free gems for watching videos that occasionally pop up when your character falls off.

3. They All Act The Same

We’re referring to characters here, as the characters you can buy with your gems merely look different. They don’t come with any special power-ups, or any distinct strengths and weaknesses, but can spice things up if you get bored with the stock character. This probably goes without saying when it comes to Ketchapp titles, but if you’re new to this developer, we thought we’d mention it just to be sure.

4. Don’t Panic, But Act Quickly

Sometimes, you may slide a platform the wrong way and that may mean instant death for your character. Is it really the end of your character as you know it? Not always. It’s possible to slide a platform back to where it used to be, and sliding it in that direction twice would allow you to link it to the path. The secret to doing this right is to be very, very fast, though you’ll probably get this through practice.

If you know any other Don’t Fall tips or tricks to get a super high score, feel free to share them with us!