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Pirate Empire Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Become the King of the Pirates

R2Game’s Pirate Empire is a pirate-themed adventure game for the iOS platform, and if you’re an “enterprising buccaneer,” this is the game for you. You can create your own ships and customize them, recruit “infamous” sailors and train them, and battle it out in the sea or raid enemy ships. Your goal is to become the fiercest commander of the seven seas, and that’s what you’ll need to do to become that – make your ship as strong as possible by adding cabins, fix and upgrade your ship following each battle, form a fearsome team of pirates, including legendary ones like Blackbeard and Red Eric.

Being a great pirate isn’t easy, to be sure, though we can say that it’s very fun to make your way to the top and face off against AI-controlled villains and other human players. But if won’t be much fun if you aren’t winning too many battles. Our compilation of Pirate Empire tips, cheats and hints, though, won’t just help you win those battles, but may also help you in a few other aspects of the game.

1. How To Spiff Up Your Ship

You get to unlock new rooms in your ship by leveling up, and with new rooms comes more space. If you’ve got available space, then build with your weakest statistics in mind, and also consider what those ships can do out there. Each room has a different effect on your ship; some can increase your ship’s defense, while others may boost its attack or acceleration rating. And as your ship becomes better and larger, don’t forget to recruit new pirates to your crew.

2. Upgrade Your Rooms And Crew

Each battle will earn you coins, and that’s what you will be using to upgrade your ships. The maximum level your room and crew can be leveled up to will always be the same as your current level.

You’ll need books to upgrade your crew members. Fortunately, you can win books in battle, earn them in campaign mode, or buy them for real-life money – this isn’t actually a “premium” currency.

3. Blitzing And Grinding

If you’re already done with a stage, you can repeat it as often as you want, but going back to that level and blitzing it can only be done if you’ve got blitz tickets. Go ahead and blitz the last level you’ve beaten or a boss level that comes with the necessary tokens, and keep on blitzing as often as possible. This twist on old-fashioned mobile game “grinding” could tremendously level you up in this game.

4. Take A Look At Your Opponents’ Level Before Challenging Them

When challenging other players, you always want to take a look at their level first. If you’re at a higher level, chances are you’ll win the battle, unless your crew and your rooms haven’t been upgraded properly. (We gave you a tip that could make sure that doesn’t happen!) And if your opponents are of the same level or higher, expect the exact opposite, with that same exception.

5. Complete Elite Quests To Get Big Rewards

The Elite Quests can earn you some great rewards, and when we say that, we mean much better rewards than usual. Blitz any special event quests for those exciting rewards, which may include the game’s premium currency of gems.