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Raid Brigade Tips, Cheats & Guide: 5 Tricks You Need to Know

Leading mobile game developer Kongregate has a brand-new title that we can describe as surprisingly complicated. The game’s called Raid Brigade, and you can now get it regardless whether you’re an Android or an iOS gamer. With your father’s kingdom having been destroyed, you’ve got to rebuild that kingdom, but while doing that, you’ll also need a party of four heroes and need to fight off your share of enemies. You can also unlock different types of warriors to help your heroes in battle, and each battle will allow you to earn some loot.

In terms of the game’s mechanic, this is undoubtedly a role-playing game with tower defense elements. It shouldn’t be anything new to players of these games, as they’re so common these days in the mobile space. But if you’re not familiar with the genre and are just starting to play, these Raid Brigade tips, tricks and cheats could ease you in to the experience.

1. Run And Shoot

During battle you’ll need a good strategy to confuse your enemies, and one way to do so is with a classic run-and-gun technique. This means moving forward with your Archer and firing at your enemies from afar. Your enemies will then move forward themselves and target your archer immediately, but usually not your other heroes. That’s your cue to run around in such a way that you ARE confusing your enemies, and as they run around like headless chickens, they’ll be easier prey for the rest of your heroes.

2. Be Smart With Your Power Attacks

Your heroes have their own Power Attacks or Special Attacks, and it’s very easy to stock them up. Filling up your meter allows you to launch two to three of these attacks. But you shouldn’t be wasteful with these attacks either; you should ideally save them for boss battles, or if you’re surrounded by a huge group of enemies.

3. Understand The Elemental System

Like in other RPGs, Raid Brigade makes use of elemental rock-paper-scissors mechanics, with one element being more powerful against another, but less powerful against a third. Specifically, the hierarchy is Fire beats Ice, Ice beats Arcane, Arcane beats Fire. Light and Dark cancel each other out because they inflict more damage against each other.

4. Star Up Your Heroes and Items

The process of evolving in Raid Brigade is more appropriately described by most as “starring up.” You can do this for both heroes and their weapons alike, and Starring Up can be achieved by having two of the same item or hero. The catch here is that they have to be uncommon or rarer, but if you’ve got two rare heroes or two rare items that are exactly the same, go ahead and star them up. Just be sure they meet level requirements before you proceed.

5. Upgrade Your Buildings

Lastly, you should always be keeping busy and upgrading your town’s buildings. The resources you thought would be ample for everyone eventually won’t be so ample after all, so keep stocking up on resources and upgrade your buildings, especially your storage buildings.

If you know any other Raid Brigade tips and tricks that could be useful for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share them with us!