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The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Cheats & Strategy Guide: 8 Killer Tips for Advanced Players

We’ve been regularly covering The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, which is Next Games’ new turn-based RPG for iOS devices – as of this writing, there’s still no Android version available. This game is said to be the official game of the TV series, and your job is to lead a team of survivors and fight off zombies in a battle system not unlike that on X-Com: Enemy Unknown. You also have to manage your camp and upgrade the structures within, thus allowing you to bolster your defenses against the zombies, and at some points you’ll have to decide if survivors can stay or whether they have to go.

Our previous The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land strategy guides covered general game tips, as well tricks on how to set up your team, but this time, we shall be focusing on tips and tricks for advanced players of the game. We may have given you some before, but we’ve got more right after the jump.

1. The Overwatch Attack In Depth

Before we explain the Overwatch dynamic, we’re going to give you a refresher on the Action Point, or AP system. You’ll often be spending your APs in order to move, and to perform the aforementioned Overwatch attacks. And these attacks can be quite draining; you’ll have to spend half of the total AP just so your survivor can move a little bit. The remaining APs will be used to attack a zombie, and the survivor performing the Overwatch will get to attack any surrounding zombies near their target.

After you’ve gotten your survivors to move, tap on the End Turn button, so as to lure the zombies toward your team. As you drag your finger to the right spot, you’ll be able to see in real-time how many APs are being spent.

The Overwatch ability is best used when your team is behind an object such as a crate, or maybe behind a gate that can only let one zombie in at a time. Make sure your survivors are close to each other behind an obstacle or a gate so you can do more than one Overwatch attack.

2. When Should You Launch Direct Attacks?

Direct attacks also require APs to launch, and they’re best performed when there aren’t any obstacles in your way, and when your survivors aren’t facing a huge horde of zombies. Direct attacks do more damage than standard ones, and are often powerful enough to automatically kill a zombie.

3. Use The Brain Stab And Other Critical Hits

Another way to kill walkers, or zombies instantly is to use critical hit abilities. Scouts, for example, can use the Brain Stab ability, which is activated once they kill two walkers. Once Brain Stab is activated, you can tap on the button underneath the survivor avatar, then drag your finger towards your target zombie.

4. Walkers Have Different Types And Difficulties

Although, the game calls zombies as “walkers,” which are usually a type of zombie in itself, these walkers have various types which can be shown above their head. You’ll also see a number above their head, which would represent their difficulty level; a higher number means you’ll have a harder time killing that zombie. Zombies with unusually high numbers may take a whole lot to kill, specifically a team of high-level survivors with high-end weapons to match.

If you see a stronger walker after tapping on him to view his information, then it would be best to run away rather than foolishly try to kill him. Some stealth may be needed here, as long as you’re able to move out without crossing his path. Also be on the lookout for armored zombies, which are naturally more difficult to kill.

5. Kill Armored Walkers With Melee Attacks

That’s just it – if you want to kill an armored walker, you’ll want to use melee attacks. These creatures can be spotted based on the armor they wear, or by tapping on them to confirm that they’re wearing armor. And when it comes to killing them, don’t have your Hunters or Shooters go after them. It’s melee units or none at all, and even those units will have a hard time taking them out quickly. The aforementioned Brain Stab critical hit, though, may help take out an armored walker with one blow.

6. Use Hunters Against Multiple Zombies

Survivors of the Hunter class make use of sniper rifles to kill more than one zombie at the same time. If you’re controlling a Hunter and see a whole line of zombies in single-file, then you can, by all means, use their shooting skill to take all of them out with one shot. That’s all well and good, but remember as well that there’s a catch to all this.

The catch therein is that gunfire tends to attract zombies, and after several terms, another horde of zombies will appear. In order to avoid this, complete the stated objectives and head to the exit without looking back; you wouldn’t want that new bunch of zombies spoiling your victory party.

7. About Retiring And Recruiting Survivors

The game says that you’ll have to decide at some point which survivors you want to keep and which ones you wish to retire. That’s the term they use here – “retiring” survivors. And when choosing which survivors to retire, you’ll want to choose the common ones if you’ve got a stronger team with many rare or uncommon members.

Conversely, you can use the radio phones you may gain after completing a level in order to attract more survivors to your camp.

8. Gain More Resources By Killing Nearby Zombies

If you see zombies near your camp, then we recommend going after them ASAP and killing them immediately if you see a sniper scope above them. Tap on the zombie to home in on it and kill it, and once you do that, you’ll gain more resources such as food, gas cans, and experience points.