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Major Tom Guide, Tips & Hints to Get a Super High Score

Although, it might sound topical, giving David Bowie’s recent passing, that we’re featuring an iOS game called Major Tom, this game has actually been around for some time. And just so you know, we’ve already shared a Major Tom beginner’s guide here on Level Winner a few months ago. The game comes to us from developer Daniel Snow, and he bills this title as the best free endless space game out there. You can jump, fly, tap, and bounce your way through the planets while controlling the titular hero, and collect all the atoms along the way. Of course, you will have to avoid obstacles, and some of the obstacles here come in the form of fire emerging from the comets. However, snow doesn’t offer too many details in terms of the game’s features – he does add, though, that you get three points for a Normal atom and ten points for a Mega atom.

We’ve told you the basics, so let us be your “Ground Control,” as we’re here with some Major Tom tips and tricks. These tips will help you last longer in your runs, collect more of those atoms and get a high score.

1. Go For The Glowing Atoms – These Are Your Mega Atoms

There’s a reason why we didn’t mention details about the types of atoms beyond the number of points you can get by collecting them. Orange atoms are the normal ones, and they’re the ones worth three points. But the glowing ones with “colorful blinking” are the Mega atoms, and they’re worth ten points. But should you always go for a Mega atom even if the circumstances are quite dangerous? Read our next tip and we’ll tell you.

2. Avoid The Meteors At All Cost

Meteors serve as the nastiest obstacles in this game, and if you see atoms by the meteors, you’re better off avoiding them than risking killing your hero. Keep in mind the physics of the planets’ rotation; there may be times that the rotation speed and the meteor’s movements might make it too close for comfort. In these cases, you wouldn’t want to make a jump while still going for the atoms; simply avoid the atoms and move to safety on the next planet. There will be many more to come anyway.

3. The Atoms’ Trajectory Is Quite Important

Look at how the atoms are aligned if you’re not sure how to angle your leap to the next planet. The atoms will normally be aligned in such a way that will take you to the next planet, so keeping this in mind, you’ll want to angle your jump properly to align with the atoms and thereby make it to the next planet free from danger.

4. Take Your Time When Preparing Your Jump

The planets don’t just have their own rotation speeds; they also vary in size, much like real planets do. And since size and rotation speed could make things hard for you, it’s fine to take your time; there’s no time limit in this game anyway. Make sure your angle is perfect, and don’t rush it; oftentimes, rushing your jumps could lead to some costly mistakes.

5. When Buying Upgrades, Go For The Magnet

The magnet power-up is the one you’ll want to go for before the others, such as the atom multiplier, which costs you a whopping 5,000 atoms and might not always be worth it. Jump speed can help you avoid meteors, but the tips above should make this power-up less essential. So with that taken into account, it’s the magnet power upgrade that you should buy, with the initial upgrade worth 2,500 atoms.