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Love Balls Game (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks Guide to Become the Ultimate Ball Handler

Love Balls is a new puzzle game where players need a steady hand and sympathy for a tragic love story as you play to reconnect 2 parted lovers. Brought to us by SupertapX, you can expect the same difficult but fun nature encountered in their previous titles such as Buddy Flip or Puzzlefun. Love Balls utilises a nice drawing technique where players can design there only platforms and barriers to get their balls together again. SupertapX has used a nice simple design that doesn’t distract from the free-flowing mechanics of the game.

The goal of Love Balls is to reunite 2 balls separated by treacherous obstacles, fences, death-defying drops, and even lasers! Players have the ability to combine their artistic flair with their architectural know-how as they attempt to build life-saving structures that can get those balls together. With a limited amount of ink, available players will have to get creative in their approach, especially for those looking to hit 3 stars for every level.

Hopefully, with our Love Balls cheats, tips and tricks below, you can prove to your friends that you’re the ultimate ball handler!

1. Test The Level Mechanics

Testing the level mechanics is always help, whether you’re 3 levels in or 300. Levels are constructed in a variety of layouts with a selection of different obstacles throughout. When first starting a new level it’s good to get a feel for how the level functions without your influence. Tap on screen, somewhere out of the way, and the level will begin. This will let you observe both ball and obstacle movement patterns, helping you plan out the best way to approach a level.

2. Getting Around

Now that you’ve managed to plan out how to attack the level, you need to decide how best to get around. The best way to accelerate a ball in a specific direction is by drawing a curved line starting from the opposite direction of your desired travel trajectory and then ending directly above the ball. The curved line will prevent the ball from getting stuck under your drawing and will accelerate the ball to a greater speed when you increase the curve and length of a line (to a point).

3. Time To Become An Architect

Now we get creative. As you progress further through the levels you’ll encounter a range of level designs and obstacles that look near impossible to complete or beat, it’s time to think outside the box. Quite often you’ll have to rely on using the level design, balance of your construction, and even speed of your balls to get to the next level. Below are some common structure types you can use across multiple level designs for success;

Bridges or Net designs can stop you from falling directly onto a laser, down a crevice, or simply cross a gap. These designs use very little ink and are extremely useful throughout all the levels. Just make sure you include a degree of incline towards the direction you want your balls to travel once they’re on the bridge.

Anchors or Claws are great for spanning gaps where your balls would otherwise plummet to certain death. Using a claw/anchor approach you draw from one secure point, below your balls, and connect to another on the opposite side, letting your balls come together.

Simple Lines, whilst sounding rather basic simple lines can actually be used in a variety of ways; creating ramps, blocking of pathways, even subduing obstacles. Seesaw obstacles can be prevented from tipping if you can place a straight line so it just exceeds the centre anchor, allowing your balls to cross.

4. Learn Your Obstacles

Spread throughout Love Balls you’ll encounter a few different obstacles alongside the challenging level designs. Each obstacle requires a different method of thinking, as previous drawing designs may no longer work. The 4 main obstacles you encounter are listed below;

Fences prevent you from drawing within a designated section of the level. To combat this you’ll typically have to draw tall constructions that can fall to your desired location and then you’ll have to usher the balls over it.

Yellow Bricks are affected by physics so they will fall and move as expected. It’s best to let these levels play out by using a test drop and seeing how everything moves around. Once you have an idea of how the level works you can design an appropriate structure to get your balls together.

Lasers are usually controlled by switches that you will need to roll one of your balls over to turn off. As your ball hits the switch they’ll stop in their tracks and the switch will disappear, so you don’t need to worry about them rolling passed it. Once the laser is off you’ll just have to get them rolling again and tackle any remaining obstacles.

Timing is also an obstacle you’ll have to face. Some balls may be destined to be together but miss out by a single hair. As long as your balls get back together it doesn’t matter where they meet in the level. Time it right, you can have them both falling to their doom but as long as one is falling faster than the other and they meet before the death line, then you win.

5. If In Doubt, Hint It Out

We would be lying if we didn’t have to use the hint button from time-to-time, some level designs really do need an architectural design to be beaten. Luckily for us, SuperTapx put a hint button in for us and in exchange for life-saving advice, we just have to watch a 30-second ad. This is really helpful towards end game levels.

6. Trial And Error

In the grand scheme of Love Balls, there is a lot of trial and error. You may have cracked a design that just misses out and needs a little tweaking to be perfect. Trial and Error is crucial for those players looking to hit 3 stars across all the levels so just don’t give up and worst case click the hint button. Once you get into the swing of things you’ll start reusing similar designs throughout the game and will get that 100% in no time.

Hopefully, our compilation of Love Balls, cheats tips and tricks will fair you well and get those Love Balls reacquainted. Who needs an architecture degree anywhere, a few hundred levels of Love Balls and you’ll be designing skyscrapers in your sleep!…..or you won’t, but good luck and happy balling! In case you need more tips for the game, you can always head over to our Love Balls ultimate guide!