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Brew Town Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Beverage Billionaire

Time to do those flat caps, pick out those bow ties, and get that man-bun on the go as we’re about to get all sorts of hipster in here. Brought to us by Appbox Media, Brew Town takes the niché world of micro-brewery mobile. With other featured titles such as Thermal Rider, Funky Floors, and Revolution, Appbox Media know their way around a mobile game.

Brew Town has a clean, quaint environment filled with business potential as players look to expand their line of production and keep the beer flowing. With upgradeable factories, researchable product lines, and even custom bottle design with a tinder-esque hop or not feature, Brew Town combines them all into a fun and quirky empire building game.

Brew Town takes players through the journey of creating their own craft beers and building their brewing business. Your main goal in Brew Town is to brew the ultimate beverage and bottle your way to success, levelling up your manufacturing plants and delivering your goods to the masses. Whilst Brew Town might be a little overwhelming when first starting out, as soon as you’ve brewed your first beer and have those hops collected, you’ll be on well on your way to beer dominance!

To give boost your brewery early on, we’ve compiled a list of Brew Town cheats, tips and tricks that’ll let you corner the market and get your monopoly underway.

1. Cash & Cap Collection

In Brew Town you have 2 sources of in-game currency, cash and caps, each of which serve different functions;


This is how you build your empire. Cash is used for building construction, beer research, and standard upgrades. Cash can be collected in a variety of ways;

Drones drop cash bundles when tapped, these are extremely helpful early game but the amount of cash dropped doesn’t scale with your progress so don’t become too attached to them.

Radio Trucks exchange cash, usually in a sum of $40,000 – $60,000, for watching a 30-second ad. You’ll want to use these relatively heavily when cash is tight to buy those extra brewhouses. The value also doesn’t scale with progress.

Daily Achievements offer small cash rewards, it’s not worth chasing after these as you’ll passively unlock them as you play. This goes for daily rewards, which you get for playing on consecutive days.

how to play brew town

Bar Sales provide a stable income through the game both on and offline. It’s always good to invest a reasonable amount of cash at the end of the day so that you can wake up and start spending! Whilst bar sales are great for idle play, overall they’ll not net you a huge chunk of change, the real benefit comes in the form of bottle sales which are used to increase HQ level. The higher the HQ level, the more vehicles you earn and the more deliveries you can make.

Deliveries are good for one reason only, the SportsBowl. Whilst deliveries are consistent and offer reasonable profit for the quantity you’re selling, the problem is the quantity is never overly substantial. But, every 3-4 hours the SportsBowl arrives and you get a huge order that essentially funds all of your next upgrades! The SportsBowl offer 4 hours for the player to fill the order, which is more than achievable, and in doing so receives a huge pay-out which scales in comparison to the level of your warehouse and brewhouses i.e. the more you can produce, the greater the order will be. For this reason alone, it’s important to upgrade you’re warehouse and brewhouses as often as possible so you’re ready for the next big order.

Firesales are extremely underrated. Yes, you’re selling off stock at a 70% discount but it’s stock that is otherwise just sitting there as you’re producing more than your bar can sell or drivers can deliver. We found this to be the most lucrative way to make money in-between SportsBowls for those willing to put in a bit of work, there’ll be a lot of tapping at hand. The trick is to heavily research 1 beer type early on and then have all of your brewhouses producing it for firesales. Only hold enough of the other beer types to complete deliveries so you can access the SportsBowl when it arrives.


You’ll want to collect caps as fast and as often as possible as these will fund your permanent premium stat boosters. There are a couple of different ways to collect caps;

Limos can be tapped as they drive through your development, whilst only offering a few caps per limo it is still definitely worth the effort each time you see one as you’ll want to increase your premium boosters as early as possible.

Radio Trucks, whilst only being worthwhile for cash early game, in regards to caps radio trucks are always worth it. You can receive 6-9 caps in exchange for a 30-second ad so grab them when you can.

Daily and Epic Achievements also offer caps in exchange for reaching certain milestones. Again, daily achievements are earned passively which out too much difficulty, the epic achievements, on the other hand, do require a bit more work. It’s worth checking on your epic achievements and investing some time in completing each of them as they can offer as many as 32 caps per achievement.

2. Rebuild As Often As Possible – Hop Upgrades

Hop upgrades offer players the chance to increase the profitability and reduce the brewing time of all their craft beers at the cost of having all buildings and standard upgrades reset to their original level (this does exclude research levels). Whilst this can seem rather harrowing, trust us, it’s totally worth it! You’ll absolutely blast through the first few levels of hops within you’re first hour or so of gameplay.

brew town hop upgrades

Don’t invest too heavily in your buildings until you’ve read the tasks you have to complete before you can upgrade your hops. Some tasks can be completed almost instantly meaning investing in any building is just a waste of your time. There’s really no reason to become attached to your buildings until you reach x7 or x8 multipliers and the tasks take longer to achieve.

Every time you reset you start with more money than the previous round of hops, this will help you kick-start your first upgrades. It’s important to spread this between your brewhouses and warehouse in order to prepare for the SportsBowl. Ideally spend about 50% of your money on brewhouses and the other 50% on the warehouse upgrade, as you’ll also want to be able to store enough stock for firesales.

3. How To Manage Your Hops

Hops are the fuel to your brewhouses and the more brewhouses you build, the greater your hop stock capacity and regeneration speed. If you ever find yourself lacking hops there are 2 ways to replenish your stock;

You can watch a 30-second ad through your hop farm and will be granted 10 hops for doing so, alternatively;

You can play ‘Hop Or Not’ which is a great tinder-esque game where you swipe left or right on real player bottle designs to indicate whether you like or dislike them! The more designs you swipe in a row, the more hops you earn. This is by far the easiest and best method to quickly fill your hop farm. Your designs will also be entered and the number of likes they receive will be depicted by the amount of love hearts attached to the beer.

4. Don’t Waste Your Time With Unnecessary Upgrades

how to upgrade in brew town

Both standard and premium upgrades off real significant stat boosters such as increasing profit per bottle, cost of upgrading brewhouses, and research times. Whilst standard upgrades offer more opportunities to increase the same stat more than once they do have a heavy negative in that every time you progress along the hop advancement line they’ll be wiped clean. Early game it’s important to not invest any money into your standard upgrades, as you won’t be in each hop category long enough to get your money’s worth. Premium upgrades, however, stay with you throughout the game, costing caps it can take longer to fully upgrade key stats and only being able to upgrade each stat through 1 channel but will fair you much better early game. Standard upgrades come into their own once you hit hop multipliers x7+.

5. Rigorous Researching

Researching gives players the chance to advance the profit levels and speed at which a certain beer may sell, as stated earlier in this guide we advise to invest heavily into 1 beer type early on and make use of the firesale feature. Once the money pouring in from the Sportsbowls it’s time to increase the profit levels of beers evenly across the board, this will increase your idle play earnings significantly as your bar continues to sell drinks through the night.

6. How To Spread Your Money Around

When deciding how to spend your hard earned cash it’s important to spread it around in a way that will maximise profits and in the end save you time. Some buildings are great to invest in early game whereas others aren’t worth putting money into until you know they’re going to be around for a while.

Firstly your powerhouse buildings; brewhouses and your warehouse are where you want to aim 95% of your cash flow. Most progression objectives are linked directly to your production output so the more bottles you can generate the faster you’ll progress. When purchasing or upgrading brewhouses, make sure to choose the path will most greatly increase your production rate i.e. upgrade the lowest producers first, even if these means purchasing a new brewhouse.

how to spend your money in brew town

Whilst upgrading your bottle factory may seem like a good idea at the start, it’s not. Again, early game the bottle factory really isn’t worth the investment, as you’ll progress through it so quickly. If you’re in desperate need of saving your fingers some work, invest in the premium tap upgrades. Don’t get me wrong the bottle factory is well worth a few bucks when you have some heavily upgraded brewhouses.

The Bar and Brew Lab are great but don’t offer substantial returns on their investment. Upgrading bottles is great but can be a lengthy process, and whilst selling beers whilst you’re sleeping can’t be knocked, the majority of your income will be through completing those SportsBowl orders or a ton of firesales.

7. Focus On SportsBowl

In case we were too subtle…the SportsBowl is your most important in-game event providing a huge chance for you to drastically increase your revenue stream. Below are the tips to make the most out of it;

Don’t hold too much stock. The Sportsbowl is a huge order that typically requires your entire warehouse space to fulfil it. In order to not waste hops, it’s better to only hold enough stock to complete order and only stockpile your most profitable beer for firesales. If you do need to make room, simply sell everything, the profit to be had through delivery orders or bar sales is dwarfed by the order.

brew town sportsbowl

Hit those upgrades. When you get a SportsBowl order come in, get your stock ready and then invest everything you have into both standard and premium per bottle profit boosters. This will let you significantly increase the value of the order before you complete the delivery.

Keep those deliveries ticking over. Whilst there’s better money to be had with continuous firesales, you’ll need to complete delivery orders to make sure you get the chance of the SportsBowl order appearing.

Now hopefully with our tips above, you’ll become a brewing god in no time. Just remember to advance your hop quality at the soonest opportunity, hit those SportsBowl orders, and collect those caps to upgrade your premium stat boosters as early as possible. Once you’ve got these down there will be no stopping you.

That’s all you need to dominate in Brew Town! In case you know any other cheats, tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!