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Lord of Heroes Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Each Game Mode

Lord of Heroes is CloverGames’ latest RPG released for both iOS and Android devices, and is a global, English version of the company’s first mobile game. Lord of Heroes quickly earned more than a million downloads from the Google Play Store alone and has made it to top lists of games in several countries. As a strategy RPG brimming with content, the game comes packed as well with unique, stylish characters, top-notch anime-style graphics, and an overall vibrant feel. If you play and enjoy strategy RPGs and especially love anime-styled graphics and skill cinematics, then you should definitely check this game out!

Lord of Heroes sets you off on the role of a monarch in the fantasy world of Avillon. As the land is cast into war and turmoil, it is up to you to change its fate and lead it back to the path of peace. You will not be alone on your quest as you will rely on your heroes to follow your commands as you journey through each region. As diplomacy or skirmishes spread your influence on Avillon, more heroes join your roster.

lord of heroes guide

There are certainly a lot of features and mechanics in Lord of Heroes that players need to understand. The tutorial session that walks you through the basics along with the built in discussions for every new feature you unlock can certainly make everything easier to follow. There is an auto mode in battle and a speed multiplier to save up on time as well. The controls and interface are as simple as they come and even for total beginners in the genre, it is still an easy game to pick up and play.

Natural progression leads to stronger enemies that require better strategies and stronger heroes to best. Stay with us and check out our comprehensive Lord of Heroes beginner’s guide, as it comes with a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies to help you dominate each game mode!

1. Reroll For The Best Gears

If you have played some mobile strategy RPGs with gacha elements before, then you should know that the concept of rerolling always comes with it. To start off, you would always want to link your game to a social account to ensure the safety of your progression. However, initially logging in with a guest account is necessary in case you need to reroll for the best starting setup.

In case you have no idea yet what rerolls are all about, it basically means restarting your game progress to the point where you can do your initial pulls. As it will be more challenging to secure the best resources from the gacha after this point, taking advantage of a reset to make sure that your first gacha pull is the best one, or good enough for you, can help you in the long run. It is important to note at this point that there are no free 10x pulls or so in Lord of Heroes. More importantly, what you will be pulling off of the gacha are weapons and gears and not heroes.

For free players, there are plenty of free ways to earn very strong heroes in the game. Contracts that initiate once every 2 weeks along with game progression can unlock a variety of heroes. What you would want to reroll for are gears that can be purchased through alchemy using crystals. Each roll costs 150 crystals but doing an 11x roll costs only 1,500 crystals and guarantees an artifact.

how to reroll for the best gear in lord of heroes

Weapons and gears are classified into normal equipment, replicas, and artifacts. Artifacts only have a 6-star grade while both of the other types that can be obtained from the gacha can range between 4 to 6-stars. Normal gears can be equipped by anyone. Replicas delimit usage in terms of class but offer better main and sub options. On top of better stats and buffs than both replicas and normal gear, artifacts provide extra ability buffs to specific heroes.

The guaranteed artifact pull from the 11x gacha does not delimit you from receiving an extra artifact or even a second artifact and an extra 6-star replica. As such, you may want to base the quality of pulls you want to start with before you decide to continue on with the game. There are no extra crystals from starting events to grant you enough to do an 11x pull early on.

As such, you will have to play for a bit and accomplish some feats to earn your first 1,500 crystals for it. If you are happy enough with your first 11x pull, then continue on and link your game to a social media account. If not, then you will have to exit the game, delete the app and download it again to refresh everything.

You should know that rerolling is not a necessary thing to do Lord of Heroes but still, starting off with a better set of gears can go a long way. In truth, progression through the game’s main story can still be a challenge even with the best gears as the rate at which the enemies power grows can be very taxing.

In any case, be sure to take note of how soon you can get the 1,500 crystals early on as doing a reroll may not end after the second attempt and you have to at least know how much time you are willing to spend on resetting your progress for a chance at better pulls.

2. Maintain A Balanced Team Of Heroes

There can be numerous factors that impact any strategy RPG’s charm and fun factor but for the most part, it rests on the variety of characters you can collect and use as well as the teams you can form with them. Despite the efforts of every developer to make each character as balanced as the next one in terms of overall power and utility, some will simply excel more than others.

There are various tier lists that suggest which heroes are at the top of the line. In time, perhaps we may come up with our own. For purposes of this guide, however, we will be focusing not on individual heroes, but rather a team that is balanced and cohesive enough to help you through most, if not all of the game’s content.

Relative to the best heroes or so, lumping together all of them does not necessarily leave you with a superior team. As such, your goal is to ensure that you have a decent enough team that will do well enough against the basic game modes that Lord of Heroes offers.

Since there is no gacha for units in Lord of Heroes, the alternative to spending real money to obtain additional characters can come from various sources. For starters, progressing through the main story and accomplishing certain feats can earn you more than enough units to form your team. There are also contract you enter into and choose from among elite heroes which ones to recruit after a certain period of time.

how to assemble a powerful team in lord of heroes

Lastly, the Chronicles, which you will unlock early on allows you to recruit additional heroes at the cost of crystals or renown. Suffice to say, you can eventually land a formidable team in Lord of Heroes without spending a penny.

There are many ways to categorize heroes in the game and these considerations can influence you on which heroes to choose to form part of your main team. To start off, heroes can be acquired range from 3-5 stars although each one can be promoted to 6 stars. As each star impacts the stats of the heroes you may be inclined to consider 4-star grades over the lower 3-star ones that you obtain from progressing through the main story. There are other factors to consider, though.

One of the more important considerations relate to each hero’s class. There are 5 classes available in Lord of Heroes and each unit falls exclusively within one of the five classes. It can be suitable to consider one of each class for your team although you are liberated enough to employ your own mix of hero classes as you best see fit.

Guardians exhibit the highest defense stats in the game and often provide protection to the whole team. Provocation, defense buffs and enemy damage reduction are among the skills that guardians typically possess. A striker works more like the opposite of a guardian and exhibits powerful attacks while still sporting a decent enough defense to stand in the frontlines.

Strikers, however, have the lowest defense capabilities compared to other frontliners so they can be considered for backline positions in the event that other heroes within the team can withstand more damage. Warriors are at the middle of guardians and strikers in that they offer decent damage as well as good enough defensive stats.

From the back row, Cleric characters are the ones that provide heals, shields, and other buffs to the team. Snipers, on the other hand, can deal tremendous damage to enemies as well and may inflict status ailments on top of the raw damage their skills have. Both these classes typically exhibit low defense stats and need protection from enemy attacks.

Last, but not the least, consideration for choosing heroes is their elemental affinity. Lord of Heroes employs the proverbial “rock-paper-scissors” method of imposing advantages and disadvantages in dealing and receiving damage in battle and this is influenced by the unit’s elemental affinity. The five elements are water, fire, earth, light, and darkness. The first 3 are considered normal elements and the latter 2 are special.

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Water is strong against fire and weak against earth. Fire is strong against earth but weak against water. Earth is strong against water but weak against fire. Light and darkness elements are considered special as they only have both advantages and disadvantages against one another. Both these elements have no special advantage or disadvantage against the normal elements.

As far as elemental affinities are concerned. It is best to avoid forming a full main team of heroes that have the same element as you may encounter a full team of enemies that sport the advantageous element. Having a healthy mix of elements makes for a more well-rounded team across the game’s PvE and PvP content.

All the above factors to look into should not keep you from inspecting each hero’s unique skills and abilities. As you will easily acquire more than enough heroes for your main team, it is important to consider what each one can do, more specifically how each of the hero’s skill will synergize with the rest of the team’s performance.

3. Follow The Quest Line

Every activity you engage in as you make progress in your adventure within the world of Lord of Heroes earns you certain rewards and after completing the initial tutorial session, you are very much free to explore the game as much as you want. As more features become available with natural progression, it can be a challenge as to which one to prioritize over others and the quest feature on the lower left side of the screen makes it easier for you to progress more efficiently.

lord of heroes quests

The quest objectives in Lord of Heroes take you through a variety of features and game modes. Every quest you complete also rewards you with a variety of resources to help you advance. One important aspect of the quest feature to take note of is that completing a certain objective prior to the quest appearing will not count towards its completion.

As such, it is best to adhere to the sequence of quests available to ensure a steady progression and not being barred from continuing forward with limitations on attempts, energy, or resources.

4. Be Selective When Upgrading Heroes

One of the prevailing components of every strategy RPG comes from the ways each hero you recruit and use can be enhanced to meet the growing demands of the challenges ahead. Naturally, every upgrade option comes with a cost and as the resources you need to do so are always limited, being selective in terms of which heroes you focus these resources on is always a must.

It is a given that you will easily have enough units in Lord of Heroes to compose a full team but it is also a given that the members of your main team is bound to change. As you continue to make progress and unlock other heroes in your adventure and grinding, new and better ones, or better suited for your team to say the least, will eventually join your growing roster.

On the other hand, you also need to prepare your team for the growing challenges ahead as battles in the main storyline, as well as all other game modes, will demand a higher overall power ratings form your team for them to push through.

how to upgrade heroes in lord of heroes

While you may be inclined to expend all resources to enhance each hero in your main team to the fullest, you should always prioritize within the group as to which ones are going to stay till the end game and which ones will be replaced as new ones come along. That way, you will save some resources for when you acquire the other heroes. You can explore upgrade options by clicking on the heroes menu on the main screen.

Levelling up is the most basic way of strengthening each hero. Although heroes gain EXP form each battle, it will hardly be enough to sustain their growing needs. By clicking in the hero menu on the main screen, you will be able to see each hero lined up and tapping on their power at the upper right corner of the window gives you an option to level them up. You need to consume elixirs for each level up and each hero has a level cap based on their star grade.

Each hero can also be promoted to rank up their star grades and increase their level cap. This will revert heroes back to level 1 so be sure to keep a healthy stock of elixirs before you promote a hero. Promotion require a large number and variety of resources called agates. These can be farmed from different story stages and can be earned as rewards for accomplishments as well.

Each hero has a variety of unique active and passive skills. Each of these skills can also be upgraded in two different ways. The first option is random skill upgrade that you can perform using elemental soulstones and mystic soulstones, along with gold. You can selectively upgrade a specific skill using primeval soulstones and some gold. In any case, soulstones are not easy to obtain and farm so be sure to consider doing this for heroes who will serve as staple members of your main team.

5. Enhance The Best Gears And Dismantle The Rest

No strategy RPG can be as much exciting without the existence of different gears you can equip your heroes with and in most games like Lord of Heroes, upgrading gears is as important as enhancing the heroes themselves. It is highly possible for 2 players to have the exact same heroes as members of the same team but chances are that they will perform differently in battle because of the impact that equipped gears provide for each hero.

Gears, regardless of rarity or grade level can be upgraded to +15. For now, there are no ways of increasing an equipment’s star grade or modifying its rarity. With that it is necessary to be very selective in upgrading gears. Even though it only costs gold to enhance gears, you will more often be needing a lot of gold and so you must save its consumption for gears you will be using for a long time. Upgrading gears do not guarantee success as well and every upgrade attempt comes with a risk of failure.

how to enhance your gear in lord of heroes

As we mentioned earlier, rerolling in Lord of Heroes revolve around the intent of having great gears at the start of your adventure. While this may become a grueling task with luck of draw involved, it will certainly pay off in the long run. Beyond the star grade and quality of gears we discussed on the reroll guide, an important factor to consider is the set effect that gears can provide.

Each hero can equip 6 different pieces of gear and on top of the main option as well as the possible sub options, each gear has a set effect that activates when paired with a similar set. In effect, paired gears can result in each hero receiving 3 different set effects. This must be done with 3 pairs of gears as equipping one or more than 2 gears belonging to the same set will not trigger any added effects. Some set effects require 4 gears instead of 2 in which case, can still be paired with a 2-set equipment.

As an example, a Life set requires 2 pieces of gear and provides a 15% health boost. A Pierce set requires 4 gears and adds a 20% attack to the hero that ignores the target’s defense. As far as sets are concerned, you can either use it as a supplement to the hero’s existing traits or as a buffer for the stats that they are lacking on.

This means that you can lodge a Frenzy set on your sniper if he has a passive that gives him critical damage, as this set further boosts critical hit damage by 40%. In contrast, a cleric who is somewhat squishy can be augmented by 3 pairs of Life set gears to have higher HP, or mixed in with a Resolve set for a 20% resistance boost and a Defense set for an extra 15% defense.

Be sure to look into each gear well as some may be similar to others in name, star grade, and appearance and yet sport a different set or sub options. As you will quickly ear more equipment than what you need, you can dismantle the lower grade ones to secure materials needed to craft better gears. You can check gears and equipment you can create via the inventory and craft icons at the bottom of the screen respectively.

6. Progress Through The Main Story

In most RPGs that we play and provide guides on, the usual priority is to progress through the game’s main story. Just the same with Lord of Heroes, the main story serves as your key to unlock the rest of the game’s dungeons and other game modes that will help your heroes grow stronger moving forward. Given the challenge that each story stage provides, and the nature of quests that compel you to adhere to them over everything else, we considered quests as more important than prorgressing thru the main story itself.

Essentially, however, quests often involve progressing through the story intermittently and adhering strictly to the sequence of quests will also enable you to progress efficiently enough with the story. As you complete one quest after another, though, you are bound to reach a point where it will take a while to accomplish the current task.

This may be due to a requirement to engage in a dungeon where you have already expended your attempts in or upgrading gears to a certain level but you lack the needed amount of gold to do so. In such cases, the next best thing to spend your time and excess energy on, is progressing through the main story.

lord of heroes main story

The main story in Lord of Heroes can be accessed through the “World” button at thelower right corner of the main screen. The map is divided into regions, with each region sporting a different number of stages. Each stage you complete earns you outright rewards, including extra items for first time completions.

Completions are also rated between 1 to 3 stars, depending on how many heroes you have after finishing the stage. There is also an extra reward to obtain if you complete all the stars in a given region and at certain points in your progress, additional game modes and features are unlocked.

Note that you do not need to secure all stars in a given region for you to unlock the extra game modes and move on to the next one. Some stages within a region are simply too challenging on your first run and it is okay to hit them back once you have gotten stronger. In addition to extra rewards for securing all stars in a region, completing each region will give you access to them via expeditions.

As soon as you beat each stage within the first region, you will gain access to the expedition feature through its icon on the lower right side of the world map. This requires little effort as you will only need to deploy heroes to earn rewards after some time. More regions conquered means more areas to launch expeditions on consequently earning you more idle rewards. Remember to take note of expedition completion times to launch another one right away.

You will naturally experience losing some battles in the main story given the rise in difficulty of the battles on latter regions. Note that there are plenty more challenges ahead as the initial world you are battling on comprise only the story’s normal mode. Once you beat all regions, you will unlock the hard difficulty and beating that unlocks the extreme difficulty. Naturally, higher difficulty modes provide much better rewards, so push to progress as rapidly as you can to revel in better rewards for farming.

7. Expend Extra Energy In All Other Game Modes

Beyond Lord of Heroes’ story mode, there are plenty of other areas you can spend energy on. These added game modes offer specific resources that you need to boost the growth of your heroes and every attempt you have to engage in them should be consumed to the fullest. For now, these additional game modes lie within the Primeval Hall, The Coliseum, and Calamity’s Cradle.

The Primeval Hall is the first extra game mode that you will unlock and works very much like dungeons in other RPGs. The Elemental Halls are always available and does not limit your entries in a given day so long as you have enough energy. You can earn colorless runes, elemental ascension runes, class runes, and crystals from each battle. The Hall of Trials also provides unlimited attempts daily and can be a source of extra gears as well as crafting materials.

lord of heroes game modes

The Hall of Experience and Hall of Treasure are great source of elixirs and gold, respectively, but you can only clear each floor within it once per day. The stronger you get, the more floors you can clear later on in the game but just the same, do not be afraid to test you team against the next level floor once you have beaten the current one.

Halls of a certain element become available each weekday but all become available during the weekends. This is where you can obtain specific ascension materials you need for your heroes given their unique elemental affinities. There are no limits as well with regard to how many times you wish to take on these dungeons as long as you have sufficient energy.

After clearing the first stage of Varya, which is the fourth region, you can partake in Lord of Heroes’ PvE content through the Coliseum. You have a maximum of 8 Coliseum Tokens and each battle consumes 1. As soon as you expend a token, it will replenish once every hour so be sure to expend it as much as you can. What is important to note here is that the heroes you set on defense cannot be used to attack other players.

As such, it is best to concentrate your strongest heroes on the offensive team as you challenge other players and then set them on the defensive roster once you have used up your tokens. Duels are not real time so take advantage of the ability to manually control your heroes.

8. Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can

Guilds, factions, clans, and alliances has always been an integral part of many online games and RPGs stand as one of the genres where this feature is of great importance. While Lord of Heroes largely focus on single player content, there are game modes that require you to be a member of an alliance to partake in and there are extra benefits for being a member of an alliance regardless of your activity and strength.

For starters, joining up with an alliance can immediately earn you gifts from fellow alliance members based on certain milestones or achievements they accomplish. By tapping on the alliance button at the bottom of your screen, you can readily access a page where you can claim gifts from everyone.

lord of heroes alliance

Once you have cleared Varya in the main story, you will be eligible to participate in guild raids through Calamity’s Cradle in the world map. As long as the leader or an officer of your alliance completes the enlistment process, you can deploy up to 10 of your heroes to defend the selected region from the raid boss. There are support characters you can use if you do not have enough units for a 2-party roster.

Regardless of your power and number of characters, partaking in this event has its merits and the sooner you can participate, the more alliance credits you can earn. These alliance credits can then be exchanged at the alliance shop for various resources.

9. Accomplish Feats For Extra Rewards

In addition to completing quests and engaging in a variety of battles, more rewards can be earned from the Feats feature in Lord of Heroes. Feats contain a wide variety of objectives you can complete that relate to your overall progress in the game and essentially serve as milestones of your growth and development. You may actually accomplish a lot of these objectives without knowing what they are, but for efficiency’s sake, be sure to read through each objective and let it serve as your guide as well towards faster progression in your adventure.

how to earn more rewards in lord of heroes

There are also a wide variety of events that transpire within the world of Lord of Heroes on a regular basis. Always be on the lookout for experience boosts on certain stages, reduced cost of upgrading gears, as well as time-limited events that offer unique rewards.

And that is all we have for you as far as our Lord of Heroes tips and strategies are concerned. We certainly hope that our collection of tips and tricks we shared with you will help you dominate each game mode with relative ease. If you have spent a considerable amount of time progressing through Lord of Heroes and have uncovered something we haven’t, or if you simply want to share your thoughts on the game, then feel free to drop us a line!