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Coin Master Guide (2020 Update): Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Hoard all the Gold and Build Every Single Village

Coin Master is one of the most popular mobile games around today. Released 10 years ago, the social casino challenge, developed by Israeli studio Moon Active, has since then taken the world by storm. With a new trailer released mid last year and heavy endorsement by notable celebrities such as the Kardashians, Emily Ratajkowski and Jennifer Lopez (just to name a few), Coin Master has managed to maintain its status of smash hit throughout the years.

Effective marketing strategies aside, a big part why the game has proved to be so incredibly loved by mobile gamers everywhere is its uncomplicated mechanics. Basically anyone can take up Coin Master and learn its underpinnings within seconds. The game is about as straightforward as they come – your purpose is to build as many villages as possible using gold that can be collected from playing a slot machine.

Once players upgrade all components of a village they’ll then unlock the next one and so on. In addition, the game also has a social aspect where you get to attack your other players’ villages and loot their coin stash. Players can also collect cards and keep pets – all with the goal of obtaining additional rewards and keep the game moving forward.

coin master levels

It doesn’t get more complex than that, but the game was cleverly designed in such a way as to effortlessly implant in its players the constant urge to play the slot machine again and again until new villages are unlocked – all of which have a different theme (Inca, Viking, Egyptian, etc). This desire does not easily go away and makes it very hard to put the game down. Players will constantly find themselves thinking of ways to get more gold and spins, so as to be able to explore the world of Coin Master in full.

While gameplay is incredibly easy to grasp, if you played Coin Master even for a few hours, you already know that game’s progression, following the initial phase, it’s by no means seamless. With Coin Master riding the wave again in 2020, we’ve though it would be a good idea to create a new guide for the game which covers updated tips and tricks that will hopefully help you attract more coins and spins so that you can progress in the game with a little more ease.

1. Conserve Your Spins

The game generates 5 (free) spins per hour, with a meter of 50 spins available to fill (although all extra spins will be conserved for you to take advantage of, so nothing gets lost). Eventually, players are bound to unlock the ability to multiply their gains by x2 and x3 times in exchange for spending two or three spins instead of just one. During the occasional super betting events you will be able to go as far as maximizing your bets up to x50 and sometimes even more. The option of auto-spin is also available, so you can just let the game do its thing when you don’t feel like spinning manually.

Coin Master revolves around a virtual slot machines that enables you to win coins, but also other things including shields, more spins, and hammers which give you the opportunity to go raiding other players’ villages. Like it’s usually the case with 3-reel slots such as this one, you’ll receive the best rewards if you manage to secure 3 similar symbols during a spin – although it’s all driven by sheer luck, so you can’t do much to influence the outcome. Each combination yields different results in Coin Master. For example, a hammer + a pig + coin bag combination amounts to 15,000 coins. The outcome is not set in stone, however, and might vary based on level or other factors.

coin master spins

Now, we know it might be tempting to log back in into the game every hour and use your spins as soon as they become available, but we suggest that your curb your enthusiasm a little bit. Our recommendation is to try and keep your urge in check and log in the game every 5 hours or more, in order to allow the game to accumulate a minimum of 25 spins.

The reason why we’ve made the suggestion is that you won’t be able to gather a lot of coins with 5 spins. Unfortunately, the amount will probably be good enough only to upgrade just one building or element in your village (and all have at least 5 upgrade levels).

To make bigger leaps in the construction of your village, try and conserve your spins until you gather a decent amount and use them to harvest a loftier amount of gold.

2. Don’t Store Gold

While there will always be an incentive to save resources (gold) for later especially if you’ve just started playing the game, and feel like you should be hoarding stuff, in Coin Master it’s not really a good idea to do so. Keep in mind that raiding is an extremely common occurrence in the game and that your village, like any other, is exposed to “vicious” attacks from other players. This is why, it’s best to spend the gold as soon as you get it, so as not to leave significant amounts for looters to grab.

coin master gold

With a small treasure, any loss you might suffer won’t be a significant one. But if, on the other hand, you stockpile a lot of coins and don’t do anything with them, there’s a big chance someone will come raid or attack your village and drastically deplete your resources. So remember always spend what you gain, before anyone has the chance to steal your hard earned cash.

Fortunately, it’s possible to protect your village from enemy attacks. By working the slot machine enough times, you’ll definitely be able to make the three shield combination that grants you village protection against looters. That’s not to say that they won’t be able to steal cash from you, they just won’t be able to run away with as many coins as they would if your township were unprotected.

3. Tips For Attacking And Raiding

Attacking and raiding are two crucial activities in Coin Master that can bring in more gold. Attacking allows you to damage someone’s village and hoard coins in the process. You can either attack a friend (from Facebook) or a random player. It’s up to you – if you don’t want to upset your fellow Coin Master-playing friends, you can simply select to attack someone random.

If the village you’re attacking has protection (delivered by the presence of shields), you’ll be able to mine the standard sum of 50,000 coins. This amount can be increased once you’ve hatch pets (more on that in section 4). If the village is left without any kind of defense, then players will be able to get their hands on more dough.

how to attack and raid in coin master

Raiding comes with even more abundant rewards. In this scenario, you’ll attack the Coin Master du jour which is shown at the top of the Slot Machine (and is usually one of your Facebook friends). During raiding, you’ll need to select and dig in three of the four holes which lie scattered around the village’s grounds. One of those holes will be empty or harboring a bonus chest. The other 3 are brimming with coins and waiting to be tapped.

How can you ensure you always conduct the perfect raid? Well, there’s a technique called the two finger trick, but you can only apply it if you previously dug up 2 holes with coins, and now you’re trying not to mess up the last choice. What you have to do is tap the 2 remaining holes together at the same time with two different fingers and hold for a second. This will result in the hole with coins being dug up, and you reaping all the available rewards. Make sure you lift both fingers at the same time, for this to work.

Alternatively, if you have Foxy unlocked and working as your pet, she always digs up the 4th hole, so you can chill knowing that tapping your enemy to the maxim is in your power.

Another trick that helps you conduct an effective attack is to blast the buildings or objects in a village that have been hit before. From our playing experience, blasted objects usually yield more coins than the untouched ones. To get more out of an attack, you can bring in Tiger (another pet) who will make sure you get extra coins, even if the village is protected by shields.

4. Try Your Best To Keep Your Pets Active

After unlocking the fourth village, Coin Master lets you hatch some pets. There are three of them and, apart from being cute, they each bring distinct bonuses to the table. You can have only one pet active at a time.

how to unlock tiger in coin master

Foxy – gives you raid rewards and will always dig up the fourth hole during a raid, so you can achieve the perfect raid status;
Tiger – offers attack rewards, so players can snatch improved rewards during attacks, even during those that are blocked by shields;
Rhino – blocks attacks better than shields.

Each pet levels up as you use its powers and eventually becomes better and better at doing their job, thus helping you amass more rewards. It’s important to remember to feed your pet, or else it will go to sleep and become inactive. However, getting pet food is a bit tricky.

The game generates one serving every 24 hours, but your pet will get hungry long before another portion becomes available. When you don’t have any food for your furry companion, you can just let it lie dormant. Fortunately, your pet won’t expire for lack of receiving prompt nourishment.

Obviously, the fastest route to get some pet food is by buying it from the Shop with real-world cash. But if you don’t want to do that, there are other avenues to explore. During certain events you might be able to win rewards that consist of pet food. In addition, it’s also possible to get some pet food through the slot machine, but that only happens if you are extremely lucky. So it’s perhaps wisest to place your hopes on the continuous deluge of events that usually takes Coin Master by storm, when it comes to pet food.

5. Use Extra Cash To Invest In Card Chests

Like so many games out there, Coin Master is free to download and install but comes with some optional in-app purchases. Spending real-life money in the Shop does speed up your progress in the game considerably, but if you don’t feel like swiping your card at all, that’s alright too.

Now, players who prefer the F2P model, might not be inclined to visit the game’s Shop all that often. However, note that the Store is the go-to place if you want to acquire Chests which are sold in exchange for in-game gold. Alternatively, chests can be procured in Raids, although the chances to do so are pretty slim.

coin master creatures

There are three types of chests you can crack open – wooden, gold and magical. Obviously, the magical one is the most expensive of them all and contains the most cards.

Chests are important because they unlock cards. As we mentioned above, Coin Master also boasts a card collecting component. Basically, players have to collect cards, and once a full deck is complete it unlocks powerful rewards including extra spins.

We recommend that you actively try to purchase chests at least until you hit level 50, to ensure that you get the majority of cards that can be found on each level. Try spending towards wooden chests first, since they are the more affordable. Once you start getting duplicates, do your best to save up for more expensive chests.

coin master card chest

This will inevitably happen at one point, so when it does, you can ask for help through social media (more on that in the following section). Alternatively, there are other tricks you can employ to make sure you don’t always get the same cards. For example, if you’ve unlocked a new village, make sure to upgrade each object there to level 2, and then start buying chests. Also, if you have enough disposable coins, try buying 20 chests of each type in a row.

Another tactic you might to try yourself to increase your chances of getting new cards is this. When you open a new chest, make sure to count the number of stars of the last card. If it’s a 1/2-star card, the next chest you buy should be wooden. If the last card has 3 stars, buy a golden one. But if the card features 4/5 stars, you will need to purchase a magical chest.

It would be ideal if you could buy these chests during a Boom event, when the amount of cards in each chest is increased, but you’ll need to keep a close eye out for when those happen.

6. Be Active On Social Media

Coin Master bets on the social aspect a lot. As you fire up the game for the first time, you’ll immediately be asked to log in with Facebook. Sure, you can play without logging in if you want, but you’ll be bombarded by annoying pop-ups asking you to join the Facebook crowd until you finally give up and do it anyway.

The good news is that there are benefits to logging in with Facebook and connecting with your friends who are also playing Coin Master. They can send you free coins and spins and you should reciprocate the favor to keep the relationship active and bountiful. This feature is very convenient is you have a big list of friends on Facebook, because this all but guarantees that an important percent of those buddies are actively playing Coin Master.

coin master trading group

Moreover, it’s a good idea to join one of the Coin Master groups on Facebook, where you can trade cards with other players. This will allow you to finish completing a deck much faster, so you can get those highly-anticipated rewards.

What’s more, in this groups you might also be able to find links to daily free bonuses of coins and spins. It depends of the group you’re in, but we recommend that you give this one a try first:

7. Don’t Forget The Daily Bonus

Like with many mobile games today, logging in each day into Coin Master has its benefits. Not only will you be able to collect the coins and spins your friends have sent you overnight, but you’ll also be able to grab the Daily Bonus.

coin master daily bonus

Note that this option unlocks later in the game, so new players won’t be able to take advantage of it. Once it becomes available, however, make sure to use the opportunity every day. You can find the feature by tapping on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner. Tap on Daily Bonus and spin the wheel for a chance to win a prize consisting of gold coins.

8. Take Advantage Of Events

For players who have opted for the F2P route in Coin Master, progress will be slow to very slow. It takes approximately 5 hours for the game to generate 25 spins which in turn produces an average amount of gold.

Fortunately, there’s a way to speed things up considerably, but you’ll need to keep an eye on the events going on in Coin Master. If you can catch the right event and be active throughout it, you’ll be able to go through levels a lot faster.

For example, during the Wild West Showdown event you can win massive rewards including those consisting of extra spins. All you need to do is to collect sheriff stars while playing the slot machine. You can get up to 3 stars for an attack, 5 stars for a perfect raid and 10 stars if you hit three sheriff star symbols (or more with super betting) Once you accumulate enough you can grab all kinds of bonuses, but the most important resource you can get here is the extra spins.

coin master events

Having more spins at your disposal means more cash and more coins translates into having the option to buy more chests, get more cards and quite possibly complete decks. Once a deck is done, you’ll be rewarded with more spins. Players can use the accumulated cash to upgrade their villages. Finishing up a village also yields extra spins, so this way you’ll continue fueling the slot machine.

Ensuring you’re active while useful events such as this one are going on, will all but guarantee you’ll be able to complete a few levels in a few hours at maximum.

It’s during events that constantly provide you with a constant flow of spins that you’ll be most likely be able to take advantage of super betting. Use this option with care, nevertheless. Even if you won 1000 spins, super betting x20 means you’ll run out of them in just 50 spins. Even so, with earnings quantified exponentially, you’ll have a real chance of hoarding enough gold to finish a few villages in one take.

If you have a smaller number of spins available for you, it’s recommend that you don’t go all out with super betting. You can limit yourself to trying something more modest like x3 or x5.

9. Use An App To Get More Spins And Coins

Even with all the tips and tricks we’ve detailed so far, spins do tend to run out way too fast in Coin Master.

Fortunately, there are some alternate ways to get extra spins and cash, without having to wait around for the game to generate more spins. For starters, you should register with your email in Coin Master and you’ll receive in your inbox a bonus of extra spins and cash daily.

how to get more spins and coins in coin master

Additionally, if you want even more, you can download some of the apps which promise extra freebies. We recommend that you give SpinLink a try. The app is updated with new links every day and all you have to do is tap on them and you’ll be immediately taken to the game where you’ll receive your rewards.

While there are a lot of Coin Master-related apps in the Google Play Store, know that if you try one, you’ve tried them all. Links tend to repeat themselves in the various apps, so once you tap on one once in an app, it becomes inactive.

But the main takeaway is this – using an app like SpinLink to supplement your number of spins is encouraged. During good days you’ll be able to get as many as 75-100 extra spins by using such an app. So go ahead and give it a try yourself.

With this we wrap up our list of tips and strategies we have for Coin Master. We hope you enjoyed reading the guide and that you’ve learned some new tips that will help you during your future gameplays. If you have explored this game in depth and you’ve knowledge of some other tricks we’ve not covered in this guide, you’re invited to share it with us in the comment section below.


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