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Clash of Clans Tips & Strategy Guide: 7 Hints to Survive the Town Hall 11 Update

By now we don’t need to remind you about Supercell’s Android and iOS blockbuster Clash of Clans and what it’s about. But the now-ubiquitous MMO title has just gotten a new patch, the Town Hall 11 update – what’s in it for you if you’re a longtime CoC player? Well, as you may have noticed, Supercell has nerfed a good number of advantages, such as the option to place the town hall outside the base. But as developers always tend tweak gameplay and, on occasion mechanics to spice things up, we have no choice but to go with the flow and adapt to the situation.

With that being said, this Clash of Clans strategy guide is designed for one thing, and one thing only – the Town Hall 11 update – as we’re here to help you adapt to the changes. We shall be covering all of the new features and changes that arrived through the update, while adding in some tips on farming and base defense.

1. A Lot Of Players Haven’t Gotten The Message

This probably won’t be the case for long, but there are still a lot of players who have no clue what the Town Hall 11 update is about; in other words, a lot of players still place their town halls outside their bases. As town halls can hold much more loot than they did in the past, you should use these two things to your advantage. Look for town halls of players who have “missed the boat” and go attack them and raid their loot. And if you see clan castles that are exposed in a similar way, go nuts on them as well.

2. As Usual, Raid The Abandoned Bases

This is something that probably won’t go away anytime soon in Clash of Clans – always expect more than a few bases that are completely abandoned. And expect even more, because we’ve been hearing a lot of grumbling from Clash of Clans players that they will stop playing the game after Town Hall 11. If many make good on those threats, you should have no shortage of abandoned bases to loot.

3. Where Should You Place Your Town Hall Then?

Obviously, you shouldn’t leave your town hall outside the base like you may have done in the past. Generally speaking, place it inside your base or inside your clan castle. Yes, it’s just that simple – you can place your town hall anywhere, just as long as it’s not outside of the base. Make sure your town hall is properly guarded, and set up defenses around anything you would attack if you were in an attacker’s shoes. Once again, and we cannot stress this enough, place your town hall inside.

4. Attacking Bonuses With A Twist

The good news is that rank bonuses for attacking (elixir, dark elixir, gold) have gone up dramatically. However, there’s a twist, and it’s that the bonuses are paid in the same percentage as the destruction percentage. In other words, the more ground you cover when destroying a base, even if you’re destroying useless or insignificant structures, the higher the bonus you will receive.

5. Place Spell Requests

Another new feature worth mentioning is the ability to send and receive spells to and from clan castles. The spells, in addition, won’t be taking up any space that typically goes to the troops. That means you can feel free to send spell requests and have your clan’s other members send you spells together with troops. You’ll have more room for spells through higher-level upgrades.

6. Your Shield Won’t Go Away Automatically When You Attack

Yes, you read that right – attacking won’t make your shield disappear automatically. Instead, once you attack, you will merely lose three hours off of it. And losing your town hall won’t make your shield reappear anymore; instead, you’ll need to lose half your base for a basic shield. That, in a nutshell, is why farming should be much easier on Town Hall 11.

7. About The Two New Units For High-Level Players

Supercell has some goodies for you if you happen to be a high-level player who has just updated your copy of Clash of Clans to Town Hall 11. Upgrade your Town Hall to Level 11, then buy the two new available items – the Eagle Artillery and the Grand Warden. The former item is now the most powerful defensive unit, while the latter is the game’s “third character” who could also help you defense. It pays to watch replays of attacks so you can get a good idea of how to use these new units.