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Lord of Heroes Tier List: A Complete Ranked List of Heroes in the Game

CloverGames’ Lord of Heroes continues to remain among the top RPGs on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. With its immersive storyline, huge content, and exciting gameplay, packed with stunning anime-styled graphics and dramatic skill cut scenes, Lord of Heroes has everything RPG enthusiasts would want in a game, maybe even more.

While every strategy RPG’s success can be attributable to the overall mix of story, graphics, and gameplay, an integral part of turn-based strategy RPGs center around the characters. Despite every game developer’s goal to keep a balanced roster of heroes in any game, some units will simply stand out, hence the need to classify them into tiers. In most cases though, these tiers will not be permanent given that characters can always undergo changes in future updates. Likewise, the introduction of new characters or game modes that call for a different applicability of each hero’s traits and skills can trigger changes to everyone’s overall usefulness.

Like all other tier lists we have created as well as other tier lists you can find outside of Level Winner, our Lord of Heroes tier list is highly opinionated. Expectedly, the ranking of each hero will differ from all other tier lists as well as the personal opinion of each player. Despite our best efforts and multiple accounts, we have yet to extensively use each of the characters in their maximum capacity and rely largely on the performance of most in different game modes, taking into account their stats and skills.

lord of heroes best characters

You should likewise note that tier lists such as this one consider heroes individually. Given that Lord of Heroes offers team-based gameplay, simply lumping in together the best heroes will not net you guaranteed victory. On a similar note, some heroes may not yield the appreciation they deserve if not utilized in a team that makes full use of their abilities. As such, identifying heroes for their role and the game mode they excel in is just the first step towards finding the right team for the job.

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Lastly, take note as well that the heroes we considered within the same tier are deemed equal in terms of overall value. Like past tier lists we published, heroes within a tier are arranged alphabetically and not from best to worst.

Lord of Heroes S Grade Heroes

These are the heroes that should remain as your top priority in investing on if you happen to have them in your collection. Though most of these heroes can only be obtained through contracts and cash shops, some may become easier to obtain over time. In any case, as each of the heroes is unique yet useful at the same time, the only reason to not invest in any of these heroes is if a better one more suitable to your party’s needs come along.

Aslan [Virtuous Vanguard – Earth – Warrior]

aslan virtuous vanguard lord of heroes

Aslan is one of the heroes in the game you would want on your team across all game modes. His value extends well beyond self-survival and can impact battles to benefit the rest of his teammates. He has decent battle speed as well on top of superb overall stats.

Graviton Slash starts off with a 60% chance to reduce the attack power of the enemy it hits. Call to Arms is an exceptional support skill that not only increases the attack power of all hi allies but also fills up their action gauges by 35%. Mountain Crusher is a burst skill that further increases Aslan’s value as it ignores the target’s defense stats. Aslan’ passive skills can boost his attack power and also increase damage against water elemental enemies.

Johan [Battle Cleric – Fire – Cleric]

johan battle cleric lord of heroes

Battle Cleric Johan is certainly a more attractive version than the light elemental one that greets every new player in the game. In contrast with conventional support types that provide healing to allies, this version of Johan banks on critical hit rates and critical damage that sustains his own survivability and supports the team.

Dual Strike can give Johan HP regen for 2 turns if it lands a critical hit on the target. Luminous Slash is an AoE attack with a base 50% chance to boost the critical hit rate and critical damage of his allies for 2 turns. Additionally, this will heal allies as well in proportion to the damage dealt if it does a critical hit on an enemy. Johan’s burst skill, Exelion Barrage, provides him a fortitude buff that boosts his damage for the turn. Even better, when Johan lands a critical hit with Exelion Barrage, he will be invulnerable while the fortitude buff is active. Johan’s passives include damage reduction from water elemental attacks and, of course, critical hit rate boost.

Joshua [Gifted Psychokinetic – Water – Sniper]

joshua gifted psychokinetic lord of heroes

Yet another hero built to be exceptional across all game modes, this version of Joshua can pack a lot of damage as well as tilt the balance of buffs and debuffs across the playing field.

Pendulum Kinesis starts off with a 70% chance to remove 1 of the most recent buffs on his target. Higher Order, on the other hand, fills up the action gauges of all allies and removes 2 of the most recent debuffs on them. Gravitational Tempest is a strong single target burst skill that also fills up Joshua’s action gauge by 50%. Despite his low defense stats as a sniper, his passive includes a defense boost as well as another that increases his damage outputs further.

Krom [Lightning Blade – Water – Guardian]

krom lightning blade lord of heroes

A top choice for your first contract, Lightning Blade Krom can tremendously help carry your team through the story mode and as you invest more in his speed passive, he becomes more powerful and among the best candidates for all other content.

Cyclone Flurry deals damage dependent on Krom’s speed and upgrades make it a great burst gauge filler. Combat Readiness fills all allies action gauges by 40% for starters, andgrants them health regen for a turn as well. Dimensional Cleave is like the stronger AoE version of Cyclone Flurry. More speed means more damage output from this burst skill and damage further increases as you invest in upgrading it. Krom’s passives include a damage reduction against fire elemental attacks and a speed booster.

Lairei [Beloved Leader of Paradise – Earth – Striker]

lairei beloved leader of paradise lord of heroes

Earth elemental Lairei is a striker that keeps getting stronger as the battle rages on. She already has excellent attack stats to begin with and naturally becomes even more powerful with every skill upgrade.

Dragon Fang boosts her critical hit damage by 10% within the same wave of enemies, making it stronger for PvP and raids. Gale Volley is an AoE attack that can further boost her critical hit rate for 2 turns. Raging Windstorm is an AoE attack that can boost her attack power for the next 2 turns if it lands a critical hit. Her passive skills include a damage reduction from water elemental attacks and an increase in critical hit damage.

Lairei [Daughter of the Dragonkin – Fire – Warrior]

lairei daughter of the dragonkin lord of heroes

An all-out debuffer fit for any team across all game modes, this version of Lairei may not deal as much damage, but can definitely provide great support to her allies as far as weakening the opposing team is concerned.

Dragon’s Fang starts off with a 70% chance to reduce the target’s defense for a turn. Flame Volley is an AoE attack that deals decent damage and has a 60% chance of reducing the enemies’ resistance for a turn. Raging Firestorm is yet another potent AoE attack that also comes packed with an 80% chance to reduce the action gauge of all enemy units by 20%. Lairei’s passives can build her to outgrow most heroes in terms of damage outputs as both her attack and extra damage can be increased.

Laphlaes [Gifted Seer – Earth – Warrior]

laphlaes gifted seer lord of heroes

Laphlaes is a warrior that has increased survivability, has superb damage potential, and can likewise stun enemies. Like most heroes in the top tier, he is more than a viable candidate across all game modes.

Solar Sting has a 50% of stunning the target as well as grant Laphlaes a leech buff for the turn. Upgrades can increase the probability by 10% and extend the duration for another turn. Although it starts off with a 5-turn cooldown period, Vortex Drive can give him an extra turn and can be further upgraded to reduce cooldown by up to 2 turns. Fires of Destiny is an AoE attack that can multiply its damage based on increases in the enemy’s max health. It also boosts Laphlaes’ defense for the next 2 turns.

Lumie [Luminary of Lunaris – Water – Warrior]

lumie luminary of lunaris lord of heroes

Speed has always been an important factor in turn-based combat and this version of Lumie gives you the advantage of speed in battle. On top of reducing the enemy’s action gauge and boosting her own speed, Lumie can also put enemies to sleep.

Frost Strike is a basic attack that starts of with an 80% chance to boost her own speed for a turn. Although Icicle Dance has a cooldown period of 5 turns at level 1, it can be upgraded to reduce cooldown time. Beyond the AoE damage, it has an 80% chance as well to reduce the action gauge of enemies by 20%. Glacial Rush is yet another AoE attack that cuts down the opposing team’s action gauges by 20%. In addition, it has a 60% chance of inflicting sleep on enemies as well. Lumie’s passives can give her extra health and damage.

Nine [Catalyst of Change – Earth – Striker]

nine catalyst of change lord of heroes

This version of Nine may seem to lag a bit behind in terms of general stats but his abilities more than make up for it. Life leech, action gauge boost, enemy action gauge reduction, and a burst skill that boosts both offense and defense make him a formidable member of any team.

Nimble Slash grants him a leech buff for a turn and its effect can be lengthened further through upgrades along with more damage. Shadowy Banishment is an AoE attack that guarantees a 20% action gauge reduction on enemies and 20% chance to boost his own action gauge by 20%. Blade Strom is also an AoE attack that boosts Nine’s attack as well as provides him a shield for a turn. Passive skills can boost Nine’s damage and critical hit rate.

Olivia [Sniper of Halgarine – Light – Striker]

Olivia is a unique striker that can provoke enemies, can heal herself, and cause damage equal to the amount of HP she lost, and has a burst skill that ignores the target’s defense. Her starting attack stats are already fearsome and she can further increase her damage output with one passive and some skill effects.

Shellshot comes packed with life leech and the best part of the skill is that it increases damage the more HP Olivia loses. Flash Bomb is an AoE attack that comes with a 60% chance to provoke targets for a turn. While this skill maybe better suitable for a guardian, Olivia’s basic skill works great in tandem with this. Precision Sniping is a very strong single target burst skill that ignores the target’s defense. It also comes with a thorns buff that damages enemies who attack Olivia, making full utilization of her provocation skills. Passives can boost Olivia’s damage against dark elemental enemies and her health.

Rosanna [Mermaid’s Elect – Fire – Striker]

rosanna mermaid's elect lord of heroes

This version of Rosanna is a striker that does very well supporting her own team with speed boosts to boot. Given that survivability is a very important trait any team needs to have a good measure of, Rosanna can be squeezed into just about any team across all game modes in Lord of Heroes.

Dolphin Leap is an excellent basic attack that has an 80% chance to boost her speed. Boon of the Sea casts a shield for the whole team dependent on Rosanna’s attack. Her burst skill, Argonaut Slam, is an AoE attack that can heal her in proportion to the damage she deals. Her passives further increase her attack and damage against water elemental types.

Rosanna [Caleccian Pirate Queen – Dark – Guardian]

rosanna caleccian pirate queen lord of heroes

Yet an equally potent version of Rosanna, this one sports more defense and is a guardian. A superb guardian that can pump more defense with her passives, this version of Rosanna can boost filling up of her allies’ action gauges and can also provoke enemies.

Dolphin Leap has damage based on the enemy’s current health. Boon of the Sea fills up the action gauges of the party by 35% and also grants Rosanna a counterattack buff for the turn. Argonaut Slam is an AoE attack that starts off with a 60% chance to provoke the targets.

Lord of Heroes A Grade Heroes

Given the challenge of earning enough S-grade heroes to form a full party and considering team synergy as well, you are most likely to rely on a couple or more A-tier heroes to fill in as you wait for chances to secure better ones. The heroes within this tier are not bad at all and can be very useful throughout the game across most of its content. Each one is definitely worth the investment as well with some arguably being comparable to S-listers in some aspects of the game.

Alev [Heir to Dakkeon – Fire – Striker]

alev heir to dakkeon lord of heroes

This version of Alev is another hero that banks on critical hits. With it, she can heal herself and ignore the enemy’s defense although her passives do not contribute to increasing her critical hit chances.

One of her notable perks come with her basic attack, Reverse Slash, as it can grant her an extra turn whenever it deals enough damage to kill the enemy. This can be done more than once as well. Ignis Buster is an AoE attack that can heal Alev if she lands a critical hit and her ultimate, Deatchscythe, will ignore the target’s defense if it lands a critical hit as well. Alev’s passives can increase her health and damage.

Alev [Cyan Stormreaper – Water – Warrior]

alev cyan stormreaper lord of heroes

This version of Alev can specializes in dealing damage against enemies with max HP increases. She is probably far from the best candidates in PvP combat but will definitely be useful in the story chapters and raids.

Reverse Slash comes with life leech, boosting Alev’s survivability. Ignis Buster is an AoE attack that can deal up to 5x damage based on the increase in the enemy’s max HP. Deathscythe is the stronger version of Ignis Buster and works the same way. Both of Alev’s passive contribute to boosting her survivability with more health and better defense.

Alev [Letiakus Mercenary Captain – Earth – Guardian]

alev letiakus mercenary captain lord of heroes

It seems that we cannot ignore the third version of Alev for this tier as this one provides great support to any team across all game modes.

Reverse Slash will boost the action gauge of an ally with the highest attack value. Ignis Buster, on the other hand, will generate a shield for 2 turns on her and an ally with lowest health in addition to inflicting AoE damage. Deathscythe likewise causes AoE damage, and the health regen buff it can provide to the team for 2 turns works great on any battle.

Charlotte [Telluric Spiritmancer – Earth – Cleric]

charlotte telluric spiritmancer lord of heroes

One of the starting characters you will have on your team, this version of Charlotte is worth every bit of investment as you can count on her to keep your team alive even on the harder contents later on. A single target heal and an AoE heal makes her worth it and the damage reduction she can impose on enemy units is an added bonus that further increase her value.

Spirit Strike is a basic attack that has value for its starting 50% chance to reduce the attack power of its target. Mystic Aid is a single target heal based on Charlotte’s power and can also increase the ally’s action gauge by 50%. Hymn of the spirits is a potent AoE heal based on her attack as well and comes with a shield for everyone proportional to Charlotte’s max health that lasts for 2 turns. Her passives include a defense boost and damage reduction from fire elemental attacks.

Laphlaes [First Archmage – Fire – Sniper]

laphlaes first archmage lord of heroes

This version of Laphlaes focuses on debuffing enemy units instead of dealing raw damage.

Solar Sting can fill his action gauge by 20% enabling him to do more actions in battle. Vortex Drive is a single target attack that has 80% chance to remove a recent buff from the target. It will also grant Laphlaes a shield for 2 turns proportionate to his max HP. Fires of Destiny is an AoE attack that guarantees to reduce the enemy team’s critical hit rate. It comes with an 80% chance as well to reduce their critical damage and a 60% chance to also reduce speed for 2 turns. One of his passives increase his debuff rate further.

Mei Ling [Shamaness of Temperance – Light – Sniper]

mei ling shamaness of temperance lord of heroes

Mei Ling may not have an impressive set of stats to begin with but her kit makes her a great support character across all game modes. Mass heals, health regens, and extra turn chances are always good to have on any team.

To start off, her basic skill, Safflower Talisman, can heal allies by 10% of the attack if it lands a critical hit. Shaman’s Flare is an AoE attack that also grants allies a health regen buff for a turn.Divine Invocation is also an AoE attack that can give her an extra turn if it kills an enemy although the extra turn cannot be activated in a row. Her passive boost her critical hit rate and damage against light elemental units.

Mikhail [Solitary Ranger – Dark – Sniper]

mikhail solitary ranger lord of heroes

As one of the heroes who will join you early on, Mikhail is yet another character worth investing on from start to finish. He has decent attack and critical hit stats and skills that boost his offense through speed increases and enemy action gauge reduction.

Twin Shot is a single target basic attack dependent on Mikhail’s speed. Raven Rush works the same but grants him a speed boost for the next 2 turns. His burst skill, Dire Eclipse, is a potent AoE attack that starts off with an 80% chance to cutr down the enemy unis’ action gauges by 15%. Passives can further improve Mikhail’s critical hit rate and increase his damage output against light elemental units.

Nine [Subject #9 – Water – Warrior]

nine subject #9 lord of heroes

This version of Nine is a warrior fit for a tank role. He can provoke, provide a shield for himself and also heal.

Nimble Slash grants Nine a shield based on his attack power and lasts for a turn. Shadowy Banishment is an AoE attack that starts of with a 40% chance to provoke all enemies. It can be upgraded to have a 60% chance at level 5. Blade Storm is a strong AoE attack that also heals Nine based on the damage he deals. One of his passives can further increase his attack power while the other boosts defense against earth elemental sources.

Olivia [Coastal Warden – Water – Sniper]

olivia coastal warden lord of heroes

Coastal Warden Olivia has a very straightforward kit that you can easily manage across all game modes and allies. She can heal herself, boost her attack power, and even reduce the defense stats of her enemies.

Shell Shot can leech some HP from enemies if executed as a successful critical hit. Flash Bomb is an AoE attack that starts with a 50% chance of reducing the enemies’ defenses. Her burst skill, Precision Sniping, is a powerful single target skill that will boost her attack power for the next 2 turns.

Schneider [Gentle Knight – Water – Striker]

schneider gentle knight lord of heroes

The best version of Schneider yet, Gentle Knight Schneider is a great debuffer that exhibits decent overall stats as well, although he starts out with only 3 stars.

Brave Bash starts off with a 60% chance to remove a recent buff from his target. Spin Attack is a decent AoE attack that has an 80% chance to reduce the action gauges of enemies by 15%. Finally, his burst skill, Valiant Charge can fill his action by 50% at the initial cost of 3 spirits. Further upgrades can reduce the cost to 2 and max out his action gauge as well. Passives boost his attack stats and damage against earth elemental units.

Vanessa [Fallen Kingdom’s Heir – Water – Cleric]

vanessa fallen kingdom's heir lord of heroes

This is whom we consider as the best version of Vanessa most especially for the cleric role. Self-heal, AoE heal, and AoE revive make her a valuable member of any team across all game modes and had one of her passives include a defense boost across the board, we would consider her for the top tier.

Melody of Passion heals Vanessa based on the damage it deals. Melody of Salvation heals all allies based on her attack power and also grants them a leech buff for the next 2 turns. Battleground Symphony does mass revival with healing proportionate to Vanessa’s defense. Her passives can boost defense against earth elemental attacks and her attack values.

Vanessa [Noble Royalty – Fire – Cleric]

vanessa noble royalty lord of heroes

Another version of Vanessa that is almost as equally good, Noble Royalty Vanessa has an AoE heal as well and a unique buff that grants invulnerability.

Melody of Passion deals damage equal to her defense. Melody Salvation is an AoE heal based on her defense as well that can boost the team’s defense for 2 turns. Battleground Symphony is an AoE based on Vanessa’s max health and will grant the team invulnerability for the next turn. Her passive skills can further increase her defense and reduce damage taken from water elemental attacks.

Walther [Tyrant’s Bane – Earth – Guardian]

walther tyrant's bane lord of heroes

Last, but not the least, for our A-listers is Tyrant’s Bane Walther. He is a guardian with very strong defensive capabilities, and can provoke and fill action gauges for the team as well.
Mirage Slash will boost his defense as he attacks an enemy. Lightning Burst is an AoE attack that starts off with a 60% chance to provoke enemies. Heavenly Judgement is an AoE attack whose damage can be further increased with upgrades and will fill up action gauges for the team by 20%. His passives can further increase his defense stats and boost damage against water elemental units.

Walther [Isolan Romanticist – Water – Striker]

walther isolan romanticist lord of heroes

Although we have yet to test this character out in the field, we can assume that based on his stats and skill sets that we will fit in with his other version in this tier. He can be a little tricky to use with damage scaling that chains from lower health and increased speed but if utilized well enough, he has potential to cause some massive damage.

His basic attack, Mirage Slash has damage dependent on his current speed. Lightning Burst is an AoE attack that grants him a buff for 2 turns that increases his speed by 6% for every 10% of HP lost. Heavenly Judgement is an AoE burst skill that deals damage based on his speed as well. His passive can earn him more speed as well.

Lord of Heroes B Grade Heroes

The heroes under this tier are commendable enough to invest on but only to a limited extent. Especially consider them only for the lack of a better hero to fill in the role you need on your team. Some of these heroes are comparable to the ones in the higher tiers for some game modes yet pale in utility as far as overall value is concerned.

Astrid [Free Spirit – Water – Warrior]

astrid free spirit lord of heroes

This version of Astrid is a viable contender in PvP with focus on single target damage. Her burst skill, Party Time!, makes her a fearsome combatant with its guaranteed action gauge reduction of 50%. Hit It! Is also great to have even at the low 35% chance of stunning her target.

Astrid [Old Soul – Fire – Striker]

astrid old soul lord of heroes

Old Soul Astrid is also a strong single target damage-dealer whose attacks all rely on having increased speed. It is great that one of her passives allow you to boost her speed further. She is rather too straightforward, though and lacks any effects on all her skills.

Dhurahan [Vengeful Warrior – Dark – Warrior]

dhurahan vengeful warrior lord of heroes

This is whol we consider as the only plausible version of Dhurahan. He has self-heal, can petrify an enemy, and ignores the targets defense with his burst skill. Another plus is his being a dark elemental unit. The reliance of both normal attack and active skill on critical hits would have been better if his passive skills support it.

Fram [Stout Defender – Water – Guardian]

fram stout defender lord of heroes

Fram is among your starting heroes in the game and while she may impress you in the earlier battles, there are simply a lot of better guardians in the above tiers. She is okay to have across all game modes as well and worth investing on to a point. Defense reduction, attack reduction, and stun are among her kit and both passives can boost her defensive capabilities.

Helga [Legendary Dragon Knight – Water – Striker]

helga legendary dragon knight lord of heroes

This version of Helga is also whom we consider as the best of the bunch and a decent all-arounder as far as story, PvP, and raids are concerned. Her basic skill, Hydra Hunting, grants her a life leech ability, which boosts her own survivability in battle. Both active skills start off with a 30% chance to inflict sap damage.

Johan [Gallant Knight – Light – Warrior]

johan gallant knight lord of heroes

Another starting member of your team, Gallant Knight Johan is well-rounded enough to do well across all of the game modes in Lor of Heroes. His basic skill has a 45% chance to provoke the target. Luminous Slash is a decent AoE attack that has a 50% chance to cut down the enemies’ attack power while his burst skill, Exelion Barrage, ups his own attack and defense values for the next 2 turns.

Joshua [Imperial Commander – Fire – Striker]

joshua imperial commander lord of heroes

As a hero you can obtain after occupying Gallus Empire in normal mode and spending 500,000 renowns, this version of Joshua is likewise a decent support unit to use across all game modes. Pendulum Kinesis starts off with 70% chance to reduce the target’s action gauge by 20%. Higher Order grants an ally temporary invulnerability as well as increased attack power. His burst skill, Gravitational Tempest, has an 80% chance of lowering both attack and defense stats of an enemy.

Krom [Crimson Lightning – Fire – Warrior]

krom crimson lightning lord of heroes

This version of Krom may work as equally suitable in PvP as higher tier heroes do and does well in the story battles as well. His basic attack, Cyclone Flurry, starts with a 70% chance to clock healing, making him a fearsome unit in PvP. This also leaves him a 10% chance to ignore the target’s defense. Both of his active skills grant him an extra turn, though not in a row, but can still be a critical strategic element in battle as it will enable him to block healing for other enemies as well. One of the biggest downside of having him is the existence of better choices from contracts.

Lucilicca [Judicious Dignitary – Earth – Striker]

lucilicca judicious dignitary lord of heroes

An excellent choice of hero for raids, this version of Lucilicca has self-healing, damage based on her health, and can shield herself for 2 turns, tremendosuly boosting her survivability in combat. We would probably consider her for a higher tier if her passive grants a health boost and the absence of better heroes you can recruit with a contract.

Lumie [Crimson Snow Sentinel – Fire – Sniper]

lumie crimson snow sentinel lord of heroes

Crimson Snow Sentinel Lumie banks a lot on inflicting critical hits but her skills’ effects are well enough on its own even if she fails to land a critical hit. Definitely a great offense and support character at the same time.

Frost Strike has a 60% chance to reduce the attack power of the target for a turn and will boost Lumie’s attack if it lands a critical hit. Icicle Dance is an AoE attack starts with a 40% chance to stun enemies on hit and will reduce each target’s action gauge by 20% if it is a critical hit. Her burst skill, Glacial Rush, is another AoE attack that has a 60% chance to lower the defenses of enemy units. The enemies’ defense will be ignored as well if it lands a critical hit.

Mei Ling [Shamaness of Harmony – Earth – Striker]

mei ling shamaness of harmony lord of heroes

Shamaness of Harmony Mei Ling is worth it to recruit if you have an extra 3,000 crystals that cannot be put to better use and in need of another strong unit for PvP combat. Safflower Talisman starts with an 80% chance boost her speed. Shaman’s Flare is an AoE attack that fills up all allies’ action gauge by 10%. Her burst skill could be better, but an AoE attack with a 40% chance to inflict 2 stacks of sap damage is okay to have as well. Again, she is an excellent unit for PvP but there are better alternatives.

Olivia [Gifted Markswoman – Earth – Sniper]

olivia gifted markswoman lord of heroes

A free unit you can recruit after logging in on the game for 7 days, Olivia is a decent unit as well that focuses on slowing down enemies and can have an extra turn as well. Shell Shot is a guaranteed 20% action gauge reduction on a target enemy. Flash Bomb is an AoE attack that starts with a 50% chance to reduce the enemies’ speed for a turn. Precision Sniping can give her an extra turn once if it kills the target.

Schneider [Courageous Knight – Fire – Striker]

schneider courageous knight lord of heroes

Great to have in raids, this version of Schneider has increased survivability thanks to life leech granted by his basic and active skill. Valiant Charge is an okay burst skill that grants him a thorns buff, damaging those that attack him for a turn.

Vanessa [Princess of Alderune – Light – Cleric]

vanessa princess of alderune lord of heroes

This version of Vaneesa is also an excellent choice for a cleric in PvP, and good enough as well for all other content. Her basic skill, Melody of Passion will heal allies based on the damage she deals and comes with a 50% chance as well to reduce the attack of her target. Melody of Salvation provides a 1-turn invulnerability to the team and boosts their attack values for the next 2 turns. Battleground Symphony is an AoE heal dependent on her max HP. It comes with health regen for the team as well, lasting for 2 turns.

Lord of Heroes C Grade Heroes

As there will always be better and lesser heroes in any tier list, these are the ones we deem to be at the bottom of the well. They are not complete garbage, by the way. It is just that other heroes are more fitting for their respective roles and given the limitations of resources needed to strengthen each hero in your collection, some will simply have to be neglected for efficiency’s sake. Some of these heroes may also do well enough in a game mode or a couple, but again everyone else can just fill in their roles more effectively.

Astrid [Bold Bladefighter – Earth – Sniper]

astrid bold bladefighter lord of heroes

Charlotte [Tidal Spiritmancer – Water – Cleric]

charlotte tidal spiritmancer lord of heroes

Dhurahan [Literary Lorekeeper – Fire – Warrior]

dhurahan literary lorekeeper lord of heroes

Dhurahan [Noble Scion – Earth – Guardian]

dhurahan noble scion lord of heroes

Helga [Dragon Hunter – Dark – Warrior]

helga draon hunter lord of heroes

Helga [Wyrmfire Knight – Fire – Warrior]

helga wyrmfire knight lord of heroes

Lucilicca [Motivated Dignitary – Water – Sniper]

lucilicca motivated dignitary lord of heroes

Lumie [Warden of Calamity – Earth – Guardian]

lumie warden of calamity lord of heroes

Mei Ling [Shamaness of Balance – Fire – Sniper]

mei ling shamaness of balance lord of heroes

Nine [Synthetic Soldier – Dark – Sniper]

nine synthetic soldier lord of heroes

Schneider [Virtuous Knight – Earth – Warrior]

schneider virtuous knight lord of heroes

Zaira [Sable Tempest – Fire – Guardian]

zaira sable tempest lord of heroes

And that completes our Lord of Heroes Tier List. We certainly hope that the selection of heroes and how we grouped them has provided you with an enlightenment as to which ones are worth recruiting and investing on. Keep in mind that this tier list was written using version 1.0.092203 of the game and each hero’s skills and stats may be adjusted in future updates.

Likewise, we are confident that new heroes and new versions of existing characters will join Lord of Heroes’ growing roster as well as new content may also be introduced further challenging each hero’s versatility and overall strength. Be reminded as well that your progression and performance in your adventure is less associated with how many S-listers you have on your team, but rather how each of these heroes synergize with one another.

Again, we welcome and accept discerning opinion on all aspects of our tier list so if you want to share your views on each hero, particularly your favorites and their relative considerations in the tier list, do not hesitate to share them with us through the comment section!


Thursday 17th of December 2020

this list is no longer complete please update with the new units such as Solphi and Baretta but otherwise this is amazing ty