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Line Color (Tastypill) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Complete All Levels and Earn More Coins

Tastypill has been active in the mobile gaming industry since 2015 and has continued to provide fun and exciting casual games designed for players of all ages. With a lot of experience and 19 games under its games portfolio, Tastypill continues to launch games that make it to top 10 and top 100 lists in more than 10 countries. Spill It!, Pick Me Up, and Shape Escape are just some of Tastypill’s most popular games with each earning having reached over 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone as well as general positive reviews from both Android and iOS users. With the company’s expertise in the casual game genre, you can be confident that every new game that they release will at least be as equally fun and addictive as any of their previous hits.

Line Color is Tastypill’s latest casual mobile title available for both Android and iOS platforms. Following the company’s basic formula of simple and light graphics, newbie-friendly controls, and game mechanics anyone can learn in less than a minute, a quick dive into this game almost guarantees that you will lose track of time as you proceed through each of the stages. Within a month following its launch, Line Color has succeeded in breaking the one million barrier of downloads in the Google Play Store and its fans continue to grow each day.

As you take control of a cube that paints all the way from the starting point to the finish line, it all seems pretty plain and simple. You tap on the screen to start moving and release your hold to hit the brakes. Naturally, there will be obstacles around the course to make it a little more challenging for you to travel from point a to b. It’s practically a game of patience and timing and a good example of a game that seems so easy yet cleverly grows in difficulty as you progress through each level.

There are no tutorials included in the game nor are there reasons to have any as the game offers the simplest of controls. In truth, you can make good progress through levels regardless of how you play the game. If you want to more efficiently complete all levels and earn coins at a faster rate, then check out our Line Color guide for some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. It’s Not A Race

One of the things that make Line Color a little more challenging for some players is the illusion that you are running down a race track of sorts. With the checkered flag at the end of each level, you could easily fall into the illusion that there is a time limit within which you must clear each course. With that mindset alone, there is already added pressure that adds to the challenge the obstacles provide.

line color tips

What you need to know and constantly remind yourself of, as you play Line Color, is that there are no time limits to completing each level nor are there special bonuses for finishing faster than the usual. As such, you are always free to take your time to pass through each obstacle and complete each level. If you cannot break the habit of racing towards the finish line, then you run the risk of being careless and making more mistakes than usual. Especially as a beginner, take it slow and don’t mind the time. Doing so will raise your chances of finishing each level on your first go.

2. You Move Faster Than Obstacles Do

Another equally baffling illusion that Line Color can cast on you is the movement speed of practically every rotating obstacle has in the game. As you wait for the right moment to start running again, the pace at which the obstacles move can make you think that you will move at the same speed once you tap and hold the screen to run.

line color tricks

Unfortunately, this is not the case as you do move a lot faster than any obstacles do. While this is all too great and would seem to present nothing but advantages for you, the speed you have in the game actually adds to the potential perils that lie ahead of you.

As you might experience after several runs and some fails, what would most likely cause you to crash is hardly attributable to your lack of speed. For the most part, you will not likely get hit by the obstacle and instead, you will hit it as you charge a little too fast into an obstacle or move too fast as you try to escape it. Always keep in mind the actual speed you have and do not be mesmerized by the speed at which everything else moves.

3. Quick Taps Can Regulate Speed

If, despite focus and patience, you still can’t help but bump into obstacles throughout the course as a result of having too much speed, then do quick taps to go on a slower pace than you usually go. Tapping your screen at different speeds and intervals may take a lot of practice to fully control bit will help you out of a pickle if executed properly.

Use this strategy only when you have a hard time stopping and going at the precise time and wind up hitting something. Tapping lightly will give you more control over your speed and you can get a better rhythm of when to hold longer as the path ahead becomes clear.

4. Take Advantage Of The VIP Access Free Trial

Line Color offers a premium version to the game via its VIP access that costs $5.99. This version will remove all ads, give you 250 coins each day, and will double all earnings you receive as you clear one level after another. While we may not readily encourage you to go for it, unless your are truly so into this game, we would definitely advise you to take advantage of the 3-day free trial.

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As 3 days for free trial can be shorter than what most players would want, be sure to activate the free trial when you are certain you can make the most out of it, like before weekends or so. Ideally, you should try to clear as many stages while VIP access is temporarily activated to make the most out of its double gold income boost. Be sure to deactivate the subscription as well prior to the lapse of the free trial as it is set to continuously charge you for a full month subscription after the 3-day period lapses.

5. Watch Ads For Free Coins And Revivals

As you may want to earn coins faster to unlock additional appearance choices for your cube, you can watch video ads right at where you purchase special skins at the bottom right of the page. Each 5 to 30-second ad earns you 100 coins. Even if you are an intermediate level player, earning 100 coins every 30 seconds is still faster and easier than actually finishing levels for coins, even if you don’t do restarts.

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Additionally, watching an ad just as you crash into an obstacle will give you a second chance to complete the level. Now who wouldn’t want a second chance to start where you left of instead of going all the way back to the start point, right? So if you are up to either earning coins faster, or having an extra life to double your chances of clearing levels fast, then you better get used to watching some video ads.

6. No Wi-Fi Means No Ads

As we always insist on saying in many free games we play and write about, video ads have become an integral part of numerous free games as it is necessary for these games to continue being available for free as well as receive updates from time to time. Unlike games who can profit out of selling numerous in-game items and currencies, hyper-casual games like Line Color can only rely on the existence of these ads to remain available for everyone to enjoy totally free.

As the existence of some ads that pop up in-between gameplays and runs can be a bother for some players, there is a nifty trick you can do to have uninterrupted gameplay. You can simply turn of your Wi-Fi or mobile data and you can play the game without seeing any ads.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to see where you are at the leaderboards and also won’t be able to take advantage of claiming free 100 coins for watching ads at the block screen where you can purchase different looks for your cube. In any case, feel free to switch between online and offline modes as you make successive runs to master your handling and playing video ads continuously for a hundred coins while you are watching a movie or something.

This wraps up our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies for Line Color. We hope that the tips we shared with you above will help you across all levels in the game with relative ease and likewise earn you more coins to collect the different cube skins you can purchase. If there are additional tips or strategies you are aware of which we have not mentioned in the guide, then feel free to let us know in the comment area!