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Shape Escape Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Complete More Levels

Shape Escape is a highly addictive puzzle game created by Tastypill for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you will be helping a tiny white ball escape from inside different shapes. You need to guide the ball through the holes until it reaches the goal. It starts out pretty easy, with just one layer of shape to escape from. Things will quickly become complicated as the shapes transform, adding spikes and other obstacles to keep the ball inside. You will need to be quick as well as strategic if you want to surpass all the levels. There are over 20 levels to overcome, with each one more complicated than the one before it. Do you have what it takes to make the ultimate escape? Make sure you check out our collection of Shape Escape tips, cheats and tricks in order to make it out in one piece!

1. Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything in Shape Escape. In the earlier levels, you will have a lot of room for error. As you progress in your run, however, having the perfect timing will become the difference between winning and losing. Later levels will have multiple spiked shapes that are moving in different directions. You will need to time your jumps perfectly in order to avoid spikes and get the ball through the holes. The timing will vary depending on the level, so make sure you adjust accordingly.

2. Skip The Earlier Levels

Mastering a level normally is just a matter of repetition. Unfortunately, that can be difficult if you have to keep going through all the earlier levels before you can even get a shot at the one you are trying to master. The good news is that you can skip through any of the levels by simply watching a short video advertisement. Make sure you don’t skip too far ahead, though. Levels get more difficult as your progress, and sometimes, the gradual change in difficulty helps prepare you for the obstacles ahead.

3. Watch Ad Videos For Rewards

You can earn gems by playing, but it will take a long time before you can earn enough to unlock a new ball. Each new ball costs 100 gems, so you need a better way to earn. One of the best ways to get free gems is by simply waiting for the video ad offer at the end of your run. You will get 30 gems after watching a short video advertisement. That means you just need to do it about four times in order to unlock a new ball. Keep in mind, however, that the balls do not have any impact on your gameplay.

4. How To Dodge Spikes

As we mentioned above, you need to jump at the right time in order to avoid getting hit by spikes. Some levels, however, will not give you enough time because the spike will be right at the start of the stage. The only way to survive these levels is to know that the spike is there. When you are about to enter a stage that you know has a spike at the start, you need to be prepared to jump as soon as the ball hits the ground. If you hesitate for even a second, you will surely get hit.

5. Grind For Gems, Here’s How

The best way to earn gems in Shape Escape is through jumping. If you don’t want to watch a lot of videos, there is a way to grind for gems. You just need to make a lot of successful jumps. Keep in mind that if you die from jumping, you won’t earn any gem from that last jump. If you don’t mind monotonous tasks, you can just go back to level one and just keep playing through the easy levels. You will still be able to rack up gems since the chances of landing successful jumps will be pretty high.

It’s time to escape from the dreaded spikes in Shape Escape! Just follow the tips and tricks listed above in order to complete more levels!