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LifeAfter NPC Guide: Tips & Tricks for NPC Gifting

When you are one of the few remaining survivors of the apocalypse, it helps to have a few friends in your pocket. LifeAfter is a survival game created by NetEase for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you get to experience what it is like to be one of the few remaining uninfected humans on earth. You will have to work with other survivors in order to rebuild civilization and eliminate the zombie threat. To do that, you must hone your skills, craft weapons, build fortresses, and scavenge for food.

You can join Camps and work together with other players to get stronger. Check out our LifeAfter Camp guide before you decide to join one, though. Aside from cooperating with other players, however, you can also befriend certain NPCs. Just like real people, each NPC has his own favorites. Knowing those favorites will make it easier for you to win them over. In this article we will share with you some tips and tricks about gifting and befriending NPCs in LifeAfter.

1. Why Befriend NPCs?

befriending npcs in lifeafter

The only way to raise your friendship level with an NPC is to send him gifts. If an NPC can be befriended, you will see a Send Gift option whenever you talk to him. You are probably wondering why you should give away your hard-earned resources just to get on the good side of these non-playable characters. The first reason is that you are required to befriend some of them. The Scientia NPCs have their own quest line, and you will need to raise your friendship level with them in order to unlock the quests.

Another reason to raise friendship levels with NPCs is because they show their appreciation by sending you gifts. These gifts include Skill Points, Formula Shards, Armor Materials, and Weapon Materials. All of these are rare items that you will need in order to get stronger. The more NPCs you befriend, the higher the chances of getting items in your mail. Don’t forget that you can only send a limited number of gifts per NPC per day, so make it count.

2. Who Gives What?

lifeafter inbox

Now that you are interested in giving out gifts, you should also know who gives out which items. This will help you focus your gifting efforts on those who give gifts that you actually want to get. While all the gifts are helpful, you might want to get something specific if you are working on something. For example, if you are trying to unlock a specific formula, you will need more Formula Shards, so you should prioritize the NPCs that give shards as gifts. We have listed the different NPCs and their respective gifts below.

Chris – Skill Points
Vincent – Armor Materials
Judy – Skill Points
Fernando – Armor Materials
Rachel – Formula Shards
Rapunzel – Formula Shards
Stephen – Skill Points
Enya – Weapon Materials
Tom – Weapon Materials
Heider – Formula Shards
Ivan – Skill Points
Crouch – Formula Shards
Lina – Weapon Materials
Zenbi – Armor Materials
Quitai – Skill Points
Quintus – Skill Points
Sekter – Weapon Materials
Sextius – Armor Materials

3. Favorite Food of NPCs

favourite food of npcs in lifeafter

One type of gift you can send to NPCs is food. Some NPCs have favorite food which give as much as 1250 friendship points. There are also food items that they like which give out above 500 to 870 friendship points. If they don’t have any food that they like, you will receive the standard number of points which is around 200 to 500 points depending on the rarity of the item. Check out the list below to find out which NPCs like getting food. If you don’t know how to make their favorite food, read the food recipes guide we made earlier.

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Favorite Food: Milk (1250), Toffee (1250)
Likes: Creamy Soup (620), Fruit Milk (620), Milky Croissant (870)

Favorite Food: None
Likes: Spaghetti (620), Mushroom Udon Noodles (620)

Favorite Food: Egg Tart (1060), Fruit Cake (1060)
Likes: Bread with Jam (620), Milky Croissant (870), Honey Croissant (870)

Favorite Food: Egg Tart (1060), Milk Pudding (1060), Strawberry Muffin (1060), Strawberry Jelly (1250)
Likes: Fruity Popsicle (500), Bread with Jam (620), Candied Fruit (620), Honey Croissant (870), Fruit Pie (870)

Favorite Food: Milk (1250)
Likes: Beet Porridge (620), Juice (620), Honey Water (620)

Favorite Food: Strawberry Jelly (1250)
Likes: Candied Fruit (620), Fruit Milk (620), Fruit Pie (870), Fruit Smoothie (870)

Favorite Food: None
Likes: Fruit and Vegetable Salad (500), Beet Porridge (620), Honey Water (620)

Favorite Food: None
Likes: Toast (500), Mince Pie (620), Sandwich (620), Special Pizza (620), Spaghetti (620), Mily Croissant (870)

Favorite Food: None
Likes: Meat Skewer (500), Mushroom Skewers (500), Mince Pie (620), Honey Grilled Meat (620), Meat Platter (620)

4. Best Resource Gifts

lifeafter best resource gifts

Aside from giving out food, you can also send resources as gifts in LifeAfter. NPCs also have their favorite items, and some of them can give out as much as 2700 friendship points each. Items that NPCs like can give out anywhere between 40 to 760 points apiece. What’s important to remember here is that you can only gift one food item at a time and it will consume one of your ten chances per day. Items, on the other hand, allow you to send a full stack and it will only count as one chance, allowing you to send a lot more even if they are worth less points per piece. Of course, it will be up to you whether or not a material is worth giving away to an NPC considering the reward you will get in return. If an item is too valuable to give out as a gift, you can just choose a slightly less valuable item on the list below.

Favorite Item: None
Likes: Broadleaf (240), Silicon (300)

Favorite Item: None
Likes: Twig (40), Resin (60), Old Cypress (60), Hardwood Vine (100), Wood Core (120), Cypress Leaf (140)

Favorite Item: None
Likes: Wooden Board (160), Brick (460), Cement (520)

Favorite Item: None
Likes: Bone (60), Claw (60), Grease (80), Hide (120), Beast Tendon (140), Beast Horn (180)

Favorite Item: Iron Casting (1220), Hexagon Nail (1640), Hard Aluminum Alloy (2580), Screw (2680)
Likes: Pig Iron (380)

Favorite Item: Leather (1440), Nylon Cloth (1480), Plastic (1960), Polyester Cloth (2700)
Likes: Rag (360), Cloth (660)

Favorite Item: Iron Casting (1220), Hexagon Nail (1640), Smokeless Gunpowder (2100), Hard Aluminum Alloy (2580), Screw (2680)
Likes: Gunpowder (760)

Favorite Item: Iron Casting (1220), Hexagon Nail (1640), Hard Aluminum Alloy (2580), Screw (2680)
Likes: Pig Iron (380)

Favorite Item: Iron Casting (1220), Hexagon Nail (1640), Hard Aluminum Alloy (2580), Screw (2680)
Likes: Pig Iron (380)

Now that you know which gifts to give, befriending NPCs in LifeAfter is a lot easier! Just remember our tips and tricks above and don’t forget to check your mailbox!