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Legendino: Dinosaur Battle Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Dino Battle Master Quickly

From Super Planet – the creators of Evil Hunter Tycoon and Lucid Adventure – comes a new real-time turn-based PvP strategy game that will certainly capture the attention of many mobile gamers. 

Titled Legendino: Dinosaur Battle, the new title invites players to step into a universe teeming will various dinosaur species that was inspired by Jules Verne’s novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. The game offers the chance to collect and grow more than 160 kinds of dinos, each with its unique appearance and characteristics, all while exploring the mysteries of the Lost World and discovering the great unknown.

legendino battle

At its core, Legendino is a 3v3 PVP dinosaur battle game that lets players create dino squads which then go off and fight enemies in an attempt to dominate the new realm. These dinos are based on 5 different attributes: water, fire, forest, light and darkness and throughout the game you’ll slowly discover the characteristics of each type of dinosaur and decide which are the best suited for your fighting party.

As you step into Legendino for the first time, you’re greeted by Yuna who will assist you in a quick tutorial which lays the basics of gameplay out for you. Soon, you’ll be on your own though having to take on powerful dinos when yours aren’t really on-par just yet. Now if you’re having problems making the progress you’ve hoped for, you’re welcome to follow this Legendino beginner’s guide for a collection of tips, tricks and strategies that will help you become much better at dino warfare.

1. Anticipate Your Opponent’s Next Move

The battles in Legendino are turn-based and are inspired by the classic game of rock-paper-scissor. There are three basic moves you can choose: Soul Charge, Attack and Defense. Soul is basically the juice that fuels your attacks against enemy forces. Simple Attack drains 2 Soul points while Defense is free to use and will actually restore 1 point to your Soul reserve once you use it.

Aside from these basics skills, players can rely on their dinos’ special skills which usually require more Soul units to be activated. Most of the times, you’ll need to do a double Soul Charge to have the necessary juice to use them.

legendino special skills

Legendino also allows players to combine basic skills for a more unique and powerful effect. Here are your options:

  • Attack + Attack = Strong attack (3 points) – breaks defense.
  • Defense + Defense = Evade (3 points) – blocks the stronger types of attacks.
  • Attack + Defense = Counter (3 points) – both attack and defends your dino in one go.

Using the basic skills at your disposal (which are dealt seemingly at random), you’re strongly encouraged to start making combinations and use them accordingly.

The trick that helps you win battles in Legendino is to try and anticipate your opponent’s moves. How can you do that? Well, you need to keep an eye on their Soul count which is listed in the upper part of the display (in the center next to the turns) and then adjust your strategy based on what moves they make.

opponent's next move in legendino

If you see they are low on energy, then it’s very likely they are going to do a Soul Charge next. Which gives you two options – either do a charge at the same time (you won’t be vulnerable to attack if you do that) or strike them, as they won’t be attacking back. Your decision will obviously be influenced by the amount of Soul you have at your disposal at that time. If you’re low on Soul as well, then the first option is the way to go, but if you have some to spare and, let’s say, your Special skill is available to use, you can go ahead and use that.

Now, based on what we noticed so far, it’s a good idea to do a Soul Charge as soon as you start a match. Your enemy will most likely follow suit. Next, you will need to decide your next move. You can attack but since your opponent has just increased its Soul count, you should expect a strong attack from its part, so preparing to defend will spare you from experiencing massive HP damage.

In cases where you notice the attacker has a high Charge count, it would be useful if you could respond with a Defense + Defense combo, which can help you evade the attack completely so you can come out unscratched. However, two Defense skills might not be available for you right then and there, so you should look for alternatives such as Attack + Defense or just the weaker Defense option.

legendino foresight

The game rewards correct predictions. For instance, let’s say you anticipate that your enemy is going to attack in the next round and so you use up the Counter combo skill which lets you defend but also strike back. If the scenario plays out in real life, you’ll be rewarded for your accurate assumption with 1 point of Soul.

You get the idea, always make sure you keep an eye on your enemy’s Soul count to know what you can do next. Don’t just use the Skills at random, as Legendino gets hard pretty fast and so you will probably get stuck on losing battle after battle in the Arena if you don’t rely on a solid strategy.

2. Upgrade And Evolve Your Dinos

Knowing how to best maneuver the skills available to you helps when it comes to slaughtering your enemies effectively in battle. But improving the strength of your party also plays a big role. Upgrading your dinos is an essential component of this game, especially since they start off as weaker juveniles. The cool part is that you can nurture them until they become fully grown predators.

leveling up dino in legendino

A dino’s journey to maturity starts with simple upgrades via the Dino-field (bottom left corner). Tap on a Dino’s name, for example Caro, and then tap on the “Level up” button (it’s Green if upgrades are available). Use the dino feed you’ve accumulated from fighting in battles and redeeming various rewards to level up your dinos. This will increase a dino’s level, and thus its combat power.

Dinos all have a max level up to which they can be upgraded, but that can be extended using the blue “Enhance” button. Enhancing dinos is a bit more complicated, as the process relies on a bunch of more unique resources. For instance, to enhance Spino-Jr. a second time around, you would require 18x Enhancement Capsules, 18x Water Stones, alongside some coins. Obtaining gold is usually not a big issue in Legendino, but the other items are a bit harder to come by. That’s to say that collecting the resources needed to enhance dinos can take some time. 

enhancing dino in legendino

Once you’ve reached the maximum threshold allowed through the enhance tab, a new option to “Evolve” your dinos to maturity will be unlocked. Evolving your dinos makes use of different resources which you’ll need to craft in order to take your creature to the next level in their evolution.

3. Use The Arena Rewards To Buy Capsules And Stones

The easiest way to obtain precious resources such as Enhancement Capsules or special stones like Water Stones or Fire Stones is through the game’s main Shop. For instance, a bundle of 10x Light Stones can take you back with 10,000 coins in the shop. Alternatively, you can use Gems as well to buy this kind of items, although they aren’t always available, so you must check regularly.

legendino shop

Gems are a type of resource that are best conserved. We encourage not to spend a lot of these Gems, because you’ll need them to draw new dinos. Collecting these precious stones is a rather slow affair, so don’t let the offers in the Shop tempt you too much.

buying stones in legendino

Another way to get these precious Stones to enhance your dinos is by accessing the Arena Shop. This is a secondary shop and you can find it by tapping on its dedicated icon located in the upper right section of the display. Here you can spend your Arena rewards to purchase these resources. For instance, 3x Fire Stones will take you back with 35 Arena points. That’s not too bad, although as you progress Enhancements will slowly become costlier.

4. Always Be Hatching Eggs

While you can draw fully formed dinos from the game’s main shop, you can also hatch new creatures by using the eggs you received as rewards or acquired from the various locations.

Go to the Incubator to start hatching your eggs. There are different types of eggs you can use in this chamber. The 1-3 Star Dino Eggs can hatch only lower-end dinos, while with the 1-5 Star ones you have a chance of getting an upper tier dino. There are even more premium eggs for the example the 4-5 Star ones, but those are pretty rare.

hatching eggs in legendino

Dinos in Legendino range from 1-star beasts to top 5 star ones. Of course, it would be ideal if you could only get 4+ star plus Dinos in your squad, but getting your hands on them won’t be too easy at first.

Anyway, once you win a few eggs go ahead and hatch them in the Incubator. Just keep in mind that it takes a few hours before the baby is finally released from its enclosure. You can, however, take advantage of the ads, which can speed up the process considerably. The only problem is that you have a limited amount of ads at your disposal and once you’ve watched them all you’ll need to wait a few hours before they regenerate and are ready for use again.

legendino incubator

By no means don’t limit yourself to hatching upper-tier eggs. Use the lower-tier ones as well, even if they end up hatching level 1 or level 2 dinos, they will be useful to you in another part of the game, which we’ll talk about in what follows.

Unfortunately, at first you only get access to one hatching pod, so your production of baby dinos will initially be quite small. An additional one will be unlocked as you hit level 7, while the third one will become available once you clear level 12.

5. Invest In Research

Research allows you to improve a lot of your dino’s features, but it’s quite a costly affair. There’s two options in the research tab: Stat research and Skill research. In Stat you can improve things like Power, Teeth, DEF, HP and Tail in exchange for DNA.

Now, here’s the interesting part, you can extract DNA from other dinos. This is why it’s really important to collect and hatch as many dinos as possible. They will become fuel for your research projects. You’ll also need DNA when doing Skill research. Boosting you dinos’ skills makes them even fiercer in battle, and can decrease the amount of Soul points needed for their activation as well.

improving the dino's features in legendino

So continue to hatch dinos. Sometimes you will get additional creatures as rewards, but we’ll talk about that a little bit later. For now, just keep in mind that the more dinos you have in your inventory, the better off you’ll be.

6. Focus On Improving Just Handful Of Dinos

Resources are often scarce in Legendino and for this reason, it’s best to focus on upgrading no more than 3 dinosaurs at a time. These should be higher-tier dinosaurs, but that won’t be possible at first, so work with whatever you can at first. The upgrades aren’t that costly for low-end dinos anyway.

legendino equipment

Once you’ve secured a gang of more advanced dinos, you should put the others on the backburner. At least during the initial stages, you won’t have enough to support the evolution of all dinos in your inventory. So make sure you choose wisely. Learn about each dino in part and see what skills they have. Some, like Ank don’t focus on Attack, but on Defense. Others come with healing powers as their main skill. The issue is that you’ll have to make a decision about which dinos to add to your party early on, when you haven’t had time to experiment with many of them in battle.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to come back to other promising dinos once you’ve accumulate a nice stash of resources, but that takes a lot of grinding with your initial batch of creatures. Bottom line is, don’t constantly change the dinos in your fighting party, you won’t be able to evolve them too far if you do.

7. Put Gems To Good Use And Draw New Dinos

Legendino incorporates a gacha system that offers direct access to new dinos. Players have the option of drawing once in exchange for 250 Gems or 10 times and shed 2250 Gems. If you wish to maximize your chances of getting a higher-tier dino, we, of course, suggest you save up on Gems until you have enough to spend of a 10 draw.

draw dino in legendino

As far as we can tell, however, the drop rate is not too generous. After 15 draws, we still didn’t manage to get our hands on a 5-star dino. Which is why, you might want to think twice about rerolling in this game. It’s up to you what you decide, but collecting enough Gems to do the initial draw takes a while. So you’ll waste quite a bit of time on putting the right amount of Gems together every time you do a reroll.

Instead being active in the Arena and other areas throughout the game allows you gather enough Gems to do a 10x dino draw daily. Throw in the dinos you’ve hatched yourself, and you should have enough creatures to use up in Research.

Fortunately, you can get higher-tier dinos from other sources, so you don’t have to invest all your hopes into drawing. The only problem is that you won’t be able to play with the most powerful dinos from the get-go. Evolving and upgrading your flock takes time, as getting access to the resources you need requires a lot of effort.

8. Field Skills Are Your Friend

As you hit level 5, your dino party will get to equip so-called “Field skills”. These are separate from the Skills you normally use against your opponent and can be accessed from the lower right corner of the display. The initial two that get unlocked are Quick Charge – which gives you multiple Soul Charge points and Instant Heal that mends a dino’s HP a little bit.

legendino field skills

The only problem here is that these Field skills have a large cool down period, so once you activated one of them, it will take a long time before you can use them again. They come quite handy in battle, however, so make sure you drop them at the right moment. Later on, you get to unlock additional Field skills like Acceleration which increases a dino’s action speed allowing it to strike first.

9. Get All The Free Rewards

No one likes ads in a game, but if you’re looking to accelerate your progress and are opposed to paying for resource bundles with cold hard cash, then you’ll have to squeeze in some ad watching. Every day, make sure you check the Free Reward tab and watch the ads in exchange for free prizes. You can get access to things like dino feed, Gems and extra Eggs. There’s even extra rewards for watching these ads, so make sure you redeem them all. Leave nothing unclaimed.

In addition, don’t forget to check your inbox every single day. There are all kinds of prizes waiting for you in there, including tickets which can be exchanged for goods in the Tickets section. Some of these are included in messages that require you to open them first.

legendino mailbox

As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock various achievements, as well. These offer up rewards consisting of Gems, so be sure to grab whatever is available. For instance, leveling up an evolved dino to lvl. 100 can get you an additional 300 Gems.

You’ll need all the resources you can get especially Gems, so make it a point to watch these ads and grab all the prizes you can. They come in a limited amount after which you’ll have to wait until the next day to get a fresh batch, so if you think about it, the whole ad watching session is over quite fast.

10. Level Up Your Dino Party

Make sure you spend a lot of time in the Arena. Fighting in the Arena represents the easiest way to gain access to resources including dino feed and additional stuff you need for crafting equipment. On top of that, each successfully cleared battle earns you EXP which helps you level up your dino party.

This is important because levelling up gets you access to new areas of the game. Moreover, consistent rewards will be made available for you to take advantage of.

legendino level rewards

Arena battles also yield Arena coins which can then be spend in the Arena Shop where you can buy stuff for evolving your dinos. The Shop is refreshed every 8 hours, so if you can’t find the things you need at one point, make sure to check again later.

Just keep in mind one thing – only 20 matches a day that will be rewarded with Arena coins, and 50 will get you dino feed and equipment materials. Once you go over the limit, you won’t be able to get any of those, but you’ll still receive an EXP boost. So if you’re looking to level-up your dino team, you can go ahead and play for as long as you please.

11. Always Double Your Rewards

legendino victory

We know what you’re thinking now – not ads again, right? Well if you want to move faster in the game, we recommend using the double reward button every time you clear a match in the Arena. This will ensure you get access to more gold, dino feed, as well as Arena coins.

12. Take Part In Explorations Frequently

Going on explorations is another lucrative way to gain the resources you need for dino improvements. There’s Normal mode and Hard more to choose from. In Normal mode, you unlock a new area by beating a host of enemies with a boss at the end. Each Exploration chapter is divided into several sub-levels and each yields its own rewards.

exploration in legendino

Hard mode, on the other hand, is a lot more generous when it comes to rewards. You can win rare stuff like, for instance, Evolution Stones which are extremely scarce. The good news is that you can replay each chapter on hard mode for as long as you like, and you’re encouraged to milk the opportunity as much as possible especially when you’ve set a goal to upgrade one of your dinos to the next level.

legendino explorer's path

Exploration also gets you additional EXP, which in turn, helps you level up your dino party faster, so that you can access new stuff and get even more rewards.

With this last tip we conclude our Legendino: Dinosaur Battle beginner’s guide. We surely hope that the tricks and strategies we shared have opened your eyes to potential improvements that can be applied to your subsequent battles. If you happen to have stumbled upon something we have yet to uncover ourselves, feel free to let us know by hitting the comment section below!