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Lucid Adventure Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Ranker

Lucid Adventure is Super Planet’s latest action strategy RPG title for mobile platforms. Based on a popular web comic called Hardcore Levelling Warrior, the story follows the adventures of the titular hero whose virtual status as rank #1 has suddenly and mysteriously plummeted down to level 1. As you take on your quest to reclaim your rank, you are joined by a host of characters, each with his or her own unique sets of skills and abilities.

There are plenty of familiar mechanics and features to find in Lucid Adventure along with some unique ones that add to the excitement of grinding and levelling up your heroes. As far as gameplay is concerned, the auto mode is a big help especially for beginners. There may be bits of enhancement and upgrade mechanics that can be a bit confusing at first, but overall, the in-game tutorial makes it easy for anyone to pick up and enjoy the game.

If you are looking for a faster way to progress in the game, we suggest you checking out Lucid Adventure beginner’s guide, as it features several useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Push Through The Campaign Quests

Lucid Adventures lets you dive in straight into the action as you begin battling your way through the initial stages of the main campaign. Although as new features and game modes are unlocked following your progress, the best course of action is pushing forward with the main quests. Beyond the equipment and materials you acquire after each battle, the most important resource to acquire from the main quest battles is the experience points you need to level up your account.

lucid adventure campaign quests

You can level up heroes based on your account level and each one can only be levelled up to your current account level. Beyond that, passive rewards earned over time are based on your current account level as well. With campaign quests continually growing in difficulty as indicated by the recommended levels, pushing forward to earn account level experience points is of utmost necessity.

Naturally, you will sooner or later be situated in a main quest that has enemies much too strong for your team as a result of the level gap. When that happens, venturing into sub quests for more XP and loot is the way to go. Take note that you can always head into battle against stronger or higher level mobs in the campaign. It is just that when they are too strong and your heroes’ levels are capped, there is no other choice but to grow stronger before making another attempt.

Each quest stage can be replayed to earn extra experience points. After the first replay, you can sweep through the level using sweep tickets that you can earn from clearing levels, completing missions, and partaking in events.

2. Form A Balanced Team

Every team-based strategy RPG has team creation tactics at its core. Despite rarity levels and even raw power variances among the available characters, the general idea follows building a synergistic team that can handle most challenges well in a general sense. Later on, when you have more characters and resources, specialized teams for specific purposes can be created. For starters, however, focusing on a solid 4-unit team to take you through the initial chapters ought to be the focus.

how to build a powerful team in lucid adventure

There are 3 classes and 3 elemental affinities available in Lucid Adventure and a good mix of units representing these variances can take your team much further than simply banking on the highest rarity units along with you. Heroes in Lucid Adventure are either tanks, dealers, or support types. Tanks are naturally at the front end of the formation and have high defensive strength along with skills that may further boost their or the team’s defense.

Dealers are the offensive powerhouses of the team whose main function is to deal damage to enemy units whether with single target attacks or AoE skills. Dealers can either be melee or ranged but will always be positioned between tanks and support characters in the team formation.

Support units may offer more than healing for the team as buffs and even enemy debuffs are skills that fall within the spectrum of their support. These units may also attack enemy units but will greatly lag behind in terms of DPS compared to both dealers and tanks. Given these classes, going with a tank, a support unit, and 2 dealers is a typical team composition.

Beyond character classes, units are also categorized under one of three elemental affinities: Destiny, Combat, and Bless. These affinities follow the “rock-paper-scissors” of dealing and receiving damage in combat. Destiny has an advantage over Combat but disadvantaged against Bless, Bless is strong against Destiny but weak against Combat, and Combat is strong against Bless but weak against Destiny.

As you will be battling through mobs of enemies with varying affinities, having a team that has each of these elemental affinities will ensure that you will always have a bit of advantage over the enemies. For starters, consider having 3 different affinities for your tank and 2 dealers as they will contribute to damage more. For the support unit, having any of the given affinities will therefore be trivial.

3. Enhance And Equip Your Main Team

As we mentioned earlier, levelling up your heroes in Lucid Adventure is capped based on your account level which is why pushing forward with quests is necessary to subsequently be able to level up your heroes. Levelling up only consumes gold, which is the most basic currency in the game that you will have loads of at the early part. As levels go higher, however, the gold needed for each level up will cost more and more. As such, you should exercise caution with such enhancements and try to focus on your main team for starters. You will naturally be able to obtain higher tier units whom you may consider to replace some of your main team’s members so always keep a good amount of gold in stock.

how to enhance characters in lucid adventure

Another basic feature to boost each unit’s stat values come from gears. There are plenty of gear types to be obtained from regularly playing quests. The complexity comes with the limitation of gear types that each unit can use based on their class and weapon specialization. While we are sticking with our initial recommendation to consider class and affinity for composing your main team, you will later on have to keep gear usage diversified in the sense that no two members of your team will have to fight over the same type of equipment. In any case, prioritizing the tank for defensive gear and the dealers for weapons should keep your roster optimized.

A unit’s grade or rarity level determines the number of passive skills he has, which is what makes nabbing an A+ grade hero off of the pub a huge boost for starters. In any case, grades can be increased through promotion and to be able to do so, you need Promote Stones. These are hard to earn through regular gameplay and higher grade heroes will need more for promotion. As such, careful thought must be given before spending any of these precious stones.

Following natural progression and occasional visits to the pub, you will sooner or later encounter choosing from among heroes, some of which you already have. In some cases, choosing one that you already have is the better option as this will give you soul stones you need to reinforce the hero and upgrade all his available skills. Again, this will be an enhancement option that will be more challenging to pull off for higher grade characters as the chances of obtaining a second copy or more of those heroes are very slim.

A+ grade heroes can be promoted to S and finally SS grades. Once a hero reaches SS grade, they can be further strengthened through awakening. Various soul stones and awaken stones are needed to pull this off and for beginners, it is best to not think about this yet as it will take a lot of hours of playing to even gather the necessary materials to be qualified for this upgrade feature.

4. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Although parties and team effort battles largely fall within the MMORPG subgenre of role-playing games, having guilds, alliances, clans, or any social groups in-game have become a staple feature in many online games. While not entirely a necessity, being a part of a guild in Lucid Adventure, much like in any game, can further boost your progression and provide more benefits for you at no extra cost.

lucid adventure guild

Considering the benefits, the only thing that guilds, or guild leaders, can expect from you is active participation and contribution. Even a simple daily log in and checking in at the guild should suffice but then you would want to partake in guild activities to earn contribution points. Mere attendance is rewarded with diamonds based on your guild’s level and you can also join or initiate campfires for free AP.

Contributions you earn can be invested in guild training, which in turn boost stats for every guild member. One of the best perks come with the guild raids, which you can access from the challenges as soon as you become a member of any guild.

5. Expend Limited Challenge Attempts Daily

You will eventually meet a temporary road block within your adventure considering that level requirements and enemy strength will eventually broaden the gap with what your team can offer. Additionally, you have limited action points (AP) or in-game stamina needed to partake in adventure quests. When either of these conditions apply, there are still plenty of activities to engage in as the Challenge icon just beside Adventure on the bottom right corner of your screen holds a variety of activities that offer very valuable rewards.

Partaking in any of these challenges will neither require nor consume AP but instead, have limited tickets or attempts you can take within the day. We mentioned earlier that the best way to go for starters is to focus on your 4-unit team and avoid investing resources in additional characters. Likewise, as you will be frequently visiting the pub to recruit more companions, you will naturally some heroes with a little investment in them as well as a plethora of gears in your bag.

lucid adventure challenges

With more character choices, resources, and gears in your collection you should now be ready to up and enhance a few more companions as the challenge dungeons have conditions that typically block out some characters from being used. In this sense, still balancing upgrades as far as class and affinity types are essential and, regardless of character grade, should still be followed.

The material dungeon is your source of ingredients you need to be able to craft weapons and gears for your growing number of heroes. Note that each hero has specific weapon and armor needs so it is largely possible that your best or favorite ones will not always be fortunate to obtain the best gears. Engaging battles within the materials dungeon and farming for ingredients will be your best bet to remedy this predicament. Keep in mind that dungeon types are available on rotation so be sure to keep note of when your most needed materials will be available for you outside of weekends.

The Sky Garden is home to numerous types of bosses per floor but holds various enhancement materials and even diamonds to further boost your progress. Be very careful as monster levels here differ from the ones in the adventure. If you can beat level 20 monsters in the adventure with your level 15 team, then in the Sky Garden, a level 15 team may just barely make it through the level 10 boss. First time clears of each floor are very important considering the valuable rewards so push as far as you can before the day ends.

If you want to test your team’s prowess against that of other players’ teams, then the arena is PvP portal in Lucid Adventure that you should dive into. You have 10 daily attempts to climb the ranks and as you get promoted, you will be faced with more challenging opponents. The arena actually holds an advantage for you since it is not real-time and you will be battling against an A.I.-controlled team. You, on the other hand, have much more control with auto mode turned off so you can time skill usage to obtain better strategic utilization.

Guild Raids are a special challenge available only for guild members. What makes this exciting is that you get to use 8 characters instead of the usual four and you can see all of them on-screen dishing it out against the raid boss. Expectedly, you will not be able to defeat the boss on your own as it may happen that the entire guild can fail at doing so. Just the same, participate as much as you can as every bit of damage counts and rewards per attempt as well as the overall result will benefit you and your guildmates.

6. Craft, Reinforce, And Enchant Your Gears

Once you have engaged enough in the materials dungeon, you will be able to rack up plenty of resources to be able to craft your very own weapons and gears. Again, this will be the answer to the scenarios when a top favorite hero lags behind in power because of substandard gears. Higher gear rarity will unlock based on how far up you reach within the dungeon and the same will need more materials to produce.

lucid adventure gear

If you still manage to hold up a lot of gold at this point in the game, then be ready to start losing a lot of them. Each piece of gear can be reinforced using gold with a 100% chance from +1 to +3 and much lower rates moving further. From +6, gears can decrease in reinforcement level if the process fails unless you use safe reinforcement stones. Given the number of gears and even your 4 main characters at the minimum, this will still consume a lot of gold so be sure to manage your resources well.

Beyond reinforcement of gears, each one can further be strengthened through enchantment. Enchantment scrolls add random stat buffs for each piece of gear depending on the quality of scroll used. You may want to save higher grade scrolls for higher grade gears as these are hard to come by.

7. Remember To Fill In Support Member Slots

Going back to our earlier notion that focus ought to be kept within as few heroes as necessary, you will have a new reason later on to stray a bit off from that recommendation. We would still be stern on the idea that every bit of investment made on each hero is well deserved but switching out main team members will not be a total loss given Lucid Adventure’s support feature.

lucid adventure support member slots

Each 10 account levels you reach unlock a support slot for your team in battle. Any other hero within your roster can be used as a support character but the stronger they are, the higher the stats they provide. At some points within the challenge dungeons, you will have to also switch main team and support group characters given the restrictions each dungeon stage has. In any case, you will have to strengthen some characters beyond your main team but bear in mind that your limited resources may just be enough to really bank on four heroes.

8. Craft And Upgrade Relics

Beyond gears, you can also craft relics that provide a wide variety of boosts for your team or the tribute (passive earnings). This will cost relic shards that you can earn in a variety of ways and limited in number by your account level. As these relics are crafted in random, you may not entirely get what you want so there is an option to grind unwanted ones and go for another roll. It costs diamonds, though, with a gamble on the next one so it does not seem much worth it.

how to craft and upgrade relics in lucid adventure

On the other hand, you can use extra relic shards to upgrade the ones you have unlocked instead. Every subsequent upgrade costs more shards so be sure to consider prioritization when it comes to upgrading relics.

9. Accomplish Quests And Achievements For Extra Rewards

In addition to the numerous rewards you obtain from each battle you engage in, as well as passive tribute earnings, Lucid Adventure lets you earn even more rewards through the accomplishment of daily and weekly quests and achievements.

Daily and weekly quests are, in essence, time-limited as you would have to meet each objective within the day or week, respectively. All objectives form part of the activities you normally engage in as you play the game and can also serve as a checklist you can view from time to time to see what activities you may have missed to partake in.

how to earn rewards in lucid adventure

Completing daily quests earn you a premium summon ticket, making it very much worth it if you want more heroes or earn soul stones to strengthen existing ones. Weekly quests serve as jacked-up versions of the daily qust objectives so if you complete daily quests 6 times a week, chances are that you have cleared all weekly quest objectives as well. You can check both these quests via the scroll icon at the left side of your screen.

Achievements, on the other hand, offer one-time rewards for milestones you reached given your progress in the game. It may happen that a similar, yet more challenging objective will replace the one you have just accomplished. These objectives also relate to things or activities you should be engaging in as you play Lucid Adventure and, as such, can serve as a guide on what you may want to spend a bit of time on moving forward. Diamonds and premium summon tickets can be earned here on top of many rare rewards so be sure to check it occasionally and strive to go for those objectives you are close to completing.

Relative to this, there is a collection tab that grants stat boosts based on the heroes you have collected. In as much as we would recommend going for heroes you already have, unless the one you don’t belongs to a higher grade, the collection feature makes it important to grab each hero from the gacha at least once. Both these features can be seen through the trophy icon at the upper left side of the main screen.

10. Check Your Mail And Bag Often

Some rewards you earn, like log in bonuses and event gifts do not go straight into your inventory and wind up instead in your mail. Be sure to check the envelope icon when you see an indicator on it. Rewards will sometimes be available following an ad campaign that you need to play. In any case, some of these rewards will only remain in the mail for a limited time so claim them as soon as you can as some may help you strengthen your party further before the next battle.

how to get bonuses in lucid adventure

Though most items in your bag are just gears you have obtained from across adventures and challenges, you will sometimes obtain consumable items such as treasure chests that you need to open to receive the true rewards. These instances will show an indicator atop the bag icon so be sure to check your bag when that happens.

Lucid Adventure definitely packs a lot more than what we can cover but for now, this is where we will end our Lucid Adventure beginner’s guide. Before we go, we would like to again stress the importance of learning to play manually during important battles as we have experienced being able to vault over trying levels by playing manually when the team failed to win on auto mode. Do not be discouraged even if you are a total beginner with these types of games as timing of skill execution will always be better than no timing at all.

Likewise, while there are idle earnings and passive elements in Lucid Adventure, actively playing and spending more time pushing forward with the adventure and challenges will boost your progress tremendously so if you really love and enjoy the game then give it more patience and effort. If you have some trouble with a particular game feature or would like to share your very own Lucid Adventure tips, cheats and strategies, you are very much welcome to post your comments below!


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