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Bowling Idle Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Build a Bowling Empire

Bowling Idle – Sports Idle Games is a bowling alley game that’s exclusively available for Android devices. Bowling App is the developer behind this idle game, which caters to fans of the sport. With the Bowling Idle successfully merged playing bowling with managing a bowling theme park.

In the game, you run a bowling park, which you manage from scratch. At first, you will only have one customer, and he will only play one pin at a time. You will also have to guide the player as he tries to hit the bowling pin. As you progress in the game, your theme park will become more famous, which invites more and more players.

The goal of the Bowling Idle is quite simple: just expand your business and gain more customers. It has a straightforward concept where you just need to tap and upgrade. If you are looking for an undemanding game to pass the time, Bowling Idle may be for you.

Whether you are new to idle strategy games or you have played several titles in this genre, be sure to check out our Bowling Idle guide, as it features a bunch of tips, cheats and tricks to become a bowling tycoon!

1. Understand The Basics

Just like in other idle games, in Bowling idle you need to increase your profit in order to grow your business. Your focus will be on a bowling theme park, which starts as a modest location. One customer begins playing with one pin, which he will take down, so you earn money.

bowling idle tricks

At the start of the game though, the male customer will wait for you to swipe to the right. This action activates the character and prompts him to throw the ball. Do not worry if you think you did not swipe hard enough. The only pin on your screen will still be knocked down. Take note of this fact even if you already completed the maximum number of pins.

Since you have chosen to play an idle game, you want it to be as hands-free as much as possible. The character will not keep bowling unless you keep swiping right. Therefore, you need to activate the automatic ball throwing. The most effective way to do that is to upgrade the first box that you see below the character’s feet. You will learn more about it later on. Once the auto throwing is activated, you can stop watching over the characters. Your priority now is to upgrade your theme park.

If you simply wish to progress fast in the game, you can continue to the next tip below.

2. How To Boost Your Earnings

You need to play a few times each day to get wealthier in the game. Of course, going idle is the best way to earn a lot of cash in Bowling Idle. However, you should still log in to get your idle money and even get three times more profits.

how to boost earnings in bowling idle

Bowling Idle though does not provide daily bonuses whenever you open the game. You will get a surprising amount of cash after being idle for a long time. It’s recommended that you come back to the game after two to four hours. This way, you get the most out of your earnings. Note that you can keep multiplying your profits by three every time you open Bowling Idle. This strategy is the easiest way to unlock more characters in the game.

3. Understand The Three Upgrades On Your Screen And Max Them Out

There are three types of upgrades that you will need to focus on in Bowling Idle. From left to right, you have speed, profits, and the number of pins.

Speed refers to the quickness of the customer releasing the ball. It also pertains to how fast the bowling pins are laid in front of the character. The quicker the release, the more money you earn.
The next upgrade is cash or profits, which is the amount you earn every time the customer knocks out the pins. As you keep upgrading cash, you will earn more money, especially when you have unlocked more customers.

bowling idle upgrades

Finally, there is the number of pins that the character will need to knock down. The maximum is 10, and you may want to aim at maxing out this upgrade over the others. When you have the highest number of pins possible, you will keep earning more out of your theme park.

Knocking down pins also gives you experience points (EXP). You can see your progress at the top of the screen, particularly the center. There is a progress bar at the top, which tells how much your money is at the current time. As you continue playing, you will see that the dollar amount will have some letters in it. Such addition has always been prevalent with idle games.

Now, at the top right corner of the screen, you will see your progress in terms of the experience points. Keep knocking down pins to gain more EXP.

4. Level Up Your Bowling Theme Park To Unlock More Bowling Floors

Your experience points will allow you to unlock other floors in your theme park. Accessing these floors also invites a new customer. They will arrive one at a time, which is only when you have unlocked a floor level. The progress is slow at first, but it will eventually be fast-paced once you have entered the second and third floors.

Before you upgrade the current floor, whether it is for the strength or speed, income, or the number of pins, you should first check how much is required for the next floor. The faster you unlock it, the more money you can get out of the game. You can keep improving your bowling alley as you add more playing characters.

how to unlock bowling floors in bowling idle

Whenever you start with a newly unlocked character, you should swipe the ball as fast as you can. This way, it will take down the pins quickly, and you can earn money right away. You will, of course, use the cash to upgrade the player’s speed. This way, you do not have to control the ball manually.

As you level up, the balls and pins begin to change depending on the character. For instance, the next player, a blonde girl, uses bottles of soda while the third one is a cat that plays with watermelons. You will even find players with burgers, cans, and dynamites as their bowling pins.

The goal is the same on every floor level regardless of the character. Upgrade each player for the best game experience, max them out as fast as you can, and unlock new players. While you can choose the upgrade you want, it’s recommended that you level up the number of pins first. Then distribute your available cash between your total income and speed or strength of the player.

Each time you level up, you also earn some cash. You can find the level up button at the top right section of the screen. Note that the game will not continue collecting Experience Points unless you tap that button. The higher your level, the more floors you can unlock.

5. Earn Money Whenever You Are Away From The Game

Just like any other idle games, Bowling Idle does not require you to keep playing for hours. You can come back every one to two hours or even longer. It is a good game choice for those who are busy. When you get back, you will see that you have earned money while you were away. You can use the cash for upgrades.

6. Watch Ads To Double Or Even Triple Your Rewards

There are three types of ads that you will encounter in Bowling Idle. The first one is for the welcome back bonus where you watch an ad after you have stopped playing the game for a specified period. It allows you to triple the cash that you have collected after being idle.

To activate, simply tap the “Claim x3” button once you have entered the game. Sometimes, however, it can take a while for the button to be clickable. You may need to wait for a few seconds to a minute until an ad becomes available for you to watch.

how to triple the rewards in bowling idle

The second type of ad that you will come across with is the Multiplier. You can find it below the Level Up button where it tells you that you can double your profits for five minutes. You can claim this bonus several times throughout the day.

Finally, when you level up, you will also see a multiplier, which gives you a chance to triple your income when you watch an ad. You should tap on it because it will still trigger an ad even if you choose to click the X at the corner.

And that’s it for now, as far as our Bowling Idle guide is concerned. In case you are aware of additional tips or tricks that we haven’t touched on in the article, then feel free to let us know in the comment area!

S F Astbury

Sunday 7th of February 2021

You have to play for many weeks and be on level 90 or above and have used the screen props ( exploding bowling ball etc about 14oo times JUST to cash out $2 to paypall. Not worth the effort!


Thursday 4th of June 2020

Please how do I cash out


Sunday 31st of May 2020

Help me.pls How many times can I redeem cash for a day?


Tuesday 26th of May 2020

Please I want to know how to cash out

Obiako Ugochukwu Lambert

Wednesday 6th of May 2020

Hi I have won money but I never received it and they said is 3 to 7 working hours,,, so do I get the money that I won?