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Evil Hunter Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Progress Fast and Farm More Efficiently

As a unique mix of an RPG and a simulation game in one, Evil Hunter Tycoon lets you play a fantasy RPG in an entirely different perspective. Contrary to usual “tycoon” stereotype that is often attached to the idle clicker genre, Evil Hunter Tycoon is not as easy to pick up and play and offers a multitude of unique concepts and features that may take a while to learn and master. More so, progression is partly based on time you can actually spend on the game and how active you are at managing everything.

Evil Hunter Tycoon sets you to take on a role of a small village chief whose town has been demolished by the Dark Lord and his minions. As you work towards ridding the world of monsters and other vile threats, rebuilding and upgrading your town becomes a constant activity along with training and managing hunters.

The typical elements present in conventional RPGs can all be found in Evil Hunter Tycoon. Hunters have unique classes and skills, can level up, and wear various sets of gears. The town likewise have numerous structures that can be built and upgraded.

Considering everything, Evil Hunter Tycoon is a lot fun to play as it tests your managing skills in terms of building your town right and training your hunters properly. If you are longing for an immersive feel of a fantasy adventure from the perspective of the town chief whom you usually speak to in other RPGs to receive quests from, then be sure to give Evil Hunter Tycoon a try!

There is hardly any tutorial available in Evil Hunter Tycoon save for the tips that occasionally flash on the left side of the screen. If anything, the quests and personal exploration will serve as your guiding light towards securing a better understanding of each element present in the game. If you are having a bit of trouble going through all or some of the game’s innate features and mechanics, or perhaps struggling to progress through each difficulty level, then check out our Evil Hunter Tycoon beginner’s guide. We will walk you through each feature as well as provide you with a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies to jumpstart your adventure!

1. Follow The Novice Quest Line

The best way to learn all of the game’s basic features and mechanics is to continue pushing to accomplish each quest objective. The novice quests are just quick and simple quests that take you through activities you will later on continuously engage in as you progress through the game. On top of learning as you go, the rewards you can get out of accomplishing each task will greatly boost your progress.

how to complete quests in evil hunter tycoon

You can see the current quest at the upper left side of your screen. Whenever applicable, counters also appear to indicate your progress on the current quest. Although you will not be able to see the complete list of quests and the subsequent one will only appear after completing the current quest, these quests are all very easy to accomplish. For the most part, following these quests will also help you develop your town and strengthen your hunters as well.

Whether you are totally new to RPGs and sim games or have played one, a couple, or some before, Evil Hunter Tycoon is unique in that it can be a bit of challenge for even experienced players to take every bit of unique feature and game mechanics it has in one go. As the novice quests walk you through each one, you will have a much better understanding of each concept at your very own pace.

2. Unlock And Upgrade Structures As Soon As You Can

There are a lot of structures to build in your town early on and focusing on it along with the quest at hand can be a challenge. It also takes a bit of time to familiarize yourself with each of the available structures, the requirements to build and upgrade them, and what each one’s purpose is. For starters, focus on the town hall and the needed materials to upgrade it then browse through each structure to build based on what you feel you need the most. A lot of these will come as a quest in the novice quest line but building any ahead of time will reap you the same quest rewards.

Just to give you a quick run through of each structure, we will sum up what each one can do. Naturally, the town hall stands above all other structures in the sense that its level is the basis of which structures can be built and how far each structure can be upgraded. This is the only reason to prioritize it over the rest of the other structures. Another essential building is the trading post, which is where you can gather resources by requesting specific materials and buying them from the hunters.

how to upgrade and unlock structures in evil hunter tycoon

The sanctuary of resurrection is also a basic necessity given that it can resurrect hunters who perished from the battlefield at the cost of gold. You can build a house and upgrade it to increase the maximum number of hunters you can deploy in the field. Once it becomes available, you need to construct a guild HQ to be able to join a guild. A colloseum is required for you to partake in PvP battles, though it will only become available once you reach normal difficulty.

There are 4 structures dedicated to providing services to hunters in terms of ensuring their fitness to combat the mobs around town. These are the infirmary, the inn, the restaurant, and the tavern. The infirmary can heal injured hunters; the inn serves as a resting place to clear exhaustion; the restaurant sells food to serve to hungry hunters; and the tavern provides various beverages to uplift the moods of the hunters.

While each of these basic structures provide a different kind of service, they are similar in the sense that hunters will frequently visit them before heading out to grind. It is important to identify what each of these structures require to continue producing the goods they provide and the same should likewise be constantly requested from the hunters through the trading post.

With the materials needed to build structures and produce basic necessities to keep hunters in tip top shape, there are 3 manufacturing structures you need to build to craft gears and items that help hunters become stronger in the field. The blacksmith stands as the most basic of the 3 and can craft weapons and armor for each hunter. The alchemist’s home is where various potions can be crafted to give hunters an extra boost whenever they need one in battle. Lastly, the jeweler is the structure in charge of producing various accessories to further boost each hunter’s strength.

Each of the 3 manufacturing buildings above have their dedicated shops that hunters can visit. The weapon shop and armor shop sells weapons and armors crafted by the blacksmith. The armor shop will also display head gears looted from the dungeons. The potion shops puts all the alchemist’s products on display. There is a separate accessory shop to sell necklaces and rings as well. Do note that while manufacturing structures need to be leveled up to produce next level items, these shops require the same upgrade to be able to display higher tier merchandise.

A little further down the line comes buildings that offer even more boosters for your hunters via skill upgrade, gear enhancement, and level boost. To start off, the academy is where hunters can learn skills, traits, and secret techniques, and upgrade them as well. The enhancement forge is a one stop shop for gear upgrades. You can also build a training ground to help level up newer hunters faster. One important structure you will need to progress to the next higher difficulty level is the reincarnation portal. It will be available right from the start and is responsible for reincarnating maxed out hunters.

Beyond the immediate areas outside the town littered with monsters, there are special structures that will further help hunters in grinding to become stronger and for you to earn more resources. The most basic of these is the bounty hut. Through the bounty hut, you can designate a specific enemy as a target for certain hunters and, in doing so, they earn more XP.

Accomplishing a bounty also earns you gold. You need to build and upgrade a dungeon entrance and send a group of hunters regularly to raid each of its level. Higher levels are naturally more difficult but likewise more rewarding. On top of unique head gears, a variety of rare items can be obtained from dungeon raids. Finally, there is the boss horn needed for you to be able to summon the field boss. Each difficulty level holds a different field boss and fighting one will have all your hunters involved.

These are just the most basic structures in Evil Hunter Tycoon and more will become available as you switch from one difficulty level to the next and upgrade your town hall accordingly. In any case, you should familiarize yourself with each one’s function so as to establish a routine procedure later on as you play the game.

3. Keep Your Town Tidy And Organized

Having a solid enough idea of what each structure does is just a small fraction of how to manage your town well. As its chief, it is necessary for you to tidy the town up as much as you can and organize the structures constructed within it for ease of management.

how to keep town organized in evil hunter tycoon

To start off, spend a bit of your extra earnings on clearing some grass and obstacles. You can tap on any item other than the structures you have built and choose to spend gold to remove them. While some obstacles may indicate a difficulty level requirement to be removed, some can still be eliminated once you are qualified to move to the next difficulty level.

Having cleaned up some obstacles will leave you plenty of new space to work around with and to put it to good use, feel free to shuffle the structures around and organize them in such a way that you will find what you are looking for with much comfort and ease. There will be plenty of instances when you will click on some of these structures to check for inventory and availability of services.

As an example, you can lump together structures based on our categorization above. Having the inn, pub, infirmary, and restaurant close together will take hunters much less time to go through them whenever they head back to town.

4. Be Selective With The Hunters You Manage

A huge part of the fun and excitement you will get out of playing Evil Hunter Tycoon comes from managing the hunters. While managing more can become very challenging, having more of them around certainly makes things easier. You will start off with a maximum of 6 hunters that you can keep in town and 2 more will become available with each house upgrade, which is of course, dependent on the difficulty level you are in. It is actually relatively easy to gather and max out the available hunter slots as more hunters await to visit your town from time to time, and there are scrolls you can use to summon even more.

how to choose hunters in evil hunter tycoon

The harder part, of course, comes with the hunter grade or quality completely dependent on RNG, along with the higher qualities of hunters having the class you need for your team. There are five distinct grades of hunters you can get in Evil Hunter Tycoon, and naturally, you would want to keep only the best on your team. The grades from lowest to highest are: Normal, Rare, Superior, Heroic, and Legendary.

As you will have a continuous inflow of hunters, it would be best to banish normal and rare ones so you can focus more on hunters who have superior grade and above. This may not entirely mean that you will instantly let go of your current hunters and will instead keep even lower grade ones while waiting for higher grades to come.

Each hunter’s grade can be seen at the right side of their name on the hunters menu that you can access by tapping on the hunters icon below. You can tap on the info to view each of the hunters’ details and you can also tap on their picture to see them in action. Clicking on each hunter on the field or in town will likewise present you with various action options. Choosing manage and then banish will send the hunter away, never to be seen or heard of ever again.

Likewise, checking on the hunters waiting via its icon at the top of the screen will present you with a list of hunters in line to join your town once more slots become available. The button on the lower left side of that window should give you a hint with regard to the quality of hunters you ought to be keeping.

On top of the constant grind for experience points, it takes a long while for you to fully equip each of your hunters and longer still, to enhance their gears. The painstaking period of time is not the exclusive impediment as crafting gears may require some materials that are not as easy to find. Given these scenarios, it will be wise to strategically go about how to invest in each hunter, preferably banking more on their quality as lower grade ones will definitely have to be let go as better ones come along. For starters, prioritize focus on the hunter or hunters with the highest grade levels as they will be the least likely candidates for banishment.

5. Keep A Good Balance Of Classes Among Hunters

Each hunter’s rarity level may be an important point to consider when deciding which ones to keep and which ones to let go. However, classes play a vital role as well although it may not be as much evident on field combats since each hunter basically works on his own against the mobs outside of town.

As you will have to grind through dungeon raids and boss battles as well, not to mention team battles in the colosseum, taking into consideration team synergy should form part of the points you have to consider in managing hunters.

evil hunter tycoon squad

The Paladin is the tank class in Evil Hunter Tycoon and serves as the only defensive unit you can have. They lead teams into the dungeon and given that dungeon battles always initiate battles from the front, having a reliable tank can take you a long way. Although Paladins would share the same purpose in field boss battles, the field boss summons minions that can attack other hunters even while the Paladin is up front.

The Berserker is the only other melee unit but offers more offensive strength than the Paladin. Berserkers are second in defensive strength but have control skills and can also be relied on a bit in taking damage in the front row of dungeon raids and field boss battles. Berserkers can still be built to be an off-tank but will not come close to the Paladin as far as defensive durability is concerned.

As far as single target DPS is concerned, Rangers are the best hunters for the job. Though low on defensive strength, these units can be built to have enormous agility and dodge capabilities. With their range of attack, Rangers can often eliminate mobs before the latter can come close to hit back.

Like Rangers, Sorcerers also profess strong offensive capabilities. Their main skill, Thunderbolt can hit multiple enemies in close proximity and Ice Armor offers defensive strength on top of slowing down mobs that come a little too close.

As far as efficiency is concerned, having a good mix of these classes will serve you well and trying as much as you can to maintain the ratio as you employ new hunters is the best way to go. Then again, there is a good amount of builds you can make out of each class to have a unique yet synergistic team of hunters that can efficiently farm and grind for you across the field and the dungeons.

6. Keep The Cash Flow Going Between The Town And The Hunters

One important concept to keep in mind as you play Evil Hunter Tycoon is that your money, or the town’s money, is separate and distinct from the money that each hunter has. Requesting materials from hunters via the trading post, constructing and upgrading structures, and crafting potions and gears all contribute to expenses on your part, or rather, investments. Having less gold due to actively doing all these is actually good so long as you work on earning them back again continuously.

how to donate in evil hunter tycoon

Hunters that sell you materials that you requested via the trading post earns them gold but the gold that they earn will wind up with you through buying potions and equipment, and using any of the service facilities that they need to visit before heading back into the field. Enhancements and skill upgrades also cost hunters gold but as far as skill training goes, half of the costs will be shouldered by you.

In any case, the efficient way to ensure that both you and each hunter prosper, is that you continue to request items, particularly those that are needed to be able to provide for the hunters’ needs. Once you have enough gold, then the same can be reinvested into new products that you can create to sell to the hunters. If some hunters need more gold and you need them to become stronger, you can donate to them through the manage option.

7. Spend Time To Grab Materials And Elementals From The Field

Hunters generally pick up loot that drops from the mobs they kill in the field and these same materials can end up in your inventory provided that you requested for them through the trading post. On the other hand, however, hunters tend to leave some random drops behind and as time passes, you will find a lot of materials lying across the field.

evil hunter tycoon materials and elementals

It may be a bit challenging to see at first, especially if you are playing on a device with a small screen, but drops that you can pick up have a glow to distinguish them from background debris.
If you have idle time, like when your shops are well stocked and you can afford to observe some hunters in action, feel free to tap on the materials lying around to hasten the farming and grinding for valuable raw items. You will always have a need for most items anyway and picking them up yourself saves you the gold needed to pay for them through the trading post.

Like the various materials you can gather from the field, you may notice some elementals floating by. These elementals serve as a unique currency that you can use to purchase gold and gems, hunter scrolls, and buffs for your hunters. You can see the amount of elementals you have below the gold and gems at the upper left side of the screen. You can only stack 3,000 elementals so remember to spend them at the shop before they completely fill up.

Relative to looting materials and elementals along with managing the town within regular intervals, be sure to utilize the area icons at the lower right side of the screen to fast travel to the area you want to view. While swiping away at your screen can have you scroll across the map conveniently, using the buttons is a lot more efficient. It can be used not just for quickly shifting across the field for items, elementals, chests, and goblins, it is also very convenient to have when you want a quick check on some structures back in town.

8. You Can Set Mob Density Based On Your Hunter’s Strength

Although it will be among the things you will go through during the initial quests, you can actually control the density of mobs in each area outside of town using the signage in each one. It certainly is a weird ability for the chief to have but in any case, it should be a power that you should take advantage of to farm for XP and resources more efficiently.

evil hunter tycoon mob density

All signboards outside of town are set to level 1 at the start of your adventure, indicating the least amount of mobs on the field. Once the challenge becomes a little too easy for your deployed hunters, you can tap on the board to raise the level up to 3. You can tap it again to switch it back to level 1 but then there will be a 60-second cool down period before you can adjust it again.

9. Spend Your Gems Wisely

Gems serve as the premium currency in Evil Hunter Tycoon and is apparently much harder to earn and save than gold. Gems can be used to purchase a wide variety of valuable items and can likewise be used to speed up grinding and farming for needed resources. While there are numerous ways for you to earn gems, it is important to save them for items that can be exclusively obtained through using them.

how to spend gems in evil hunter tycoon

Although some players utilize the initial set of gems you receive for rerolling, moving forward with your adventure as you are contented with the set of hunters you have leaves saving the gems to obtain some pets.

There are basically 2 kinds of pets that you can obtain in Evil Hunter Tycoon. The first type can be equipped by hunters and will accompany them in the field to loot items for you. Having some of these pets around minimizes or eliminates the need for you to manually pick up dropped items.

More importantly, there are adoption types of pets that will just stay in town. These pets, however, provide buffs to all your hunters and are basically more significant than the first type.
Currently, you can purchase 2 vampire bats, 2 dark foxes, and a baby dragon from the shop using gems. The vampire bats give all your hunters a life-steal ability, which will be very useful anywhere since there are no healers in the game. Dark Foxes boost all hunters defense while the baby dragon boosts their attack values.

10. Aim To Accomplish Achievements

Every quest you accomplish much like most activities in Evil Hunter Tycoon that you partake in earns you immediate rewards. Although there are no daily quests or missions in the game, there is an achievements feature that gives you gems, among other things, for milestones you reach. For the most part, all objectives set in the achievements fall well within the usual activities you engage in as you play the game.

evil hunter tycoon achievements

While you can surely accomplish a lot of achievement objectives without even knowing, you should make it a habit to visit the achievement page via the trophy icon at the top of your screen. In addition to claiming rewards for the feats you accomplished, you should also take note of some of the objectives to identify the ones you can easily clear as well as be reminded of some tasks that you may have overlooked.

Most rewards will not directly form part of your inventory so after claiming them from the achievements page, be sure to open the mail, through its icon beside the trophy, and claim each reward.

11. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Evil Hunter Tycoon certainly provides plenty of growth especially for players who can spend a lot of time in the game. While progress across the field and between each difficulty levels are already at a good pace, you can further boost your progress by patronizing some ad boosters in the game.

While ads have become a common part of most free-to-play mobile games, Evil Hunter Tycoon only contains ads that you can freely avoid and ignore. For the most part, though, being hooked on playing the game will certainly lead you to want to watch as many of these video ads as you can, given that each one leads to a big boost as far as progression goes.

evil hunter tycoon ad boost

On the field, you can almost always spot the ad goblin and tapping on him can earn you gems and gold. You can obtain gems and gold up to 15 times per day and the amount depends on the difficulty level you are in. As you will constantly be having more valuable uses for gems, consider securing all 15 attempts first unless you are in dire need of more gold.

Another useful aid comes from the golden treasure chest that occasionally appears on a random spot in the field. These chests may contain huge amounts of gold, or an XP boost for hunters that last for a full hour. If you enjoy grinding for XP, then you should definitely grab the opportunity for a chance to obtain a 50% boost.

Slow and steady procurement of elementals can quickly net you 800 of it enough to purchase a chest that contains gold or gems, a random hunter invite, or a random buff item from the bonus tab of the shop. In there as well, you can watch a video ad once every 4 hours to obtain 1,000 elementals, which is more than enough for a chest purchase. Whether its extra gold, gems, hunters, or buff items, therefore, nabbing this opportunity whenever it becomes available is a must.

Last, but definitely not the least, you can obtain a free arcane invite via the waiting hunter page by watching a video ad once per day. As the arcane invite offers better chances for securing legendary and heroic hunters, this opportunity ought to always taken advantage of especially if you are needing of better hunters.

12. Prepare Well Before Changing Difficulty Levels

Regardless of how long it takes, or how little you feel progress is in terms of strengthening your hunters, there will certainly come a time when the mobs in your current gameplay will become too easy for your hunters to exterminate. As reincarnation numbers are the exclusive obstacle barring you from shifting into a more challenging difficulty level, you may be inclined to jump in as soon as the requirements are complied with. Just to add, you can change difficulty levels through the icon at the top left side of the screen.

You will identify easily as well if you are already eligible to move into the next difficulty level once its icon starts to glow. On the other hand, you will see the unmet requisites of the succeeding difficulty level if you have not met it yet.

evil hunter tycoon difficulty level

In any case, meeting the minimum requirements does not necessarily mean that your hunters are ready for the next level. As the gap in power between one difficulty level’s mobs and the next one are tremendous, you will need to prepare all of your hunters more before you can be certain that each one can handle the harder mode’s challenges.

If done prematurely, some of your hunters will not even step outside of town and will make it evident that they are not strong enough to take on the challenge. Likewise, your hunters may have the courage to take on mobs of the new difficulty level despite having difficulty doing so. In effect, they will perish more and spend more resources to nurse themselves back to full fighting capacity, draining their gold and your towns resources at a rapid rate.

To ensure that you are ready to take on the next level, you can very your set of hunters’ overall strength via the achievements relative to the current level. As dungeon raids are divided by difficulty levels, accomplishing all 25 per difficulty level is a good indicator that you are ready for the next set. This means that you need to have been able to finish level 50, preferably with relative ease, before you switch to hard mode, which is the third one.

The achievements also lists the number of times you should eliminate the field boss for achievement rewards. Before you jump into the next difficulty level, therefore, be sure to push for its accomplishment.

Chances are that you will have to enhance your gears to some extent before your hunters will have an easy time dealing with the current field’s mobs and bosses. Take note that your hunters’ +10 gears will be weaker than the basic gears you can craft in the next difficulty level, which simply means that each hunter should have a lot of gold saved up to be able to afford their next set of gears.

Of course, they will have to be locked in the current equipment set they have before they can farm for the needed materials to craft the next level set of gears so you might as well leave the current difficulty level with each hunter packed as tightly as you can in terms of equipment and enhancements.

Before we finish up, keep in mind that Evil Hunter is unlike other “tycoon” games in the sense that there are no benefits to earn while you are offline and whenever you do play the game, active management is essential to progress more efficiently. If you really love and enjoy the game and want to progress fast, you should learn to multitask efficiently and leave very little idle time as much as you can.

Stocking up on supplies for each building that sells consumables and filling requests for needed items are always the initial tasks to complete. Ensuring that bounties are being done one after the other is an efficient way to boost XP gain, most especially for hunters who are lagging behind in levels. Raiding dungeons and fighting the field boss should be routinely done as well whenever possible.

Once all the primary routine tasks are done, you should look into each hunter’s details to see areas for improvement and finally craft extra gears that may offer better quality or attribute to replace any of the hunters’ equipped gears. Lastly, pick up extra loots and elementals while waiting for the next series of routine tasks to wind up. Evil Hunter Tycoon certainly leave little idle time for players especially highly-engaged ones but that is what sets it apart from loosely similar games that tend to reel people in with its addictive nature.

And that sums up our Evil Hunter Tycoon beginner’s guide. We hope that the information, tips, and strategies we shared has shed some light on certain elements of the game that may be challenging to grasp and has likewise helped in boosting your progress moving forward. If you have some questions or concerns regarding the game or would like to add more to the tips and strategies we shared, feel free to reach out via the comment section!