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Law Empire Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become the Best Law Corporation in No Time

If you are the type of player who simply cannot spare a lot of time on mobile games or simply want to enjoy simple, casual, yet fun apps to pass the time, then chances are that you have stumbled upon a couple or more idle business sim games. If you have played and enjoyed some of those games, then you are likely to have come across some of Codigames’ popular titles.

The Spanish gaming company is behind a number of successful idle clicker simulation titles, such as Hotel Empire Tycoon, Prison Empire Tycoon and University Empire Tycoon to name a few. Law Empire Tycoon is a brand new title from Codigames, that’s currently available for iOS and Android devices. The game sets you up as a lawyer who left her previous law firm to start up her own business venture. Building your very own law empire sounds complicated and a lot of work but Law Empire Tycoon makes operations and development as simple as it possibly can be.

law empire tycoon tips

Idle clicker business sim game enthusiasts should know very well that there are no ways to lose in an idle clicker game. Law Empire Tycoon, just like other business sim games on mobile, lets you earn profit continuously regardless of how you choose to manage your law firm. The question is not whether or not profits will be realized but, rather, on how much profits can grow every second.

The controls and game mechanics are as simple as they come and the quick tutorial session that greets you gives you everything you need to know. If you have just started playing Law Empire Tycoon and in the lookout for fast and efficient ways to progress your idle business, our beginner’s guide has a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies you need to max out profits and grow your law empire fast and efficiently.

1. Keep The Profit Multiplier Active

Once you are free to do as you please after the tutorial, you will naturally be inclined to peek into all the icons before you as well as each available section of your law firm that can be upgraded. The first few minutes of immersion are undoubtedly the most exciting but before you begin managing your enterprise, the first thing you need to tend to is the profit multiplier.

We mentioned earlier that you will continue to earn profits regardless of what you do as cash keeps rolling in over time. As the objective is not to earn profits but rather to grow profits, any activity resulting in higher profits should be considered of importance. As far as boosting profit goes, in this sense, nothing beats getting 50% more income over time. You can easily activate this boost by clicking on the video icon at the lower left side of the screen. You can get an extra 50% increase in profits for 10 minutes for every video ad you play.

law empire tycoon profit boost

If you are totally new to the idea of video ads in free games, then you need to understand that these ads exist in lieu of actually having to spend to play the game. While some free games can rely on micro transactions to sustain the app’s existence and continuous development, casual games like Law Empire Tycoon can remain free for everyone to play and enjoy because of these ads. It is important to note that while some players may be annoyed by the idea of ads in mobile games, Law Empire Tycoon only has video ads that will play if you allow them to.

You can play 6 video ads continuously to stack them and earn a 50% profit boost for an hour. You can always choose to go about tending to your law firm once the profit boost is activated. What is important is to ensure that it is always active while you are online and that it is set to full capacity before you log out of the game. Law Empire Tycoon provides idle earnings whenever you are offline and away from the game so ensuring an extra 50% idle income for the first hour of your time away from the game can make a huge impact once you hop back in.

2. Understand And Maintain A Balanced Cycle

As simple and easy Law Empire Tycoon’ gameplay mechanics are, ensuring success even for complete beginners and players with a very limited time, it still follows the basic production formula that exists within every idle clicker business simulation. Whether the virtual business is engaged in the manufacture of goods or provision of services, there is an operations cycle that needs to achieve and maintain a perfect balance to ensure a stable process flow that results in an efficient stream of income.

It all starts at the reception and what you should look into initially is how everything moves from when clients start coming in. In Law Empire Tycoon, you will notice that clients will have speech bubbles over their heads indicating the concerns they have. You will only be initially able to handle traffic violation cases but will eventually take on divorce and fraud cases as your law empire grows and develops. Clients will then move on to the respective offices to handle their case.

Each office will naturally need to have a lawyer assigned to it who will handle the case. You will also naturally need to have several offices and lawyers handling the same types of cases as there are limited queues of people who can wait outside each lawyer’s office as well. The clients themselves do not make up the entirety of the cycle as the documents of the case follow its own cycle as well.

As clients are entertained in an office, there are legal documents that the lawyer needs to be able to process the case. This is done by interns in the paralegals office. Interns generate the needed legal documents continuously.

Once the documents are ready, delivery workers from the delivery room will then take the documents from the paralegals area all the way to the lawyer who needs them. There will eventually be cases that require higher grade documents in which case you will have to build a file room and even a detective’s office. For the basics, though, keep a keen eye on bottlenecks in the process flow as these instances should dictate how you prioritize upgrades.

law empire tycoon balanced cycle

If there are long lines in the reception area, then you may need a little more to improve the reception’s performance. Compared to most early upgrades, you will notice that enhancements to the reception area are comparatively higher but every bit of cash invested in it is certainly worth it.

By tapping on the reception area, you can see just how many people it can cater to at a time. If the number of people are always maxed out, resulting in some potential clients leaving, then you certainly need to work more towards improving it.

On the other hand, if you want more clients to come in, the chart icon at the lower right side of the screen is actually a marketing tool that you can utilize to promote your law firm. Marketing campaigns naturally cost some cash but it will always yield you more clients and ensure higher profits. You can choose specific client types based on the kind of cases you feel you need more of and even select the level of aggressiveness of the marketing campaign.

More people sitting outside a lawyer’s office is not necessarily a good sign. There are very limited seats and as much as you want to have more clients you do not want to keep them very long. Some clients will not wait for a long time and will instead choose to leave instead of sitting in line. You need to invest specifically in a lawyer’s office if they tend to keep clients waiting too long. However, this may not always be the case if it takes a lawyer long to process a case.

Remember that lawyers need documents from paralegals to handle a case and how they process a case will commence only when the needed documents have been brought to them. If you see a lawyer’s office having a lot of time between a document icon appearing on them until they receive documents, it boils down to either the interns or the delivery workers performance.

Narrowing down a cause for delay in documents is easier than it sounds. Paralegals can generate and keep a number of needed documents in stock based on the intern’s office’s upgrade level. Documents on hold can be seen and if it is always zero, then there is a need to perform some upgrades on that office. On the other extreme, if the documents are always capped and an exclamation mark is seen in the office instead, then the problem that needs to be solved lies in the delivery workers’ office.

3. Let The Quests Guide You

The checkbox icon at the lower right side of your screen may not seem indicative of anything at first glance, but you will naturally see it try and catch your attention with its glow every once in a while. The checkbox is actually Law Empire Tycoon’s quest feature and you should consistently peek into it to try and accomplish the set objectives. In some cases, you will accomplish some feats without actually knowing the specific requirements but looking into each target helps you to actually target some of them more specifically.

There will always be 4 quest objectives outlined and accomplishing one target will earn you rewards as well as present the next objective. The rewards are coins, which is a valuable premium currency in Law Empire Tycoon. Coins can be used to speed up constructions, upgrades, and researches and are also the only way to hire top-notch lawyers without spending real money.

law empire tycoon quests

Beyond the allure of earning coins, the way quest objectives are presented also hint on the proper way for you to grow and develop your law firm. The reason behind having 4 objectives at a time is actually a subliminal approach towards guiding you on the most basic of upgrades and constructions.

While all objective targets are expected to be doable early on, there are prerequisites tide up to research later on. In this sense, the choice of which quest to take on will sooner or later be delimited by these prerequisites but at the same time will hint ever close to what you need to place higher priority on.

4. Make Sure To Upgrade And Research Continuously

One of the bigger challenges in Law Empire Tycoon comes with the upgrades and researches you need to perform to keep developing your law firm. Each upgrade and research item costs cash and while the costs can grow to tremendous amounts, your continuous generation of cash makes it very easy to afford every research and upgrade you need at the moment. The challenge lies in the fact that you can only perform an upgrade and a research queue one at a time, and to top it all off, most upgrades take a long while to complete.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are improvements and upgrades to be done on each office. Improvements actually result in the increase in performance stats and can be completed instantly. Once all the improvements have been maxed out, an upward arrow will appear in the office indicating that it can now be upgraded to the next level. Those upgrades will take some time to complete and just like research queues, should be strategically handled and planned right.

When it comes to upgrades and there are plenty of available choices to perform, the quest line and keeping the production cycle balance in mind will help you decide which should be prioritized the most. Some upgrades can be done outright but some constructions and some upgrades require certain research items completed. In this sense, how you want or should prioritize upgrades will be the deciding factor on what to perform research on first.

law empire tycoon research

While waiting for upgrades and researches to finish and given that you still need to rack up some cash to improve certain office amenities, you will occasionally have some idle time to spend as you like. In these instances, make it a habit to look into each research item and try to understand what each one does, prerequisites if any, and attributable costs and research time to complete. Researches are basically divide into 3 categories based on the perks they provide, which may improve the law firm itself, its economy, or its employees.

Research items themselves have some dependencies and while the general progression path is from left to right and top to bottom, you will discover that there are plenty of items you can research scattered across each grid. This is all the more reason it becomes important to spend time reading through each research item.

Considering everything related to operations in the law firm can lead you to forget about your vault. As much as the vault in your office certainly looks like the odd one out considering all other facilities, its condition can tremendously impact business operations. While you will continue to earn cash, there is a soft limit on it based on how much you can keep in your vault. As important as most upgrades are relative to the law firm’s growing operational needs and requirements, be sure to always include vault upgrades in-between other upgrade and improvement cycles.

For best results, it is recommended to align upgrade completion times with that of research and consider queuing ones that can finish fast if you will stay online and save to ones that take hours to finish for when you are about to take a long break from your virtual law firm.

5. Leave As Little Idle Cash Available

Whenever currencies are involved in any game, the natural impulse is always to hang on to them. It certainly is a sight to behold, watching your cash grow and start piling up those zeroes behind. For most games, saving money is actually a practical approach, especially if meant to be saved for some huge and important purchase or just meant as savings for the rainy days.

In any idle clicker business sim game like Law Empire Tycoon, however, the proper approach is to keep as little idle cash as possible as any cash earned is best left reinvested into any investment, whether it is for a construction, and improvement, an upgrade, or a research.

Not every expense or investment in Law Empire Tycoon directly leads to an increase in profits but each one has a positive effect that will ultimately contribute to boosting profits. With a lot less cash than the cost of some investments early on, the best approach towards investing is to spend on the cheapest improvements and upgrades first. This should not in any case take precedence over maintaining the balance in the proper process flow within the law firm.

law empire tycoon idle cash

Do not worry about the upgrade and research costs that are beyond what you can afford at the moment as there will be plenty of opportunities to secure large sums of cash in Law Empire Tycoon. For starters, you will have a huge sum of offline earnings to claim after taking a long break from the game. In some cases, you may not be able to get a hold of it if your vault has exceeded its capacity.

A bigger source of large sums of cash comes with the other ad boost in Law Empire Tycoon. At the upper right side of the screen, always be on the lookout for a cash icon. This is the grant feature in Law Empire Tycoon and can give you a huge sum of cash instantly at the cost of playing a short video ad.

Note that the amount of cash you can get from playing an ad through this feature depends on your overall progress and needs. This means that as you progress further, the value offered will likewise become bigger. Once you have secured a huge sum of cash, then that would be the best time to consider spending some money for big investments.

6. Hire And Fire Lawyers As Needed

One of the more exciting aspects of Law Empire Tycoon comes with the means by which you populate your law firm with different employees, particularly the lawyers. There are 2 separate distinctions of employees under your care. The staff, which can be viewed, hired, and fired through the magnifying glass icon at the upper right side of the screen, are basically generic so filling up vacancies is all you need to worry about with regards to them.

For the lawyers, however, they have different rarity grades like common, rare, and exceptional. Each one randomly has unique perks or attributes attached that can help them perform their job differently than others. To view, hire, and fire lawyers, you need to access their menu through their icon at the lower right side of the screen. The first tab is where you can recruit new lawyers.

While mostly of common rarity, different qualities of lawyers can be recruited here. You will always be presented with a list of 4 different lawyers to try and recruit and the list will either refresh over time or you can instantly change the list 5 times daily by playing a short ad.

One of the things to take note of are the lawyer’s special quality or qualities. Lawyers can have 1 to 6 unique attributes that essentially boost their performance on the job. Of course, higher numbers and grades of qualities are expected to be available on higher quality lawyers but you can hire some lawyers of common quality that have 3 different special attributes.

These special attributes may affect their desired pay rate so being very careful about the offer is important. For the most part, it is best to hire as many as you can initially and then just let go of the less admirable ones in your staff roster. An hourly rate will be presented to you under each lawyer to be hired and you can make adjustments to your job offer amount as you please.

law empire tycoon lawyers

Increasing the pay offer will naturally increase the probability of the lawyer accepting the job offer and lowering it will reduce the chances of them joining your team. If you really want a lawyer, then make an offer at the highest probability.

There is a limit to the number of lawyers you can hire and you can also expect that some of them will not have an available office immediately. Lawyers, regardless of whether or not they have an office or not will continue to earn their hourly salary, which is why at some point, you will have to let some of them go. The staff tab of the lawyers’ menu will show you how much you are paying the lawyer per hour. The costs are deducted from your profits every minute but in no way will it result in a profit loss.

Through the shop, which you can access via the shopping cart icon at the lower left side of the screen, you can hire premium lawyers as well. This is where it is best to spend all those hard-earned gold coins but instead of pulling from the rare grade lawyers that cost 80 coins, save up 120 coins instead and pull form the exceptional grade ones. You can also get a free pull from the basic group once every 6 hours.

These are largely common rarity lawyers but almost always have better skill sets than the ones you can normally recruit. When presented with lawyers from the shop, you can always opt to not hire and receive tokens as compensation instead. Tokens are also premium currency you can only get through not hiring premium lawyers and can be used to obtain the best lawyers possible.

That sums up all the tips and strategies we have collected for Law Empire Tycoon. With that said, it will certainly take a lot of gaming hours to build and upgrade everything in your virtual law empire. We certainly hope that you picked up a lot of the tips and strategies we shared and will readily be able to apply them in the game moving forward. If you do happen to stumble upon additional nifty tricks or strategies we have not discovered, then be sure to drop us a line!