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Laplace M (Tales of Wind) Limited Events Guide: Tips & Strategies to Maximize Your Gains

Laplace M is a popular mobile MMORPG with a hefty amount of content involved. The developers didn’t want you to do all that downloading just to run out of something to do in game! And with all that content comes an ocean of questions! The more common questions would be “where do I get this/that” and “how can I level faster”? As it turns out, much of both answers have been staring you right in the nose all along! Sure enough, the Limited Events button was loaded with activities to keep you busy throughout your gaming day. But now you have the questions of how does it all work and how do you maximize your gains? In our Laplace M Limited Events guide we will share with you tips, tricks and strategies on how to complete these events and maximize your gains!

The Limited Events content of Laplace M can be found at the bottom left corner of the mini map. Click on it and you’ll see the initial screen showing which events are “ongoing” and which events are soon to start. However, you’ll get a lot more detail from clicking on the Magnifying Glass button in the lower right corner of that screen.

laplace m limited events list

When the words “Limited Events” are seen, you’re probably thinking that this content will be removed sooner or later. Thankfully, that’s not the case! What’s meant by the name is that the content is only accessible at certain times of the day and/or on certain days. For example, the Horse Racing is highlighted in the above screen shot. It only takes place Wednesdays at 8pm. Also note that the time showing in the list is the server time. So time your activities accordingly when possible. The other part to remember is that the rewards showing for each part are potential rewards. You could get them all or you could get a “lesser” reward(s). But some are definite such as the Kingdom Events content. Those rewards are definite and you’ll gain extras during that event.

Here’s one last detail you really should pay attention to. Each part of the Limited Event content has another limit. This refers to how many times you can participate in the events daily and/or how much you can gain from them daily. Each limitation will be listed somewhere. So when you spot a limitation, make sure to take note of it because once it runs out, that’s it, wait for tomorrow!

1. The Bug Hunt

The Bug Hunt Limited Event of Laplace M is a as the name implies. You have to run around the chosen (selected by you) map(s) and find the “bugs”. Once you find one or more, click on it to “dig it up”. Finding it may include channel changing. So if you see yourself suddenly loading like you’re changing maps, just check the channel number in the mini map. You’ll see a panel pop up on the right side with the buttons “Come” and “I’ll think about it”. Click the “Come” button and never the other one. Do not ever click on the bug itself unless you’re ready to enter. You’ll lose it otherwise. This means it’s gone and you completely wasted it for yourself and everyone else.

laplace m bug hunt limited event

The Bug Hunt of Laplace M requires a party of at least 3 members. As showing in the above screen shot, bots were used. Beyond that, it’s a game of speed. It’s not just your collective killing speed. It’s also a matter of loading times. The faster you are, the better the results will be. Even though you have a party of bots, you’d be much better off with a party of high level players. But if you’re loading times are dismal at best, you will have problems. Also note that movement speeds can help/hurt.

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The good news is that you can be in any map and you can stay on that map. The trick is that all the monsters you have to kill off in the Bug Hunt are not so powerful on the attack. They’re all the same no matter which map you’re playing in! The strategy is to look at the list you get when you click the Bug button found in the bottom middle of the screen when the event starts. Aim to play in maps with the highest number of Bug Hunts. Whoever the Team Captain is, if it’s not you, you should pray they know what he/she is doing towards this or it will cost you time. See why a bot team was used now?! Those Bug Hunts won’t last all century so you better get moving! The upside is that the Bug Hunts do re-spawn but not quickly.

2. The Zodiac Bosses

The Zodiac Bosses of Laplace M is another Limited Event which is based on speeds. However, this one gets a lot meaner as you get through the levels. Once the event starts, get a party together as fast as you can because the bosses won’t last long most times. The good news is that they do re-spawn but you still have to be quick about it. Just like the Bug Hunt, the Zodiac Bosses event happens often each day.

laplace m zodiac bosses limited event

The bad news is that you will need a seriously strong team if you want to go far in the Zodiac Bosses event. Just like with the Bug Hunt, you have to run around and find a Zodiac Boss to attack. However, to be able to try the next level in line, which requires more loading/running, you have to defeat the previous Zodiac Boss. Level 1 bosses being the start. The good news is that the first level bosses are pretty easy to defeat. Also, you do not have to be in a team to participate in this event. The bad news is that the higher you go, the vastly harder they hit. Currently the level cap is only level 60. Get far enough and the Zodiac Bosses can 1 hit kill an entire party in an instant. For example, the party showing in the above screen shot got nuked during level 5 and there are 12 in total. Told you they get meaner! However, if you do manage to survive, the rewards get better the higher you go. One of the best strategies for the Zodiac Bosses is a team of “nukers”. This means they can kill the bosses before something real bad happens! Naturally, this won’t be easy to accomplish!

3. The Kingdom Events

The Kingdom Events of Laplace M are a whole lot of fun complete with a massive chunk of EXP and Kingdom Fame gains. The bad news is that you have to participate in all parts of it as it starts or you might lose some of the extra gains involved. This Limited Event is based on your participation. It’s fun so you shouldn’t mind participating much at all! There’re several different setups and you can participate in until you reach the daily gains limit. If you continue to participate, you’ll eventually see the limitation showing up in the main rewards.

laplace m kingdom events rewards

The good news about the Kingdom Events is that the EXP gains and the Kingdom Fame gains can be huge. Showing in the above screen shot is the standard. Sometimes you’ll see it showing a “2x” which does give you twice the score! EXP rewards that big can certainly help you get to 50 Skill Points before level 50! The bad news is that the rewards also depend on your level. However, Laplace M didn’t leave you without in gaining great amounts of EXP. While you’re still at a lower level, the EXP gains are still pretty big for your level.

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The Kingdom Events depend on which one shows up at the time you joined. For example, the setup showing in the above screen shot is The Frostlord Invasion. That’s a series of 5 events. Others only have 4 events. But no matter which Kingdom Events setup you get into, it’s not only your participation in each part of it, it’s how you participate. For example, some of the parts require you to collect things from the immediate area. The rest would be either kill a boss, kill a bosses’ summons, or an Escort.

laplace m kingdom events limited event

It’s not difficult stuff but you can get 1 hit killed by some of the bosses. The only other one is a dodge game found at the end of the Halloween Kingdom Event. Basically, wherever the boss hits, stand within that area near the outside blue colored strip afterwards. That particular boss almost never hits in the same place twice. When you look at the area, draw an “X” to cover the entire circular area (boss in the middle). The endpoints of that “X” are where you want to be the most to avoid close range and vertical/horizontal “ + “ attacks from that boss. It’s when you don’t get hit, you gain extra rewards.

Some parts of the Kingdom Events are collection only and some are collect and deliver. If you see a number corresponding to how many times you collected in your Quests List, you will have to deliver. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of you collecting. When you do have to collect and deliver, stay on the collecting part until the timer is either at 2 minutes or below or until the progress bar is at 80% or above. With this, you should be able to collect at least 30 of the specified items for a big delivery and a bigger extra rewards gain. If you can’t collect at least 30 of the specified items in that time, you’re doing it too slow! Aim for collections that are closer to each other. Once the progress bar reaches 100%, you have just over 1 minute to continue collecting and delivering. The recommended strategy is to continue for that bonus minute until you only have about 20 seconds left. Then deliver 1 last time.

4. The World Boss

This is one seriously tricky part to the Limited Events of Laplace M. The horribly bad news is that currently the World Boss could be long since dead before you even get there. That’s the problem; getting there. Quite literally, the World Boss shows up in 1 random location which could be in 1 of several maps. The maps it randomly locates itself in are specified in the event’s details. This is an event based on speed and having one extremely good guess. This also explains why you might see “where’s the world boss” showing up often in the world chat during this event! If you happen to have a long loading time, you’re best bet is to pick one map the second this Limited Event starts and pray.

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The fun part is that the World Boss event of Laplace M is for everyone. The absolutely great news is that you can participate even as a 100% weakling. No joke, no lie in the matter. With the destructive force of a yawn, you can gain the rewards involved! All you had to do was hit it 1 time. That’s literally all. Even if you accidentally hit it while on another quest, you’ll gain! Hit the World Boss 1 time and run off really is the strategy. Let the much stronger players kill it. From there, every participant gets the rewards! Of course, if you have the moves and the destructive power, you should to stick around to help kill it. It’s entirely up to you. Of course, the faster it dies, the faster all participants will gain. So you might want to consider things here and there!

5. The Guild Ball

The Guild Ball Limited Event of Laplace M is the fun for everyone event. The bad news is that it’s completely pointless if you’re in a guild with mostly inactive/uncooperative players. Oddly enough, it’s very easy to find yourself in a guild that starts out great but suddenly turns into a parking lot. Most of that is caused by players wanting to try out other characters. In any case, if you managed to get into an active guild, it only takes 10 members to get all the rewards. Notice how it shows as “Guild Ball” and not “Guild Tag Team Destruction”?! The majority of this event is your character in place and dancing. Not kidding. You’ll get EXP and some other gains from simply dancing. Chat if you felt like it because it’s highly recommended and it will be required. However, attempting to use your Monster Bells while everyone else is dancing tends to seriously upset them.

However, the rest requires a good cooperation among the guild’s members. At specified times of the Guild Ball a random object will “fall from the sky”. One (a gift box) will give rewards just as you click on it. Easy money! Another is a set of dice. Whoever gets the highest total amount from the roll of those dice will gain extra rewards later on. The tricky one is the Crosshair box. When you click on it, you’ll be shown 1 of 4 numbers. You all have to rely on each other to get the 4 digits correctly for the reward. As mentioned, the chatting was required. Typically you all give out your own number to each other. No, not your phone numbers! Usually an acceptable format would be “xxx7” assuming 7 was the fourth number shown to you. Once you have all 4 numbers, click them in and you’ll get the rewards. The downside is that there almost always has to be a “joker” in there. So for you “comedians” that like to give out the wrong number(s) intentionally, don’t act surprised when you upset too many and find yourself needing a new guild!

6. Treasure Hunter Event

This is the Limited Event where Laplace M really went all out! The Treasure Hunter event has something for everyone. However, that’s both the good news and the bad news. Basically, you’re in there against another team. As soon as you start, you better hope you’re on a very good team! It’s a live PvP, gathering, monster hunt, and base defense (similar to DOTA) rolled into one. Those are not bots you’re playing against and yes, they can be much higher in BR compared to you.

laplace m treasure hunter limited event

Whatever you do successfully will give you points. The more points you gain when this Limited Event is done, the better your rewards will be. For example, you could constantly attack the enemies’ towers (color coded and showing on the left) to gain points. You can attack the monsters for the same points. You can attack other players. You can gather resources. You can do any combination of the above! The good news is that it’s entirely your choice. The bad news is that your opponents are doing the exact same things while trying to gain points for themselves. This highly includes at the expense of your character’s corpse! For the most part, it’s an “anything goes + 360 degrees of combat” situation. Your best bet is to hope you’re on a very good team! Quite honestly, that is the best strategy for this Limited Event.

7. The Horse Race

Here’s a little fun for you gamblers out there. The Laplace M devs decided to include a Horse Racing event as part of the Limited Events. Sure enough, this one is just plain fun! Every Wednesday night, you simply get into Laplace City and join in. But it’s not that easy! You’ll start out with some given and/or reward gained chips to bet with. Naturally, you can bet on 1 of 3 horses to win the race. Don’t try betting on all of them. During the race, everyone that participates can help or jinx the horses of their choice! You’ll see the options at the bottom of your screen when each race starts. Which one you do to which horse is entirely your choice. In any case, it’s all in good fun! When the Horse Race starts, the horses will race around Laplace City. You can and really should follow them around the city to gain some extra rewards.

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Even though this is a type of gambling, the gamble can be reduced for you. At the start, the idea is to bet on 1 horse only and that’s fine. Picking a horse right from the start is the bad idea. Instead, the trick is to wait for the last 20 to 30 seconds before the race starts. Take a close look at the amount of players that bet on each horse. Bet on the one with the highest number of betters. The idea is to have the numbers work for you. Again, everyone can help or jinx any horse at any time once the race starts. But if a larger number of players were helping the horse they bet on and jinxing the other horses, the higher chance of winning goes to those larger numbers.

The other strategies involve when to help and/or jinx the horses. This depends on how close the betting players are in numbers. You could attempt to give your horse a big head start or you could attempt to jinx the other horses later on in the race. It’s a matter of what you’re convinced of that will get your horse across the finish line first. There are no rewards other than for the horse that finished in first place. It’s an all or nothing situation but then again, that’s gambling for you! Ultimately, it is a gamble and you’d be very surprised at what can and does happen in there!

There you have it! This completes our Laplace M Limited Events guide. If you happen to know additional tips, tricks of strategies for Limited Events, feel free to drop us a line below!


Tuesday 7th of February 2023

My guild leader called people out for sharing the World Boss locations and for killing them "out of order". He said to kill them in this order: Bloomcrest > Yggdrasil > Sunrise > Silversnow.

My question is, do you have to kill the World Boss in that order?