Skip to Content Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Grab More Land and Improve Your High Score is yet another entry in the growing “-io” series of games that was kicked off quite a while back by Again, the premise is similar – this is a game with a grid you have to navigate, and in this grid, you will be guiding your snake as it conquers new areas, closes them, and fills the blocks with your corresponding color. It’s all about conquering the biggest amount of territory on the grid-like map, though you will be starting out with only a small base that you will have to expand in order to do well in this game. All in all, it’s about owning more blocks as you aim for higher scores, and this can be done even without turning on your Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Want to own more blocks and top your high score? Having some trouble defeating your opponents and outsmarting them? Just downloaded the game and not quite sure how you should start out? We’ve got just what you need, and that’s a list of tips and tricks.

1. Move Right Away has proven to be quite quirky in one regard, and that’s the tendency of the game to place you next to an opponent when you’re just starting a new game. That opponent is likely to kill you in just one move, so if you want to get away from that early dose of trouble, you should move left or right and make a dash to safety, heading back to your area. Once back there, you can plan your next moves as you take up a bigger part of the board over time.

2. Start Out Small

It’s good practice to aim for the smaller squares when trying to take up a greater part of the board. If you venture too far away from your area, there’s a chance other players may be chipping away at it. So stay as close as possible to your area and have your snake take small, manageable bites. And speaking of staying close to your area, or within it…

3. Play It Safe And Stay Within Your Area As Much As Possible

Your area is literally the only safe haven you have on the board, so it stands to reason that you should spend as much time as you could in that area. But how can you take up more of the board if you’re staying mostly inside your area? It’s simple – move around inside your area, keep your eyes peeled on what’s going on in your immediate vicinity, and target an opponent and strike if they get too close. Hit their line, return to your area, and you‘re good – you’ve just destroyed that opponent.

4. You Can Change The Control Type If You Wish

The swiping controls may be a bit hard for some players, and at the moment, the game can tend to be a bit too unresponsive for most players’ likings. But the game also has an option for you to use a virtual joystick instead; give that a try if swiping is just too inconvenient for you. But try both methods if you could, as it’s always best to choose the control type that you are most comfortable with.

5. Avoid Going On All-Out Attack Or Defensive Mode

If you are too aggressive in attacking other players, you’ll likely stray too far from your area and lose a lot of it, to say little of the increased chances you might get killed. But if you roam too frequently within your area and play too defensively, you won’t get anywhere either as far as conquering more of the board is concerned. That means you should have some sort of balance between attacking and hiding; it wouldn’t be worthwhile, after all, if you just stay stuck in your area without doing anything to improve your land-grabbing prospects.

6. Focus On Grabbing The Corners

When talking about specific parts of the board to work on, the corners are arguably the best ones to focus on. By expanding your reach toward the corners, you’ll be taking a part of the map that is especially difficult for others to seize from you. So if you’ve got the corners all to yourself, you can work your way toward the middle without much difficulty, and increase your score substantially in the process.