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Heroes of Chaos Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks To Become a Champion

A brilliant new MMORPG that gives you a free multiplayer online experience in the palm of your hands; Heroes of Chaos is a mass multiplayer online role playing game from the house of Koramgame. It is a warmly welcomed addition to the genre of mobile MMORPG games and has seen thousands of downloads since its release on 6th September 2016. Heroes of Chaos is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store. At a size of only 91MB, the game offers superb graphics and a rich detailed environment which are upgraded frequently through updates. An internet connection is required to play this game so do ensure that you have access to Wi-Fi or an unlimited data plan.

Heroes of Chaos is basically based on the same concept as the famous legends World of Warcraft, Defense of the Ancients and League of Legends. You can choose between three guilds or factions which are the Warrior’s Guild, Summoners Guild and the Bloodline faction. Whichever side you pick, you can battle against millions of online players to gain supremacy for your faction or guild. With hundreds of heroes and tons of special abilities to choose from, Heroes of Chaos is sure to keep you wanting for more every time you play.

Like any other MMORPG, Heroes of Chaos also has a sharp learning curve for its players. You are given a brief tutorial which gets you familiar with the game mechanics and after that you are plunged into chaos to battle it out against enemies from all over the world. Heroes of Chaos does not allow matchmaking against other humans before you reach a certain level in order to make sure that you are well versed in battle gameplay and have been exposed to the different skills of the many heroes in the game. The preliminary phase where you are only matched in a queue against bots in a Co-Op match is quite easy and can be managed by almost any new player to the game.

However once player VS player matchmaking is unlocked, things really start to get going and you will not only need a lot of help from guides such as this, you will also need to practice using all kinds of heroes for different situations that you might face while playing Heroes of Chaos. Follow the tips mentioned in this guide to improve your overall gameplay and reflexes so that you can rise to become the best Hero of your region.

1. Become A Master Of Your Lane

The laning system in Heroes of Chaos is very similar to that found in legendary games like League of Legends and Defense Of The Ancients. As such, it is equally important to understand the mechanics of your lane and the proper way to deal with enemies and your allies in them. Based on the familiar three phase lane system, there is a top lane, a bottom lane and a middle (mid) lane. Your allied units or (creeps) as they are mostly called in MMORPG lingo spawn at the start of all three lanes from the barracks that are located within your base. It may seem like the distance from one faction to another varies but that is just due to the perception of the player.

The “Creep Block” Tactic

Once you have become familiar with how the creeps travel in the lanes and the overall lane structure throughout the map, it is time for you to begin learning the skills of controlling your lane. The creeps move by themselves and are controlled by the game but you can alter their predefined movement as they are blockable. This is known as a “creep block” and is a very useful technique to ensure that you always get more enemy creeps closer to your tower. This tactic also makes it very difficult for your enemy to take any last hits on your creeps which denies him a lot of experience and gold. Put short, the “creep block” tactic can gain you as much as an additional level advantage on your opponent in the lane if done properly.

In order to perform a “creep block”, you have to stand a slight distance further from the creep spawn point in front of the barracks at your base. Now wait for the minute mark on the game clock (creeps spawn at the minute mark). As soon as you see the first wave of creeps, instantly start moving ahead and then stop in line of the creeps. The first creep will try to go around you but will find his way blocked by you which will cause the other creeps to stop and pile up behind him. Now wait for them to form a horizontal line and then start moving again. Repeat this process after every 5 seconds in order to get the perfect creep block. This will take much practice and time to master but even if you manage to block the creeps partially, it will still prove to be very advantageous for you in your lane.

Lane Safety

As mentioned previously there are three different kinds of lanes on the map on both sides of the factions which are playing against each other in the game. There is a particular arrangement of width and length for each lane and you have to adjust your gameplay accordingly depending upon the lane you have chosen for your hero.

The “Mid” lane is undoubtedly the most important lane in any game. You have to become an expert in all kinds of ranged and melee heroes before you can take responsibility of handling the middle lane effectively. The middle lane has access to both top and bottom lanes as well as the neutral creep spawn area on both sides of the map. This makes the middle lane an excellent vantage point for “ganking” on unsuspecting enemy heroes as well as pushing through by destroying towers. The middle lane is the shortest route to the enemy’s base but it is also the easiest to defend for your opponents. While playing any hero in the middle lane, you always have to be aware of your surroundings and remain alert at all times. Any lapse of concentration on your part could mean an enemy ambush and possibly the destruction of your middle lane tower.

The “Top” lane is a “Safe” lane for one side of the map while it is a “hard” lane for the other side of the map. While playing in the “Safe lane” version, you have quite a bit of freedom when it comes to going beyond your tower and playing aggressively. As the tower is very close to you and quite far from the enemy, you can easily retreat if you fear an ambush is about to take place. Similarly you can come around from behind the enemy to surprise him either alone or with a teammate in tow in order to get an easy and confirm kill.

The “Bot lane” is similarly a “Hard” lane for one side of the map and a “Safe” lane for the other side. The “Hard” lane version of this lane is much harder to handle especially for players who are new to Heroes of Chaos. When playing in this lane you need to keep on a defensive footing while trying get your gold from last hits only. If last hitting seems to be risky then leave that as well and only rely on the experience that you share when enemy creeps get killed in a radius of your allied creeps. Always stay as close as possible to the tower at all times while playing on this lane. This is because the enemy will always be waiting for you to come a few steps out of your safety zone to initiate an ambush on you. A solid piece of advice for players in this lane is to just bide their time until they gain a respectable level and then go farm for gold in other lanes or help gank the enemy at the middle lane.

2. Focus On Your Last Hits

The single best reliable source of earning gold in Heroes of Chaos is killing enemy creeps and destroying towers. As there are only a limited number of towers but an infinite number of creep spawns at regular intervals throughout the duration of the game, earning gold from creep last hits is your main source of bread and butter.

The game mechanics of Heroes of Chaos are very similar to Defense of the Ancients and League of Legends in the sense that the game makes you earn your gold only and only if you manage to get the last hit on an enemy creep before it dies. This may sound easy but it becomes very hard for you to manage when there is a full wave of enemy creeps fighting against your allied creeps. In such cases, the health of an enemy creep which you are focused upon does not go down by the same percentage that you expect it to and this causes you to miss the last hit losing the gold and extra experience that come with it.

A very easy tip to follow in order to dramatically increase your last hit accuracy is to wait until the creep is at its lowest health percentage and just before it dies. Focus on the health bar of the creeps while in your lane and you will find many creeps that fit this criteria. Choose the creep with the lowest visible amount of health remaining on it health bar and then hit to kill it. Achieving a consistent level of accuracy becomes much easier if you follow this method of last hitting rather than keeping your hero on auto-attack which will cause you to mostly miss the huge amount of gold that you can collect from enemy creeps. More gold means better items and an overall advantage over the enemy team which automatically translates into much greater chances of a win for you and your team.

3. Choosing Between Melee And Ranged Heroes

In each faction, there is an ensemble of two different kinds of Heroes. “Melee” heroes are the characters which can only attack physically and from a very close range. These heroes usually wield weapons like swords, lances or axes and have a very high attack power and abilities. Their lack of range is usually compensated for by their large health points and good defensive as well as offensive skills. Similarly there are “Ranged” heroes in the game which can attack from different distances varying from character to character in the game. The Ranged heroes are usually found in the Summoners guild and have a fair bit of magic at their disposal.

This allows them to attack enemy creeps and heroes while staying at a safe distance. However these ranged heroes have much lesser hit points as compared to the stronger Melee heroes and therefore are much easier to kill. They also usually have a lower movement speed and a slow turn rate so escape is usually harder for them if caught unawares by a Melee enemy hero.

Both Melee and Ranged heroes have their uses in different games and the chances of a team winning or losing are partially already decided at the start of the game when the Hero picking phase is under process. For example, if a team has only Melee carry heroes and does not have a single Summoner Ranged hero, it will do very badly in the early game lane phases especially if the opponent team is well balanced. This hero line up has great late game potential due to the immense damage per second output of an all Melee team but it will be actually very hard for the Melee heroes to even farm the gold to make items that will help them deal that damage in the late game phase. Similarly an All-Ranged hero team is a recipe for disaster because a single Melee hero with higher attack can easily take out two to three ranged heroes without dying.

There is simply no defined criteria for choosing the line-up for your team and as the process is not under your control. You mostly just have to hope for the best and pray that your teammates make sensible decisions. However at higher payer levels, fellow teammates usually plan during the extra time before picking their heroes and aim for combination line-ups. This is an excellent strategy in most cases and creates great synergy between team members regardless of whether they know each other or not. A team that is entirely focused on taking towers or a team that includes many ganking heroes will surely be able to end the game much faster than a team which has players playing solo games in each lane. Remember, Heroes of Chaos is a team effort and you can win a game only and only if you synergize your plans with the plans of our team members.

4. Polishing Your Reflexes And Reactions

Heroes of Chaos is a game that pits your skill against the talent of thousands of players from all around the world. In order to prove yourself worthy of being called a Champion of your region you have to practice as much as you can in this game. An essential part of being called a pro player of Heroes of Chaos is to have killer reflexes and a very very short reaction time. This is a game in which team fights take at most ten to fifteen seconds and in that limited time you have to make split second decisions about which skill to use or to retreat from the enemy and save yourself from dying unnecessarily. This perfect timing that you will notice in many pro games and competitions is a product of sheer hardwork and countless hours devoted to practice in the game.

A key reflex that you need to focus on developing is the use of your skills. Instead of trying out a new hero every other day, choose a single hero that you like or you think you can play well. Give two to three hours of practice to fully understand what each skill of that hero does. Some new players get exasperated when a fight starts and begin to spam all of their skills. This is the main cause of those team fights ending badly for your side. Each of your hero skill has a defined Area of Effect and using it beyond that area will net you no damage on the enemy heroes. Also, each skill has its separate mana cost which varies wildly and spamming all skills at once will only leave you drained of all your mana. This makes any kind of escape or chasing down low health enemy heroes impossible for you.

Another reaction that you need to master is the sixth sense of detection in this game. This sense only comes with time as you play more and more games. Having a good sense means you literally get a gut feeling that something is wrong and you might be heading into an enemy ambush at times. At other times you might feel a knot in your stomach before a team fight is about to start and this allows you to anticipate the enemy’s attacks ahead of time. Use this sense to your advantage and become the ultimate Champion in Heroes of Chaos.