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Knighthood Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies

Knighthood is the latest game to come from famed developer King and is hands down one of the best mobile games of the year. King was made famous by Candy Crush Saga, which, to this day, is enjoyed by millions of players around the world and is one of the highest-grossing games on both iOS and Android platforms.

Featuring excellent graphics and some of the most fun combat gameplay we’ve seen in a mobile game, Knighthood definitely has a lot going for it. From its top-notch build quality to its masterful storytelling, this game combines popular elements of the RPG genre and adds in its own mix of flare and flavor.

In Knighthood, players get to play an up-and-coming Rage Knight. Armed with the powers of the Rage Gauntlet and the guidance and tutelage of veteran Sir Edward Drakeson, players embark on a journey to fame and glory. Earn experience and currency to empower your Rage Knight, and unlock epic heroes along the way. With an epic story that’s just about to unfold and plenty of competitive madness through the in-game Arena and Leaderboard, Knighthood is a game that’s deceptively simple but holds so much depth.

If you’re just getting started on the road to fame, riches, and glory in Knighthood, then we have just the thing. Stay with us and check out our Knighthood beginner’s guide, as it comes with a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies that will help you to level up the way you play!

1. Read Those In-Game Tips

It may seem obvious, but make sure you take the time to read the in-game tips in Knighthood. Canonically, your player is being inducted into the Order of Rage by a famous veteran, a fellow Rage Knight named Sir Edward Drakeson. He conducts players through an expansive tutorial that shows them the ropes – how to use abilities and attacks, how to use the game’s currency to upgrade weapons and armor, how to take advantage of enemy weaknesses, etc. If you’re just starting out in Knighthood, these in-game tips and tutorials are a treasure trove of information, so make sure you pay attention!

knighthood tips

Apart from the Tutorials, the game also gives advice on the Prepare screen. Knighthood automatically determines what kind of enemies you’ll be facing, and it’ll tell you which of your weapons, armor, and even heroes would be most appropriate for the encounter. Another cool thing that you may or may not have noticed, is that if you fail an encounter or a hunt, the game grants you additional tips at the bottom of the screen on how to better prepare yourself for the next attempt.

2. Knowledge Is Power

Knighthood features a deep but deceptively simple combat system. While you can get by without a sweat in the early levels, more challenging encounters require a bit of strategy and planning. Fortunately for us players, Knighthood already provides everything we need to know about every encounter. Tap the (i) next to the name of your enemies to check out their stats and abilities. Use this information to know which targets are your highest priority – the ones have the lowest HP or the highest damage.

enemy stats and abilities in knighthood

Looking further into the enemy info page, you can also find out what certain enemies are weak against, and what they’re resistant to. If you see that most of your enemies are weak to fire, for example, make sure you bring along a Hero that deals burning damage like Ash.

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Make sure you pay attention to enemy Types as well. Over the course of the game, you’ll find weapons and equipment that increase your potency against certain enemy types. Before each encounter, especially the most challenging ones, it’s important to match your weapons and heroes to take full advantage of the combat system.

3. Upgrade Your Items

One of the most impressive features in Knighthood is its crafting and upgrades system. Throughout their journey, players have the chance to earn different kinds of currency and crafting materials. Use these materials to upgrade your weapons and armor, massively increasing your effectiveness on the battlefield.

how to upgrade items in knighthood

If you’re wondering which items to upgrade first, the best answer is to just upgrade whatever you have equipped. There is no shortage of upgrade materials, but depending on the rarity of your gear, you might have to devote a lot more time upgrading rarer weapons than more common ones.

Our advice is to focus on common weapons first. They’re far easier to upgrade and the materials required to max them out aren’t nearly as rare as the materials needed to upgrade Legendary weapons, but the boost in power is definitely significant. Don’t worry about having to “save up” materials for more powerful weapons – you’ll get there soon enough.

4. Trust In Your Basic Gauntlet

Pretty soon, Sir Edward Drakeson will teach you everything you need to know about the Codex. The Codex is the ultimate repository of information that shows you in-depth knowledge about everything you encounter in the game. From monsters to NPCs to weapons and armor, the Codex reveals everything that awaits you on your journey as a Rage Knight. In particular, the Codex might show players the existence of more powerful Rage Gauntlets that give unique boosts and upgrades.

knighthood gauntlet

It’s tempting to see these gauntlets and want to save up all your materials to upgrade the one you want, instead of the one you have, but our advice is to trust in your basic gauntlet. The other gauntlets are rare and will be unlocked in due time, but your Basic Gauntlet can and will get you through most of the game’s content without a hitch. Upgrade your basic gauntlet every chance you get, and don’t worry about those rare end-game gauntlets for now.

5. Take Advantage Of The Forge System

If you’re running low on currency or crafting materials, or if you’re inventory’s getting filled with useless lower-level items, then it’s time to learn about the Forge system. In Knighthood, all items are intrinsically valuable regardless of their rarity. Any weapons or armor that you gain through adventuring can be processed through the Forge system.

knighthood forge system

Combine older, less powerful gear and Forge them into more powerful ones, or Dismantle them to get currency and materials that can be used to upgrade your favorite weapons.

6. Follow In The Footsteps Of The Famous

Right out of the tutorial, Knighthood allows players access to the Leaderboards. In Knighthood, players are ranked according to their Fame – a stat that players earn and acquire through various challenges, but mostly by accomplishing great feats and winning against other Rage Knights in the Arena.

fame leaderboard in knighthood

If you’re getting stuck in a certain quest, or if you feel like your power level is plateauing, then check out the Fame Leaderboards for some inspiration. You can inspect other Rage Knights in the Leaderboards, and have a look at their skills, heroes, and items.

Of course, some of these Knights, especially the highest-ranked ones, might have access to rare equipment and heroes that may take some time to acquire, but just the inspection alone should give you some ideas on what to aim for next and what skills or heroes perform the best.

7. Don’t Rush Through The Content

Like with any RPG, Knighthood involves a certain degree of grinding to gain more power, better equipment, more gold, etc. Of course, we all know how fun it is to power through content and unlock as much as we can in as little time. However, in Knighthood, your quests and daily challenges are tied directly to what areas you have unlocked, so it might be prudent to stay in the lower level areas, at least until you’re strong enough.

knighthood tricks

While encounters in a certain area ramp up in difficulty as you go along, new areas in-game offer a much steeper difficulty curve. Moving to a new area means having to fight much tougher monsters, so consider staying in one area long enough to max out these lower levels before pushing forward.

8. Run Hunts Whenever You Can

knighthood hunt

Hunts are limited-run encounters that players can opt to do up to five times a day. Hunts are generally the best place to earn experience, crafting and upgrade materials, and Hero shards. The shards alone already make Hunts one of the most worthwhile activities you can do in Knighthood, as they allow players to Rank up their heroes and unlock stronger abilities. However, Hunts can only be run a handful of times per day, so make sure you make the most out of your Knighthood activity by prioritizing Hunts and spending most of your Energy there before elsewhere.

9. Do Your Quests

This should go without saying, but make sure you do as many of your quests as you can whenever you play Knighthood. Quest rewards can range from a few gold coins to gems and legendary heroes, so it’s always worth it to go through your quests and see if there’s anything you stand to earn by playing.

knighthood quests

Quests in Knighthood are divided into a handful of categories – Story, Side Story, Daily, and Guild. Story Missions are your main quests. These involve progressing through the map and conquering the main Conquest nodes, and following the in-game campaign. The rewards for Story quests are usually substantial – gems, gold, gear, and heroes abound. Side Story quests are missions that are relevant to the story and player progression but are entirely optional for players who want to unlock more content.

Side Story quests are a great way to earn experience and currency while you progress through the world of Knighthood. Daily Missions, which refresh every day, are a special kind of quest that rewards players participating in common in-game activities such as Hunts, Conquests, or even for upgrading Heroes and items. Finally, Guild quests are special Guild-only missions that allow players to contribute towards the Guild Boss event.

10. Team Up With Other Players

Knighthood offers an excellent Guild system that lets players team up with other players from all over the world. These player-run Guilds give players access to Guild-exclusive events like the Guild Boss and offer them a chance to earn excellent rewards.

knighthood guild

Of course, you don’t have to join a Guild to progress in the game (in fact, some of the top-tier players on the Leaderboards are guild-less) but it certainly helps and nobody really wants to miss out on some of the best rewards the game has to offer.

11. Join The Knighthood Community

There’s so much depth and customization in Knighthood that players have plenty of leeway to theorycraft and consider different kinds of builds for both PvE and PvP content. If you’re interested in talking about the game with other Knighthood enthusiasts, make sure to join the official Knighthood Discord server.

knighthood community

Plus, chances are King, the game devs, will hold plenty of rewards and promotions through their Discord server, so join up and don’t miss out on that.

12. General Tips And Tricks To Level Up Your Gameplay

If you’re having trouble breaking through some of the game’s higher levels, don’t worry! Try these simple but handy strategies to help you level up your game.

how to level up fast in knighthood

– Grinding Hunts is a great way to earn experience for your Rage Knight and his Heroes.

– Use Support heroes with Healing and Buffing abilities. A Dedicated Support will help you punch through more difficult encounters with ease.

– If you’re stuck at a certain level, try employing Heroes and Weapons that are strong against the specific type of enemy you’re struggling against

– Do your dailies and claim your rewards for some easy progression. If you’ve hit a plateau, daily rewards might have the currency or materials you need to push your knight and your heroes to the level they need to be to win.

And this concludes our beginner’s guide for King’s mobile RPG, Knighthood. We hope these tips and strategies have helped you on your way to becoming a Rage Knight of fame and glory. If you happen to know additional tips for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section!