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KleptoCats Tips & Tricks: A Guide to the Secret Safe

It’s been a while since we gave you a detailed KleptoCats strategy guide, and with the game having been out for a while, we’re back to cover Apps-O-Rama’s mobile title once again, this time zeroing in on a specific topic. Before we get to that, let’s give you a brief backgrounder on the game for those who are playing the game for the first time. This is a game not unlike Neko Atsume in nature, but this time, the cats you’re dealing with are kleptomaniacs, hence the title. Your job is to send your cat away to bring back items and fill your room with treasures.

One of the more important aspects of the game is the secret safe, and you may be wondering how to make your cats bring back different items, instead of the same old-same old stuff. So join us for this new KleptoCats strategy guide, as we unlock the secrets, no pun intended, of the secret safe.

1. Send Different Cats Out

It won’t be an uncommon event – your cats bringing back coins instead of bringing back brand new items. The game’s mechanics allow you to get more of the same items, but once that happens, you’ll get bags of coins instead of the duplicates. So what’s to do if you’re tired of getting coins and in need of getting new items? We suggest having different cats go out, in hopes that they would bring back new items instead of bags of coins. This is mainly based on gamers’ experience thus far, and has not been confirmed by the game’s makers, but a lot of players appear to have had some success sending different cats out, and have indeed gotten new items instead of coins.

2. Add To Your Gem Total

The game allows you to trade in your coins for gems, and that’s quite a useful strategy if you want to add a new room or unlock a new cat. As you can play KleptoCats’ mini-games or watch ad videos to earn more coins, it is quite easy to stockpile your coins. Provided you have more than enough coins on you, it’s a good idea to buy gems with those coins, so you can add to your collection of cats. You can then use the first tip by sending out your new cats, and that could be a good way to play the secret safe and make the most out of it.

3. What Are The Secret Safe Passwords?

The secret safe would require passwords for you to unlock it, and we’ve seen the KleptoCats community diligently cobble together clues from room items, and come up with a list of secret safe passwords. What’s interesting is that some have claimed they have entered the passwords correct right from the get-go, but others have claimed that they weren’t able to successfully enter the password until they got all the items corresponding to a given room.

The first password is for Room 1, and you’ll see the letter magnets on the refrigerator spelling out the word “Help.” After entering the password, you’ll have to watch a cut scene where a robot seems to guide the viewer to a secret laboratory. Once the cat shows up on the black background, the game will mysteriously crash, but you don’t need to worry; it’s all by design, and you’ll know you’re doing things right if the game crashes like it should.

Look for the old television set in Room 2, and make out the message that’s spelled out. Translating the wingdings that make up the message will give you the word “Catnapped,” and that will reveal more of the secret lab you saw in the Room 1 cut scene. Once again, the game will crash, but you still don’t need to worry about that.

The Room 3 password is written in Morse Code, and translates to the name “John Catterson.” That will reveal the right side of the lab, and the game will, yet again, crash. And finally in Room 4, look for the ID that shows the name “Carlos.” Entering that as the password will reveal a cat sitting in a chair, and will reveal all of the secret lab, giving you full access to it. Make sure you drag your screen to view the lab when you’re prompted, as that will be your sole chance to do so.


Sunday 17th of June 2018

You actually have multiple chances to see it, on the screen where you can look at the rooms, tap the arrow pointing left. this should take you to a page with a pink square if you've put in all the codes. Tap the square and you're back in the room.