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Oz: Broken Kingdom Tips & Hints: How to Get and Upgrade Your Abilities

We already shared with you some tips and tricks for Oz: Broken Kingdom in our general strategy guide, but there are certain topics relating to the game that deserve a separate guide of their own. Before we move on to one of those topics, here’s a quick refresher on Oz: Broken Kingdom. This game was recently released for iOS and Android devices by Nexon, and if you consider the bulk of the developer’s releases, it’s no surprise that this game is seemingly an attempt to blend the world of anime with the world of Oz. The game puts you in control of several heroes from The Wizard of Oz, as well as some new characters, and allows you to explore the various corners of Oz as you go through the game’s story. You’ve also got a MOBA mode here, where you can face real, human opponents in the arenas of Oz and advance through the different leagues.

Now, if you want to succeed in the game’s different modes, you need a powerful team of heroes, and your ability cards will play a significant role in determining how powerful your heroes are. But how can you find some top-notch ability cards and upgrade the ones you currently have? That’s what we shall be discussing now, as we bring you our list of Oz: Broken Kingdom tips, tricks and hints for acquiring and upgrading abilities.

1. Raid Completed Levels

Each of the levels in campaign mode can give you a specific ability card as a reward. Before the start of any level in the game, you can check to see what that card is, by heading to the Possible Treasures section. If you find the ability card, it will show up with a green check mark next to it, and you wouldn’t be able to find it again unless you pony up a hundred emeralds to refresh. Given that emeralds can be hard to come by at times, that’s not exactly the wisest idea.

So what can you do to refresh things without having to part with your currency? Simply go back to the levels in campaign mode you’ve already completed successfully, and replay them. This process is called “raiding” the level, and that means going through the level once again, but not having to fight off any enemies. The only thing you’ll have to part with is energy, though there is a bit of a catch here – you’ll have to had completed that level with three stars in order to raid it.

Pro-tip – you can examine abilities by clicking on the magnifying glass button on the right side of the ability. This will show you the level where you need to go to if you want the best chances of getting that ability card as a drop.

2. Be On The Lookout For ‘In Store’ Banners

Among all the shops in the Oz: Broken Kingdom emporium, the Item Shop is the sole store that changes its inventory every few hours or so. Regardless of when you decide to shop in the emporium, there will be four ability cards and one elemental pearl, and these offerings will rotate from time to time. So how does this play into the topic? The answer would be the “In Store” banners you’ll see while you power up your cards. If you see this banner, that means the card is currently available in the store, and you should buy it if you need it in order for the upgrade to go through. Depending on how rare the card is, you may have to spend for 250 to 5,000 units of essence. Look out for those banners and save big-time when powering up your ability cards.

As a bonus tip, you can also watch an ad video to refresh the selections of items in the Item Shop.

3. Use Your Emeralds

Now, you wouldn’t want to use your emeralds to force-refresh a campaign mode level so you can get an ability card again. But you can use your emeralds to buy Gold and Hero coins from the Pool of Wonders. You get Bronze and Silver coins as free rewards, and you can redeem them every few hours. But it’s the Gold and Hero coins that you want, as they give you the best chance of getting rare ability cards and better.

To wit, the Hero coin is worth 200 emeralds per coin, and comes with 20 common cards, 16 uncommon cards, 12 rare cards, and 5 epic cards for any given hero. The Gold coin, on the other hand, will cost you 750 emeralds, and comes with 18,750 to 55,000 units of essence, 36 common cards, 25 uncommon cards, 20 rare cards, and 10 epic cards. It’s worth noting that you won’t know who gets the epic cards if you choose the Gold coin.

4. Which Of The Coins Is Better?

Looking at the above options, we can certainly recommend the Hero coins. Consider that you can buy three Hero coins for a total of 600 emeralds, and get 15 cards of epic rarity, as opposed to 10 epic cards if you pay 750 coins for one Gold coin. Also consider that you know just who’s getting the cards if you buy a Hero coin, or coins. But there is an advantage to buying a Gold coin, and that’s the substantial amount of essence that comes with it. As such, the Gold coin should only be an option if your supplies of essence are running very low.