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KleptoCats Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Make Your Cats Happy

KleptoCats is a new mobile game by Apps-O-Rama that follows the tradition of Neko Atsume, in the sense that your goal is to collect all the cats in the game. But this new title adds a few twists and turns along the way, as you will have to send your cats away to get items and fill up your room with amazing treasures. After all, these are KleptoCats, and stealing things is what they’re good at!

Now, if you are serious about collecting all those cats and making the most out of them, you may want to check our our exclusive KleptoCats tips and tricks. So with that said, we are now bringing you a complete KleptoCats strategy guide, where we shall be showing you what you have to do to collect more cats, while making them bring back more goodies like a good kleptomaniac cat should.

1. Keep Your Cats Happy

One of the most important, and first things you should do in this game is to ensure that your cats are happy. You will be able to gauge this by looking at the mood meter on the top left corner of your device’s screen. As the mood meter fills up, the happier your cats will be. Happy cats, of course, will be better-equipped to deliver like they should, as they would be able to bring back more stuff, such as unique items and coins. Get that mood meter up to 100 percent and they’ll be bringing back rare items, and not the garden-variety common stuff.

2. Tips To Make A Cat Happy

There are a few ways to do so, and we shall explain the two specific ways. Tapping on a cat will pull up three possible actions, namely Treat, Go Out, and Pet. If you tap on Treat, that will allow you to feed your cat with a fish, by tapping on the fish and dragging it toward your cat’s mouth. Each bite adds two points to the mood meter. If you choose Pet, that will allow you to pet your cat, which also raises their mood. Each pet is worth two points, so you’ll want to make quick taps on your cat’s forehead.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, petting a cat appears to be more effective in making them reach 100 percent happiness. It’s more tiring, as you’ll need to tap quickly on their forehead, but doing so makes them happier much faster, rather than if you would simply feed them fish and watch them consume it slowly.

3. Once Your Cat Is Happy, Take Him / Her Out

Once you’ve fed or petted your cats enough to make his or her mood meter reach 50 percent, you will notice that the heart icon next to your cat is smiling. That means your cat is in a good mood, and is ready to go out. Tapping on Go Out would send your cat out, and when he or she returns, they’ll have some coins, as well as a special gift. Tapping on that gift will place the item inside in the background. Take note, however, that once your cat has returned with the coins and gift, the mood meter will go back to zero percent, which will require you to repeat the above process so they can bring back more goodies.

In addition, we should also set your expectations for what would happen as the game goes on, whenever you tap on Go Out to send your cat off on its kleptomaniac mission. Over time, it will take longer and longer for your cat to return, so when that happens, you can put KleptoCats in the background and focus on other things, waiting for the game to notify you when your cat has returned.

4. Should You Focus On Making Your Cats 100 Percent Happy?

If you want more rare and unique items, the answer is undoubtedly yes on that count. But if you’re hoping for more coins or less duplicates, you may be a bit disappointed. Based on what we’ve seen, 100 percent happiness does not guarantee more coins, nor does it ensure you that you won’t be getting an item you already have.

5. How To Buy A New Cat

You can find the kitty album next to the happy meter, and clicking on that will allow you to choose one of several options. While you can view the items your cats have stolen or view the cats you have purchased, you can, more importantly, buy a new cat by tapping on the New Cat option – what else would it be? Now buying a cat will cost you four purple gems, which are the game’s premium currency – sometimes, cats will steal these gems for you and add them to your total. You can also pay coins to get gems, with the “exchange rate” being 250 coins per gem. Conversely, you can spend one gem to get 125 coins, which obviously isn’t the best deal out there, but something worth considering if you’ve run out of coins.

6. How Can You Get New Cats For Free?

While buying new cats will cost you some premium currency, there is a way in which you can get a new cat without having to pay any in-game money. The orange items that your cats sometimes bring back are essentially pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, and once you’ve completed the puzzle, you will get a bonus cat. Look for the puzzle pieces in the cupboard in your room – it’s located behind the toy mummy, just in case you cannot find it right away.

7. Collect Your Daily Rewards

The album also includes an option for Daily Rewards, and this, as you may guess, rewards you for playing the game on consecutive days. As such, make sure you spend at least a couple minutes logged in and playing the game each day, as this is another way for you to earn more purple gems. You’ll get gems on the fourth, eighth, twelfth, and sixteenth days, so keep on playing and those gems will add up!

8. Earn More Gems Via The Super Secret Safe

Want to find more gems and get them for free? Well, the game has a Super Secret Safe, though the catch here is that it’s such a big secret that you’ll have to follow certain clues found in your room in order to find it. These are typically picture clues, and your cats may sometimes offer some clues in addition to the ones the game gives you. Once you’ve figured it out, enter the words without spaces on the box that launches once you’ve tapped the Super Secret Safe. Tap on the book icon on top of your screen, tap on Settings, tap on the Secret Safe icon that appears, enter the code, and you should be good to go, as long as you’ve got an updated version of the game.

9. How To Earn Coins

You’ve probably wondered about this, given that we already shared some ways for you to earn some gems. But when it comes to coins, which are the game’s common currency, there are several ways in which you can do so. For starters, your cats will bring back coins after you have them go out. You can earn them via the Daily Rewards feature, with 10 coins earned on the first day you log in, 20 on the second day, and so on until you get 150 coins for logging in 15 days straight.

Watching ad videos also helps, and you can get 50 coins per video you watch – the ads typically pop up after you tap on Go Out, and may also appear in the middle of the Tap-a-Paw mini-game. And speaking of things like that, you can play Tap-a-Paw once your cat is out stealing stuff for you, and you can earn one coin per 10 paws you tap. Lastly, watch out for the golden cat, which appears at random and allows you to earn a ton of coins by tapping rapidly on it.

10. Do Not Spend Coins To Send Your Cat Home ASAP

You have the option to spend 100 coins in order to bring your cat home right away after sending them out to get stuff for you. That’s going to ring a bell and allow your cat to return with whatever they were able to gather – again, that’s a gift and some coins. But since it will ultimately be better if you spend coins to buy gems, then spend those gems to buy cats, we would strongly advise you NOT to rush things by paying a hundred coins so you don’t have to wait. You can always use that downtime to do other things, or play the Tap-a-Paw mini-game so you can earn more coins.

Veronica Rothgarn

Monday 3rd of October 2016

How do you know we will get the free bonus cat when we collect all the pieces to the jigsaw puzzle? How will we know when we get that bonus cat?


Tuesday 24th of October 2023

@Veronica Rothgarn, I have seen a real photo of it. I’m working on seeing it for myself