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King’s Raid Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Units for Each Role in PvE and PvP (Tier List)

Vespa Inc. has constantly been putting a lot of work into King’s Raid especially in terms of balancing out all 78 characters in its roster. As unique as each of the heroes are in terms of stats and skill sets, so too does each of their strengths and weaknesses vary. While experienced and veteran mobile strategy RPG players may have experienced obtaining heroes in other RPGs that has proven to be utterly useless from beginning of the game or perhaps only on the latter part of it, no such heroes exist in King’s Raid.

What makes King’s Raid stand out from other loosely similar games within the genre, not only relates to the relative ease of obtaining the characters you want, provided that you work towards it. The idea that each of the available heroes can be used to come up with your own unique team and strategy without being disadvantaged or overpowered as much by higher rarity or higher class heroes makes it all the way fairer for everyone playing it.

As we mentioned in our King’s Raid beginner’s guide, banking on any set of heroes can take you very far in the game so long as you take into consideration roles each one performs within the team. As each candidate for main and sub damage dealers, tanks, and support units holds unique attributes and skills, each one naturally proves to be better than others in one or a couple of the many different game modes in King’s Raid.

As such, deciding on which heroes are the best, even specifically to the roles they are designed for, can be a contestable issue. To delimit sets of list that practically span as far and wide as number of game modes that King’s Raid offers, we will focus primarily on proficiencies of heroes in general PvE and PvP content.

Keep in mind that the challenge in determining each hero’s efficiency can depend as well on how they are being utilized and how they synergize with the rest of the team. Additionally, some heroes dramatically change in value once you secure the hero’s unique weapon as well as unique artifacts. Although there are some heroes in King’s Raid that can do well enough in certain game modes even without their unique weapons, our consideration is based on each hero’s end-game value, which of course, considers having their respective ultimate weapons.

Most tier lists also consider picking heroes based on their class. For us though, we value roles over class so while classes may be specifically built for certain roles, only priests and knights are exclusively considered for support and tank roles in our list. With that said, below you can read our King’s Raid best heroes tier list, showcasing the most effective units for PvE and PvP battles!

1. The Best PvE Main Damage-Dealers In King’s Raid

king's raid best pve damage dealer heroes

Erze is our first pick for main damage-dealers in PvE combat. As an assassin that deals decent AoE damage and designed for a bit of survival, Erze is even a considerable character for PvP battles. Sweet Blood is an awesome skill as it leeches 10% of the damage it does to enemies back to Erze. Stacking it to 5, which is the maximum causes an additional hit on enemies, granting a higher amount of HP drained. Soaking Blood is yet another great skill to have as it dispels negative effects on Erze and grants her temporary immunity from damage and negative effects for a full 5 seconds.

The prince of sandstorms, Zafir is our next consideration for best damage-dealers in PvP. Beyond dealing raw physical damage, Zafir practically ups his critical damage in battle and can also offer defensive barriers to allies in trouble. Judgement of the Desert covers a wide area of effect and boosts Zafir’s critical damage.

Blessing of the Sand Spirit is a useful skill in terms of providing additional defensive measures for the team. The shield it creates not only reduces damage taken but also immunizes the allied target from negative status effects while the shields are up.

Artemia may very well be our favorite wizard in the world of King’s Raid. This empress of light does not only pack some decent AoE damage, but her access to valuable crowd control skills and effects make her a valuable member of any team. Pillar of Light can make any single damage-dealer on the opposing side loose 20% of his or her attack valuefor 10 seconds. Though that actually does not sound a lot, 10 seconds in battle may very well be all the time it takes to wrap things up. Light’s Judgement, her third skill, is to be feared the most as it hits all enemies 3 times and stuns them for 5 seconds. On top of that, if an enemy happens to get killed by this skill, it’s cooldown is reduced by a whopping 30%.

2. The Best PvP Main Damage-Dealers In King’s Raid

king's raid best pvp damage dealer heroes

Although Cecilia also works well enough in PvE battles, we consider her to excel more in PvP combat. This crimson wind of justice sports combination skills, self buffs, and some decent debuffs as well. Her first skill, which spans into linked attacks is goo considering all the damage it can deal but well beyond that, the attack speed reduction, knockback, and stun it can cause to the target makes it an awesome weapon in your arsenal. Infinite Potential may not stand out on its own as far as damage-dealing is concerned but how it impacts the rest of her skills and overall performance.

Single target damage-dealers are important in PvE combat and Mirianne takes it to a whole new level when it comes to targeted selections. Mirriane is a magic damage dealer whose primary skill, Target Lock On, attacks the enemy with lowest magic defense 3 times. When it hits an enemy unit, that enemy will be taking in increased magic damage for the next 10 seconds and reduces magic block by 500 points.

The “Target Lock On” status cannot be dispelled making it a dangerous status effect to survive through especially in a full magic team. Restrain and Protect can hit multiple enemies and stun them for 2 seconds and if that is not enough, it also creates a shield for an ally with the lowest physical defense that can block damage as well as immunize from negative status effects for 10 seconds.

For our last pick, we choose Fluss as an exceptional hero for PvP battles. Fluss is like every magic user’s bane in the world of King’s Raid as both offensive and defensive abilities make her a trump card against even the most powerful magic-based enemies. Flash Step selectively targets an enemy with the highest attack power and inflicts silence for 2 seconds as well as placing a mark on them, prioritizing them as the target as well for the subsequent attacks.

As silence disables use of spells, using this skill strategically even with a mere 2-second effect, can turn the tide of battle. Spell Cutter works like a reactive skill that triggers after being hit with magic damage but the ability of dodging all other magic attacks for the next 3 seconds as well as counters with a physical attack every 10 seconds.

3. The Best PvE Tanks In King’s Raid

king's raid best pve tanks

Glenwys is definitely far from being the tank of choice for PvP combat but she is definitely one to pick for PvE battles. With damage boosts aimed against non-heroes and packed with team buffs and protection skills, Glenwys can definitely be a versatile addition to any party designed for PvE battles.

Her first skill, That Is It, may not do much damage on its own with 7 hits, but the increase of 4% to physical damage taken by enemies per hit is a substantial plus for physical attack-based teams. It also deals more damage on non-hero enemies. Time For Counterattack is also a highly notable skill despite the not so impactful AoE damage it can cause. The added value of dispelling negative effects, boosting attack and defense values make it a an exceptional skill to have for the party in combat.

Neraxis is yet another knight in King’s Raid that is versatile on top of sporting good defensive attributes. Neraxis has self-boosts, buffs, and debuffs that are useful in all sorts of challenges yet considering bothe PvE and PvE, he is more suitable for the former. Black Lightning Claw is not really remarkable for the damage it deals, but the 3-second stun it causes to multiple enemies coupled with the attack speed reduction makes it a notable skill to have.

Obsidian Roar not only boosts offensive and defensive stats of allies, it also reduces attack of enemies by 30% for 15 full seconds. Breath of Destruction causes a reduction on magic defense for a group of enemies while Black Dragon Hide further boosts Neraxis’ own defensive stat attributes.

Dubbed as the King of Dwarves, Phillop goes well beyond being a damage sponge as the knock back and knock down impact of some of his skills are considered just bonuses for the debuffs he can cause the enemies. His Earth Incarnate skill, which boosts his defensive stats for 15 seconds also restores 15% of his HP. If that is not enough to impress you, it also grants him CC immunity. Headbutt doesn’t just knock enemies back. It’s greater value lies with the 20% attack speed reduction that it imposes on each enemy it hits.

4. The Best PvP Tanks In King’s Raid

king's raid best pvp tanks

Her self-boost may not seem much compared to other tanks but Dosarta is packed with a lot of useful abilities that make her a great choice for any team’s PvE tank. She can amplify damage, buff, and also debuff in various effective ways. For starters, her first skill, This Will Hurt, boosts CC resist of allies within range and attacks enemies to cause amplify magic damage on them for 10 seconds. Enemies struck by this skill will also be unable to recover mana for 3 seconds. On Guard is a potent buff that boosts physical defense of all allies on top removing all negative effects on each of them.

The Gatekeeper of Trust, Loman, is another versatile tank packed with amplification, a defensive buff, and a bit of crowd control on top of a respectable defensive prowess. Loman also works great in PvE as well as a lot of the other game modes in King’s Raid. Cut Ground can hit multiple enemies and while the damage itself may not be impressive at all, the boost of 25% in physical damage taken by opponents hit with the skill can make way for damage dealers in the party to shred the enemy team’s hit points.

Shrouding Creed is among the best team shields around as it negates debuffs from allies, casts a barrier that absorbs damage and reduces damage to allies by 20%. As a cherry on top, it also grants immunity to CC.

Last, but not the least, is the Blue Hurricane, Sonia, with her lightning-based skills that can stun opponents. While her first two skills works on probabilities to stun opponents, Electric Explosion, which is her third skill, guarantees a stun to multiple targets for 5 seconds. With the game’s fast pace of combat, 5 seconds is a lot of time to really cause additional damage to enemies while they are sitting like vegetables. With Shock in play, Sonia can render enemies more vulnerable to magic attacks by 70% for 7 seconds, further boosting the duration if the enemies are stunned.

5. The Best PvE Support Heroes In King’s Raid

king's raid best pve support heroes

Frey is probably not among the top considerations for a support character on PvP combat, but she is our top pick for PvE battles. The Priestess of Light holds an excellent combination of skills to effectively support her party in battle. Blessing of Light provides a shield that absorbs damage and grants immunity from CC.

Costing only 2 mana and a cooldown period of merely 15 seconds, it is one of the best deals you get out of a support skill. Heaven’s Vengeance is also an effective offensive support skill as it can render enemies blind for 6 seconds and boost damage they take by 25%. Frey’s healing and magic defense booster focuses on the ally with the lowest HP which is great to have in any party.

Juno is one of the few heroes in the game who we consider to be great for both PvE and PvP. Cook from Hell broadens her capacity as it changes her first two skills while it is active on top of self-cleanse and healing. Best Dish is an all-in-one package for the team as it removes all negative status effects, heals over time, and even boosts everyone’s defense values.

In contrast, Juno’s Spicy Special which becomes available when Juno’s Cook from Hell is active, removes all buffs from enemies and even amplifies physical damage they take by 20%. Power-up is also a notable skill to have as it works much like Best Dish but applies to an ally with the lowest HP. If Juno is a Cook from Hell, her second skill also works great as it removes mana from enemies it hits. Against non-hero opponents, this skill ignores defense.

The Holy Priestess of Water, Laias, is our third and final pick for best support heroes in King’s Raid. Healing Droplets, as a team heal, is great especially against magic-based opponents given that it also reduces magic damage each team member takes by 15% for the next 5 seconds.

Additionally, if some allies have HP below 50%, the rate of heal and magic defense boost they obtain increases by 50%. Bubble Shield supports the ally that needs protection the most as the ally with the lowest HP will gain a shield that blocks damage, heals over time, boost attack, and immunizes that ally from negative effects for 15 full seconds.

6. The Best PvP Support Heroes In King’s Raid

king's raid best pvp support heroes

Rephy is our top pick for best PvP support character for the continuous heal that cannot be dispelled as well as the quick and cheap dispel and magic defense boost, Salvation. Healing Soul selects 4 allies with the lowest HP and grants continuous healing for 8 seconds which is an effect that cannot be dispelled. Spiritual Tuning is a fine speed booster with its ability to add 1 mana to an ally with the lowest HP every 7 seconds.

The Eternal Scribe, Leo, holds our second spot as he owns a great mix of healing and debuffing. Rune of Healing maybe as basic as it comes to restoring HP but what makes Leo great even before transcendence is his Rune of Silence. As the name goes, this skill inflicts silence on all enemies but not before dispelling all buffs they have. Rune of Frailty is a fine addition as well given that it can amplify physical damage on an enemy it hits by 50% for 8 seconds.

Lucias may not be a perfect fit against magic-based enemies but is the perfect support hero for physical damage-based teams against an opposing team based on physical damage as well. The Saint of Blessings basic healing skill Path of Blessings heals 4 allies with the lowest HP and boosts their physical defense for 7 seconds. Zone of Faith is a very valuable skill despite its high cost.

Once casted, allies within it has increased attack, continuous heal, and will have negative status effects on them dispelled. Enemies who also step within the area take damage and become stunned. Stigmata is also a great support skill to have for a physical team as it boosts physical dodge rate and also increases physical damage taken by enemies.

7. The Best PvE Sub Damage-Dealers In King’s Raid

king's raid best pve sub-damage dealer heroes

Maria is a great secondary damage-dealer to have in your part whether it is for PvE or PvP. Considering that she can do extra damage for non-hero enemies, we would consider her as our top pick for a PvE-centered team. Raven Storm deals decent magic damage on frontline enemies and also reduces their magic defense by 20% for 15 seconds.

This skill proves to be even more effective against non-hero enemies as it does extra damage to them. Claws of Restriction hits 2 enemies and beyond the damage, the shackle effect which immobilizes them is a great CC additive. Area of Darkness can induce stun and also chips in some extra damage against non-hero enemies.

Although warriors lag behind other classes as far as offensive power goes and also below far in defensive capacity compared to knights, there are plenty of decent choices for sub damage-dealers especially considering crowd control skills. Theo is one warrior whose crowd-control skills, in addition to dishing out decent damage, cannot be ignored.

Final Crash has stun capacity to enemies it catches within its range. God of Lightning is great for amplifying magic damage that enemy units take by 50%. With the added 40% chance of activating “For Jane”, Theo greatly increases his chances of stunning opponents as For Jane applies a 20% stun chance to enemies he hits with each auto attack.

Viska is yet another warrior who works very much like Theo as far as CC is concerned. His first skill, Meal Time not only boosts his own attacks, but also reduces the attack values of the frontline enemies he hits by 25%. With stacks of souls or post transcendence, this skill can shackle enemies for 3 seconds. His skill, “I’ll Slice You Up”, removes buffs from his target and causes knockdown and like his first skill, can also reduce the enemy’s magic defense by 30% after satisfying similar conditions.

I’ll Rip You To Pieces is an AoE skill that covers a wide area and guarantees to stun enemies caught within it for 3 seconds. Through Yummy Souls, Viska can sustain his own health and mana in addition to causing further amplifying magic damage on enemies.

8. The Best PvP Sub Damage-Dealers In King’s Raid

king's raid best pvp sub-damage dealer heroes

Miruru is also a hero that works great on both PvE and PvP battles. Despit being able to cause extra damage to non-hero enemies, we still consider her as more effective in PvP with her knockback, knockdown, and attack speed reduction skills. “Baaaam!” does decent physical damage to all enemies and causes them to be pushed back. Roll Over, in addition to the damage it inflicts on frontal enemies, also guaranties a 2-second knockdown. Miruru Pirates targets a random enemy but it is still very effective since the damage attack speed reduction it can inflict cuts across enemies near the target.

Another great choice for both PvE and PvP play is Requina. Her strong points lie primarily on her ability to amplify damage taken by enemies in combination with the reduction of their chance to block an attack. Her basic skill, Tears of Mr. Python!, inflicts poison on 2 enemies that cannot be dispelled in addition to damage. While poisoned, enemy units cannot gain mana, takes 30% more damage, and has a reduced block chance for 4.5 seconds. The poison effect of the skill Screechy Grass Extract, on the other hand, reduces the attack and critical hit chance of a random enemy it hits by 30% and 500 points respectively.

If both skills are not dangerous enough, Requina’s “More! Stronger!” skill boosts her own attack for 20 long seconds and doubles the effect of all her other skills. This should be formidable on its own but with an increased number of targets for each of the other skills, Requina becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Shamilla is our last pick for the best PvP sub damage-dealers we considered but she is not at all the least of them. Curse of Petrification is a superb enemy disabler as it slows down an enemy continuously with a 3-second petrification right at the end of it. Curse of Time can also work wonders for Shamilla as it reduces cooldown time of all her skills and at the same time increases cooldown time of an opponent’s skills. Vessel of Curses grants Shamilla a great shield that cannot be cancelled at the start of combat that both absorbs damage and grants CC immunity to her.

Considering each of the heroes even prior to mentioning the added values activated through transcendence and the merits of having unique artifacts and weapons, these are all our picks for what we consider are the top picks of heroes considering role and basic gameplay. We understand that heroes may be adjusted over time given that some have underwent some changes in the past updates. Just the same, be sure to read through what you can about these heroes and try them if you have them on your roster as you will definitely discover on your own that they are exceptional in their own right.

Just to note, this article was written afterplaying version 3.67.023 of King’s Raid and given how fast updates go for the game, some tweaks may happen on some of the heroes mentioned here in later versions of the game. If you have your own ideas about the best heroes for each role, we definitely would want to hear from you about it. For your inputs as well as comments or reactions to our choices, don’t hesitate to share them with us!