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Captain Tsubasa ZERO: Miracle Shot Available for Pre-Registration

Captain Tsubasa ZERO: Miracle shot is a football simulator game based on the popular anime series. The game has been around in Japan since 2018, but the developers are finally bringing it to fans around the globe. The game will be released in over 90 regions and countries, with support for 7 languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai.

captain tsubasa zero miracle shot pre-registration

The story of Captain Tsubasa revolves around an 11-year-old boy who is known as the heaven-sent child of football. He displays unparalleled skill in the sport despite his young age. Captain Tsubasa ZERO: Miracle Shot simulates realistic football matches that include special moves taken from the anime. These moves have been faithfully recreated in the game and can be used to turn the table on one’s opponents.

Aside from using various strategies during the match, players will need to prepare by building up their teams. Captain Tsubasa ZERO: Miracle Shot allows players to assemble and develop their dream team. The different characters can be evolved in order to make them even more powerful during the matches.

Pre-registration for Captain Tsubasa ZERO: Miracle Shot is already underway and players can receive various rewards depending on the milestones reached. Check out the list below for potential rewards.

10,000 sign ups – 100 Gems

30,000 sign ups – 300 Gems

50,000 sign ups – 500 Gems

100,000 sign ups – 1,000 Gems

200,000 sign ups – 2,000 Gems

300,000 sign ups – 3,000 Gems

Captain Tsubasa ZERO: Miracle Shot will be released for iOS and Android devices on September 12. For further information and updates, please check out the game’s official website.