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Upcoming Mobile ARPG ‘Aurora 7’ to Launch This Year

Jollity’s new fantasy action RPG called Aurora 7 takes iconic fairy tale characters and transforms them into badass heroes bent on saving the different worlds and vanquishing all evil. It boasts of magnificent 3D graphics and beautifully illustrated characters. The game is now up for pre-registration for Android and iOS devices.

aurora 7 pre-registration

The story of Aurora 7 follows the main character named Aurora, the Child of Light. She lived in an orphanage with her brother, Jura, the Child of Darkness. Jura has been kidnapped and Aurora must wield the Sword of Light in order to rescue him from his captors. Unfortunately, a different Jura will be waiting for her when they finally meet again.

Aurora 7 has various fairy tale characters that players can recruit as they travel across the different worlds. Fan favorites from classics like Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Ugly Duckling, Little Red Riding Hood, and more will be available for recruitment. Players can then form a team that will help Aurora during her battles against evil.

aurora 7 characters

The combat system in Aurora 7 utilizes a control system familiar to most mobile ARPG players, with a directional stick on the left and skill buttons on the right side of the screen. Players can also customize which skills they want to take into battle. Various PvE and PvP options are available for everyone to test out their combat abilities.

The pre-registration period is currently only available for Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. Milestone rewards are listed below.

1,000 sign ups: 50 Diamonds, 50 Stamina, 1 Common Key

3,000 sign ups: 50 Diamonds, 1,000 Dream Dust, 1,000 Light Stone

6,000 sign ups: 100 Diamonds, 5,000 Gold, 10 Lv2 EXP Potion

10,000 sign ups: 150 Diamonds, 3 Common Key, 100 Stamina, 100 Golden Egg

15,000 sign ups: 200 Diamonds, 10,000 Gold, 100 Star Iron, 1 Purple Heart Stone

20,000 sign ups: 25 Katrina Fragment, 250 Diamonds, 1 Special Gacha Scroll

All players who pre-register for Aurora 7 will also receive an Ugly Duckling Super Rare Hero regardless of milestones reached. To pre-register, just head over to the game’s official website and log in with a Facebook account. Players will need to return to the site to claim reward codes once the game is officially launched.