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King’s Raid Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Progress Fast and Dominate All Game Modes

Vespa’s popular mobile RPG called King’s Raid takes you to the fantasy-filled Orbis continent plagued by demons unleashed by a wizard from ages ago. While Angmund, the dark lord leading the demons, was defeated in the past, his impending return made it necessary for heroes to gather together to end the demons’ plague that threatens the very existence of the world. Your adventure towards ridding the world of demons centers around gathering the best heroes for your team and as you push through towards battles that grow more challenging than the previous one. A host of enhancements and upgrades are at your disposal and managing all these are as essential as team synergy to claim victory in the numerous challenges that lie ahead.

King’s Raid holds a lot of unique elements in contrast with other adventure strategy RPGs in the market. Despite the seemingly overwhelming amount of content and features, though, the tutorial certainly helps a lot and simply following where the game takes you on the initial part makes it easier even for complete newbies. There are definitely hard battles in the latter part of the game, but the game practically guarantees a full immersion to all available features by the time players reach the more challenging aspects of King’s Raid.

If you just recently started playing the game or have been into it for a while and looking for more efficient ways to progress fast, then check out our detailed King’s Raid beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. Progress Through The Campaign Chapters

Like many adventure RPGs, King’s Raid holds a progressive, story-driven chapter progression campaign that serves as the main game mode. As you will battle through some of the early stages as you go through the tutorials, proceeding further is only a natural direction. There will certainly be instances where you will be taken around new features and game modes you unlock as a result of progression but once you are able to move around freely again, continue to push for progress by clearing one chapter after another in the campaign.

king's raid campaign

The main campaign not only serves as your keys to unlocking a host of other features and game modes to revel in later on. It will also be your main source of experience points to raise team level and each hero’s levels as well as obtain basic resources you will need to strengthen your team. Keep in mind that most battles you engage in consumes in-game stamina which delimits the amount of actions you can do on one play through as well as put a cap of some sort to the amount of time you can spend on the game. For one, though, stamina regenerates over time and you will certainly have more than enough of it especially on your first day in the game.

Each stage you complete in the campaign is rated between 1 to 3 stars and additional rewards can be earned upon collecting a certain number of stars. Initially, you can breeze through the first ones with an almost guaranteed 3-star rating but will later on struggle as you travel further into the campaign. You can always replay stages to secure a 3-star rating after failing to do so the first time around but once you experience failing to complete a stage, then perhaps that would be the best time to strengthen your team further through the enhancement and upgrade options on hand and spend time on the other game modes.

2. Focus On Your Main Team

Team composition in King’s Raid works a little differently than in other RPGs in that while classes and respective roles still play a vital role in deciding which characters to include in your formation, focusing on a specific damage type, which is either physical or magic damage, contributes more to team synergy. For starters, though, considering limited choice for heroes to use, having a good idea of each role relative to what makes them an essential component of a team needs to be achieved. A 4-person team may not be that common in other RPGs but in King’s Raid, these will be your standard formation so with the given classes and roles, an effective team can be created with a good balance of characters representing each available role.

king's raid team

There are 7 unique classes in King’s Raid and for the most part, a hero’s class dictates the role that he or she must play in the team. Knights are undoubtedly the best tanks in the game and Priests are basically needed for support. The rest all fall within the category of damage dealers, although variations in stats and skills in general will contribute to various specializations ranging from having higher DPS to being better at crowd control.

Just the same, what you should go for is, of course, a dedicated tank and a healer with a main damage dealer as well as a supporting one. For a 4-person squad, this combination would be the best fit although the consideration for a supporting damage dealer for the fourth slot can be more open to variants as compared with the first three positions. As such, make it a point to always consider having a main damage dealer, a tank, and a support character, and feel free to experiment on your fourth choice of hero.

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Team composition in most RPGs will typically encourage having a good mix of physical damage and magic damage dealers. What sets King’s Raid apart from the rest in this sense, is that heroes dealing a specific damage type have means of amplifying the same damage type on enemies. Given these unique mechanic, therefore, a more efficient team as far as damage-dealing is concerned ought to be exclusively focused on either physical damage or magic damage types of skills. In truth, no one type is better than the other as each one offers its own advantages and weaknesses.

To easily decide on the matter, it would be advisable to focus on your main choice of hero and consider a team to work around him or her that synergizes well when put together. Despite any developer’s best efforts to balance all heroes out in RPGs like King’s Raid, some heroes will still outperform others. Don’t worry though as practically any set of heroes following the above considerations can take you very far in the game. There will naturally be instances when you will have to swap some characters in and out but if you focus on your main heroes a lot, all of them, regardless of your choice, should not turn out to be a regrettable choice.

3. Spend Your Resources On Strengthening Your Main Heroes

There are a number of ways to empower your heroes in King’s Raid through various enhancement and upgrade options and as standard as it comes to team-based RPGs, each of these strengthening options require limited resources that you need to spend wisely to keep up with the growing needs of your team. As you play and dive deeper into the world of King’s Raid and as battles become more and more challenging, you will need to be able to keep your team at least up to par with the power required to succeed through battles. If you spread your resources too far and wide, or go beyond consuming them for heroes other than your main 4 heroes, then you may find yourself further burdened with not having enough of some resources to get the results you need.

king's raid heroes

The most basic source of increase in power comes from levelling heroes up and this is perhaps the easiest necessity to meet. Practically every battle you engage in earns experience points not just for your account but for each hero you use in that battle as well. At some points in time you will have to consume experience potions to hasten levelling up so be sure to save those only for your main team as you will need to keep them at max capacity especially from mid to end game. At the hero screen you will see after clicking on any hero in the heroes list, you can hasten levelling up of your favorite heroes by tapping on the experience bar just above their big portrait. Be sure to consume experience potions only enough to bring each hero’s level close to max. Maxing them out at this point won’t be a wise move as they can still obtain experience points from the battles that lie immediately ahead.

Additionally, you may want to consume experience potions a little more discreetly at the early part of the game especially if you still yearn to use heroes other than the ones in your current party.

While gears serve as another basic enhancement option for heroes in King’s Raid, equipment on its own can be upgraded and enhanced as well and gears in King’s Raid play a very vital role in the performance of your team. On top of the usual stats provided by equipment as a basic function, equipment rarity determines additional options that add to the boost that each one provides. For starters, you can simply auto equip each of your main heroes with a better piece of equipment in your inventory. Whatever boost the gears provide won’t matter as much so long as they give more to your heroes. Later on, though, as you acquire more powerful gears and more options to choose from, you will have to be more particular about the perks they have to bank on the strengths of the heroes you will put them on. You can tap the heroes icon at the lower left side of your screen, the hero icon, and then the gear button to auto equip and unequip each hero.

Each hero in King’s Raid sports a unique set of skills that can be levelled up as well using skill books. Given that you will most likely consume skill books faster than you can obtain them, be sure to consider spreading out their consumption across your main heroes. If at the earlier part of the game you are still uncertain as to whether or not you will be using a hero for a long time, then it would be best to not invest as much in that hero.

Beyond levels, skills, and equipment, the hero’s quality can further be increased through awakening and transcending. You may notice that with the starting characters you have, stars on their portraits may vary, typically between one to three stars. If you collect enough awakening materials, you can awaken them all the way to being at 5 stars. Once a hero reaches 5 stars through awakening, they can be transcended using essences and stones of infinity which are basically formed from fragments needed to awaken heroes. Both awakening and transcending are long and tedious processes that require a lot of farming. As such, it will be more critical at this point to severely limit your consumption of these materials across your 4 main heroes.

4. Expend Daily Attempts In Extra Game Modes

Beyond the numerous rewards you obtain from pursuing progress through the campaign chapters, the additional game modes you will unlock as you progress through chapters in King’s Raid provide more specific rewards that you will constantly need to enhance and upgrade your heroes. As such, making sure that you expend every attempt and battle through the additional game modes to get the most out of each of them. Keep in mind that the rewards each unique area provide are not as easy or even close to impossible to obtain anywhere else.

king's raid cheats

Conquest dungeons provide the best source for experience points to level up your heroes fast and it can reward you with experience potions as well. As you progress further in the story campaign and reach new chapters, more difficult challenges become available in the conquest dungeons that offer better rewards. You may want to go through this dungeon at the start of your game to potentially earn levels that consequently make you stronger for the other challenges.

The stockade provides you 3 attempts to secure skill books to upgrade the skills of your chosen heroes. Before you engage in it, be sure to have an idea in mind about the skill books you need to prioritize relative to the class of characters in your party as the 3 daily attempts you have can be split across 7 different areas each providing skill books specific for one class.

You should also expend 3 attempts to gather gold from the Orvel Castle. While you may seem to have an overabundant supply of the game’s basic currency but as it has a wide variety of uses, you will soon discover that you cannot have enough of it. As more difficult floors become available as a result of your accomplishments be sure to try the next higher challenge once you are able to do so.

There are many such other game modes and features to unlock in King’s Raid that would not all fit into our beginner’s guide. Not all of them involve engaging in battles and there are special time-limited events as well to take advantage of. As a general tip, be sure to spend time exploring through the portal, particularly Orvel as it holds many locations to visit that will reap you unique and important rewards.

5. Accomplish Missions And Achievements

On top of the outright rewards you obtain with each battle you engage in as well as other activities you spend time on, King’s Raid generously provides even more rewards for completing missions and reaching achievements in the game. Truthfully enough, the objectives you need to meet with regard to these added features revolve around the usual activities you engage in as you play the game and for the most part, you are most likely to satisfy a lot of these conditions and be qualified to claim rewards.

king's raid missions

Just to differentiate, missions pertain to objectives that you can achieve repetitively on a daily or weekly basis. This will serve as your guide later on to follow as your routine to get the most rewards out of your playing time on a daily basis. Accomplishments, on the other hand, are milestones that offer one-time rewards. More often than not, achieving one objective here opens up a next level objective that you can accomplish for another set of rewards.

6. Take Advantage Of Time-Limited Buffs And Events

As you dive into the overabundant offerings of King’s Raid, you might fail to notice the glowing icon at the upper left side of your screen just beside your character portrait and name. Most especially at the early part of your game, there are buffs that can grant you a percentage boost to earning experience points and gold. As these are usually available only for a short amount of time, be sure to make the most out of every instance a buff is active.

king's raid buffs and events

As rewards for some accomplishments as well as in-game events, you may also receive tickets that enable similar buffs. These can instantly be activated as soon as you use the ticket so be sure to do so strategically and only activate them when you are certain that you can make the most out of them. For the most part, these consumable are best saved for later as gold buffs and experience buffs grow more as higher level of stages and dungeons become available the farther your progress is.

7. Check Your Inventory And Mail Often

A lot of the in-game rewards you will obtain from battles, quests, and events typically revolve around gears, consumables, and currencies but sometimes, treasure chests can be obtained as special rewards and the various chests in the game contains a variety of rewards best claimed sooner than later. Be sure to regularly check your inventory, through its icon at the lower left side of your screen, for chests that you need to manually open to obtain the rewards it contains. You may also obtain tickets you can use to secure weapons and other important items. Cycle through whatever you have in your inventory, especially under the consumables tab as you may discover items that can help you progress faster in your adventure.

king's raid inventory

Likewise, some rewards in the game do not readily go into your inventory. Some events provide rewards that wind up in your mailbox so be sure to check your mail through the envelope icon at the upper right side of your screen. There is a quick and easy way of claiming available rewards through the claim all button so be sure to give it a quick visit within each day of your adventure.

King’s Raid definitely has a lot to offer which guarantees a lot of fun and adventure for countless hours to come. Like any other adventure RPG, the time and commitment you can dedicate to playing the game will be a strong determinant of how fast you will make progress. For beginner’s though, the tips and general strategies we shared in this guide should be more than enough to jumpstart your game and enable you to make good progress on the early parts of your adventure. We hope you enjoyed reading our article and in the event that there are noteworthy tips and strategies you feel ought to be a part of our King’s Raid guide, don’t hesitate to share them with us!