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Jurassic World Primal Ops Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Save the Dinosaurs from Extinction

Jurassic Park was a science fiction novel created by Michael Crichton in 1990 about an catastrophic cash-grabbing attempt to genetically recreate dinosaurs and place them in an amusement park for everyone to see. However, things go south very quickly when these dinosaurs start attacking workers and breeding, making the park a highly dangerous dinosaur territory. With a premise like that, the novel naturally attracted several eyes including Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and Steven Spielberg who directed the movie adaptation to it in 1993.

jurassic world primal ops tips
Jurassic World Primal Ops: the game that will make you search up dinosaur names!

Several years of movie sequels, spin-offs, video game adaptations and actual theme park attractions later, the world of dinosaurs once again invades our lives through our mobile devices in the form of Jurassic World Primal Ops. From the developers of Dead by Daylight, Love & Hip Hop and Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall, this thrilling top-down action-adventure game is sure to revitalize players’ curiosity towards these prehistoric creatures as you fight against hostile hunters.

You start the game as Mike Riley, a wrangler who recently joined the Primal Ops Task Force. Together with Janice Williams, the Director of Field Ops and Dr. Omar Wilson, the Operations Director, you use your skills in battle and expertise in dinosaurs to save them from greedy organizations aiming to poach, experiment and make money off of the dinosaurs in the wild. But this isn’t just any ordinary rescue mission game. As you play through chapters of the game, you collect DNA which unlocks dinosaurs that you can call on to fight alongside you, aiding you on your quest to protect the dinosaur sanctuary.

New to the game and want a bit of help getting past certain missions and chapters? Not quite sure which dinosaurs to use? Or maybe you want to know if there are some tricks you’ve missed while playing the game? Look no further as we have created a handy-dandy guide to Jurassic World Primal Ops below!

1. Take care of your Handlers

jurassic world primal ops endurance
You can’t sprint without endurance!

The objective of the game is to subdue your enemies with your tranquilizer gun or by summoning Dinosaur companions that will fight alongside you. All Handlers (the person you control in the game) attack at long range, so there is no reason for you to get too close to your enemies. Dinosaurs you summon do not die and can be resummoned many times but once your Handler dies, it’s game over and you have to restart the mission. Any energy that you used to play that mission will not be returned to you.

Handlers act as more of a support than an offensive unit. Their main role in battle is to stay alive and keep summoning Dinosaurs. However, Handlers’ attacks are not completely useless as they can either inflict Stun, Bleed or Slow on their enemies, depending on which Handler you use. As you level them up, you will eventually unlock their abilities that may further improve their performance in battle or aid the Dinosaurs even further such as damage increase, damage reduction or healing. 

The best course of action is to keep your distance from your enemies, making sure there is always a Dinosaur in between you while you run away and dodge attacks. However, these sprints or dodges are not unlimited and take up some of your Handler’s Endurance. You can use the skill up to 4 times before the meter empties out entirely but it will refill over time.

As much as possible, let your Handler run around obstacles and hide behind Dinosaurs, only using your sprint or dodge when enemies get too close, deal too much damage or to avoid attacks and explosives. Just be careful not to run into a deadend! The only reason why you would ever need to get closer to enemies is when you summon your Dinosaurs.

2. Don’t waste time and Action Points

jurassic world primal ops action points
Action Points matter! Keep an eye on it!

Dinosaur companions typically appear at the empty portions or edges of your screen. Since these dinosaurs have a time limit to how long they can stay and fight, it is ideal that you get them as close to your enemies as possible so you don’t lose too much time. This is especially true with large ones that walk slowly. You don’t want them to disappear before they can even strike their first blow. That said, don’t use your Action Points if there are no enemies in the vicinity.

Any Handler you use will always have only 10 AP max at a time. Each Dinosaur family takes up a specific number of AP:

• T. Rex Family – 7

• Baronyx Family – 6

• Velociraptor Family – 4

• Stygimoloch Family – 4

• Triceratops Family – 6

• Ankylosaurus Family – 6

• Dilophosaurus Family – 5

• Pteranodon Family – 5

• Stegosaurus Family – 7

It is important to strike a good balance of Dinosaurs for your team. It is ideal to have at least 1 Large Dinosaur (takes up 6-7 AP) and 1 Medium Dinosaur (takes up 4-5 AP). Your Large Dinosaurs would be able to crush barricades and obstacles, attacking multiple enemies at a time while your Medium Dinosaurs can take care of enemies that come in smaller groups.

Since they take up less AP, these Medium Dinosaurs can also be used for when your Large Dinosaurs are not yet available and you need immediate back up. Having at least 1 Large Dinosaur and 1 Medium Dinosaur also makes it possible for you to summon more than one Dinosaur at a time.

3. Let your Dinosaurs fight for you

jurassic world primal ops dinosaur fight
Suchomimus! I choose you!

Take out your Dinosaurs as often as you can during battle. Don’t let your Handler take the first shot as much as possible. Let your Handler get close enough and immediately summon your Dinosaur companions. Fighting without Dinosaurs is dangerous since Handlers are not that strong by themselves and you will immediately be outnumbered. It is good practice to not let your AP fall to 0 too often and wait a little after summoning a high AP-consuming Large Dinosaur when there are still a lot of enemies left.

A Dinosaur can only stay for a couple of seconds and will leave even faster once they’ve taken a lot of damage. If they leave before your AP fills up enough to summon again and you still have enemies actively pursuing you, you may have a hard time. In cases like these, it is best to keep running away from your enemies until you have enough AP to summon again.

Alternatively, if your enemies are hiding behind obstacles and you can’t use a Medium Dinosaur to lure them out, you can use your Handler to call their attention, leading them to a wider space before summoning your dinosaur. Keep in mind that this tactic is best suited against Close-Ranged enemies and may not be as effective against Gunners that can attack from far away.

4. Know your enemies

jurassic world primal ops enemy
He doesn’t look very nice.

The best way to defeat your enemies is by learning how they move and how to counter them. It’s important to note that there are many different types of enemies in the game and some of them will only be introduced in the later Acts and Chapters. So for this guide, we will only be covering the first three types of enemies you will encounter: Close-Range Enemies, Shielded Enemies and Gunners.

Common Enemy Types

These are the most common enemies you will face, and even just knowing these is enough to get you through most missions. You can easily identify them by the icons that appear next to their life bars:

jurassic world primal ops fistClose Range Enemies typically fight with batons or tools in close range.
jurassic world primal ops shieldShielded Enemies typically hide behind shields and fight at long range.
jurassic world primal ops gunGunners typically fight with guns and can deal fast, consecutive attacks.

Close Range Enemies are usually the easiest to deal with as long as you have a Dinosaur by your side and you keep your distance. Later versions of these enemies become a lot more dangerous once they start dealing Stuns with their attacks. Dinosaurs with the ability to Slow like those from the Ankylosaurus family or Stun like those from the Pteranodon Family would be highly effective against them.

Shielded Enemies are usually the toughest to subdue since your Handler’s shots won’t affect them unless you are attacking them from the back. For these enemies, you have to depend on Dinosaurs that can ignore those shields like Dinosaurs from the Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Baronyx and Stygimoloch families.

Gunners are usually the deadliest as they can attack you from far away and deal lots of damage from their multiple fast hits. Running and dodging won’t always be enough to avoid their attacks so knock them out before they kill you. Dinosaurs that can effectively deal with stationary enemies like those from the Pteranodon Family and dinosaurs that have long attack ranges like those from the Dilophosaurus and Stegosaurus Family may be especially useful in fending them off.

Enemy Organizations

There are three enemy organizations that you will face in your missions: Fang Force, Kozlov Expeditions and EvoZenith. Each Dinosaur is strong against a certain faction and we have compiled them all in the table below:

Dinosaur Familyjurassic world primal ops fang force
Fang Force
jurassic world primal ops kozlov expeditions
Kozlov Expeditions
jurassic world primal ops evozenith
T. Rex FamilyAcrocanthosaurusAlbertosaurus
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Baryonyx FamilyOstafrikasaurusSuchomimus
Velociraptor FamilyTroodonHerrerasaurus
Stygimoloch FamilyDracorexPrenocephale
Triceratops FamilyAgujaceratopsStyracosaurus
Ankylosaurus FamilyCrichtonsaurusPolacanthus
Dilophosaurus FamilyZupaysaurusDracovenator
Pteranodon FamilyPterodaustroDsungaripterus
Stegosaurus FamilyGigantspinosaurusChungkingosaurusKentrosaurus

Enemy Dinosaurs

jurassic world primal ops enemy dino
But we’re on your side!

There will be times when your missions will require you to subdue a Dinosaur. These missions will typically start with you fighting the Dinosaur right off the bat. In later missions, you will have to face multiple human or drone enemies first, fighting the Dinosaur last.

In cases where you reach the Dinosaur before you finish off all the other enemies, don’t expect that Dinosaur to be on your side. They will attack you but not your other enemies so make sure to clear off the other enemies first before running up to it and starting the encounter. You will have an easier time fighting if you only have to focus on the Dinosaur.

Against Large Dinosaurs like T. Rex, Baronyx, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus types, you may benefit from Dinosaurs and Handlers that can inflict Stun, Slow while running around obstacles to slow them down even further.

If you’re lucky, they might end up getting stuck in one of the obstacles. This will keep them from getting too close while you summon Dinosaurs and attack them with tranquilizers. Fights against them tend to take longer since they have more stamina. They also tend to be deadlier, dealing much more damage than Medium Dinosaurs.

Against Medium Dinosaurs like Velociraptor, Stygimoloch, Dilophosaurus and Pteranodon types, you may have a greater advantage against them if you summon any Large Dinosaurs. However, you must still have at least one Medium Dinosaur in case you have no AP left and the situation calls for it.

Dinosaurs and Handlers with Stun and Slow may also help here, but since they don’t have as much stamina as Large Dinosaur enemies and may be subdued faster, it’s not always necessary. But don’t be lax just because they’re smaller and don’t hit as hard! They are very quick on their feet and almost impossible to outrun!

Dinosaurs with Bleed and Poison will be extremely helpful in increasing the amount of damage you can inflict on all enemy Dinosaurs so adding them to the roster is a must if you have them. Just make sure that the Dinosaur you are facing is not immune to them!

T. Rex Boss Event

jurassic world primal ops enemy t rex
Big dino, small hands.

For certain missions like the T. Rex Boss Event, the enemy Dinosaur has a lot more health than usual and deals a whole lot more damage. However, the strategies are almost the same for both Boss Events and regular Dinosaur subduing missions. The main difference would be that in T. Rex Boss Events, there are certain events in between battles that don’t normally take place in other missions.

Snowstorms will occasionally occur that would slow you down and blind the T. Rex. In these cases, you can use this time to run away from the Dinosaur, restoring your AP and endurance while keeping your distance or you can bombard it with tranquilizer attacks. Summoning Dinosaurs is disabled during Snowstorms.

The T. Rex will also move to another location in the map at some point in the event. In these cases, don’t immediately rush towards the Dinosaur if your health is low. Take some time to look for health crates to restore your health before going back into battle.

T. Rex Boss Events don’t necessarily require you to subdue the T. Rex. Even just surviving for a certain period of time will grant you rewards so if you find yourself close to death, don’t be quick to restart the game!

5. Choose the right team for the job

jurassic world primal ops team formation
Pick an all-star team!

Before every mission, you are given a chance to chose 1 Handler and 3 Dinosaur Companions to take with you. Choosing the right team is relatively easy as the game conveniently marks which Dinosaurs and Handlers would be weak, even or strong against the enemies that will appear for each mission.

The mission overview also shows you which enemies you will encounter, what their power value is and from which organization they are, making it even simpler to decide, especially if you just want to get into the action quickly.

If you find that your Dinosaurs’ and Handlers’ power values are lacking, ranking them up, leveling them up and upgrading their equipment will significantly help with that. However, as convenient as the game’s system is for choosing your team, learning about what these Dinosaurs and Handlers can do as well as your enemies is essential to effectively boosting your performance in battle, improving your chances at victory.

6. Learn each Dinosaur’s Strengths and Weaknesses

jurassic world primal ops strengths and weaknesses
Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses!

There are currently 9 Dinosaur Families in the game at the time of writing this article and all of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. Each Dinosaur also has a 100% damage bonus and 100% increased stamina against certain enemy organizations.

Large Dinosaurs can deal massive damage and can destroy obstacles in their path but are quite slow and consume a lot of AP to summon. They also have a lot more stamina and can take more damage, making them stay for longer periods of time. They are best used against large crowds of enemies.

Medium Dinosaurs do not deal as much damage but makes up for it for their fast speed, low AP consumption and unique uses (i.e. Dilophosaurus spitting out poison or Pteranodon’s attacks from above). They can slip through or go over small, hard to reach spaces that have obstacles that cannot be destroyed.

However, they have a lot less stamina, making them stay for only a few seconds at a time. They are best used against smaller clumps of enemies and can act as lures or distractions.

T. Rex Family

jurassic world primal ops t rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex’s name means “King of the Tyrant Lizards.”

Size: Large

Type: Carnivore

AP Required: 7

Active Skill: Chomp

Chomps down enemies, dealing massive damage

T. Rex types are great at intimidating, inflicting Fear upon their enemies when they first see them. Fear makes your enemies back away, unable to attack for a few seconds. While enemies are in this state, your Handler can easily escape or move.

However, for Fear to take effect, you need to summon them in wide open spaces with the least amount of obstacles. If the enemies don’t see them when they are first summoned, they won’t be afflicted with Fear until your T. Rex casts the skill again which doesn’t always happen immediately. They can also destroy obstacles in their path and attack multiple enemies at once.

DinosaurRarityBonus Damage & Stamina to Enemy OrganizationsBonus Damage to Enemy TypesEffects
AcrocanthosaurusCommonFang Force Fear
AlbertosaurusRareEvoZenithShield GuardsFear
CarnotaurusRareFang ForceMedium GunnersFear
AllosaurusEpicFang ForceMedium GunnersFear, AOE Bleed
Tyrannosaurus RexLegendaryFang ForceMedium Gunners, Shield Enemies & Feared EnemiesFear

Panic to nearby enemies after defeating an enemy

Baronyx Family

jurassic world primal ops baronyx
Baronyx’s name means “Heavy or Strong Claw.”

Size: Large

Type: Carnivore

AP Required: 6

Active Skill: Munch

Bites at 3 enemies in front of her (ignores shields)

Baronyx types are great at inflicting quick, multiple hits on up to 3 enemies at a time while completely ignoring shields. Their long reach makes them ideal for quickly taking care of crowds of Gunners and other long-ranged enemies. However, since they have an extremely long body, they may have difficulty traversing through obstacles, especially those that cannot be destroyed.

DinosaurRarityBonus Damage & Stamina to Enemy OrganizationsBonus Damage to Enemy TypesEffects
SuchomimusCommonKozlov Expeditions- -
IchthyovenatorRareFang ForceMedium Gunners-
OstafrikasaurusRareKozlov ExpeditionsGunners-
BaronyxEpicKozlov ExpeditionsGunnersBleed
SpinosaurusLegendaryKozlov ExpeditionsGunners & Heavy GunnersPanic to nearby enemies after defeating an enemy

Killing an enemy grants 50% more damage for the remaining lifetime and 10% stamina on kill

Velociraptor Family

jurassic world primal ops velociraptor
Velociraptor’s name means “Swift Robber.”
Size: Medium

Type: Carnivore

AP Required: 4

Active Skill: Lunge

Lunges towards enemies with high odds of doing critical damage

Velociraptor types are great at dealing with small numbers of enemies quickly with their critical attacks. Because they move quickly, many enemies could get caught off guard when they strike, especially if they are distracted by a Large Dinosaur which is summoned alongside them. However, they only stay for a short period of time so make the most out of them when they’re around!

DinosaurRarityBonus Damage & Stamina to Enemy OrganizationsBonus Damage to Enemy TypesEffects
TroodonCommonFang Force--
ProceratosaurusRareFang ForceGas Launchers
HerrerasaurusRareKozlov ExpeditionsGrenadiers
VelociraptorEpicFang ForceGas LaunchersBleed
BlueLegendaryFang ForceGas Launchers & GrenadiersBleed, AOE Lunge

Stygimoloch Family

jurassic world primal ops stygimoloch
Stygimoloch’s name means “Demon from the River Styx.”

Size: Medium

Type: Herbivore

AP Required: 4

Active Skill: Charge

Rushes towards an enemy and headbutts them, ignoring shields

Stygimoloch types are great at knocking out Shielded Enemies and charging towards far away enemies. They can also help you in a pinch when you are trying to get away from enemies and you only have a few AP left as they don’t need much AP to be summoned and can push back enemies. They’re also good at getting rid of long-ranged enemies since they can quickly charge to their location and knock them out.

DinosaurRarityBonus Damage & Stamina to Enemy OrganizationsBonus Damage to Enemy TypesEffects
DracorexCommonKozlov Expeditions-Pushback
PrenocephaleRareEvoZenithShield GuardsPushback
HomalocephaleRareKozlov ExpeditionsGunnersPushback
PachycephalosaurusEpicKozlov ExpeditionsGunnersPushback
StygimolochLegendaryKozlov ExpeditionsShield Guards, Gunners & Slowed EnemiesPushback, Slow

Triceratops Family

jurassic world primal ops triceratops
Triceratops’ name means “Three-horned Face.”

Size: Large

Type: Herbivore

AP Required: 6

Active Skill: Stampede

Charges towards enemies, ignoring shields and destroying anything breakable in her path

Triceratops types are great at initiating battles, crashing through obstacles and pushing multiple enemies while also ignoring shields. They make it difficult for enemies to get to you, making them great distractions for when you need to get away from your attackers. They are also hard to target since they are constantly moving.

DinosaurRarityBonus Damage & Stamina to Enemy OrganizationsBonus Damage to Enemy TypesEffects
AgujaceratopsCommonFang Force-Pushback
StyracosaurusRareKozlov ExpeditionsShield GuardsPushback
PachyrhinosaurusRareFang ForceMedium GunnersPushback
SinoceratopsEpicFang ForceMedium GunnersPushback, Slow
ChasmosaurusEpicKozlov ExpeditionsShield GuardsPushback, Slow
TriceratopsLegendaryFang ForceShield Guards & Medium GunnersPushback, Destroying objects sends out Shockwaves

Ankylosaurus Family

jurassic world primal ops ankylosaurus
Ankylosaurus’ name means “Fused Lizard.”

Size: Large

Type: Herbivore

AP Required: 6

Active Skill: Hammer Slam

Slams the ground in front of her with her tail, causing a shockwave that ignores shields

Ankylosaurus types are great at damaging and slowing down multiple enemies while taking in tons of damage themselves. They are also effective at acting as a shield for your Handler and other Dinosaur companions, especially against Gunners. Their shockwave attacks can inflict Slow, which is very effective in keeping your enemies at bay while you attack them with your tranquilizers and summoned Dinosaurs.

DinosaurRarityBonus Damage & Stamina to Enemy OrganizationsBonus Damage to Enemy TypesEffects
CrichtonsaurusCommonKozlov Expeditions-Slow
PolacanthusRareEvoZenithShield GuardsSlow
AntarctopeltaRareKozlov ExpeditionsGunnersSlow
EuoplocephalusEpicKozlov ExpeditionsGunnersSlow, Bleed
AnkylosaurusLegendaryKozlov ExpeditionsGunners & Shield GuardsSlow, Bleed

Dilophosaurus Family

jurassic world primal ops dilophosaurus
Dilophosaurus’ name means “Two-crested Lizard.”

Size: Medium

Type: Carnivore

AP Required: 5

Active Skill: Poison Spit

Spits poison projectiles in an arc towards a target

Dilophosaurus types are great at gradually killing off their targets with their poison on top of the damage they inflict. Their poison is effective in dealing with crowds of enemies. Their attacks are also long-ranged, making it easy for them to reach most enemies.

DinosaurRarityBonus Damage & Stamina to Enemy OrganizationsBonus Damage to Enemy TypesEffects
DracovenatorCommonEvoZenith-Immune to Poison, Poison
ZupaysaurusRareFang ForceMedium GunnersPoison
SinosaurusRareEvoZenithHuntersImmune to Poison, Poison
CryolophosaurusEpicEvoZenithHuntersImmune to Poison, Poison, Slow, Poison Puddle
DilophosaurusLegendaryEvoZenithHunters & GrenadiersImmune to Poison, Poison, Slow, Poison Puddle, Poison Spread

Pteranodon Family

jurassic world primal ops pteranodon
Pteranodon’s name means “Winged and Toothless.”

Size: Medium

Type: Carnivore

AP Required: 5

Active Skill: Air Support

Drops an explosive barrel on enemies from the sky

Pteranodon types are great at catching enemies off guard with their attacks from above, especially when against stationary or slow moving targets. They are ideally used for stunning unsuspecting enemies. Higher Tiers of this Dinosaur can also have a chance to drop health crates.  Unlike other Dinosaurs, they usually just drop an explosive and leave.

DinosaurRarityBonus Damage & Stamina to Enemy OrganizationsBonus Damage to Enemy TypesEffects
PterodaustroRareKozlov ExpeditionsHeavy Gunner-
AerotitanEpicEvoZenithHuntersPoison Cloud, Health Crate Drops
PteranodonLegendaryEvoZenithHunters & GrenadiersBurns Ground, Health Crate Drops, Handler Damage Bonus

Stegosaurus Family

jurassic world primal ops stegosaurus
Stegosaurus’ name means “Roof Lizard.”

Size: Large

Type: Herbivore

AP Required: 7

Active Skill: Tail Whip

Swings her tail at enemies in front of her, ignoring shields

Stegosaurus types are great at demolishing obstacles and subduing multiple enemies with one sweep of their tail. They are very effective against Shielded Enemies and have good AOE, making him a good choice for most missions.

DinosaurRarityBonus Damage & Stamina to Enemy OrganizationsBonus Damage to Enemy TypesEffects
GigantspinosaurusRareFang ForceGrenadiers-
TuojiangosaurusEpicFang ForceGrenadiersBleed
StegosaurusLegendaryGunners & GrenadiersSlow, for every 1% stamina missing, gain 1 increased damage

7. Don’t spend too much resources on Commons!

jurassic world primal ops dinosaur upgrade
Only upgrade your favorites!

For the first Act of Story Mode, unless you bought Dinosaur DNA from the Shop, got lucky from a crate or was active enough to earn enough DNA from quests and achievements, the only Dinosaurs you will unlock are Commons. It may be tempting to rank and level them up but it may not be worth using up those resources in the long run. Rares, Epics and Legendaries have unlockable traits from ranking up which Commons do not have. The only benefit you get from ranking up your Commons is an increase in Power and Stamina.

But this doesn’t mean you should never upgrade them. Pick your favorites and focus on leveling them up rather than ranking them up for the first act. Do the same for the second Act for your Rares and only rank up your most used to 2-3 tiers. Only the Epics from the third Act are the ones worth ranking up more than 3 times.

The only time you should probably rank up a Rare more than 3 times is when that Rare is effective against a certain Enemy Faction that other tiers of the same Dinosaur type are not. You will get more benefit from investing in Handlers since there are only 3 that you can play at the moment and you will be using them throughout all your missions. It also doesn’t cost as much to level up and upgrade their equipment.

8. Get to know your Handlers

• Mike Riley (Wrangler)

jurassic world primal ops mike
The tankiest Handler that can heal on hit.

Mike is the Handler you start with and will be using for at least the first 3 chapters of the game. Unlocking all his equipment and its effects makes him a tough character to kill. His attacks can stun his enemies and have a chance to heal him. He also has damage reduction for him and certain dinosaur families. He is very beginner friendly and has the highest survivability among all handlers. He is best used with Velociraptors, Triceratops and T. Rex dinosaurs on your team.

EquipmentControl RifleTactical VestTrike TotemStabilizer
UnlockedAt Lvl 1At Lvl 31At Lvl 61At Lvl 91
Effect12% chance of applying Stun11.33% chance of Healing 5% HP on hit-11.33% damage taken by Velociraptor, Triceratops and T. Rex families-10.5% damage taken

• Broodie T. Booker (Paleo Veterinarian)

jurassic world primal ops brodie
A well-rounded Handler with an ability to restore AP when a companion defeats an enemy.

Brodie is unlocked after finishing Act 1, Chapter 3, Mission 1. Unlocking all of his equipment and its effects makes him a Handler with good survivability and the ability to constantly summon Dinosaurs quickly. His attacks can slow down his enemies and whenever his companions defeat an enemy, he gains a chance to heal himself and restore his AP.

He also has damage reduction for certain dinosaur families. He is a good choice for players who prefer to keep to the sidelines and let their dinosaurs do all the fighting. He is best used with Baronyx, Stygimoloch and Ankylosaurus dinosaurs on your team.

EquipmentTranq RevolverMedkitStethoscopeAmber Mosquito
UnlockedAt Lvl 1At Lvl 31At Lvl 61At Lvl 91
Effect11.5% chance of applying Slow25% chance of Healing 11.33% HP when your companion defeats an enemy-11.33% damage taken by Baronyx, Stygimoloch and Ankylosaurus families10.5% chance to restore AP when a companion defeats an enemy

• Adriana Santos (Eco-Technician)

jurassic world primal ops adriana
A high damage-dealing handler with an ability to restore Endurance upon defeating an enemy.

Adriana is unlocked after finishing Act 1, Chapter 5, Mission 1. Unlocking all of her equipment and its effects makes her the most damage-heavy character. She can cause her enemies to Bleed with her attacks and can even deal more damage when her life is below 30% HP. She also gives a damage bonus to her certain dinosaurs and will restore endurance when an enemy is defeated, which lets her dodge more often than other Handlers.

She makes it easy to defeat enemies and take down dinosaurs but unless you are an expert at dodging, you may die a lot more often. She is best used with Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon and Ankylosaurus dinosaurs on your team.

EquipmentSuppressor SMGTrekking BootsArm PadVisor
UnlockedAt Lvl 1At Lvl 31At Lvl 61At Lvl 91
Effect15.33% chance of applying Bleed on hit11.33% damage bonus when below 30% HP11.33% damage bonus for Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon and Ankylosaurus familiesRestores 27.5% endurance when defeating an enemy

9. Keep your eyes peeled for Gas Tanks!

jurassic world primal ops gas tanks
Keep away from these tanks!

Gas Tanks can be found in plain sight or hidden among items and obstacles. They appear as white and red cylinders or square containers with a fire logo. These Gas Tanks explode upon being hit and should be avoided as they can damage you and your Dinosaurs.

However they may also be used to your advantage when they are near enemies. Letting your Handler shoot at it or summoning a Pteranodon to drop something close to it while you are far away is the safest way to detonate them.

10. Don’t forget your loot!

jurassic world primal ops loot
Don’t let your treasure go to waste!

Since you do a lot of running in this game, it is easy to forget to pick up loot that sometimes drops when an enemy is defeated. A good way to make sure not to miss any is to not move too far from the area where the enemies were originally located. This would keep them from getting separated from each other too much.

Maps in missions tend to be big and spacious with lots of props and obstacles. Because of this, it’s also easy to miss a few crates that are usually placed away from the path. Be sure to check every nook and cranny before moving on to the next enemies and follow the path that the yellow arrow points to.

On missions where you have to subdue a dinosaur, make sure to pick up the crates that drop before clicking on the helicopter. If you don’t, you won’t have another chance to take them!

11. Go on a Rampage!

jurassic world primal ops rampage
Rush your way into victory!

In a hurry or just want to go through chapters quickly? Put a T. Rex type, a Triceratops type and either a Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus or Stygimoloch type on your team. Among all Handlers, Mike would be your best bet since he has the most health and is ideal if you have difficulty surviving.

Brodie is also a good pick if you’ve already unlocked his fourth equipment which restores AP once you defeat an enemy. Having this ability unlocked will make it possible for you to exchange your Medium Dinosaur for another Large Dinosaur, preferably a Stegosaurus since they deal massive AOE damage.

Instead of clearing out enemies before moving further, distract your enemies with your Dinosaurs and run through them all the way to the end of the map. However, the downside to using this strategy is you will miss a lot of loot and crates.  

Make sure that your AP bar doesn’t empty out and only summon one Dinosaur at a time. Your goal is to distract them long enough for you to run away. The T. Rex will be able to inflict Fear on your enemies, making them unable to attack for a few seconds while the Triceratops’ Stampede will cause them to get pushed back and fumble a lot. Your Medium Dinosaur can stand in as a distraction if you don’t have enough AP and there are too many enemies blocking your way.

Most of these enemies will follow you but some may fall behind. It doesn’t matter too much if you don’t defeat them all. As long as you clear out all the enemies at the end of the map, you will be able to clear the mission. This method also makes clearing out enemies quicker because all of them will be contained in one area, making your Dinosaurs’ AOE attacks very effective. Don’t pick up the loot until all enemies are gone.

Don’t stand in the middle of the map where many enemies can easily target you and keep your back against a wall or edge of the map. Just keep yourself moving and sprinting, running at the edges of the map but don’t let yourself get stuck in one spot for too long. With the amount of enemies attacking at once, getting stuck will kill your Handler.

12. Always check for Rewards and Freebies

Like most mobile games, Jurassic World Primal Ops gives away daily freebies and rewards for accomplishing achievements. Before closing the game, you should always make a habit of checking for these.

Calendar Freebies

jurassic world primal ops calendar
You can get rewarded for just showing up!

These Daily Freebies can be claimed upon opening the game for the first time in a day and can be checked by clicking on the calendar icon at the top of the screen. Days in the calendar rewards do not skip and will just count the days that you are online. 24 days of rewards are shown at a time.


jurassic world primal ops quests
Finish your dailies!

Quests change and reset each day. The first five quests you complete will give you extra rewards, with the last reward being dinosaur DNA. They are easy and quick to do and would usually complete itself as you play through the game.


jurassic world primal ops achievements
Achieve your objectives!

Achievements on the other hand take a longer time to complete and would usually require you to finish Story Chapters, upgrade and unlock your Handlers and Dinosaurs, accomplish a number of Quests, calling dinosaurs for help and so on. Rewards from accomplishing them are significantly higher than Quests.

Squad Missions

jurassic world primal ops squad missions
Do missions with your squad!

Squad Missions are passively accomplished by assigning a Dinosaur to one. These missions typically take 2-3 hours to finish and require no other action to do. Be careful on which Dinosaur you will choose as these Dinosaurs cannot be used for other missions or battles unless the Squad Mission has been completed or canceled.


jurassic world primal ops ads
Watch some ads and earn some rewards!

Watching Ads will reward you with different things. When finishing a mission, you can choose to watch ads to triple your rewards. At the shop, you can watch an ad to refill your energy or get a free crate but both of these can only be done once a day. Free Amber can also be claimed this way and can be repeated 3 times a day.


jurassic world primal ops mail
Check your mail for free stuff!

Always check your mail! There will be times that the game devs will send players free items. When you play the game for the first time, you are guaranteed to get something from the mail. When there are Boss Events or in certain cases where you forgot to claim your daily Rewards, the game automatically sends them here.

jurassic world primal ops outro

And this marks the end of our beginner’s guide to Jurassic World Primal Ops! We hope that this guide helps you in your quest to raise and protect dinosaurs from hunters and poachers! Found some other interesting tips or tricks in the game? Feel free to share them down in the comment section!