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Dead by Daylight Mobile Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Outsmart and Outlive Your Enemies

One of the most highly anticipated games to be ported to mobile has finally officially launched as Behaviour Interactive has just brought its most successful IP, Dead by Daylight, to iOS and Android platforms. Initially released on PC in 2016, and on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the following year, Dead by Daylight has currently amassed more than 15 million players worldwide.

Dead By Daylight Mobile may pale in comparison with its earlier incarnations on more powerful gaming platforms as far as graphics is concerned, but it keeps the essential elements and provide as much thrill and excitement as the original. Dead by Daylight Mobile takes some of the existing survivors and killers from the PC and console versions and adds in some fresh characters as well.

As an assymetric 4-vs-1 survival game, the mobile port is as much of a treat for fans of the original version as well as mobile gamers who have yet to try the game out. If you want to test your skills and wits on either the role of a killer or a survivor, then Dead by Daylight Mobile is a definite must-try for you!

dead by daylight mobile tactics

An ancient supernatural being called The Entity has been awakened following occurrences of great violence and malice. To sustain The Entity’s existence, he has summoned killers from various realities to do his bidding and have them hunt and sacrifice survivors continuously. Each sacrificed survivor gives the Entity a piece of their soul but the survivor is placed in an infinite illusory state, where instead of perishing they are taken into a campfire awaiting for their next trial.

As players can take either the role of a killer or a survivor in each match, each side has its own unique mechanics to follow and strategies to employ. The controls on mobile may be a little more challenging to get a hold of compared to PC and consoles but the overall layout and sensitivity is okay. You can also make adjustments to the sensitivity via the options menu.

As far as gameplay is concerned, it can be a little trickier than most games, especially to the uninitiated. Despite the availability of a tutorial for both the survivor and the killer, there is so much to learn by experience. Be sure to check out our Dead by Daylight Mobile beginner’s guide, if you are struggling to perform well as you do your hunts or as you avoid being hunted. We have come up with some decent tips, cheats and strategies to help you outwit and outlast your enemies.

1. Understand The Basic Mechanics

Before you can jump into matches in Dead by Daylight Mobile, you will first be taken through two distinct tutorials: one for the survivor, and another for the killer. Both are essentially oversimplified in the sense that the maps will be a much smaller scale and the objectives to accomplish will be right in front of you. Naturally, you should choose to complete both tutorials but in the event that you actually skipped it, you can replay them again by tapping on the options button at the left side of your screen, and then tapping the tutorials tab.

Being a survivor actually puts you in a seemingly disadvantaged position given that all you can do is run and hide and never be able to truly fight back your assailant, a victim so to speak.

dead by daylight mobile tips

Despite that, you will always have 3 other players who can heal, save, and assist you in times of need. Your main objective is to escape the realm through gates that can be unlocked by fixing and powering up 5 generators scattered across the map. If you are the only remaining survivor, a hatch will open on a random location, adding further to the exit points that lead to your freedom.
On top of each survivor’s unique perks, being a survivor has other abilities that can help them in encounters and chases. To start off, survivors are faster when vaulting over ledges and windows. There will be several large pallets scattered across the map and every survivor can slam it down to vault over it as well as attempt to stun and slow down the killer.

Every survivor can also detect the distance of the killer from him or her with their heartbeat. As the killer comes closer, the survivor’s heartbeat will grow more intense, giving an impending sense of danger to which he or she should react to appropriately. There are also chests scattered about that have items the survivors can use. In addition to health kits, there are flashlights that can be used to temporarily blind the killer as well as toolboxes that can hasten generator repairs or even sabotage hooks and bear traps used by the killer.

Lastly, survivors can detect allies that need help, whether they have been downed by the killer or hanged on a hook. This temporarily applies as well to newly repaired generators and opened exit gates. Being keen to these auras is one thing, though, and strategizing around it is another. In any case, these are all you need to keep in mind as part of your small but sufficient arsenal in passing a trial as a survivor in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

For some, being the killer in Dead by Daylight Mobile sounds a lot easier if such presumptions are based entirely off of watching horror flicks, especially ones where the helpless victim makes bad decisions here and there to give viewers something to complain about. Killers in Dead by Daylight Mobile are invulnerable, armed, and walk at a much faster pace than survivors, but they also come with certain limitations.

As much as killers can also vault over windows and ledges, it takes them a lot longer to do so. Additionally, the wood panels that survivors topple over are normally impassable for them so killer will have to walk around them or use his weapon to destroy the panels. Attacking and hitting survivors successfully also causes a bit of a slowdown as the killer will need to wipe the blood clean off his weapon. Killers have their own unique perks as well and as much as survivors can choose among various survival skills, killers can make it easier for themselves to hunt down survivors.

2. Get To Know Each Character As Much As Possible

There are currently 18 survivors and 15 killers available in Dead by Daylight Mobile. While a few can be readily used early on, some will need to be unlocked through spending in-game currencies such as iridescent shards or auric cells. Each survivor and each killer is unique, given the various perks that they can be equipped with before you engage in a match. You initially start off with only one skill at level 1 and as you make progress with the character by engaging in matches, more slots will be unlocked.

Sometimes, it cannot be helped to progress slowly on the initial matches, especially for total beginners given that it takes time to adjust to the controls of the game as well as the mechanics. Regardless of what you do and how you perform, there will always be progress as far as the character you are using is concerned so you should exercise patience above all.

dead by daylight mobile tactics

On the main screen, be sure to check out the character icon at the upper left corner of your screen. Clicking on it will take you to the character page, divided into the killer tab and the survivor tab. Note that while it may initially appear empty, it may only be due to loading time. You would want to check each character out by clicking on their portrait and then the “I” icon at the upper right side of the window. You can see each survivor’s unlockable perks as well as each killer’s unlockable perks and innate power. Tapping and holding on each icon will reveal more information about each unique perk.

It is important early on to get to know each killer and each survivor. Primarily, you should consider one survivor and one killer to focus on and use in matches to level them up and equip more perks. One thing to keep in mind with regard to the locked characters is that you should try to check what each one can do so you will have a target in mind as to which one to unlock once you have the sufficient resources to do so.

Likewise, having a good idea of what each character can do will help you strategies working with them and against them in matches. Both survivors and killers display unique abilities that may surprise you, so a bit of memorization and familiarization with all characters sets you up for an advantageous encounter whichever side of the fence you are on within the realms.

3. Learn To Be A Stealthy Survivor

Being a survivor in Dead by Daylight Mobile means being vulnerable. There are no means of really fighting back and all you can practically do is run and hide with the goal of surviving through each trial unscathed. With both these options in mind, however, killers can still catch you if you are not very careful, making stealth the most important skill that every survivor needs to master right from the get-go.

Most realms you will be taken to contain a wide variety of obstacles and objects you can use as cover. Beyond walls and tucking yourself inside lockers, there will also be dark areas and tall grasses where you can crouch into as a temporary hiding spot.

dead by daylight mobile stealthy survivor

One important concept to understand in Dead by Daylight Mobile, is that regardless of whether you prefer playing as a survivor or a killer, it helps to take on each role well enough to understand fully well what each one can do. In this case, you may normally feel safe so long as the killer cannot visually pinpoint your location, but with a naturally keener optic and olfactory sense, then being extra careful of your movement and actions is very important to practice.

For starters, running may always seem to be the better option over walking or crouched movements. In addition to running generating more sound, however, doing so also leaves trails behind that the killer can visually perceive. Vaulting over windows and platforms can likewise be done fast or slow by survivors. Running towards a ledge enables a quick vault over it but will consequently make a noise that can be detected by the killer, thereby giving away your location.

The biggest problems for survivors is when they begin to bleed when struck by the killer as even walking slowly will leave a blood trail behind. Blood stains do not stay around forever but on top of ensuring that the killer is not watching you as you scurry into a locker or any other hiding place, be sure to keep watch of the trail you leave behind as you move.

Failed skill checks are a given when it comes to giving away your location but those who have not played Dead by Daylight Mobile much or at all may be unaware of the mischievous crows that lurk about. These crows are minions of evil and will give away your location to the killer when you get too close to them or when you camp in any place long enough.

4. Cooperation Is Key To Surviving

Dead by Daylight Mobile is a 4-vs-1 survival game and while each survivor is greatly disadvantaged against the killer, a good enough sense of coordination and teamwork wins the game. Healing one another and working with others to repair generators certainly has its advantages as these tasks that usually take a lot of time to complete will tremendously be cut short.

It does have disadvantages as well given that risks of being caught by the killer are much higher, especially in the occurrence of a skill check fail. In any case, being on a constant lookout for allies in distress should be a basic habit, and that should go regardless of how you think your fellow survivors are in terms of skill and capacity.

best surviving strategies in dead by daylight mobile

Again, one of the reasons you have to check what each character can do on the main menu is for you to have an idea how best to work with them. More basic than that, though, is constantly identifying ways and means by which you can provide assistance to one another regardless of your perks or skills.

For starters, not being able to directly assist with helping repair generators leaves you with a lot of other useful actions to do. Serving as a distraction, in some occasions, can be helpful to your fellow survivors although it should be attempted by players who have a good sense of control and some familiarity with the map.

In events like one player has been downed by a killer, rushing towards him or her will do no good. Even if you have a flashlight that you can use to temporarily blind the killer, it would be best to do that once the killer begins to carry his victim. You can also follow at a safe distance and be ready to unhook your ally once the killer has moved away from it. Other survivors in this case may serve as a distraction.

If you have a toolbox, using it to sabotage hooks at the right time is important. Given the number of hooks within each map, it may be difficult to predict which ones will be used by the killer. You can sabotage one and set it up so that the entire survivor party loiters close to the area as bait.

Cooperating well with one another is just like the perfect defiance to the behavior of characters you get tired of in horror movies especially low budget ones. You can naturally expect to be paired with players who may be better than you or not as good as you, but with team effort, you can all survive the trial before dawn.

5. Strategic Patrolling Is A Must For Killers

Unlike the initial tutorial that takes place in a very small map, there will be a much larger ground to cover in actual trials. As a killer, one of the biggest mindsets to avoid is to be drowned by your sense of power and control over the match.

Against any of the survivors, it is no contest for sure. Against 4 survivors who are working well with one another, however, it can be very challenging. Killers are endowed with heightened senses as well as fast movement speed. Beyond that, each one comes with unique powers that can be further strengthened with add-ons.

dead by daylight mobile patrolling

To be an effective killer in Dead by Daylight Mobile means more than just applying brute force. Having a good understanding of what each survivor can do, especially what they are likely to do should help you devise an effective strategy to be less unpredictable and set up a few tricks of your own.

To start off, there are numerous generators scattered across the map and if 5 of those generators are repaired, your prey take one step closer to freedom. Setting up a route that would have you circle through all generators is an initial step towards going about the hunt in a more objective manner. Skill check failures as well as repaired generators alert you, making it a bit easier to trace where your targets are.

Heading on directly is not the only recourse as you should always seek to carry the element of surprise with every arrival. Regenerators that have been repaired can be damaged with a weapon attack, causing gradual degradation. After you damage it, be ready as leaving the area will likely have the survivors back at fixing it again.

Another opportunity or threat to keep in mind are the wooden panels that survivors can use to block the path towards them. Standing too close to it whenever it goes down can stun you, giving the survivors a good head start to scurry away. Whenever a survivor is standing on the other side of a wood panel that can be tipped, he or she is obviously lulling you. You can move forward and back a bit or move forward and then around to get to the survivor that is trying to bait you.

Flashlights can likewise blind you temporarily and often has a bigger element of surprise than the wooden panels. As a killer, always be on the ready to look away unless the survivor with a flashlight is close enough for a quick attack or a lunge. This should be expected when you are vaulting over a window or ledge, destroying a wooden panel, or carrying a survivor and readying to hang him or her on the hook.

Lastly, try as much as you can to take note of survivors that you have already hanged before. Chances are that you will have an opportunity to do this on different survivors but keep in mind that on the third hook session, it will be the last for them as it causes instant death. It will be too ideal to focus on a single survivor early on but once you have downed one of them twice and hooked them up, focusing on reducing the survivors’ numbers is an acceptable course of action.

6. Accomplish Rituals For Extra Rewards

Regardless of how well or poorly you performed in each match, there are rewards that you can earn. Do not be discouraged if the initial rewards you reap may not be much as you should always consider the initial matches as your extended training sessions. In any case, a good way to earn more rewards is by pushing a bit to accomplish the various objectives you can find via the rituals feature of Dead by Deadlight.

how to earn more rewards in dead by daylight mobile

The rituals can be accessed via its icon on the left side of the main screen. There is a starter set of objectives that will tremendously boost your progress as far as farming currencies go, and then there are regular daily and weekly rituals. Rituals are the equivalent of missions in most other games and for the most part, the objective you will find under each tab form part of the usual activities you will engage in as you play in matches.

Naturally some objectives are meant to be accomplished as a survivor while others are exclusively for killers. What you should do is to review the objectives on each list and keep track of the ones you may be able to accomplish on your next match.

7. Do Not Shy Away From Purchasing And Using Add-ons

While everything you can do in Dead by Daylight Mobile either as a survivor or as a killer is sufficient enough to ensure that each trial session is unique from all others, add-ons and offerings make each session even more interesting. Naturally both will have temporary effects so these should only be used once you are certain that you already have a good grasp of the games more basic concepts. Both of these boosters can be purchased on the bloodmarket using bloodpoints you earn within the trials. As such, it will be a lot easier to spend on them than farm them so be sure to purchase and use each one wisely.

To start off, items in the bloodmarket refresh once every 24 hours unless you have purchased enough or force refresh using auric cells. There are separate tabs for killers and survivors as each type of player can use different types of add-ons. For offerings, there are a few exceptional items available for both killers and survivors. Just to understand the bloodmarket a little easier, you need to purchase one of the items on the top most rows to be able to purchase any item on the next row.

dead by daylight mobile addons

As you notice the lock icon at the left-most column, you should notice that more items need to be purchased from the same row to unlock the next one. Expectedly, items lined at the bottom row are valuable ones so if you are planning to splurge some bloodpoints on here, you might as well check each item on the grid first as you dig deep down to purchase the most useful for you.

For killers, add-ons relate to further boosting an effect of their innate power with rarities that typically provide better effects. For The Trapper, as an example, some add-ons can lead to having more capacity to carry extra bear traps, makes it less visible, have it deal hemorrhage, or even grant more bloodpoints for every victim. An example of offerings that are exclusive to killers are map modifiers that can increase the number of hooks or lessen the number of chests.

On the other hand, add-ons for survivor support their survival skills. These typically work in the sense that only one type, along with specific modifiers, can be used at one time. Flashlights, toolboxes, keys, maps, and med-kits are examples of these add-ons. On top of map modifiers that tilt the balance between chests and hook spawns within the realm, survivors can also use offerings that boost the user’s luck or the luck of all survivors.

Some offerings that both killers and survivors can use include boosted bloodpoint rewards and realm selection. Again, it may not be wise to spend bloodpoints on either add-ons or offerings until after you are certain that you will make the most of them. This is most especially true if you are using an offering that boosts bloodpoints as you need to ensure that the rewards should be worth the investment.

8. Grab Every Opportunity To Spectate

Even before you dive in on the next trial after accomplishing the tutorials, there are already tons of tips and strategies you can pick up from guides like this one as well as other information you can find on the web. As much as reading through all of it can do you great help, nothing beats a hands-on experience within the realms itself. In truth, you may not have much of it on the initial runs as a survivor or as a killer especially if you have not watched enough of more experienced players as to how they move about on the map.

Exclusively for survivors, whenever you are eliminated from the game, you can still choose to stay around as a spectator and observe any of the remaining survivors. Instead of exiting right away, grab the opportunity to learn from each player you can watch, regardless of whether or not you feel that they are better or more experienced than yourself. Some may not have as many bloodpoints earned but can still show you some strategies you can use on succeeding entries. Take note of how some players multitask, move stealthily across the map, or even take time to trail the killer undetected. Be sure to observe as well how much the remaining survivors are cooperating towards making it out of the realm.

dead by daylight mobile tricks

Likewise, spectating any of the remaining players can give you a variety of perspectives to see the killer in action. Well, for starters, if the killer has managed to eliminate you by hooking you three times then you should assume that he is very skilled and not just lucky. As such, you should take notes of how the killer that killed you has managed to stay on top of the game and readily apply some of the tactics you have picked up from him on your next jump into the realm on the other side of the playing field.

Take the role of a spectator not just to learn what you should do better but also to identify some of the mistakes made by either survivor or killer. Observing the trial post-mortem can bring about various learnings especially if you are a beginner.

That is all we have for our Dead by Daylight Mobile beginner’s guide. Hopefully, you have learned a lot from the things we discussed and will be more successful in your future gameplays. If you have played Dead by Daylight Mobile enough and have discovered additional tips or strategies we have not mentioned here, then feel free to share them with us!