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Invasion: Modern Empire Guide (2021 Update): Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Grow Your Camp Fast and Dominate Your Enemies

After almost 7 years since its launch back in 2014, tap4fun’s Invasion: Modern Empire remains one of the most successful base-building strategy war games on mobile. With over 10 million downloads accumulated from the Google Play Store alone and maintaining largely positive average user review ratings from users across iOS and Android platforms, Invasion: Modern Empire certainly offers a world worth peeking into for newbies and strategy game enthusiasts alike.

Invasion: Modern Empire certainly holds a lot of content and features guaranteed to keep players entertained for a long time. With its unique brand of gameplay, which is incomparable to the majority of similar games in the base-building strategy genre, the introductory phase of Invasion: Modern Empire can be an overwhelming sight. The in-game tutorial is fast-paced yet easy to follow although as much as it covers all the basics, there are a lot of tricks and strategies beginners need to know to jumpstart their adventure.

invasion modern empire tactics

Whether you are a total beginner who just started diving into Invasion: Modern Empire’s world, or a returning commander from way back, our Invasion: Modern Empire guide (2021 Update) aims not just to cover all the basic features of the game. As the game is littered with seemingly complex mechanics and a ton of content to peer through, the simple yet essential tips and strategies we will discuss can pave the way towards progressing through the missions, developing your base camp, and dominating the world map fast and efficiently.

Be sure to head over to our previous Invasion: Modern Empire guide as well as the tips and strategies discussed in that guide are still applicable to the latest version of the game.

1. Prioritize Progressing Through Chapter Missions

Invasion: Modern Empire will bombard you with a plethora of activities to engage in early on. As part of the tutorial, you will find yourself engaging in a variety of missions as your progression in the early stages of rebuilding your base camp will be swift and somewhat overwhelming.

Once you are free to do things on your own, there is plenty of features to explore. Absolute freedom when it comes to building up your base camp and strengthening your army is a good thing, but for the sake of efficiency, it is best to prioritize adhering to the chapter mission objectives.

While inside your base camp, click on the “wanted” icon at the lower left side of your screen. This will take you to the counterterrorism center page, which is like a campaign map that that sets you through a progressive list of missions. The campaign itself is divided into chapters, represented by each node on the map. There are 4 objectives to complete, with the last one being a battle against a terrorist group you will search for in the world map.

invasion modern empire chapter missions

You do not necessarily have to accomplish the objectives from top to bottom but in order for you to move on to the next chapter, all 4 objectives must be completed. As far as upgrade objectives are concerned, Invasion: Modern Empire follows the conventional approach towards base-building in that some structures within your camp can only be upgraded following the condition that other structures meet the required upgrade level first.

Upgrading structures from levels 1 through 4 can instantly be completed. Once you start upgrading beyond that, it will take longer and longer for the upgrade to complete. In such cases, you would have liberty as far as tending to other matters is concerned, such as exploring features, venturing out to hunt for terrorists, and so on.

If you noticed, there are also mission objectives within each chapter that rate your overall performance from 1 to 3 stars. Chances are that you will initially be able to obtain a 2-star rating on your first go as the third requirement means lowering down your attack team against the terrorists.

In any case, there is no harm in attempting to battle the terrorists again, so feel free to have another go at it adhering to the mission requisites. Remember to claim chest rewards above the page as well once you have satisfied the required stars to unlock them.

2. Ensure Maximum Efficiency Through Multitasking

Multitasking is almost always a given necessity when it comes to base-building strategy games. For more conventional strategy games, this is largely focused on production, which involves upgrading structures, conducting research, and training military units. In essence, training of military units in Invasion: Modern Empire is a lot simpler since all units come only from one structure, leaving only one training queue to keep tabs on.

You will only have one builder by default, which means that upgrades on structures can only take place one at a time. There are additional means of employing a second builder, though, so if you do obtain items that enable it, you might as well take advantage of using it early on.

One of the reasons it becomes important to adhere to the chapter missions is to have a guide as to which structures to upgrade first. In each case, however, you will be apprised as to the requirements to comply with before proceeding to a particular upgrade.

Relative to building and upgrading structures, one of the key strategies beginners often miss is the availability of multiple production facilities at their disposal. For most base-building strategy games, the usual condition is that you need to rank up your base camp first before unlocking additional patches of land to build more buildings that generate the basic resources you constantly need. In Invasion: Modern Empire, you start off having all lots for production unlocked at the upper left side of your camp.

invasion modern empire tricks

The farm, energy base, oil rig, and steel mill can be constructed multiple times across 24 lots. You have freedom as to how you will allocate the slots across all 4 production buildings but if you are undecided, you can split it evenly across and build 6 of each building type.

As much as we recommend adhering to the chapter mission objectives, it is best to build all production buildings as soon as you are able to and level them up to level 4. Note that you can instantly complete upgrades up to this level and you production buildings will be producing more quantities of resources sooner.

Another critical aspect of developing your base rests on the research facility. Only one research item can be lodged at a time. There will naturally be limited choices of what to research on but having the initial note reach a certain level unlocks the subsequent nodes. You should consider spreading research activities to unlock all available items before proceeding to focus more on your needs or preferences.

At the front end or South side of your camp comes another set of lots that you can build multiple buildings on. There is the armory in-charge of manufacturing army vehicles; a garage that handles all the repairs of damaged vehicles, and a mint that produces cash over time.

Creating multiple factories do not give you additional queues to manufacture vehicles but instead increases the production output amount per queue. More garages speed up repairs and increase its capacity. Naturally, more mints mean more cash produced per minute.

All queues relating to construction, research, and vehicle production can easily be tracked via their respective icons at the left side of your screen. You can see 4 icons with the fourth one relating to boosts that may be active. If the icons are red, it means that queues are active for each branch. If not, then that means you can click on it to add to the queue. It is important to ensure that all these production lines are active most especially in the early hours of your adventure.

Within your camp, some buildings will become available only after reaching ceratin levels of your headquarters. In some cases, unlocking these new buildings may not form part of the missions at hand but can be done so without much trouble.

As it is, you should venture across your base camp from time to time to check if new buildings can be constructed. Note that unlocking a building falls within the construction queue, which is why it is important to unlock and go through the initial upgrades of a new structure before queuing in the upgrades that take a lot of time.

3. Do Not Hesitate To Use Speedups And Boosts

Invasion: Modern Empire sets you off into a world where other commanders have started on ahead and developed their camps and armies earlier than you did. Although it does put you at a disadvantage, Invasion: Modern Empire is designed in such a way that progression and development is at a tremendously rapid pace in your starting hours or so.

With active playing, constant multitasking, and employing strategic planning across your actions, you can quickly catch up to commanders ahead of you and stay ahead of those who are not as actively engaged.

In addition to time and effort invested, there are numerous items at your disposal that you can utilize to further expedite production and development. For most beginners, the natural tendency is to hoard speed ups and boosts in their inventory either for emergencies later on or some other reasons.

invasion modern empire speedup

While it helps to have some supply of speed ups for later in the game, the initial hours are the most critical. As such, it is best to utilize speed ups and even boosts early on so that you can close the gap between your camp and players more powerful than you.

While you can easily see these items on your inventory by tapping on the items icon at the bottom of your screen and choosing the “my items” tab, clicking on the fast forward button above the structure and then choosing the auto speedup option makes for a convenient utilization of speed ups.

In some cases, though, it is not the most efficient approach as you should always consider bringing the countdown timer close to the 5-minute free zone instead of going over it. In any case, you can always toggle and reduce the number of speed ups to be consumed.

4. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds, alliances, factions, clans, and similarly-termed player groups have become an integral part of every online game. Though these features primarily extend or enhance the social aspects of online games, it has evolved into one that provides a wide variety of perks for its members.

Joining an alliance in any game is always optional, but it often only has advantages without any drawbacks at all, making it the obvious choice to take in every situation.

For the most part, you can do okay without joining a guild or alliance in most other game genres, but for base-building strategy games where your very own survival largely depends on the strength of your alliance, it is absolutely necessary.

The alliance feature in Invasion: Modern Empire unlocks early and as soon as it becomes available, you should choose to join one immediately. You can expect that there are numerous active guilds that will take you with open arms and you have the option of choosing which one is best for you moving forward.

invasion modern empire guild

To start off, being a member of an alliance unlocks the assist feature, which can tremendously cut down research and construction time. Once within an alliance, you have the option of seeking assistance from your fellow alliance members before proceeding to speed up the process using speed ups. Each fellow alliance members who provide assistance cuts down completion time by a full minute.

Participating in Guild Wars as well as taking an active role as a member of any alliance earns you activity points that contribute towards the entire guild’s accomplishments. Rewards can be earned from treasure chests following the accomplishment of certain milestones the guild has reached.

Be sure to donate to the guild research as well as it provides various perks for each member of the guild. When visiting the guild page through the guild icon at the bottom of the screen, feel free to venture through each of the available features.

Do not hesitate to engage in chat with your fellow guild members. Especially as a beginner, you can learn a lot from more experienced or veteran guild members about the game. Strategies, plans of attack, priorities for donations are also common discussion points in the chat.

Remember to teleport as well to where your fellow guild members are. You will have an item for doing so in your inventory and teleporting will not have an adverse effect on your peace shield as well.

5. Accomplish All Other Missions

Taking on Invasion: Modern Empire’s chapter missions can certainly fill your need for a lot of active base camp management time especially in the early hours of your dive into the game. Beyond that, you will have to keep tabs on the main production lines as well as you would want each one to be continuously active and leave as little idle time on queues as much as possible.

At some point, though, you will slowly have more and more extra time in your hands to tend to other matters and the rest of Invasion: Modern Empire other missions are certain to give you a lot to delve into.

Chapter missions are the priority but it certainly leaves plenty of room for you to engage in other activities, especially when it begins to take construction or research longer and longer as the upgrade levels rise. You can check the missions through its icon at the bottom of your screen. Chances are that you will accomplish a lot of the mission objectives without knowing them specifically as each one is tied up or directly in line with the usual activities you engage in.

Regardless, it is best to peek through the lists of missions available to you across each of the 4 tabs and let it serve as your guide towards fast and efficient progression in your career as a commander.

invasion modern empire daily missions

The daily mission stands as the most basic list of objectives that you need to accomplish within the day. Each objective comes with a reward when accomplished and earns you activity points as well that unlock even more rewards via the chests at the top of the page.

Although you do not necessarily have to accomplish each feat to claim the top rewards, you should try to accomplish as many as you can as extra rewards based on your accomplishments for the week can also be earned.

The base missions, on the other hand, can be likened very much to the chapter objectives. These missions relate more to milestones you have reached as far as progression across various aspects of the game are concerned. Some of the targets laid out her will take a while until you reach them but adhering to the chapter missions as recommended early on will ultimately lead you towards accomplishing these feats.

Although the numerous rewards to be earned from accomplishing base missions are not readily shown, you can tap on the mission itself to view the rewards waiting for you after completing the objectives.

Both solo missions and guild missions are sets of idle missions you can accomplish without much effort. As long as you keep tapping on the dispatch button, you are guaranteed to accomplish the task at hand within the period of time laid out. These missions come in a variety of rarities, which determine the rewards you can earn from them.

Taking each one on is all it takes as victory is always guaranteed. As a tip, it is best to take on the ones with the shortest times first and dispatch for the epic ones when you are about to take a long break from the game.

6. Venture Into The Outside World

Although the tutorial Invasion: Modern Empire as well as one mission from each chapter sends you hunting for terrorists in the world map, the action points you have at your disposal enables you to do more hunting beyond what is required. Each terrorist group you defeat earns you valuable resources like military units, speed ups, recruitment materials, and even diamonds. As such, it is best to fully take advantage of the AP at your disposal and continuously hunt terrorists whenever you can.

You can also search for and farm for basic materials on resource spots scattered across the world map. Once your lab has reached level 13 and you can perform researches under the subsidiary group of the strategic research tab, there are research items that can increase the amount of resources you can store.

Although you can generate all the basic resources through production buildings within your base camp, and multiple copies of each production facility boosts the outputs manufactured, your growing needs for each of the basic resources cannot be sustained by your production alone, even with the help of resource packs within your inventory that you will need a lot of later in the game.

Although your peace shields are unaffected whenever you hunt down terrorists or gather resources from resource spots, the army you send out will always be vulnerable outside of your camp. As tedious as it may sound, it is best to always keep an eye on your deployed troops whenever they set out to hunt terrorists or even farm resources.

Relative to gathering resources on the world map, especially when you are situated with fellow guild members, make it a point to completely dry out a resource spot once you gather materials from it. It is not for your sake but for the sake of your allies as new resource spots will only emerge once the previous one has been completely bled dry.

invasion modern empire strategies

Even if it takes you 2 or more trips back to the spot to empty it out, make the effort to do so to ensure that each guild member within the vicinity will only have fresh resource spots of their own to farm from.

Beyond objectives that offer quantifiable results, you should also consider exploring the world map, the immediate vicinity at least, to check the lay of the land as far as potential predators and prey are concerned. Invasion: Modern Empire immerses you early on with a story that centers around your role as a commander of a base, in a fight against terrorists.

 The terrorists or NPCs, however, are not the kind of threat in the game you should worry about. As Invasion: Modern Empire, much like any other war strategy game is largely PvP-centric, your strategies, plans, and preparations ought to be focused on dealing with other commanders.

One of the more critical reasons you need to take a peek outside your base camp is to check the potential turn of events once your peace shields die down. By the time it happens, you are likely going to be a member of a guild and if you adhere to the quick tutorials associated with it, you should already be situated near your fellow guild members.

Just the same, however, care and attention should still be observed as there are plenty of camps and guilds scattered close to wherever you are. Before your peace shields expire and as you prepare for the oncoming war, it is best to assess each of the surrounding camps who are not members of you current guild and begin planning as to which ones to launch an attack on and which ones to prepare to defend against.

Although the camp’s level, which can be vividly seen on the world map can give you an idea about just how powerful a commander is, there is certainly more to it than meets the eye. A high rank base camp with an inactive commander may be a lot less formidable than you think while some base camp with a lower level than yours may possess superior military capacity.

In any case, it is best to have coordinated attacks through rallies with your fellow guild members. Even before you are ready to launch an attack, there are numerous preparations that you need to tend to first.

7. Distribute Your Talent Points Wisely

You may have similar units and be almost be equal with other players as far as total power and efficiency is concerned but will still perform very differently to one another. What makes Invasion: Modern Empire unique is that each commander can be built uniquely through a variety of features in the game. To start off, the talent points you earn from levelling up can be distributed in a variety of ways. While distribution basically revolves around investing in combat or economy, you have liberty in expending talent points in accordance to your needs or preferences.

invasion modern empire talent points

Naturally, investing talent points in combat will boost your military strength while investing talent points in economy increases productivity and your camp’s overall efficiency. Although choosing one more over the other is a difficult feat in itself, we recommend initially banking more on economy. Note that in any case, the best course of action as far as talent point distribution is concerned, is to aim at unlocking all the nodes before heavily investing in anything.

As rewards from missions as well as special events, you are likely to obtain a talent book, which is an item needed to reset talent points earned and redistribute them again. Once your immunity shields die down and you are ready for combat and conquest, you may redistribute your talent points to focus more or entirely on increasing combat talents.

8. Take Time To Check Your Inventory

The rate at which you acquire new items at the early part of your adventure is extremely fast. As some missions you accomplish earn you a variety of items, chances are that you will not be able to take the time to look into each of the items you obtained.

Although there may be little idle time left in the early stages to peek into the loots you have amassed, as some are best used sooner than later. There are items as well worth knowing about to help you identify scenarios when to appropriately use them.

As far as resources are concerned, it is best to rely on the resource packs in your inventory as a last resort for your needs. Note that there is a limit to how much resources can be protected within your camp in the event that you base comes under attack by other commanders.

invasion modern empire inventory

To ensure that you will always have a steady supply of basic resources for emergencies, only consume the resource packs when you need them and open only what you need for the task at hand.

Speed ups, as we mentioned earlier should not be hoarded indefinitely. The early hours of building your camp are the most important ones which is why those are the best moments to utilize speed ups. Although there will always be emergency need for them later, keep in mind that you will always be earning speed ups through the accomplishment of missions as well as farming in the open world.

Like the talent book needed to reset talent points, the items tab of the inventory holds various items for special needs. Be sure to browse through the list of items you have here as you may not be readily aware of what each one can do and fail to use them when necessary. Check as well for items under the boost tab as you have likely earned a few that can help you tremendously.

For starters, you may have earned several peace shields that you can activate to extend preparations until you are ready for PvP or protect against a rallied attack. Alternatively, there are items as well that double the size of your army to intimidate potential attackers in the absence of a piece shield.

9. Always Scout Ahead Of An Attack

As you reach the final stages of development within your camp or at the very least feel ready to engage with skirmishes against other commanders, it is almost finally time to launch an attack. There are, of course, a couple of preparations needed to ensure that you are ready to launch an attack as well as be prepared for what will likely follow next.

Naturally, at this point in time, you should already be with a guild that suits your needs and preferences. If you happen to land in a guild that is not active enough or even uncoordinated, you should consider looking for a better guild before you begin to even consider attacking other camps. Again, guilds are a very crucial element in Invasion: Modern Empire and as much as having one is a huge help on its own, being a member of an active guild goes a long way.

Within the guild, you should have already relocated close to where the rest or at least most of the guild members are situated. This is a basic strategy that makes it easier to rally against other camps or guilds, as well as defend one another from counterattacks and joint assaults. Given that no commander will be watching over his or her base camp 24/7, being within guild territory is like having neighbors that keep watch over your home while you are away.

invasion modern empire scouting

As a beginner, it is best to prey on inactive bases first but be sure to always scout ahead before launching an attack, even if seems obvious that you will earn victory in the battle. You should consider attacking unaffiliated base camps first as attacking a camp that belongs to any guild will always have repercussions and it is best not to drag your entire guild on your first couple of skirmishes.

You will naturally earn victories as well as suffer defeats as you engage in battles one after another in the world map. Whether you choose to engage in battles on your own, or join rallies with your comrades, there will always be stronger and weaker enemies in the world map. The important thing to keep is to stay as active as you can to gather lost resources and strengthen your camp and army continuously.

Invasion: Modern Empire still holds a variety of features that will become available to you as you make further progress in the game but for now, this is where we will end our Invasion: Modern Empire Guide (2021 Update). We are fairly confident that the simple tips and strategies we shared with you should suffice to jumpstart your progression as a commander and as you embark further to discover the other features, the applicability of these strategies are logically synonymous as well.

If you are an experienced or veteran commander in Invasion: Modern Empire and would like to share more tips, tricks, or strategies for the game, do not hesitate leave us a message!