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Invasion: Modern Empire Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Expand Your Empire

Invasion: Modern Empire was recently named one of 2015’s best mobile games in a Facebook poll, and since we’re covering this game for the first time, we might as well fill you in on the title and explain what it’s all about. This exciting mobile game (Android and iOS) is an online war simulation and RTS title where you can fight enemy factions, conquer their military base, and fight toward the ultimate goal of world domination in the midst of a global apocalypse. You can play alongside friends and form your own guild and in fact, you will definitely want to round up your friends (or make new ones) to enjoy this game to the fullest. Think of this as Clash of Clans’ social gaming, base-building, and RTS elements transposed to a post-apocalyptic time and setting.

As this is a rather complex game as compared to the average game on the App Store and Play Store, we thought we’d give you a bit of a boost if you’re starting out. Check out our list of Invasion: Modern Empire tips, tricks and strategies for any question you may have about the game and its mechanics.

1. Don’t Claim Your Quest Rewards Right Away

This is a tip that we believe is very common in games like this. Yes, it is important to follow the quests, or as they’re called in here, missions. They will guide you on what to do and where to go so your base can be up to par. And you will also earn rewards for completing these missions. The thing here, though, is that you wouldn’t want to claim the rewards right away. Those rewards may be best saved and used at a later time when necessary, and as is often the case, they can be raided by other players if you redeem them right away.

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2. Both Skill Trees Are Important

Once you’ve created your character, you will notice that there are two skill trees, namely Combat and Economy. But even if this is a fighting game, you shouldn’t prioritize Combat or Economy, or even vice versa. Both of these skill trees have equal importance in the grand scheme of things, so make sure that you’re paying attention to them equally when allocating skill points.

3. Don’t Hesitate – Join A Guild

It’s interesting that in Invasion: Modern Warfare, alliances are referred to as guilds, a term most commonly used in more traditional MMORPGs. But regardless of what they’re called, you would definitely want to join one. It’s that old “no man is an island” adage ringing true in yet another MMORPG, with the benefits of joining a guild being quite extensive. For starters, you’ll be able to join guild-only events and take part (and complete) guild missions. You can trade resources with fellow guild members and help each other out with your concerns. And while this probably goes without saying, it is also important to be civilized, reasonable, and friendly when negotiating with guild members. You can’t expect them to have your back if you’re acting rude and standoffish in this game!

4. Teleport Near Your Guild In Battle

Once you’ve joined an active guild – the operative word being active – you can now assist each other in battle. That would mean teleporting near them when you’re battling it out. This will give you additional protection and allow you to carry out attacks with each member being close to one another. There isn’t just strength, but also safety in numbers.

5. Distribute Resource Buildings Evenly

When constructing resource buildings, it is important that you build an equal number of each of the types. Each resource is equally essential to your base and your overall success in this game, so it’s best to ensure a balance across the board and to be an “all-rounder” when it comes to your resources.

6. Keep Your Troops Busy

Your troops aren’t just there to carry things out for you in battle. They can also help you out in other ways when there isn’t anything to fight for. Dispatch them to gather resources by going to the different farms on the map. But if you can’t find any farms, you can have your soldiers do what they do best and have them raid enemy cities for valuable resources. One thing you can try is raiding inactive players’ resource buildings, which is a nice and easy way to ensure you’ve got enough.

7. Upgrade Your Headquarters After Everything Else

Patience is key to success in Invasion: Modern Empire. That means not upgrading your headquarters until you’ve properly upgraded your other buildings. Rushing upgrades on your headquarters may sound like a nice short-term solution, but when talking about the big picture, it won’t do you much good.

This is our collection of Invasion: Modern Empire tips, tricks and strategies. Do you know more hints for this addictive RTS game? If so, don’t hesitate to share them with us!

Brendon Mathew campbell

Monday 14th of December 2020

whats the best way to build a guild research building


Friday 20th of July 2018

1 focus research 2 build many accounts 3 find friends 4 share phone numbers for war events 5 get good officers for a set formation not ones that look cool 6 dont always fight as a attacker 7 hold monuments and cities 8 dont use the speaker 9 dont have zone war 10 dont have a free for all pvp 11 test stuff in pvp attacking trapping and monument etc... 12 use reclaim troops lvl5 to give people xp use all t3s 13 dont hate people 14 join rallies 15 get t4s and help out 16 build one of each rss building then rest all one rss.


Friday 21st of December 2018

Hello can you explane abaut traps?


Saturday 30th of December 2017

The above is a very basic guild.

Top tips. 1. Research is key. Tap have ensured the critical path means you need to open almost all research to get to the bottlm of the tree. 2. Buildings lab 21 requires prison and hall of war at level 21. 3. Underground store. Buy the refresher nothing else. 4. Officers and wingman. Research ones first as there is so much research to do you will need to reduce the time. 5. resource production needs to be one of each type. As you need to upgrade the resource building as a prerequisite to upgrading certain other buildings. Then all the other type should be single resource type. you can then mex out of relent points for that research and make millions per hour. Use it to trade with other hyper resource producers. 6. War. Know the times of pvp, tvt and zvz. Currently Friday and Tuesday. 7. Use a strategy to make a troop type a defence troop and a troop type as an attack type. Focus everything. I mean everything on getting those percentages up. Officers should offer defence of your defence troop type and attack to your attack troops type. Like Barbara for helicopter defence, & tank attack. Then use the defence and health medals for the defence troop type and just the attack medal on the attack troop type. Nothing else. Seriously forget the other medals. Use those on your other set ups. Wingman are the same and talent is the same. I hope you get the picture. I still see 500m player which a mix of officer and medals and lost 25m when they get rallies by a 1b player with a good set up.


Wednesday 30th of May 2018

What about the different officer types ,vanguard ,mechanical etc. And then the officers in the formation building how ate those different than the ones in commander section...


Tuesday 1st of August 2017

dont! build rss evenly, build one of each type (for dependancies) due to production both talent points, get others in your guild to do the same and trade, your farm/base will pump out over 1m per hour that way....

that said, you really want your commander talent points maxing out recearch, troop production, construction at the start, so just build some farms.


Sunday 4th of September 2016

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