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Fishing Paradise 3D Tips, Cheats & Guide: 6 Killer Hints to Fish Like a Pro

Contrary to what some may have said, we don’t think Bass Professor’s mobile title Fishing Paradise 3D is a fishing-based MMORPG. It does have some elements of those city-building games that are best played MMORPG-style, but you can play on your own, manage your own fish farm and travel to different locations with your guide, and still have some fun with this game. You can use your coins and experience points to unlock new items, locations, and features, or make use of shiners to unlock those goodies faster. There are tons of fish and 14 3D-rendered locations to visit, and you can take part in multiplayer tournaments if you feel your fishing is up to par with the rest of the world.

If you haven’t gone fishing in your life, whether as an active participant or an observer, this game may appear daunting, and a lot of the terms may seem like a bunch of jargon to you. And the game also promises to be quite a detailed one in terms of fishing simulators. To that end, we’ve come up with a detailed list of Fishing Paradise 3D tips, tricks and strategies that could potentially help you out in every facet of the game. And since this is quite an intricate game, this is the first in a two-part series of tips.

1. Know The Glossary

For starters, it’s important that you know the terms that fishing enthusiasts use. For a quick explanation of these terms (for fishing newbies), the rod is the long stick that you hold in your hands for fishing, while the reel is the line attached to your rod, and the one where you attach the hook (which is what it is) and the bait (tiny critters used to lure fish in). A tackle is a tool, such as a weight or something similar, that’s also used in the process of catching fish. We believe having a good knowledge of fishing terms, even the basic ones, is a good first step to ensuring success in Fishing Paradise 3D.

2. Choosing Your Rod And Reel

Before you can even think about catching your first fish, you should also think about the rod and the reel you’ll be using. When choosing a rod, you want one that’s lightweight, yet durable and flexible. You don’t want to be encumbered by a rod that’s too heavy, as you’ll have a hard time catching fish that way. Your reel also has to be durable enough not to break when dealing with larger and/or tougher fishes. Consider the details of each location you visit, as well as the type of fish you’re trying to catch when choosing the length of your reel.

3. Understand The Nuances Of Each Location And Fish Type

Generally speaking, you want to be very familiar with the location you’re fishing in, as well as the type of fish that you’re going for, when choosing your fishing accessories, meaning rod and reel, bait and tackle. And each of the locations available in the game come with their own unique challenges that you need to be prepared for. So what’s to know about the locations?

Speaking in general terms, you need to know the strength of the current and its direction when fishing in a river. You’ll generally be using a short reel, a strong rod, and the right kind of bait for river fish when fishing in a river. When talking about the fish, they are all rated in terms of size, strength, and aggressiveness; remember these stats, and also take into account whether the fish is a fresh water or a salt water fish.

4. Basic Advice For Catching Fish

Focusing more on the fish for this particular tip, the first stat you want to look at is the fish’s strength. You will also want to look at tension, which we’ll be explaining in a bit. You’ll know if a fish is fighting hard and if there’s a good chance it might get away if the bar on the bottom part of your screen starts turning red. The blue bar, on the other hand, will refer to the tension, and is based on how far your line is cast. (Glossary – casting is when you throw your fishing line into the water.) Longer lines mean less tension, while shorter lines mean more tension; simple as that. If your line is too far off, you might also lose the fish. Always focus on both the red and blue bars when trying to catch a fish.

Now if the fish are quite strong and fighting hard and there’s just too much tension, you’ll want to apply less pressure on the reel; let go of it a bit, in other words. You want to achieve a balance between strengthening and relaxing your line, though this balance will all depend on the fish’s stats and the given situation you’re currently in.

5. Use A Heavier Tackle For Bigger Fish

As we told you that tackles are oftentimes weights, you should use a heavier tackle when you’re trying to catch a larger fish. The type of bait will depend on the fish’s preferences; check the in-game menu if you need more information on a certain fish. Oftentimes the fish wouldn’t bite on the exact bait type mentioned, but that information at least gives you a general idea of what will lure them in.

6. Take Good Care Of Your Reputation

Among all the statistics and skills in Fishing Paradise 3D, none are as essential to you as your reputation. That’s the measure of how well you’re performing in the game thus far, and you will need to make sure your reputation is at a certain level to take part in specific tournaments or events. It will also affect the number of people who may be interested in visiting your home base. So how do you improve that reputation of yours?

As a general rule, having a highly-valued fishing paradise does improve your reputation, and so does having rare fish types in your pond. Of course, reeling in more fish can work well for your reputation. But the best and most effective way to improve reputation is to do well in tournaments, so always play to win when you take part in them.

Now, that you’ve learned a few tips and tricks about how to succeed in Fishing Paradise 3D, we advise you to head over to the second part of our strategy guide, which features additional hints for the game.