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Fishing Paradise 3D Tricks & Strategy Guide to Become the Ultimate Fishing Pro

A few days ago, we shared with you the first part of our Fishing Paradise 3D strategy guide. This game from Bass Professor is made for Android and iOS devices alike, and it’s an interesting twist on your average fishing simulator. You’ll be tasked to catch fish in 14 different 3D-rendered locations, use your experience points and coins to unlock new fishing gear and locations, among others, and manage your fish farm to the best of your capability. It is quite an extensive fishing experience for mobile gamers, and it even comes with different game modes, including multiplayer tournaments where you can test your fishing skills against players from all over the world. Yes, there is a clear social element in here, but arguably not as pronounced as it is in a traditional MMO title and still very important in the grand scheme of things.

Without further ado, we shall be delving into the second part of our Fishing Paradise 3D strategy guide, covering more topics and helping you become the ultimate fishing pro and fish farm manager.

1. How To Get More Energy And Shiners

You may have been wondering when we would explain the energy system used in the game. This energy system, like similar systems in other games, will limit the actions you can take in the game, and that means you’ll have to use that energy wisely. Focus on activities that could improve your reputation and help your fish farm prosper.

Then again, there are ways in which you can get more energy, and they aren’t necessarily cheats. You can watch video advertisements as long as they’re available, and aside from helping you restore your energy, they can also give you free gold shiners. It’s also possible to gain energy by inviting your Facebook friends to play the game, and once again, you’ll be rewarded with shiners for your efforts to “raise awareness” about Fishing Paradise 3D and take advantage of its social element. Posting updates about your fishing progress on Facebook could also give you shiners as a reward.

2. Go For The Fish Finder

While you can go to the in-app store and purchase a variety of fishing gear, the Fish Finder is one of the best items out there, and a very useful tool that could come in handy in many an occasion. Think of the Fish Finder as a radar device that tells you more than just a fish’s location – it can also tell you its size, its strength, and other important statistics. As soon as you find a fish with the help of the Fish Finder, cast your line out and go for the catch.

There is, however, a catch to using the Fish Finder. Unfortunately, you can only use it for a limited period of time, so once you purchase it, you should use right away. Don’t hold off on using it at another time, because you might not know it when it disappears from your list of items.

3. Catch Female Fish

It’s always a good idea to catch female fish, as they could get pregnant and help you populate your fish pond. More fish means more business for your fish farm, so if you have a chance to catch female fish, go for it – they’ll pay for themselves, so to say.

4. Use Chum To Attract Different Types Of Fish

Speaking of catching fish, here’s one good way you could attract a wider variety of fish. Chum is a blend of different types of bait, and it tends to be cheaper when you buy it in the in-game store. Buy chum, as it attracts various fish types, and refrain from fish bait as it could attract predatory fish (e.g. sharks) that may spell bad news for other fish types you currently have in your pond/farm.

5. Buy A Lost And Found Building

Your fish farm, a.k.a. your Fishing Paradise, may be littered with different items that show up at random. These are helpful items indeed, but you’ll need a place to store them in. To this end, purchase a Lost and Found building as early as possible so you can collect these random items and be able to use them any time you wish.

6. General Tips For Working On Your Fish Farm

There’s a reason why you’re doing all that fishing, and that’s because you are trying to build up a Fishing Paradise. For each quest you accomplish, you’ll get experience points and improve on your reputation, and when it comes to making purchases for your farm/Paradise, it’s always a good idea to start out with the buildings and items you can currently afford. Don’t rush the progress and work your way slowly to improving your farm, and if you have to, you can sell your previous purchases for upgrades. Sure, it’s going to be a loss on your end, but at least you’ll still be getting something back somehow.

And while this isn’t technically a part of managing your Fishing Paradise, you can get sponsorships by winning multiplayer tournaments and keeping your reputation healthy. A better reputation, after all, means more people visiting your Paradise, which is always a good thing.

7. Prioritize Rare And Exotic Fish

As the fish pond will be the “cash cow” of your Fishing Paradise, you have to make sure it’s got as many rare and exotic fish as you could; that’s going to attract other players and convince them to fish over at your pond, and that means good business. Aside from that, you may want to specialize, meaning put a premium on catching on one specific type of fish.

In addition to all that, you will want to keep in mind that you can get more experience points by collecting more fish. This can be done by breeding, and in order to breed, you will first need to have your own breeding pond. Make sure that this is one of the first things you purchase in the game.


Saturday 7th of January 2023

Why I can't play this game?


Sunday 26th of May 2019

Any tips on how to catch oarfish?

Amber Bye

Sunday 7th of October 2018

Any tips on rio Grande cup


Thursday 8th of November 2018

Did you ever find the answer to your question re the Rio Grande


Monday 7th of August 2017

I cannot even get from the main map page to where I get to fish! What do you press to go Fishing.!


Friday 13th of April 2018

The shiner vids are roughly available every 24 hours and for a limited amount. Otherwise you will get the "try later" message.


Friday 13th of April 2018

You have to press the head of each pin to enter the fishing area. Its a very small target so keep trying.


Tuesday 7th of February 2017

How do you make the adds to get shiners available? It always says they are unavailable and to try again later. Because of this, I'm progressing very slowly in the game as I don't want to share it on Facebook .