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Injustice 2 Guide: How to Get Gold Characters

When it comes to the ultimate battle between heroes and villains, you shouldn’t pull any punches. Injustice 2 takes super battles to a whole new level, and gives Android and iOS players even more characters to choose from. Remember, your team is only as strong as its weakest member. Getting gold heroes and villains, however, will not be a walk in the park. It is a good thing you can depend on our Injustice 2 tips and tricks to help you build your dream team!

1. Try Your Luck With Chests

For as low as 150 gems, you can purchase a hero chest that gives you a chance to draw a gold hero. If you think Lady Luck is on your side, then feel free to go for these. You will most likely pull silver characters from these chests but there’s no harm in trying. Just keep buying these chests whenever you can, and hope that you will eventually win the hero lottery. It might not be the surest way to get a gold hero but it definitely is the easiest way. All you have to do is tap on the “Get Now” button and hope for the best.

2. Collect Battle Shards

The game promises to give you a shot at some rare shards if you play the campaign mode. True enough, these rare shards have the chance to drop in certain chapters of the game. You will need to play through quite a bit before you can get to those points, though. The shards only drop in the Heroic difficulty of the chapter which means you will need to slog through the Standard difficulty first. Even when you manage to get to the Heroic difficulty chapters, there is still no guarantee that the shards will drop in every run through. It’s a good thing you can just simulate subsequent run throughs if you have already completed the chapter with a three-star rating. Keep in mind that you can only replay the chapters up to three times per day so make sure you don’t miss out on your chance.

Here are some of the chapters that drop character shards:

Emerald Green Lantern – Heroic Campaign Mode Chapter 4
Unbreakable Cyborg – Heroic Campaign Mode Chapter 4
Telekinetic Gorilla Grodd – Heroic Campaign Mode Chapter 6
Enraged Bane – Heroic Campaign Mode Chapter 7
Primal Swamp Thing – Heroic Campaign Mode Chapter 8

3. Go To The Arena

If PvP is your game, then this is option is right up your alley. Every week, you will earn a certain amount of Arena Medals depending on your rank. You can spend these medals in the Arena Store in exchange for hero shards. It might take a while before you can get enough shards, though. There is a limit of three purchases at a time, and five shards cost 50 Arena Medals. You also don’t have any control over which heroes are available in the store per week. If you spend a lot of time in the Arena anyway, this is still a viable way to get gold characters for your team.

4. Aim For Achievements

If you check out the list of achievements available in the game, you will notice that some of the rewards are hero shards. In fact, the only way to get Armored Superman on your team so far is through completing achievements. You will need 360 shards to unlock Armored Superman but he will definitely be worth the effort once you unlock him.

Having characters that throw the strongest punch in battle requires a lot of work but with the help of the Injustice 2 tips and tricks listed above, you can assemble your dream team faster. Additionally, if you need some general tips and tricks for Injustice 2, then check out our detailed strategy guide right here!