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Finger Spinner (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 4 Hints Every Player Should Know

The fidget spinner took the world by storm when it gave fidgety fingers something to help release the stress. Ketchapp’s new mobile game called Finger Spinner ups the ante by turning it into a sport. Available on iOS and Android platforms, this game will have you swiping and spinning a virtual fidget spinner in order to score points. You also pick up some cool rewards along the way if you’re good at spinning. If you want to aim for the top scores, however, you will need the help of our Finger Spinner tips and tricks!

1. Think Of Physics

The game has a pretty good grasp of how a real fidget spinner works so you should play the game as though you are spinning a real one. You have five chances to get the most number of spins. Keep in mind that swiping near the center of the fidget spinner will barely make it spin. Avoid it at all costs. What you want to do is swipe from corner to corner, following a path on the outermost part of the spinner. Applying pressure on the edges of the spinner will make it spin faster, getting you more points.

2. Get Some Upgrades

After you’ve gotten the hang of spinning correctly, the only way to get even more points is to upgrade your fidget spinner. There are several different upgrades to choose from so you should learn to prioritize. The first upgrade you should invest in is the spinner’s top speed for obvious reasons. After that, you should invest in grease for the bearings. Doing so will lower the friction of your spinner, allowing it to spin longer. Lastly, you should also invest in increasing the offline earnings of your game. You most likely won’t be playing 24 hours a day so it would be good if you can still earn while logged out from the game.

3. Don’t Forget To Level Up

The game has a level up mechanic but it does not automatically apply to your spinner when you get enough experience. That is why you need to keep an eye on the level bar, and see if it has filled up. Once the level up bar is full, you just need to go to the “Select a Spinner” menu and tap on the level up button. Levelling up your spinner will unlock new spinner designs. The spinners all work the same way and choosing a different one is purely a matter of style.

4. Learn The Timing

As mentioned before, you have five spins per game. You will need to know the best time to spin again in order to maximize your score. This takes a bit of trial and error on your part so just be patient with it. Remember, the timing will change when the top speed of your spinner changes. Make sure you make the necessary adjustments in timing when this happens. Observe your spinner closely and use your best judgement to determine when it is time to spin again.

Spinning objects has never been more fun! Just follow the Finger Spinner tips and tricks we gave you to get the most out of every spin! In case you know additional tips or tricks, be sure to share them with us in the comments!