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Crush Them All (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Guide to Battle Your Way to Victory

Crush Them All is a unique idle role-playing game by Godzilab for iOS and Android devices. You get to collect hundreds of heroes while facing monster after monster in an epic adventure. The best thing about it is that your team can get stronger even while you sleep! Of course, things will get harder the more you progress in the game. Therefore, you may want to check out our collection of Crush Them All tips and tricks first to prepare for the endless battle ahead of you!

1. Aim For Level 50

Even though your heroes are the ones facing monsters, you’ll be surprised how important your shop levels are. Money makes the world go around, even in this game, so having lucrative shops will go a long way. Make sure your shops are at least level 50 before you log off. Once a shop hits this level, it will automatically collect the gold it earns. That’s a very convenient way to run a shop. Leaving the game before your shops are self-collecting means you lose a lot of earning while you are offline. Additionally, make sure you upgrade your first shop the most as it will be generating the most income for you.

2. Upgrade Your Heroes

Now that you have quite a chunk of money on your hands, it’s time to put it to good use. Upgrade your heroes as much as you can. Upgraded heroes deal more damage and can keep progressing in the game. If you find that your heroes are starting to get stuck in some battles, it’s time to double check their stats and focus on upgrading them.

3. Use Prisms Wisely

Prisms make your heroes stronger on top of giving them additional skills. You get most of your prisms through ascending but it is also possible to pick up one or two while playing. Regardless of how you acquire your prisms, it goes without saying that they are not easy to collect. Make sure you maximize the use of your prisms by spending them on the right heroes.

4. Exploit Boss Weaknesses

The first few bosses of the game should go down pretty easily. As you progress, however, you will eventually find yourself getting beaten to a pulp. When this happens, you should rethink your strategy a bit. Instead of taking the boss head on, try to look into its weakness. Once you know the weak spot, check your heroes and see if any of them will be useful. If you don’t have any hero that can take advantage of the weakness of the boss, it might be best to wait until you get better heroes.

5. Ascend When Needed

The game is easy enough to play continuously for several hours. When you find a tough boss, you could just log off for a while and let the game grind on its own. You would come back after a couple of hours with a lot of cash to burn on upgrades, helping you move forward in the game. However, when you find that moving forward in the game is already taking too long, it might be time to ascend. Doing so will reset all your progress but will reward you with prisms. The prisms you get will help make your heroes a lot stronger, which in turn will help them go farther in the game this time around. Use ascend wisely in order to keep progressing.

Now it’s time to conquer over a thousand stages with the help of our Crush Them All tips and tricks! In case you need more hints for the game, feel free to share them with us in the comment section!