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Dino Factory Cheats, Tips, Hints & Guide for Running the Ultimate Dino Park

Oh Bibi’s new mobile game Dino Factory is a dinosaur breeding game for Android and iOS devices that puts you in an interesting role – CEO of a dino business, where your job is to grow that business by hatching eggs, unlocking and discovering new creatures, and managing your team of scientists. This, as well as other things within the game, will help you improve your reputation and your factory alike, developing a variety of dinosaur-themed businesses that are designed to keep your customers happy. These businesses include pet shops, parks, riding schools, arenas, and a lot more. And since social features are oftentimes a key part of mobile games, this title has its share of them, as it allows you to recruit your friends to help you run your business or exchange gifts, or to compete against in Dino Races. Yes, you can actually race dinosaurs in this game, and that’s just part of what makes this game so interesting.

This is a game that could be a lot of fun if you know what to do. But if you aren’t quite sure how to proceed, it could get frustrating, and you might end up having to give up your dreams of being the ultimate dino park owner. But you don’t have to go there – definitely not. Check out our Dino Factory strategy guide and if you follow our tips, your park will be running like a well-oiled, if unconventional, machine.

1. Produce More Dinos On A Consistent Basis

As production starts out very fast, you may need to be very hands-on early on in the game, spending lots of time logged in to make sure everything is just as you want it to be. But as dino production gets progressively slower as you move forward, you’ll have to be sure you’re always creating new dinosaurs and keeping your production line full. If you’re able to do this, you can theoretically create dinosaurs right after you sell them, allowing you to keep the money rolling in, all for the benefit of your park.

2. How To Make Your Dinosaurs Earn More

You’ve heard of the expression “cash cow,” but what about some cash dinos? Yes, your dinosaurs will be earning you moolah in this game, and once they’ve already been created and are ready to be paraded out in the yard, you’ll have to tap them repeatedly and buy the upgrades. Make sure you’re buying all the applicable upgrades for each dino, so you can maximize this process. After this, increase the price while keeping an eye on how long it will take for that dinosaur to be sold. Typically, dinos that can be sold in about 10 minutes can earn you a tidy profit, but if you’re willing to move forward and wait until they take about 20 to 30 minutes to sell, then you can earn a ton more money while actively playing. As such, it’s typically the best thing to do – once you’re preparing to leave the game for a while, increase the price as much as possible, so you can. Then you can return to the game hours later and see just how much you’ve profited.

3. Research On New Types Of Dinos

Earlier, we stressed the importance of keeping those production lines full. But you should also be focusing on other facets of your park’s business, such as your research. It won’t be easy at first, as Oh Bibi didn’t really make the research features too user-friendly – that is to say that the game doesn’t really explain what each upgrade means, and what’s in it for you should you go for those upgrades. But they can be of great help, and if you research the right technologies, you’ll end up unlocking new breeds of dinosaurs. As a rule of thumb, we suggest using the folowing hierarchy – Shop > Factory > Dino – when it comes to the research aspect of Dino Factory.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Staff

Remember the game overview, where we said that you can manage your staff members/scientists, just as you manage your dinosaurs? Do not, and we repeat do not overlook your staff, as they’re arguably more important than the dinos themselves. They do, after all, create your dinosaurs, and you can’t have any dinos in your Dino Factory if you don’t have anyone working it.

At first, you’ll only have the most entry-level staff at your disposal – basic, stock employees with no upside in the workplace, or so it seems. But if you feed them donuts, they will continue working for you, and you can also level them up, thus improving their performance. Tap on any staff member you are planning to level up, or tap the action button and choose Employees. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to add any booster items you were able to pick up throughout the course of the game. These boosters or power-ups tend to offer random effects, but any kind of good effect is better than a bad one, and better than none at all. Go try them all out and you may soon find a favorite.

5. Upgrade Your Dinos

Yes, you should level up your staff, but the dinos must be leveled up as well, either for free or with premium currency. The free method, quite obviously, won’t cost you any of your in-game currency, and it’s also the most enjoyable method for leveling up. Just create the number of dinosaurs asked of you, and the dinos will level up automatically. Head to your Collection, tap on the dinosaurs you’re planning to upgrade, and take it from there.

As we mentioned, you can also upgrade dinos with your premium currency, but since premium currency is naturally harder to come by, it’s better that you spend it on upgrading your staff.

6. What’s With The Mystery Cards?

The game will allow you every several minutes or so to watch an ad video, which would get you a free mystery card. You should be doing this as often as possible while you’re actively playing, as this could be a chance for some nice freebies. A bit of a disclaimer, though – more often than not, the rewards won’t be anything to write home about. But you just might get lucky, and get some impressive rewards! It’s bound to happen, especially if you do as we suggest and watch those ads every opportunity you get.

7. Complete The Quests

The game will randomly ask you at times to complete special orders, take part in events, or fulfill quests for rewards. Be sure you’re accepting these invites as often as possible, because once you’ve completed a quest or order or an event, you will get some nice rewards, with emphasis on the word “nice.” Generally, it’s the special orders that are easiest to pull off, as they would exclusively ask you to create a specific number of dinosaurs. It’s just as simple as that, so don’t miss out on these orders one they’re presented to you!

8. Expand Your Park With New Structures

Life in Dino Factory could be a grind, and we’ll be the first to admit that. That means you may need to complete tons of quests, orders, and whatnot, and create and unlock so many dinosaurs before you can earn some serious dough. But you’ll have to be patient, because at some point, you’ll have enough money to expand your park. By swiping to the rightmost part of your screen, you can choose the Build button and select from a list of structures. And since the best gifts, so to say, are the gifts that keep on giving, you should start with the buildings that will definitely earn you money. Next, create another Dino Dealer, which would allow you to have more dinosaurs on sale, thereby earning you even more in-game currency.

9. The Basics Of Dinosaur Breeding

We won’t delve into the deepest details of dinosaur breeding in the game, but we’d still like to share some basics that you may want to keep in mind when playing Dino Factory.

At the start of the game, you won’t have a lot of breeding options due to the sheer lack of available dinosaurs. But as you continue playing the game and unlocking dinos, you’ll have a progressively higher number of options at your disposal. Always pay attention to the breeding options that you have, and once a new one becomes available, take that opportunity and breed a new species of dinosaur. These new species oftentimes earn you much more money than many of your existing breeds, so there’s no downside to unlocking new dinos or breeding options, none whatsoever.

10. Get Social

Dino Factory can be played by your lonesome, if you prefer to roll that way. The social features in this game are merely optional, so you can play the game solo and still enjoy good progress. But if you want to enjoy BETTER progress, we recommend going social and connecting your game to Facebook so you can add more friends. Don’t have any friends who play the game? No problem! You’ve always got the option to create a dummy Facebook account for gaming purposes, and add random people from there, either from app store reviews or from mobile gaming sites and forums.

Having as many friends as possible in the game allows you to receive and send gifts, hire them to work at your factory, and do a lot more. Make sure to share your Dino Factory friend code, though, so other people can easily add you up!


Sunday 14th of November 2021

How do I get the parts for uranium croc is it only from mystery cards? Or can I also get the parts from selling master tyrant?

Tori Snider

Friday 14th of August 2020

what a croco danger im at fat cheezes thrid race and the only dino i can use is stompy im trying to get the one thati need to make two croco danger so whats a croco danger?


Sunday 14th of November 2021

@Tori Snider, XD what a funny coincidence my robotic spider is called snider because it rhymes with spider


Wednesday 6th of June 2018

I can't connect to the internet on this game. Any idea why?