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Crash Club Drive & Smash City Guide, Hints & Tips to Crash the City

Street mayhem on the wheels! What’s not to like? Prettygreat’s new mobile game called Crash Club: Drive and Smash City is all about that. Crash Club is one nice, shiny and colorful “everyone vs everyone game” with its pros and cons, but definitively a fun one. And it’s simple as a game can be. You are finding yourself in a coastal city in your, at the beginning, KIA Picanto look-alike car against a whole bunch of players from all around the world, trying to stay alive for as long as possible destroying both your opponents and everything on and along the street. That’s something that will require an internet connection all the time. As you will notice in the first minutes of your play, much of the gameplay is just a matter of luck who you’re going to bump into, because there is no differentiation between rookies and experienced players with built-up cars. In any case, we have come up with a few tips that might help you to climb the board and survive on these mean streets.

1. Get The Dough Bro

As we all know, mobile gaming is all about collecting various currencies to make through the game. Here we also have coins and gems to buy stuff, but what I’m talking about are tokens that you collect during the gameplay for crashing everything along the way. Tokens are what you must have always on your mind, because you get to exchange them at “Stop N Go” garages for repairs, extra charges and most important – weapons. Whether you take some lame pea-shooter or a rocket launcher, you’re nothing but a seating duck without them. There’s one more thing about tokens. Although it’s relatively easy to collect them, you should avoid spending them lightly as the weapons are limited in ammo and you can find yourself in a situation that you desperately need one with no tokens on sight.

Coins and gems are being also collected during the gameplay (coins are easy to get, gems – not) and you should also have them on your mind because they enable you to buy better cars, customize them, upgrade them and so on.

2. Crush The World Down

As the name says – drive and smash! Crashing the environment you come across is the one way to get the points that will put you up the leaderboards and that’s why you are in the game for. Although you should crash everything you stumble upon, it does matter what you’re crashing. Take some tips on this issue. Bigger is better. Going for big constructions like water towers and harbor cranes will give you most points. Mechanical stuff are also better to aim as well as some other bigger solid stuff like bus stations, monuments, dumpsters etc. Look for rows of objects like fences, plant lines and such and keep the car in line to smash as much of them as possible. Also, for easy money go backyard as you will find lot of things on a small space that will be very easy to destroy. Trees and plants are most likely what you’re going to smash but even those are different depending on a position. Lonely tree is much worth than the one on the sidewalk. Despite the fact that the real points come by wrecking other cars, don’t get yourself lurking around for enemies while neglecting the smashing of the street items.

3. Destroy Or Be Destoyed

The credo is sound and clear. And there is no other approach to this game. However, there are some things you should know if you want to stay longer in the game and to climb the scoreboard faster. At the beginning of the game you’ll find yourself facing more experienced players who are in the game for some time and they have more powerful vehicles with better weapons. The game is nowhere near to fair fight for beginners, but that’s just the way it is. So, try to evade them as you’re dropped from the sky and concentrate on smashing the environment which will get you some tokens to buy a weapon. Even then it will not be a fair fight but you get to fight back. Getting a 20-seconds shield at the cost of couple of coins prior to the battle might also be a good idea.

Meet your match. At least at the beginning, as it will take some time and some of those damn hidden gems to buy a better class car. Do not hesitate to hit the burst button and run away from much stronger opponent, especially if you meet the monster truck guys. As you progress you will get more powerful vehicles and you will get more skill and then you’ll be able to show your teeth.

Be a shark! Look for a wounded animal! If you see a car with a smoke coming from under the hood, pounce on him and make sure you get those easy points as someone else surely will.

Another one. When you get engaged in combat, make sure you circle around your enemy making hard turns in order to have him always in sight.

Finally – seppuku! Don’t get those bastards get you! If you find yourself in smoke and flames, far from the garage and without tokens, hit for the water and crash yourself. Don’t let anyone take the points for wrecking you.

4. Know Your Way Around

I presume we’re all in for the games, so the finger movement shouldn’t be a problem. The controls are simple and swiping left or left to steer or down to brake should make things easy in the combat. If you don’t fancy these you can change or adjust controls in My Career menu. To get things even easier it would be good to have a big screen as it gives you a better overview. Also try to hold your device in portrait mode as you will have a longer view in front of you, because that’s where you tend to keep your enemies.

Get to know the map. Yes it is a bit bigger, but it’s the only map in the game and it will not be a big problem to get familiar with it. Pay attention to small purple Stop N Go street signs as they are directing you to garages. Make sure you hang around them not just because your unexperienced ass will need it for repair, but also because most of the fuss is over there. When you get a chance to attack, do it. The game is a quick one and the game view is limited for you to hesitate. You’re here to wreck, right?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of tips and tricks for Crash Club: Drive and Smash City. Now, if you need more hints for the game, feel free to head over to our previous strategy guide for the game.