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Fidget Spinner Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 5 Hints to Improve Your High Score Fast

Leave it to Ketchapp to release another casual super-hit for Android and iOS gamers alike. Their new mobile game Fidget Spinner is the “most relaxing spinner” title out there. So how does it work? Well, you are given five swipes to “set the best spin (that) you can.” Once you spin, you’ll have to wait for the spinner to stop, then “sweep the sweet rewards.” As you go along, you can upgrade your spinner, unlock new ones, and, as always, compete with your friends for the highest possible score. Basically, this game’s objective for you is to spin the fidget as many times as you could – sounds easy, right?

Of course, nothing’s as easy as it may seem in Ketchapp games. That’s the thrill of these games – the mechanics are simple enough for a young child to understand, but the objective of getting as high a score as possible – either a score high enough to beat your old record or to beat that of your friends’ – is where the challenge lies. So if you’re looking to beat that old high score, we invite you to read on and check out our Fidget Spinner tips and hints. Take note as well that this game is called Finger Spinner on iOS – one of the rare times Ketchapp has released their games under different names on separate platforms. There are also numerous Fidget/Finger Spinner copycats out there in both Android and iOS app stores – this is the real and actual game from Ketchapp, and we’re proud to cover it right now.

1. Find Your Comfort Zone Early On

There is no right or wrong way to spin the fidget in this game. For example, some players may find it more comfortable to spin from left to right, starting at the spinner’s base. But others may find it more comfortable to spin from right to left. It’s also possible to swipe your finger from your screen’s left corner to the right corner, or vice versa. As you can see, the game allows you multiple ways to spin the fidget, and it’s up to you to choose the style that suits you the best.

We would recommend that you try all methods and see which one works for you most consistently. Again, some get higher scores swiping from right to left at the base, or right to left at the corner, or the opposite direction at either part of the spinner. It’s your call, as long as you’re comfortable.

2. How To Upgrade Your Spinner?

The game’s description clearly says that you can upgrade your spinner, and you can do this by paying coins, which you will earn organically by playing the game. Take note of the two upgrades that could play a part in predicting the number of spins you may get, and buy those two at the same time, rather than upgrading only one aspect of your spinner at a time.

As a bonus tip, you should also invest in the offline earnings upgrade. Not only is this a casual arcade title, it is also an idle clicker (idle spinner?) of sorts where you can earn money passively. The money you earn while away from the game could really add up in a hurry, and you can use that money to buy more spinner-centric upgrades. As a general rule, more upgrades means more points, so be sure you’re trying to improve that spinner of yours as much as possible.

3. How Can You Maximize Your Number Of Spins?

As we told you above, it’s very important that you find the right swiping rhythm. You will always need to swipe in a certain way that would allow you to reach maximum number of spins per minute, so keeping this in mind, you can let this figure go down gradually, and make your next spin once the spinner is moving at 50 to 100 spins per minute. You could increase the minimum threshold if you feel like it, as 50 might not cut if you’ve already upgraded a ton of stuff. Otherwise, many players have reported great results when waiting for the spins per minute reading to go down at about 50.

It’s all that easy – just monitor your number of spins as closely as possible, and reach the maximum figure per spin. You can view the maximum number by swiping over the screen five consecutive times. Once you’ve got that data down, you can decide what your spins per minute threshold should be

4. Spinners Are Only For Collection Purposes

Although Ketchapp does make it seem like a bigger deal than it should when they say you can unlock more spinners as you go along, there is the usual caveat we have to bring up. Remember that this is a title designed for the casual gamer, and Ketchapp never tries to make you remember elemental strengths or weaknesses, positive or negative buffs, etc. that are staples of other gaming genres. That said, all the new spinners in the game play the same way, and only look different from each other. One spinner traditionally won’t outdo the other, though sometimes it’s a good idea to switch from one spinner to the other to break the monotony.

5. Take Breaks

Fidget Spinner can be one of those games that are easy to learn and hard to master, as the expression often goes. But even the best of us need to take a break once in a while, and one bad game can be followed up by another if you’re playing frustrated. Refresh your mind and your fingers from time to time, and return at a fresher state of mind and body, ready to take on more spinners once you’re back in the fold. As mentioned above, changing designs won’t change gameplay, but could, at least, break the monotony if you’re stuck using your stock spinner.

That’s all you need to know to improve your high score in Fidget Spinner. If you know additional hints, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below!