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Idle Sweeper Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Earn a Ton of Money

Idle Sweeper is a unique idle clicker game from SuperTapx, the company behind the popular Love Balls, that’ now available for mobile devices. In Idle Sweeper you are controlling a hero whose job is to sweep dots on the screen. If you ever imagined Pacman in cosplay, he would probably look like one of these guys. There are over 20 different heroes to choose from. Just pick your favorite and start munching away on the dots around the screen. The more dots you get rid of, the higher your earnings will be. Use your income to purchase boosts and upgrades in order to clear the dots even faster. Don’t forget to build your army of sweepers to ensure faster sweeping! There are also several challenges available for you to complete in exchange for even more rewards. If you find yourself struggling to progress in this game, don’t worry. Just check out our compilation of Idle Sweeper cheats, tips and tricks to earn a ton of money!

1. Use The Green Cube

The green cube is a boost that can help your support creatures eat faster if they consume it. If your main hero eats it, however, it will only make your hero bigger. The bigger hero will be able to eat two dots at a time. If you want to be able to take advantage of the boost, you will need to repeatedly swipe in any direction. This is actually one of the best boosts available in the game. You can use it when taking on the hourly challenge where you have to battle against another creature. It is also just as useful when you only want to clear more dots on the screen quickly.

2. Red Cubes Help All Creatures

The red cube also gives a speed boost, but the great thing about it is that it affects everyone. That means you won’t have to choose who gets the cube. Just grab it as soon as you can to give your entire creature army a huge boost. Make sure you keep an eye out for the red cube as it does not appear as often as the green cube. Picking it up will definitely result in a jump in your income.

3. Take On The Hourly Challenges

Idle Sweeper provides you hourly challenges where you will have to battle against another creature. Succeeding in the challenge will reward you with a lot of money, so try to play it whenever you can. Keep in mind, though, that the challenges will not be available until you reach Stage 40. After that, you will be able to take part in the challenge by simply tapping on the Battle button.

The goal of the challenge is to eat more dots than the opponent, so it is more of an eating contest than an actual battle. You will need to utilize boost swiping efficiently in order to succeed in these matches. When you defeat a creature, you will be able to move on to the next level where an additional creature is waiting for you. Keep progressing in the challenge stages in order to increase your prize money!

4. Watch Ads For Power Ups

At the bottom area of your screen, you will notice a power up tab. This contains three different power ups: Speed x2, Hero’s Revenue x5, and Revenue x2. You can activate the power ups by watching a video advertisement for each one. Since the power ups will be active for several minutes at a time, the few seconds you spend watching ads will be worth it.

The Speed x2 power up will be active for three minutes. The Hero’s Revenue x5 power up will be active for seven minutes. The Revenue x2 power up will be active for four minutes. Try to keep all these power ups active as much as you can. Keep in mind that the double speed power up can stack with the speed boost cube, allowing you to clear the dots at lightning speeds.

5. Get The Job Done Yourself

Just as with any idle game, you have the option to Prestige upon reaching a certain point. You will be able to gain your first prestige bonus here when you reach Stage 75. When you get it, your main hero will permanently increase in size. You will also earn five times the money for each cube you eat. That means your earning potential will increase exponentially, but only if you take time to play manually. Make sure you take advantage of this increased earning potential by controlling your hero whenever you have time to spare.

When you prestige for a second time, you will be able to unlock the first prestige monster. You will also be able to unlock more when you prestige again for the third, fourth, and fifth time. The game also rewards you with a timed prestige monster. You will notice a timer below this prestige creature. It can only be unlocked by playing the game for some time. When you reach the required time, the creature will automatically be unlocked. Keep playing and keep unlocking the prestige monsters in order to gain massive boosts in the game.

6. Multiply Your Offline Earnings

Idle Sweeper lets you earn passive income while you are logged off. You will be able to collect all your earnings upon logging back into the game. The amount of money you earn will depend on how much time has passed since you last played. As soon as you log back in, you will be given the option to double your earnings by watching a video advertisement. You will be able to multiply this further by 150% by watching another advertisement right after. Keep in mind that you will need to be connected to the internet in order for this to work. Make sure you are connected before logging in. If you log in while offline, you will automatically claim your offline earnings without the ad offer popping up.

It is time to sweep away the dots and earn a lot of money in SuperTapx’s new mobile game Idle Sweeper! Just follow the tips and tricks we shared in this guide and you will be raking in the cash in no time!