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Condor Heroes Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Win Epic Battles

Based on one of the most popular wuxia novels of all time, Condor Heroes does a great job of drawing players into the world of martial arts. This new mobile game features a fast-paced combat system and stunning visuals. Choose one of four classes then begin your journey towards becoming the most powerful martial artist in the world. Find allies by joining a guild and participate in a faction-wide war that will determine the future of the realm. Fight for power and fame in numerous events that will push your skills to the limits. Enter and explore a vast world in search of unique artifacts and hidden treasures. There are so many things to do in this game that it can be overwhelming for any newcomer. Make sure you get started on the right path by checking out our Condor Heroes tips, cheats and strategy guide for some help!

1. Choose The Right Class

best class in condor heroes

There are currently four classes in Condor Heroes, each belonging to a specific school of discipline. Each class has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you choose the one that will work best with your play style. When you create a character, you will be see how each class is rated according to Damage, Maneuver, Disable, Survive, and Difficulty. We have listed the different classes below for you to have an idea on which one you should pick.

Quanzhen Sect: This is one of the most flexible classes in the game, with very high Damage rating but average Maneuver and Survive stats. Combat style includes a combination of ranged and melee attacks, making it easy for beginners to pick up. Choose this if you feel confident in your ability to weave in and out of battle to ensure your survival.

Beggar Gang: This is a melee DPS class that also serves as the tank of the game with very high Survive rating. It has fairly high Damage rating and above average Disable. The drawback is that it moves sluggishly. It is also a gender-locked male class. This class is great for playing solo but is also in high demand in teams.

Peach Island: This is the only support in the game and it also happens to be the only primarily ranged class. A gender-locked female character, she has one of the lowest Damage ratings in the game, but she makes up for it with high Maneuver and Survive ratings. She also has the lowest Difficulty rating, making her the best option for beginners.

Baituo Mountain: This class is the best disabler in the game and is great at dealing continuous damage. Unfortunately, it also has the lowest Survive rating, giving it the highest learning curve. Pick up this class only if you are confident in you combat abilities. You may want to try out the other classes first then create this once you have mastered the controls.

2. Use The Auto-Navigation

While you are free to move around in the game using the virtual joystick, it is really a lot easier to just use the auto-navigation function of the game by tapping on your current quest. You will find this on the left side of the screen. It will even automatically gather quest items or even kill target enemies. Taking advantage of this feature will save you a lot of time trying to figure out where you should go or what you should do next.

3. Claim Free Rewards

There are a lot of freebies available in Condor Heroes that you can take advantage of by merely playing every day. Make sure you keep track of all these free rewards and take time to claim them all whenever they are available. Rewards do not carry over to the next day, so if you fail to collect them, they will disappear. Check out the list below so you know which rewards are waiting for you in the game.

Starting Server Gift: This is a current login event where you just need to play for 14 consecutive days in order to claim all the rewards. You will be able to see the reward for each day, so you know what to look forward to. To claim these rewards, just tap on the red gift box on the top right area of the screen.

Online Rewards: These are various rewards you can claim daily for staying online. You just need to stay logged into the game for a total of 76 minutes in order to claim them all. Rewards include currency, upgrade materials, and more. Tap on the Rewards icon at the top of your screen to claim these rewards.

Level Rewards: Players sometimes get confused on what this reward is because it is labeled as Upgrade Reward in the Rewards tab. It is really just a reward that you receive for every ten levels you reach in the game. You can receive both types of currency, upgrade materials, buddy shards, and more.

Collection: You can obtain free coins through the Collection screen. Just tap on the Benefit icon at the top of your screen, then tap on collection. You get five free attempts per day, but you can also spend gold to get increasing amounts of coins. Free Collection attempts go on a five-minute cooldown every time you claim, so just wait for the red dot to appear to know if it is ready again.

Meditation: This is an easy way to gain some free experience. Meditation begins as soon as you go offline. It passively collects experience for up to eight hours. Once you log back in, you will have three options for collecting the accumulated experience. You can claim it for free to gain 100% of the experience. You can spend the indicated amount of coins to claim 140% experience. Finally, you can spend the indicated amount of gold to claim 200% experience.

Treasure Case: This can be found on the Rewards screen as well. The Treasure Case allows you to draw up to three prizes per day, but only the first draw is free. You can get gold, coins, upgrade materials, and gems here. You can use Gold Keys or spend gold if you want to draw more prizes each day.

4. Upgrade Your Equipment

Your equipment can be strengthened further through upgrades. Just tap on the Strengthen icon on the right side of your screen. You can tap on the Quench All button to quickly upgrade all your equipment to the highest possible level. Keep in mind that your equipment’s upgrade level is limited by your character’s own level. That means you will have to regularly return to the upgrade screen every time you level up to ensure everything is fully upgraded.

best equipment in condor heroes

Upgrading requires Green Steel. This resource can be acquired by Smelting equipment. Make sure you smelt all the extra equipment in your inventory. You can easily do this by tapping on the Smelt button at the bottom of your Backpack screen. Aside from upgrades, you can improve your equipment further by socketing gems. Just tap on the Socket tab of the equipment screen to see if you have gems available. Each piece of equipment can have up to four gems, but you will need to reach specific levels to unlock each socket.

5. Cultivate Your Skills

Aside from strengthening your equipment, you can further increase your Battle Power by improving your skills. You can do so by tapping on the Martial Arts icon on the right side of your screen. Once there, you can just tap on the One-Click Cultivation button to automatically upgrade all your skills to the highest possible level. Cultivating skills require a lot of coins, so make sure you always have enough. Just as with equipment upgrades, your skills can only be upgraded up to the same level as your character. You will also need to return to the Martial Arts menu to cultivate your skills every time you level up.

6. Working With Buddies

Condor Heroes has a buddy system where you can recruit heroes that will help increase your BP. Your first buddy will be given for free, but you can get more by drawing from the Vintage Pavilion. Buddies have their own star ratings. The higher the star rating, the more powerful the buddy is. You will have four slots for your buddies, but you will need to reach a certain level in order to unlock the slots. Two slots are for Battle and two are for Assist. Make sure you check your buddy’s stats before assigning them to the different slots. It goes without saying that you should assign your most powerful buddies to all four slots.

how to use the buddy system in condor heroes

Don’t forget to train your buddies as well in order to further increase your BP. To train your buddy, tap on the Buddy icon on the bottom of your screen. Doing so will automatically open up the list of buddies you have. Tap on the buddy you want to train. Tap on the Quality tab to view the training screen. There are two options for training: Train Once and Train 10 Times. Just use the Train 10 Times button to get the training done quickly.
Finally, make sure you collect additional shards of your favorite buddies in the Vintage Pavilion. You can obtain shards from the random draws, but you can also purchase shards of specific heroes from the Shard Peddler.

Keep in mind, though, that you will only be able to buy shards for buddies that you have already unlocked. Once you have the required number of shards, you will be able to raise your buddy’s star rating to the next tier. Buddies can have a maximum star level of 9 stars. That means you will need to collect a whole lot of shards if you want to max out your buddy’s star level.

7. Recruiting And Activating Buddies

As we mentioned above, you can recruit more buddies from the Vintage Pavilion. This is the most common way to recruit new buddies, but it requires a lot of luck. The Vintage Pavilion has two gacha options. The Drinking Buddies option uses Hero Tokens. You get five free draws daily, but you will need to wait at least five minutes in between draws. Drinking Buddies will reward you with mostly normal items and buddies. The second option is the Grand Banquet which uses Hero Posts and Valiance Token. You have a higher chance of summoning better items and buddies with this option. You also get a free draw from the Grand Banquet every 20 hours.

Once you recruit a new buddy, you should tap on the Buddy icon, then go to the Legend of Heroes tab. Look for the banner that has a red dot on it. This will show you the tab where your new buddy can be activated. Tap on the Activate button in order to gain the attribute bonuses of your buddy. This will raise your BP some more.

When you level up your buddies, or recruit certain related buddies, you will be able to activate additional relationships in the Legend of Heroes tab. Keep an eye out for the red dot to know if you have a relationship that is ready for activation.

8. Additional BP Boosts

There are a few more ways for you to increase your BP. The first one is through Weapon Prints. You get your first Weapon Print when you reach Level 45. You can then use Topaz Jades and coins to upgrade it. Your BP will increase every time you upgrade your Weapon Print. Additional prints can be unlocked through various means. Some prints can be unlocked be reaching specific levels. To know the requirement for each print, tap on its respective tab. The unlock requirement will be indicated right below the greyed-out Activate button.

Another way to increase your BP is through the Five Supreme Masters. You are probably wondering what the items from the Vintage Pavilion are for. These are Keepsakes that are required for activating attribute bonuses in the Five Supreme Masters. You will only be able to activate bonuses once you have collected more than half of the required Keepsakes. Aside from the Vintage Pavilion, you can obtain Keepsakes from Battle Prep and various events.

9. Join An Active Guild

There are several benefits you can get for joining a guild in Condor Heroes. However, the benefits you get will depend on the guild level and how active every member is. Do not be afraid to leave the guild you found if the people are not going online. No matter how much you contribute, if the guild leader is not spending the funds on upgrades, you will not be able to get anything out of the guild. Some guilds have membership requirements, but those will most likely be active compared to open guilds that accept just anyone.

best characters in condor heroes

Once you are a member of the guild, make sure you contribute a lot by completing guild quests. You can view the quests by tapping on the Event tab of the Guild menu. There will be a red dot on the quests that are available for you to take on. Just tap on everything with a red dot and your character will automatically work on those quests. When you are done with the quests, you can increase your contributions further by tapping on the Benefit tab then going to the Guild Donation screen. From here, you have the option to donate 50,000 coins, 10 gold, or 40 gold, with the last one generating the most guild funds. You can donate up to 10 times per day, so try to max it out as much as you can.

Guild contribution points can be used to claim different guild benefits. This includes training for skills in the Training Room. The more skills you unlock in the Training Room, the higher your BP bonus will be. Guild Funds, on the other hand, are required for maintenance and upgrades for the guild. The more funds a guild has, the more benefits the leader will be able to unlock for its members.

10. Complete The Daily Events For Rewards

At the top of your screen is an icon that looks like a gong. This is the Events icon. There are several events available for you to complete. Completing these events will reward you with experience, equipment, and other items. One of the most important events in this section, however, is the Peach Labyrinth. You can get massive amounts of experience by completing this twice a day. In fact, you can easily jump from level 24 to 44 through the Peach Labyrinth alone.

Try to complete as many events as you can. Aside from the rewards you get from each event, you also get Activeness points. If you look at the bottom left of the Event screen, you will see the Activeness icon with two dice on it. Tap on it to open up what looks like a board game. You get five free dive throws per day, but you get additional throws for every 20 Activeness points you earn through completing events. At the end of the board is a gem pack. Once you reach the gem pack, the board will reset, and the end prize will be replaced with a higher-level gem pack. That means you need a lot of dice throws in order to get better rewards from the board game.

The path to becoming the ultimate martial arts master is tough, but with the help of our Condor Heroes tips and tricks, you will surely make it to the top! If you have anything to add, or just want to share your thoughts about the game, let us know below in the comment section!