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Merch Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Earn Millions

Kuyi Mobile’s latest idle game cashes in on the trend of merchandise businesses. In Merch Tycoon, you will be starting up your own business and producing your own merchandise. Its simple gameplay makes it the perfect time waster for when you only have a few minutes to play at time. Of course, you are also free to play the game for hours on end if you feel like it. Available on Android and iOS devices, the game lets you come up with your own business model. You will have to make decisions based on your own goals. You can mix and match the different elements of the game in order to build up your business the way you want it. Do you invest in personnel or equipment? What merchandise should you make? There are a lot of things to consider when running a business. It’s a good thing you can rely on our compilation of Merch Tycoon tips and tricks for some guidance!

1. Start With Cheap Materials

When you are still starting out, you cannot afford to be picky with your materials. The cheaper the material, the better. You need to make the most out of your limited capital, so buy as low as possible. Keep an eye on the Buy Materials button. The price of materials will change every three seconds or so. Observe the prices and try to buy the lowest price you see. If the price drops by a lot, take advantage of it by buying as much as you can. Just be careful that you don’t accidentally buy when the price changes.

When you have enough money, you will be able to use the Materials x10 purchase. This is a good way for you to quickly buy 200 materials at once. When you are trying to buy materials at a low price, the Materials x10 will help minimize the chances of accidentally buying at the wrong price. Keep in mind, however, that it could still happen if you are not paying attention. The last thing you want is to accidentally buy 200 materials a very high price.

2. Check The Public Demand

The Public Demand determines how quickly your merchandise will sell. The lower it goes, the more difficult it will be for you to sell your merchandise. You can afford to play around with the demand a bit. Even if you hit around 20% Public Demand, you will still be able to sell your merchandise without losing money. Try to sell your merchandise higher than you normally would and see if it impacts demand too much. Experiment a bit to find the balance between pricing and demand.

One thing you should watch out for is when demand falls so low that you run out of storage space. That means you are steadily producing merchandise and no one is buying them. On the other hand, if your merchandise is selling out so fast that your production can barely keep up, you would want to keep that momentum going.

3. Invest In Better Equipment

Make sure you prioritize buying equipment in Merch Tycoon. Every point you invest here will increase your production rate. The faster you create merchandise, the more money you will be able to make. It is alright if you leave Manpower at level 1 until a little later into the game. You can also skip upgrading your storage for a while if you manage to set the Public Demand at a high enough rate to sell out before you need more space.

4. Buy The Marketing Upgrades

The most expensive upgrades available in Merch Tycoon are for Marketing. It will take you a while before you can invest in Marketing due to its prohibitive price, but it will definitely be worth it. Just as in the real world, marketing hype helps keep the demand up for your merchandise. Each Marketing upgrade permanently adds 5% to your Public Demand. That means you will be able to charge insane prices for your merchandise and still find a lot of buyers once you have unlocked a lot of Marketing upgrades.

5. Avoid Going Bankrupt

This is actually quite an obvious advice for any business. Make sure you don’t spend too much too fast. If you run out of money and become unable to purchase new materials for creating merchandise, you will go bankrupt. When this happens, you will have to start the game over. Make sure you keep an eye on your spending and avoid using up all your money on upgrades. There should always be money left over for buying materials.

6. When To Increase Production

As we mentioned above, you can safely sell your merchandise at prices that would set Public Demand at 20%. This is only applicable in the earlier parts of the game, however. Once you start earning around six figures, you will need to pick up the pace of production. That means investing heavily in both your storage capacity and manpower. When you put your production rate into overdrive, you will need to raise the demand to match it. That means lowering your prices just enough to hit 90% to 100% Public Demand. While this may seem like you are earning less, you are actually cycling through your business at a much higher rate, allowing you to earn more without having to sell high.

7. Start Up Production Manually

Hiring more people will allow you to start up production automatically. The problem is, there is some delay in starting up production after the end of the previous one. Since you want to waste as little time as possible when it comes to production, you can manually start up production yourself. To do so, you just need to quickly tap on the manufacturing button as soon as it pops up. There is no need for you to wait for your personnel to automatically start production if you can do it yourself.

Making it big in any business is not easy, but with the help of our Merch Tycoon cheats, tips and tricks, you will be able to earn millions! If you know more hints, or just want to share your thoughts about the game, let us know below in the comment section!