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Idle Casino Manager Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Casino Empire

Idle Casino Manager is a new mobile game from ColdFire Games, that will provide you with hours of entertainment. As the name suggests, this simulation game will put you in charge of an emerging gambling venue. With colorful graphics and intuitive gameplay, Idle Casino Manager will not disappoint those who give it a try on iOS or Android. After all, we have already reviewed and shared loads of tips for Idle Space Tycoon, a similar game from the same developer.

Casino games are attractive on their own, but the art of creating a successful gambling venue is tough to master. It takes years of experience in the gambling industry to pick up all those little tricks that can make or break a business. Fear not, as we have come up with a detailed Idle Casino Manager beginner’s guide that features a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies, and an extensive collection of useful guidelines. So stay with us as we are going to find out what it takes to become the wealthiest casino manager ever!

1. Buy New Games To Diversify Your Portfolio

Every self-respecting gambling establishment offers a wide array of casino games. From slots to roulette and blackjack – you name it; good casinos have it all! So, if you want to attract a lot of players, you must diversify the offer. By doing so, the players will have an array of options at their disposal. If a blackjack table is full, they can move on to the roulette wheel. Or they can try their luck by pulling the lever at one of the slot machines.

how to diversify portfolio in idle casino manager

Either way, an extensive collection of games is a must! The same applies to the Idle Casino Manager as well. To buy new games, players will need to collect enough cash first. Once you satisfy this criterion, a yellow notification sign will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. At that moment, head over to this section to buy a new category of casino games. You will not regret the investment, that’s for sure.

2. Collect Rewards From The Completed Missions

While playing the Idle Casino Manager, players will face many challenges. After all, it’s not easy running a profitable gambling venue. But if you follow our tips & tricks, your casino will shine with splendor and luxury. On top of that, you will be able to collect a lot of cash by completing the missions in the game. Yes, Idle Casino Manager is a rewarding mobile game, and your efforts will not go unnoticed.

In the upper left corner of the screen, players can find the Accomplishments section. In essence, this area acts as the collection of tasks you need to perform. Once you accomplish the objective, the rewards will be ready for the taking. All you need to do is visit this section and claim the prize. Of course, players should never forget to collect the cash. After all – money makes the casino world go around. The more you have it – the better!

3. Increase The Parking Space

Once you start adding new types of casino games to the floor, players will pour in from all sides. There is something about games of chance that makes them irresistible to people. So, you should make the most out of this opportunity and make as much profit as possible. However, limited parking space could be an issue in the early stages of the game. As you can imagine, potential clients will get deterred from visiting a casino if they cannot find a safe parking spot.

how to increase parking space in idle casino manager

So, we recommend that you invest in the expansion of the parking lot at the first opportunity. Every upgrade will add six new parking spaces to the complex, boosting your revenue in the process. Of course, you should never forget to collect the earnings derived from the parking fees. To do so, tap on the dollar bill on top of the big fountain next to the parking lot. The more cars you can accept, the higher the yield when you tap on the dollar bill.

4. Add A New Cashier To The Entrance Area

If you ever visited a brick and mortar casino, you know that chips or tokens are the accepted currency. Paper bills, credit cards, or coins will be of no use in a gambling venue. So, players have to exchange their money for tokens or chips. However, the cashier’s cage at a casino can get crowded, and the waiting lines can get quite lengthy.

To avoid these problems in the casinos in Idle Casino Manager, we recommend that you splash the cash and install new cashier boots. By doing so, you will increase the speed of transactions. Players will not stand in long waiting lines, and they will have quicker access to their favorite games of chance. As a result, the entrance fees will start pouring in as well. Likewise, you should also upgrade the cashiers as much as possible. This activity will increase their processing speed, allowing more players to receive their chips and enter the casino.

5. Launch A VIP Campaign

It’s no secret that VIP players are the ones that leave the most money at the casino. The so-called high rollers spend thousands or even millions of dollars on casino games without batting an eye. For that reason, your gambling establishment will make the most profits if you attract enough VIP players.

how to launch a vip campaign in idle casino manager

To do so, you should consider launching a VIP campaign. What this means is that the game will double your revenue for a limited period if you watch an ad. The shortcut for this offer is visible at the bottom of the playing screen at all times. If you decide that VIP clientele is necessary, click on the icon and watch the promotional video. After that, all casino earnings within the next hour will be doubled. But VIP campaigns are not the only way to boost your revenue. Let’s take a look at some other power-ups you can use when playing Idle Casino Manager.

6. Trigger The Rush Hour Booster

The first power-up we will mention is the so-called Rush Hour. After all, this simple but effective booster can have a tremendous impact on casino revenue. In other words, it can help you become the most powerful tycoon in the gambling industry. So, never forget to activate the Rush Hour bonus when playing Idle Casino Manager.

how to trigger the rush hour booster in idle casino manager

Every once in a while, the bonus will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Players should always keep an eye on this area. All the essential power-ups will pop up in this part of the screen. So, the Rush Hour booster will bring a limousine full of eager players right at the lobby of your casino. At the early stages of the game, the limo will deliver 50 new casino enthusiasts. Of course, these visitors will have a significant impact on the profits at the end of the day. Therefore, trigger the Rush Hour power-up at every opportunity!

7. Activate Other Power-Ups And Boosters

If you thought that Rush Hour was the only bonus in the game, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Idle Casino Manager comes with an array of innovative power-ups that can make the game more exciting and enjoyable. For instance, players can activate the so-called Fast Game booster. Or they can trigger the bonus called Chips for Everyone. Allow us to explain what each of these power-ups can deliver in terms of benefits.

When you trigger the Chips for Everyone booster, you will speed up the cashiers at the entrance. As a result, the visitors will pour in like crazy. However, this bonus has a limited duration, and it lasts for thirty seconds. After that, things go back to the standard casino routine until you activate the Fast Games bonus. As the name suggests, this power-up will allow visitors to play the games at a faster pace. In other words, poker hands and the spins of the roulette wheel will be over in a flash, bringing money into the treasury and increasing the revenue.

8. Invite An Investor

The goal of Idle Casino Manager is to earn billions and buy out the most luxurious gambling venues ever. At the start of the game, you will be in charge of a palace in the middle of the urban area. After that, the game will present you with casino venues located by the beach, at a mountain resort, and so on.

idle casino manager locations

However, these massive investments will require additional funding. So, the best course of action in these moments will be to invite an Investor. In essence, this power-up will provide you with instant cash that you can use for purchasing a new gambling venue. Unlike other bonuses, the Investor will present players with an enormous reward. Just tap on the helicopter to collect the cash.

And there you have it, a complete list of the best Idle Casino tips, cheats and strategies. Nonetheless, if you are familiar with any other useful trick for the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comments below!