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Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and Raise Your Combat Power Fast

Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul is 37Games’ latest mobile title, that’s available for iOS and Android platforms. Based on the popular Chinese web novel written by Tang Jia San Sao, and comic drawn by Mu Fengchun, Soul Land: Warsoul highlights the various warsouls in the series as the central focus of the game. Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul is a unique RPG where your choices in terms of the warsouls to unlock and auras to equip spell the difference between victory and defeat.

While grinding, upgrading, and raising your combat power (CP) are constant activities to spend time in, strategy and prioritization holds more value given the variety of challenges you will encounter. While solo play can be done, Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul makes it a lot easier to progress in your journey with the help of friends. If you are up for a unique RPG experience best played with friends, then be sure to give Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul a try!

Journey into the titular fantasy world where everyone is gifted with unique soul powers and abilities borne of their warsoul. As warsouls vary in terms of form and innate features, each one has its own advantages as well as its limitations. Beyond your first warsoul, the idea is to unlock more and consider their synergy in combat.

soul land awaken warsoul tips

As you face numerous unique combinations and mixtures of enemy characters, having a combination that can stand equally well among all of them will prove to be the constant challenge. Learn to pick auras well and efficiently allocate your very limited resources among your characters as the world of Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul offers a lot of freedom as far as character builds and team strategies are concerned.

Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul comes with a point and click tutorial that lets you progress through the initial dive into the game. While it lacks explanation as to each game mode and feature you unlock and partake in, the general idea constant among them lies in the intent to raise your CP continuously. As you will be repeatedly prompted to head into each of the features and game modes you unlock, you will soon come to understand how each one works and varies with its other counterparts.

Even for experienced RPG enthusiasts, the unique concepts and choice of words you will encounter as you play Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul may be too much to take in. Now, if you are looking for some useful tips, cheats and strategies to raise your level and CP, then stay with us and read our Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul beginner’s guide!

1. Choose Your Warsouls Carefully

There are a total of 8 warsouls available in the game and while each one sports a unique set of qualities and skills to unlock and utilize, there are a some limitations as to the number of combinations you can have. To start off, you get to choose from 4 warsouls as your starting character. As you make progress and unlock the second slot, you can choose from 2 new warsouls. It may take some time to make it through the campaign and you will have to face off against teams that have 3 warsouls before you unlock the third slot. Once you do, however, you will again have another 2 new and unique warsouls to choose from.

how to choose warsouls in soul land awaken warsoul

The first set of character options serve as an important moment in your adventure as this will be the staging ground of how you will later on strategize around the team that you have. All 4 warsouls to choose from categorically fall within the DPS role in the team so be sure to pick what you are comfortable with. The male exclusive Empyrean Mace sports high melee attack and also has decent defense and defense boost skills. This warsoul specializes in piercing attacks and can take on much damage as well. The female exclusive counterpart is the Silk Rabbit, which is also a melee DPS banking on critical hits and critical rate to boost her damage capabilities.

The next warsoul option is the Sanpaul, which works more like a summoner class in conventional RPGs. This warsoul can deal more damage from mid to long range but does not have good defense stats and capabilities. Last, but not the least is the Phoenix warsoul, which has high ranged attack stats and also exhibits some survivability skills like resurrection. As much as we prefer the Empyrean Mace, which plays more like the warrior or knight in most other RPGs, feel free to venture into the different warsouls based on your preferences and play style.

Shortly within the first few minutes of your adventure, you will reach a point where you will finally unlock a second character slot. It seems to work more like a twin spirit or doppelganger in the sense that all other characters you have will show the same image and likeness. In any case, the warsoul and aura of the second character will be very different and that will be your key to identifying him or her in the game.

Two tank class warsouls become available for the second character spot: the Mighty Bear and the Tiger. The Mighty Bear intrinsically possesses high defense and HP attributes, can provoke enemies, and also has auras that can mitigate damage you receive. The Tiger warsoul, on the other hand, can built to have a block ability and also holds some skills to reduce damage. Both are equally good at holding the fort in combat but we prefer the overall tankiness of the Mighty Bear.

After enduring several grueling challenges in the campaign, and grinding through various daily dungeons for several hours or so, you will feel a lot of relief once you unlock the third character slot and some new warsouls. This will be a choice between two support class warsouls namely, Teal Herb and Prism Pagoda. Both choices offer plenty of support skills for the entire team but Teal Herb specializes more in crowd control with various debilitating skills while Prism Pagoda swerves more towards providing buffs for her teammates and some debuffs on enemies.

For this decision point, we are more inclined to go with Prism Pagoda as a lot of the more difficult battles we have encountered seem to need more team-enhancements than crowd control skills. Again, though, if you feel the latter choice more suitably fits the first two warsouls you picked, you can always make it work.

There are a total of 5 character slots available for your heroes but the first three are of most importance. Based on how the DPS, tank, and support heroes perform as you make progress further, take note of what the team needs more to help you decide on who to take as your fourth and fifth warsoul.

2. Focus On Progressing Through Douluo

Douluo stands as the main story campaign in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul. Presented in a comic-style layout, each panel within douluo stand as a stage as each page represents a chapter. Naturally, progression through each chapter is neede especially if you want to unlock the second and third character slots quick. Beyond CP requirements, magister rank and levels serve as occasional barriers you need to overcome to move further.

soul land awaken warsoul main campaign

A lot of the basic resources you need can be earned as rewards from the main story campaign. Take note that while battles are on full auto, you can always check each enemy and their respective skills before you dive into a fight. All rewards that can be earned are shown prior to engaging in battle as well. Failing to secure a win in any particular stage here will be your cue to head on over to various game modes and features to secure more resources as well as raise your heroes’ levels and CPs.

3. Expend All Daily Attempts In The Dungeons

Soul Land: Awaken Soul definitely packs a plethora of game modes to keep you playing several hours each day. While you can progress a lot through the story’s main campaign on your first day, your progress will come to occasional halts as the challenges grow bigger and bigger. As you finish chapters and strengthen your heroes, however, more and more game modes become available and as these extra dungeons hold unique rewards to further your development, it is necessary to try and make the most out of them. As these dungeons are tied in closely to daily quests, the fastest way to access them is through the “daily” icon at the left side of your screen.

soul land awaken warsoul tricks

One of the first, and perhaps, the most common game mode you will engage in is the Beastwood where you take on various one boss monster per attempt to earn aura, which are your source of spirit skills, gears, as well as set stones need to upgrade your equipment. You can unlock higher difficulty battles based on your progress but for the first few ones, chances are that you can easily beat the boss within the area you unlock.

The Lyceum Trial is a daily dungeon as well that earns you tons of experience points to level up your characters. There is a time limit within which you must defeat the enemies and the end reward, or amount of experience points you earn, is based on the rank you get for each attempt. You can spend coins to boost your stats and help you perform better in this dungeon and you can spend some diamonds to buy potions that earn you extra experience points.

While the latter may seem like a difficult thing to do given that diamonds are premium currency and difficult to earn, you may want to invest heavily at the start of your journey to jumpstart your progress and unlock as much of the content as you can.

No RPG is complete without an arena and Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul gives you 20 daily attempts to duke it out with your fellow players. Matches are randomly picked but you only get to battle with players within the same rank which is why you may secure a lot of easy wins as a starter within the bronze rank. Naturally, you will climb up the ranks and face more challenging opponents. Win or lose, expending each attempt is important as the honor points you earn from the arena can be exchanged for valuable at the honor redeem shop.

Yet another great source of experience points is the unique survival mode, Slaughter House. It may take a while for you to be able to engage in this game mode but depending on your team’s overall strength and synergy, you can amass experience points that can completely fill up your EXP pool. You will go through wave after wave of enemies in Slaughter House and the run ends when the timer expires or if your entire party gets KO’d. On succeeding attempts, you will start off on later stages enabling you to earn even more experience points provided that you make it farther within the run.

Poseidon is also a unique dungeon that rewards you with crafting materials needed to create weapons and accessories for your heroes. In this game mode, you have to battle varying numbers of bosses one at a time and within the time limit. Naturally, defeating more monsters within the given period of time earns you more rewards. Once you obtain enough crafting materials, you can check them in your bag or tap the “more” icon below the screen and click “craft”. You will be able to preview craftable items and will likewise see the ingredients you are missing.

4. Be Selective With Auras You Invest In

There are initially more auras available for the available slots to latch them on for each hero. While you may naturally choose those with higher years or CP for starters, you will soon come across auras with stars on them, which are essentially more valuable. These auras can be enhanced and promoted to grow stronger based on your magister rank and level, as well as the availability of doubles in case of star promotion. As you will soon have growing limitations as far as resources needed to perform these upgrades are concerned, it is best to be a bit picky as to which auras to invest on right from the start.

soul land awaken warsoul aura

There will be instances where you may want to switch some skills in and out depending on the challenge ahead. In such cases, consider prioritizing on the auras you tend to use most of the time for all your heroes and just enhance the rest with whatever is left from your resources. When it comes to consuming warsoul pills to advance and unlock an additional slot, prioritization should not be based on the hero or warsoul but rather on the availability of auras waiting to be made available for the respective heroes. Relative to the arena and the honor points you earn, amassing more honor points give you more currency to spend on valuable auras, even the ones you have, as sacrificial ingredients to promote them later on.

5. Join A Sect As Soon As You Can

Guilds, alliances, factions, or similar player groupings are key elements in most online games, particularly RPGs. In Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul, it takes just a short amount of time for you to be able to join in on any Sect. Depending however on the server you are playing at, there may be a shortage of Sects with an open vacancy and there may be CP requirements as well to be able to apply. In any case, strive as much as you can to meet the requirements of the Sect you want to join in as creating your very own will cost you valuable diamonds.

how to join a sect in soul land awaken warsoul

You can access the Sect feature through the “More” icon below the screen and once you have successfully joined one, you will instantly be able to contribute to it as well as enjoy the multitude of perquisites and advantages that it provides. To start off, visit the Sect Hall and donate to your heart’s content as it will earn you contributions and likewise impact the growth of your Sect as well.

Even immediately after joining a Sect, you may be able to redeem some treasure chests from the Treasury so be sure to visit it regularly. Whenever any of your fellow Sect mates defeat a boss from training or hunt, a chest becomes available for everyone else within a limited period of time. The same applies whenever someone spends real money on a purchase.

Another part of the Sect where you might see red indicators frequently is the Sect Technology. Depending on the technology level of your sect, different stat boosts become available here for each of your heroes. As sect contribution serves as the limited resource you have to work with in this area, bank on attack up for your DPS and invest on defense up for your tank once it becomes unlocked. Just because you have a bit of extra contributions enough to spend on an upgrade on another character should not necessarily mean that you should.

As Sect Contributions become important especially in terms of boosting specific stats of your warsouls, the Sect Quest will stand as an important constant source of contributions for you depending on how much time you spend on the game or how often you pay it a visit. Be sure to ask for help from your fellow Sect members and also provide assistance to others to assist the quest completion. All notifications arising from your Sect can be seen at the lower side area of your screen.

6. Push To Unlock Higher Training Ground Levels

The training grounds serve as your constant source of experience points, coins, and other loot that accumulates even when you are offline and away from the game. Each level has a minimum requirement as far as your heroes’ respective magister ranks and levels. While you may have a different strategy for enhancing and levelling up your heroes in the course of your adventure, perhaps focusing more on one or equally dividing across all of them, the best course is typically to bank on your DPS and Tank in line with the requirements of the training grounds.

how to unlock training ground levels in soul land awaken warsoul

As you attempt to unlock higher levels, you will have to defeat the boss first and while it is an easy feat for the first few ones, the latter staged will prove too difficult for a solo run. As such, make it a habit early on to join parties or invite other people to join you in training, amongst other ventures. Again, your Sect will serve another advantage here as having a good number of fellow members active gives you multiple candidates to play along with.

7. Earn Enough Activity Points To Obtain More Rewards From Daily Quests

As we mentioned earlier, the daily quests are heavily linked to the additional game modes you unlock as you make progress in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul. Each attempt you consume and each task you accomplish under the daily quest objectives, earns you activity points. Earning a certain number of points will unlock rewards at the top of the quest window and all you need is to earn 120 activity points to obtain all the rewards.

how to earn more rewards in soul land awaken warsoul

The top reward is 100 diamonds, so be sure to make an effort to reach 120 activity points. If you love and enjoy the game enough, it becomes an easy feat since you do not even need to partake in all activities to earn the required activity points.

8. Enhance Your Gears Strategically

In Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul, much like in most modern RPGs, enhancements are attached to gear slots instead of the actual gears you equip. In this sense, there should be no worry about investing crystals to boost the stat values of each gear as obtaining new and better gears will not make you regret your earlier investment.

how to enhance gear in soul land awaken warsoul

For the most part, gears you acquire outside of Poseidon are defensive gears and only boost either the hero’s HP or defense stats. As such, you can choose to invest more heavily on the gears of your tank above other characters. In any case, splitting resources a little wider to boost the entire party’s needs come as basic strategy so go wild and decide on how to allocate your resources for gear upgrades, so long as you prioritize weapon upgrades for your main DPS.

9. Check Your Inventory For Consumables

Not all rewards you earn in Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul are immediately usable. Some rewards come in the form of treasure chests that need to be opened or some other type of items you need to use within the inventory. Although better gears, treasure chests, and items you ought to use immediately naturally pop up on your screen, it may happen that some will not do so as a result of you engaging in a series of activities in the game.

soul land awaken warsoul inventory

Just to be sure you are not missing out on anything best used sooner than later, make it a habit to check your bag at the bottom of your screen to search for these items. In addition to what we mentioned, there are also treasure maps you can use for battles that can earn you great rewards. Take note, however, that some of these battles are too challenging for solo play so be sure to have people you can invite for a party for these treasure hunts.

Lastly, you will naturally amass a lot of gears that are obsolete especially when the ones your heroes are equipped with are rare. You can dispose of these extra gears through the “Sell All” button at the bottom of the page and earn some coins in exchange. Keep in mind that you have a limited number of slots to store your valuables so cleaning up your inventory and freeing up some slots should be a habit to make early on. The only exception to this is when you are about to unlock another character slot and you would want the next warsoul to have gears ready for him and her.

There are certainly more to Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul than what we discussed but, truthfully enough, the base concepts and features we discussed in this guide should suffice to give you a good idea of how the rest works. While we were also a bit confused as we jumped into the game, we naturally found it to be very addictive the longer we played it. If there are additional tips, cheats or strategies you know and that we haven’t included in our beginner’s guide, then don’t hesitate to let us know about them in the comments!

Kevin Rij

Sunday 20th of December 2020

How do I raise my cp in soul land warsoul?? Also can you please help me .. how to sell my unwanted beasts I no longer need?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Christina Jenny huang zhenzhen

Friday 3rd of December 2021

@Kevin Rij, you can buy daily pack using diamonds earned in game to boost cp power