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Arknights Reroll Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Rerolling for a Great Headstart

Arknights continues to grow in popularity as more and more players get hooked on it following the global release. As a beefed-up tower defense game of sorts unlike the conventional games within the genre, Arknights offers a broader gameplay with an infused RPG element, a plethora of characters to deploy, as well as intricate means of enhancing each unit. With near countless possibilities as to unit selection and squad formation, it can be safely said that no 2 players will go through Arknights’ contents doing the exact same thing.

One of the elements of Arknights that elicits fun and excitement comes from the gacha approach towards recruiting operators, or the units you use in combat. Truthfully enough, and while these units subscribe to rarity levels that often hint their strength and potential, Arknights is designed in such a way that you can still succeed through the game’s content even without relying entirely on the top tier heroes.

In fact, some players are even more hesitant to invest in 6-star characters considering that these heroes can be a lot more challenging to develop. As 6-star operators typically require resources much more challenging to obtain, going for 5-star alternatives can be an easier feat to go for as these will be less expensive and require a lot less grinding and luck. But then again, having some of the best operators in the game available for you to use early on leads to certain advantages.

As these operators are obviously more difficult to acquire with the low percentage chance through recruitment, influencing those chances is a common strategy for avid players. The means of doing so is through rerolling, which is naturally done at an early point in the game to avoid wastage of invested time prior to resetting.

arknights reroll tips

If you have just started playing Arknights or have just grown interest to do so, you should head over to our Arknights beginner’s guide as it features a bunch of tips and tricks to help you through the initial phase of the game. The beginner’s guide also discusses the most basic features and mechanics of the game for players who are totally new to the tower defense or RPG genre. We have also published a detailed class guide, which showcases the different classes in the game. Now, in this new Arknights guide we will be focusing entirely on rerolling, the hows, whens, and whys as well as which operators to go for.

Before we go through all that and for the sake of total newbies to the concept, rerolling simply means rolling again, much like the conventional idea of rerolling a die with hopes of obtaining a better result. In gaming, rerolling can mean totally abandoning and scrapping what you currently have to start anew. In games that involve gacha, particularly ones that offer free or easy means of doing so early in the game, rerolling has become a common strategy for experienced and veteran players of the genre to have a solid edge that can help them breeze through the game’s content a lot faster and easier.

Beyond that, having invested time, patience and rerolling early on leaves you with a much better chance at taking on endgame levels of challenges that will be difficult to accomplish with lower tier units.

Rerolling is especially popular to free players given that the usual resources needed in recruiting additional units are not that easy to obtain, or perhaps even limited. In Arknights, pre-registration gifts, campaign level completions, as well as accomplishing missions will net you some valuable Orundums but as you reach the latter part of the main campaign, it will naturally take a lot longer to save enough for a 10x pull. As such, it is advisable to try and nab the most important operators early on instead of hoping to catch them at a later time given the relative limitations of recruitment resources.

1. Why You Should Reroll

First and foremost, it is important to note that rerolling is not at all necessary. For the most part, some players even prefer ignoring reroll chances and just take on the game head on with whichever character they obtain as it can be a lot more fun and can definitely be very challenging. Likewise, despite the difficulty of nabbing 6-star operators outside of rerolling, unless you are very lucky, 5-star operators are not bad at all and you will most certainly get your hands on a good number of these as you progress through the game.

why you should reroll in arknights

There is also the concept of strategy over strength, which is a pervasive feature of Arknights. You may not necessarily have a full squad of top tier operators but with a keen strategy, as well as good knowledge of each of your trained operators’ strengths and limitations, you have a fair chance of beating challenges that come your way.

Rerolling, especially going full force, requires a lot of time and patience. Given the diminutive chance of securing 6-star operators, and securing the ones you want to have your hands on, lowers the probability even further. For starters, though, Arknights gives you a single summon operator from the tutorial roll and leaves you with a guarantee of securing another via the next 10 rolls. As this is only available for a limited number of pulls as well as a delimitation on the roster of operators you can get, going for reroll attempts from outside the newbie banner requires a little more time and patience still.

Having 1 6-star operator at the start of your journey is a big help at clearing some levels early on especially if you manage to secure top-tier ones who make combat a lot easier. With rerolling, you can get 2 6-star operators before settling to keep the units you acquire and proceed with the game. More rewarding, and exponentially more challenging, though, is going for 2 6-star operators that are both considered top tier and likewise leads to faster and easier progression through the game’s content.

In essence, therefore, rerolling takes you to investing more time restarting your game, for a chance of going through it faster and easier later on. There are no guarantees that the time you invest will be less than the time you save clearing challenges later but then again, the gacha-centric activity itself can be an exciting endeavor on its own.

2. How To Reroll And Requisites

If you have already decided that you want to invest some time and patience for rerolling, then be ready to spare at least 10 minutes per attempt as that is how long it approximately takes for you to get to the point in the game to have enough resources for rerolling. Take note that you will need to re-download some or all of the game’s resources depending on the device you are using so if you are on mobile data, it may consume more than what you are expecting. More importantly, do not bind your account and play as guest until after you are certain you want to keep the operators you obtained via gacha and rerolls.

how to reroll in arknights

On an Android device, go to settings, then the apps and choose Arknights. You should clear the app data and cache to reset your game’s progress. On iOS, the best way is to uninstall and reinstall the game. Most reroll enthusiasts prefer using emulators for rerolling as android emulators typically possess better functions that make rerolling folds faster. Some emulators can replicate an entire emulated device along with its installed apps and saved data. If you can get to a point, therefore where you got a good roll and would want to risk going for another pull, saving the game’s state at that point before replicating the emulated device saves you a lot of time.

3. When To Go For A Reroll

The core concept behind rerolling banks on the goal of getting the best units possible from your initial gacha pulls. You can actually stretch progression further before going for pulls and trying your luck further before resetting, but then having more than 2 pulls and expecting to get the operators you want all the time is a bit far-fetched.

To explain further, take the idea that you have only a 2% chance of obtaining a 6-star operator from the newbie banner recruitment outside of the guaranteed one from the first 10 pulls. There are 6 6-star operators you can get from the newbie banner, which leaves you with a .33% chance of getting the operator you want per pull. Take note that this percentage will not go up should you choose to pull 10x or do so 1 by 1. You should know as well that you can only do 20x pulls on the newbie banner before it disappears forever.

when to go for a reroll in arknights

As such, the optimal result you can have is 2 6-star operators after doing 21 pulls. There is a chance to nab a 6-star operator from the tutorial pull but if you are lucky enough to secure one, it counts towards the guaranteed 6-star pull you have for the first 10 recruits. With the newbie banner costing only 3,800 Orundums compared to other banners that cost 6,000, rerolling for it will take a little less time.

Since Arknights provides a lot of in-game rewards for newcomers, you will have enough resources for a 10x pull even before accomplishing anything in the game. The thing is, you will have to go through the tutorial first before being able to move freely and access the in-game mailbox you can see at the upper left side of the home screen.

Your first dive into battle starts at the prologue, specifically stage 0-1. Although the stage can be accomplished pretty quickly and easily, clicking on the settings button at the upper left corner of the screen and choosing to retreat makes it even faster.

As you may want some operators not available from the newbie banner and given as well that your first 10x pull here guarantees a 6-star operator, you can push a little further and complete stage TR-1 to earn some more Orundrums. By converting the free Originite Primes you have as well, you can amass more than enough 6,000 Orundrums for a 10x summon.

In either case, what you would be hoping for is a 6-star 1x tutorial pull and a guaranteed 6-star operator for your first 10x pulls. Seriously, though this is difficult enough to pull off and diving further into the initial levels to earn more for another 10x pull is indeed pushing your luck.

4. Who To Reroll For

Now that we have a good understanding of why rerolling can reap us great benefits moving forward in Aknights, as well as how to initiate one and when it is advisable to do so, the question on which operator to hunt for remains. This will also be a matter of which banner to go for and while the newbie banner is a lot more affordable, some rotation and time-limited event banners will nevertheless showcase some attractive units.

who to reroll for in arknights

Before we proceed, we would like to reiterate that 6-star operators are not necessary in the accomplishment of the game’s many challenges. Although Arknight, like most gacha-based unit collection-driven strategy games make higher rarity characters somewhat more advantageous, character usage, squad composition and overall team strategy comes out on top.

With regard to 6-star operators, we believe that each one practically bank at the same level of potential and contributing value to any squad. It is just that some are strong and efficient right off the recruitment portal while some may need to go through a lot more time and resource investments to unlock and unleash their hidden potential.

Available from the Newbie Banner, our first pick for reroll target is SilverAsh. As a guard that boasts excellent stats and skills, having SilverAsh early on will definitely help you across the earlier levels. As you continue to invest on him as you progress through the game, you are assured that every bit of resource you use to enhance him will be worth it.

Exusiai is the ranged equivalent of SilverAsh and is likewise a highly recommended starting 6-star operator to help you through the earlier stages. As an elite sniper whose attack power is well above par to begin with, Exusiai, offensive strength as well as her skills in combat make her a real game-changer on any squad. Beyond strength, her growing levels of attack speed cm make her a one-woman ranged army, able to take on flying mobs from more than one source, if placed properly.

Eyjafjalla is who we consider as the most destructive AoE caster in Arknights current roster of operators. Although she cannot be acquired from the newbie banner and likewise not always available given rotation and event banners, going for her with your first 10x reroll outside of the newbies banner and costing 6,000 Orundrums is very well worth it. While already formidable even before going to elite mode, Eyjafjalla becomes a force to be reckoned with once she reaches elite 2 status due to an increase AoE range and massive boost in attack power.

5. When To Settle For Less Than What You Want

At best, you can always hope for securing 2 out of the 3 top-tier operators we presented before continuing to play the game and finally binding your account. In as much as that scenario is ideal, it may still happen that you won’t be able to do so given the relatively low chances of securing 6-star operators and beyond that, obtaining the ones you want.

arknights rerolling tricks

As we would like to bank on our stand that 6-star operators are not entirely necessary to succeed through the game’s content brimming with some unique challenges, we would like to leave you with an open understanding that you are free to settle for a pull that may not be as good as you expect, but still mu8ch better than what you would have gotten without rerolling.

In this sense, consider the class or role of the 6-star operators you want as well as viable, lower grade substitutes for them. In the event that you were fortunate enough to nab two 6-star operators with one of them being a highly-coveted target, you may choose to settle for that play given that there are also 5-star operators who can fill in for the one that you missed or more than enough to make the current role even better.

Moving forward, you can always strive for better probabilities of obtaining 6-star operators via the shifting banners as well as time-limited event ones. Simply take into consideration the innate feature that the first 10x pull guarantees one 6-star operator and that you will have much better chances of getting one past the fiftieth pull. As this will be a costly endeavor, pulling one at a time with hopes of securing a 6-star operator before reaching the tenth pull will leave you with more Orundum savings that you can bank for the next banner you want to try your luck on.

And that sums up everything we have for you as far as our Arknights reroll guide is concerned. We hope that the topics we discussed along with the tips and tricks we shared has helped shed some light on the concerns you may have on the activity. Again, we would like to reiterate that time and patience are an integral part of the strategy so ready yourself for several recurring resets especially if you are shooting for a double 6-star top-tier operator before settling down. If you have some additional questions or reactions relative to the foregoing, do not hesitate to raise them to us through our comment section!